Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Obama Hurting Millions of American Employees

With a stroke of the pen, President Pinocchio Obama has issued an Executive Order to convert millions of salaried Exempt employees into hourly Non-Exempt employees eligible for over time.  Unfortunately, since the President has never worked in business, he never understands the negative impact and unintended consequences of his actions.   Right now, many employees classified as Exempt receive a weekly salary no matter how many hours they work.  Many of them also receive bonuses, incentives and commission of various types that provide real upside income potential.   If employers are forced to pay overtime, the first thing that will happen is that wages will be cut.  The second thing that will take place is that these additional compensation mechanisms will be eliminated.   And finally, as another Obama job killer, more jobs will be pushed overseas to avoid both ObamaCare and these new rules; yet to be released by the Labor Department. 

This will result in turning office workers into factory workers as companies will place the old time clocks on the office floor to properly monitor time on the job.  This will allow for docking hours whenever someone has to attend to a sick child, or other family related issue, which today often does not take place with Exempt salaried employees.  Obama thinks that he is helping the Middle Class; but this is a major step backwards for many people.   At our company, we don't pay Non-Exempt employees any kind of bonuses because they are actually prohibited by law.  Presumably, once other employees are classified as Non-Exempt hourly employees, we will also not be able to use these other compensation mechanisms.  

Honestly, our country cannot stand three more years of Obama.   This President is like Katrina on a daily basis killing our economy and jobs.   The US Chamber of Commerce, representing perhaps 350,000 American companies of all sizes and millions of employees that work for them, should immediately file a lawsuit to stop this latest Obama Executive Order.   The President is not a King.  Obama does not get to pick and choose the laws he will enforce and create new ones that negatively impact our country.   We need to see more lawsuits from those with status to stop all this nonsense.  Hopefully, the courts will act to restore the checks and balances intended by our Founding Fathers.  If not, our country and the American people will continue to suffer as a result of Obama's dumb ideas. 

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