Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cigarettes Bad - Marijuana Good - Really??

Most everyone acknowledges that tobacco based cigarettes are bad, since it is well documented that they do cause cancer and other health problems.   This Blogger's dad died of liver cancer that was the result of 60 or more years of smoking.   I get it.  E-cigarettes do not involve tobacco; but instead are based on turning a liquid that may or may not have nicotine in it into a vapor simulating smoking.  Marijuana, unless made into some kind of pill or liquid, for medical purposes, involves ingesting smoke into the lungs.   Cigarettes are required to having warning labels advising of their danger.   Now that marijuana is being legalized in some states like Colorado, why are there are no such warning signs. 

The reason is that the left wing lame stream media, Hollywood and the Secular Socialists they support smoke POT to get high.  Libertarians often also support legalization because they see the cost of law enforcement to deal with marijuana as a waste of money.   What this Blogger does not get is that our country spent three decades convincing young people and others to stop smoking cigarettes.   And, now states are moving to legalize this gateway drug.  How can ingesting marijuana smoke be good for anyone.   And, how can getting high and driving a car be any better than driving drunk. 

Now states are moving to declare e-cigarettes the same as tobacco products so they can levy a tax on them, just like regular cigarettes, even though they involve no tobacco.   Of course, this is just the long arm of government out to confiscate more money from American taxpayers.   We don't even know if e-cigarettes are dangerous to health.  They certainly can't be any worse than POT, or regular cigarettes. 

None of this makes any sense to me.  I know government is just interested in new taxes and revenue sources.   However, as an employer, we do drug testing.  If marijuana comes up, the candidate will not be hired.  I am not interested in having a bunch of Pot Heads on our staff no more than I would want a bunch of alcoholics.  Where is all of this going.   It can't be good.     

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