Friday, May 5, 2023

US Military - Ferocious Not FABULOUS

The all volunteer Woke US Military is failing to meet its recruitment targets.  So what do they do.  The latest recruitment ad for the Navy features a transgender drag queen presumably to attract more LGBTQIA people into the military.  And, while all are welcome, Men and Women of various sexual orientations provided they can pass the mental and physical tests needed to serve in the military, what we need to protect our nation are Ferocious Fighters not FABULOUS buffoons dressed as drag queens.  

It is bad enough that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News, the Deep State and the largest corporations in the US have all gone crazy woke to expose children in Kindergarten to pornography in school libraries and expanded sex education, but now the US Military is pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist history and radical LGBTQIA Gender Indoctrination during troop training.  Why would any red blooded American choose to deal with any of this BS.  

Budweiser has learned this lesson the hard way.  They featured a Transgender cross dresser in their recent ad campaign presumably to attract more LGBTQIA customers, and in the process offended half the nation.  They have lost $5 billion dollars in marketspace in the process.  Beer drinkers, men and women offended by this Transgender campaign are boycotting Budweiser.   Woke companies better learn this lesson.  Appeal to various markets without offending your core customers.  Well dah!

Those at Budweiser that implemented this Transgender campaign are no longer with the company.  Bud is trying to do damage control with little success.  So, now who in the US Military will be fired for putting a drag queen front and center as part of their recruitment campaign.  This was about as dumb as it gets.  The very people they need to recruit tough Men and Women of variou sexual orientations will not join a woke military.  It is just that simple.  This Transgender campaign will be counter productive.  Time for those responsible to be FIRED including Feckless, Senile Joe Biden.    

Friday, April 28, 2023

Crooked Joe Biden - Truer Words Were Never Said

President Trump announced that he will no longer refer to Hillary Clinton as Crooked; though the word does apply to her.  Given the Biden Crime family corruption going forward Joe Biden should be referred to as Crooked Joe Biden, and truer words were never said.   Biden is the "Big Guy" according to his son Hunter who was on the take for 10% of everything that Hunter Biden raked in selling influence with his father around the world.  The Clinton's used the Clinton Foundation to make their million peddling influence when donors believed that Hillary might be President one day.  A lot of those donations dried up the day Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016.  

The Biden's were ready to go peddling influence while Biden was Vice President.  We have never seen anything like this in American history.  Hunter Biden set up shell companies and or allowed the Biden connection to earn the family millions of dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.  And, Joe Biden demanded that Hunter pay his living expenses because clearly Joe Biden could not live on a government salary alone.   Somebody had to pay for the Beach House.  

This would all be bad enough; but Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate owned lock, stock and barrel by the Chinese Communists.  Biden must do their bidding or they will blow the whistle on the family corruption, which would lead to his impeachment.  It could happen anyway because the Congressional investigations underway demonstrate all the Biden family corruption.  Now it turns out that the bribes were transferred to as many as 12 Biden family members.  And, just who is buying those paintings from Hunter Biden for $500,000 a pop.  

Joe Biden is the Most corrupt President in American history.  And, if taking bribes were the issue, it might just be a crime.  In this case, it could also be treason as Joe Biden sells out the United States of America to do China's bidding.  This is a National Security issue and the Deep State and Fake News are complicit because they are covering up the Biden Crime Family corruption.  They all want senile, feckless Joe Biden in office because they can control him.  This week Joe Biden could not remember that he was in Ireland just two weeks ago.  This poor crook is clueless and it is getting worse by the day.  So just who is pulling the strings.  Look to China.  

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Fox News Is Now Woke - Bye Bye

Rupert Murdock, the Australian billionaire that ran Fox News for years as part of his media empire built Fox as the Conservative alternative to Fake News.  There is no doubt that Fox helped Trump get elected in 2016 and again win the election in 2020 that was denied to him by all sorts of election shenanigans.  But there is now a new sheriff in town.  Fox is now run by his son, Lachlan Murdock, a left wing character with ties to the Deep State.  Lachlan Murdock is a Never Trumper, which is why Fox no longer covers Trump rallies.

The recent firing of Conservative Tucker Carlson, the number one money maker for Fox was really no surprise.  John Bongino another Conservative has also left Fox because they could not reach "contract terms".   Just an excuse for getting rid of another Trump supporter.  Lacklan Murdock is determined to be part of Fake News towing the Socialist Party line.  Fox is going woke.  It is a pretty good bet that Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham will be next.  They are all probably in discussions with NewMax as I write this Blog posting to move over to one of the remaining Conservative news outlets that is growing market share.   Wherever these Patriots move, their audience will move with them. 

Firing Tucker Carlson was designed to send a chill up the backs of other Fox commentators.  Go too far right and expect to be fired or not have your contracts renewed.  So, any of the commentators still there are likely to begin towing the Socialist Party line, which means no criticism of the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats ) and the Deep State that are destroying our country.  They also will have to go easy on China.  

The Murdock's have forgotten how they made their billions.  The 75 million Americans that voted for President Trump in 2020 was their audience.  If Fox continues to go further left, they can kiss those 75 million Americans goodbye.  Fox then can fight with the other failing Fake News News Outlets for market share.  And, don't be surprised if the first Republican Primary Debate scheduled for Fox is not moved to NewMax.  President Trump has already expressed opposition of the debate being conducted by Fox.  All Trump needs to do to stop it from happening is not attend and schedule a rally for the same time and date that will be covered by NewMax.  Why would Republicans want to give business to a Woke News Outlet.    

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Senile Joe Biden Running For President - Again

In a staged three minute video, feckless, senile, Joe Biden has announced that he is running for President - Again.  To be clear here are the things Biden supports:

1. Abortion murder right up until the birth of a baby.

2. Preventing the United States from being energy independent, which is causing inflation in our country and helping China.

3. Higher taxes and more job killing regulations.

4. Sex change operations for young children.

5. The invasion happening at our border.

6.  Weaponization of the Justice Department, IRS and FBI to persecute Americans that do not follow the Socialist Party line. 

7.  Black Lives Matter destruction of our cities.

8.  Soft on crime policies that allow criminals to go free.

9.  Endless wars that have been caused by his failed leadership.

10.  Higher interest rates for people with good credit to subsidize people with bad credit.

11.  Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology indoctrination in our schools.

12.  Ballot harvesting and no voter ID to cheat on elections.

13.  Failure to confront China that is stealing American technology and jobs.

14. Reckless spending that will bankrupt the United States.

15. An America Last policy that benefits our enemies.

The list goes on and on of Biden position's that are destroying our country and Biden want to "finish the job".  Biden is by far the worst President in American History even topping Jimmy Carter.  We are literally on the verge of nuclear war with Russia, China, Iran or North Korea because of Biden's weakness.  And, all should remember that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Quemala Harris who is likely to take over as President if Biden is reelected because he will not be able to serve another four years.  Biden will either drop dead or need to be removed from office either by Impeachment for Biden Crime Family corruption or as a result of his inability to serve.  Harris as President is even scarier than having Biden remain in office.  

Friday, March 17, 2023

State of Texas Taking Over Houston City Schools

Houston City Schools are so bad that the State of Texas is taking them over.  In the process, the current Superintendent and all School Board Members will be deposed.  The State Board of Education will appoint a new Superintendent and School Board to manage the district back to health.  However, to be fair, the same conditions exist in many major cities in the country, since half the kids in our country cannot read do math at grade level.  The state of Nevada ranks among the worst in the country because both Washoe County (Reno) and Clark County (Las Vegas), the two major school districts in the state have dismal academic performance and management, the Superintendents and School Board Members owned by the teacher unions, refuse to do anything to improve the quality of education in their districts.  

There is now a Republican Governor in Nevada, but the legislature is controlled by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) also owned by the teacher unions.  In addition to advocating School Choice, Governor Lombardo could declare Washoe and Clark County as education disaster zones and take over both districts.  But does Lombardo have the guts to do it.  I doubt it very much.  Joe Lombardo is not Texas Governor Greg Abbott or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that do have the guts to stand up to teacher unions to improve public education in their states.  

No Socialist Governor would ever take over a public school district.  Certainly, Baltimore and Detroit should be taken over by their state governments; but that will not happen because their Governors are Socialists.  The same is true for many other inner city school districts like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago etc.  These school districts are corrupt and run by teacher unions. 

It will be interesting to see what happens in Houston.  No matter who runs the school district unless major reforms occur, nothing much will change.  There needs to be merit pay, an end to teacher tenure so incompetent teachers can be fired, a back to basic curriculum without woke ideology and a lot more accountability for administrators and teachers.  It would take a revolution to challenge the entrenched education establishment that will fight tooth and nail to continue feeding at the trough.  They want kids stuck on the plantation to protect their pensions and other benefits.  Improvement would require very hard work and that mean longer hours and more accountability; not likely to occur without a knock out drag out battle.  So watch Houston in the next few years to see what happens.  

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Woke Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) Demanding Sex Change Operations For Small Children - SICK

We have reached insanity in our country.  In the name of transgender rights, woke Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are demanding the right to sex change operations for small children.  Some in public schools are attempting to counsel young children related to changing genders without permission from their parents.  There are apparently doctors prescribing puberty blockers to prevent biological sexual development from happening.  

To be clear, anyone who is 18 or maybe 21 or older should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies related to sex change operations.  Once someone is old enough to vote or buy liquor, they are old enough to decide whether they want to be a man or a woman.  However, nobody, not even parents should be making life altering decisions for young children that result in mutilation of their bodies.  Would we allow a parent to authorize cutting off a child's arm.  I don't think so. 

There must be federal and state laws preventing the mutilation of young children.  Only someone of age should be making personal decisions concerning sex change operations not parents, teachers or doctors who happen the believe that a young boy is really a girl or visa versa.  And, no one in a school setting should even be discussing such things with children.  

These surgeries are irreversible.  Stopping puberty from happening is absurd.  It is unbelievable that we have reached this point of lunacy in our country.  It is bad enough that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are determined to murder innocent babies by unrestricted abortion.  And, now they support the mutilation of young children.  This is sick.  

Monday, March 13, 2023

Climate Fanatics Will Destroy The United States To Benefit China

China pays lip service to going Green as it adds new coal fired electric plants every week.  There is nothing the US can do to control carbon emissions that would make a meaningful difference as long as China continue to belch out carbon polluting their country and the world.  The Climate Fanatics in the United States are out to destroy our country.  They hate the United States and see the climate agenda as a way to redistribute our wealth to the third world.  Think welfare on steroids.

The United States can and should implement an all of the above energy strategy to make the United States not only energy independent, but a huge exporter of natural gas and oil.   We would be crazy to give up the advantages that we have in energy resources.  And in fact, using our energy may be the only way to deal with our growing national debt and to fund Social Security and Medicare.  Unfortunately, the Climate Fanatics no nothing about economics. 

The good news is that Feckless Joe Biden has approved the Willow project in Alaska; but at the same time Biden has issued an Executive Order making it impossible to drill on millions of other acres in Alaska.  Biden would rather we buy dirty oil from Venezuela and Iran.  What an idiot.  The only good news in all of this is that a Republican President can get our country back on track and the sooner the better.  Energy independence is a national security issue.  We cannot compete with China with our hands tied behind our backs.  The only way for the United States to compete with China is for our country to be energy independent.  As Forest Gump always said, Stupid is as Stupid does.  And, without a doubt Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are really stupid and out to destroy our country.  We can't let it happen.  

Mexico's President Obrador Is Owned By The Cartels

Mexico's Socialist President Obrador claims that fentanyl and other poisonous drugs that are being smuggled into the United States are not produced in Mexico.  Really!!  This guy is either clueless or so completely owned by the Cartels that he is permitting Mexico to be run by the Cartels as a Narco Terrorist state.  Obrador does not support aggressively shutting down the Cartels because no doubt the entire government of Mexico is owned by them.  Obrador has stated that he will not use bullets to stop the Cartels because it causes so much blood shed.  

Obviously, Obrador does not care about the deaths he is causing in the United States.  Obrador is now even threatening to meddle in our elections by telling American citizens of Mexican descent to not vote for Republicans that are demanding military action to destroy the Cartels doing so much harm to our country.  Imagine that!!  

Unlike Columbia that worked with the US Military to shut down the narco terrorists in their country, Obrador has said that he will not give permission for the United States to operate in Mexico to shut down the Cartels.  The fact is that if the United States designates the Cartels in Mexico as Terrorists under our laws, we don't need Mexico's permission to do whatever is necessary to shut them down.  Like fighting ISIS,  we use our Intelligence agencies to determine where they are and then we use drones to destroy them.  It is a certainty that we already know where the drug production resides in Mexico.  And, we know who the leaders of the Cartels are in Mexico and where they are.

We could easily implement surgical strikes against both the factories producing drugs in Mexico and the leaders of the Cartels.  And,  though we don't need the Mexican government to cooperate, if they don't cooperate, we can just stop trade from coming across the border, which would cause so much economic hardship that President Obrador would have to cooperate.  Of course, feckless Joe Biden is not likely to do any of these things.  Who knows given the Biden Crime family propensity to take bribes maybe Joe Biden is on the take.  

Dealing with the Cartels is not likely to happen as long as Joe Biden is President.  It will take President Trump or a like minded tough Republican in office as President to get the job done.  So, we may have to endure more deaths from drug overdoses in the next few years before we can stop the poisonous drugs produced in Mexico from coming into our country.  This is a national security issue.  The President must act.  

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Mexico Is A Narco Terrorist State Run By Drug Cartels

To state the obvious, it is time for all nations to recognize that Mexico is a Narco Terrorist State run by Drug Cartels.  In view of the recent murders of American citizens in Mexico, the US State Department must name Mexico a No Go Zone.  Since the Mexican government is bought off by the Cartels and as result will do nothing to control the Cartels, US citizens should not be going to Mexico on business or for tourism.  It is just too dangerous.  

Further, if Mexico will not deal with the Cartels that are guilty of human trafficking and sending poisonous fentanyl and other drugs into our country killing thousands of Americans every year,  it is time for the United States to declare these Cartels as Terrorist organizations and deal with them no different that ISIS.   They are killing more Americans than ISIS.  We must act to stop the human trafficking and drugs from entering our country.  If that means using drones to destroy the labs producing illegal drugs, it must done.  We have the equivalent of an invasion at our border.  No country can permit millions of illegal aliens from entering their country every year and the illegal drugs have to stop. 

The Mexican government is incapable of getting the job done.  So they must be given an ultimatum.  Either deal with the Cartels, or the US must do it.  What other choice do we have.  We are losing more people to drug overdoses each year than we lost in 8 years of the Vietnam War.  Obviously, the illegal aliens entering our country are costing our taxpayers billions of dollars a year to support them.  This just can't continue.  It is time for action to stop the harm to our country.    

Monday, March 6, 2023

US Preparing To Fight War World II In the Pacific

In anticipation of a an attack by China on Taiwan, the US is allied with 14 other nations in the Pacific Region presumably preparing to fight World War II in another conventional war.  They are working together on army and naval deployments.  The only problem with this strategy is that China will be fighting World War III not World War II.  China is not going to destroy Taiwan in the process because they are particularly interested in taking over Taiwan SemiConductor, the largest manufacturer of chips in the world.  China will invade Taiwan by air, sea and land.  

In the process, if needed China will use tactical nuclear weapons to take out the US Navy and other naval forces in the area.  The islands where our army is deployed with be destroyed within the first week of a confrontation.  Of course, China will not escape destruction either.  We will take out their navy and army forces as well.  

This can't end well.  Ultimately, World War III will be a nuclear war not a conventional war.  China has the largest army and navy in the world.  They cannot yet match our nuclear weapons unless of course they ally with Russia that actually has more nuclear weapons than the United States.  With the way things are going in Ukraine, don't be surprised if China and Russia do not form a mutual defense alliance to counter NATO and the US Allied forces in Asia.  We are forcing this marriage.  

It is unimaginable that the United States seems to be preparing for all out war.  The old concept of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, which was our operative for years in dealing with the Soviet Union seems to have gone by the wayside.  What are they thinking.  Let us hope that saner minds prevail in all of these countries.  As of now, it is not looking too good.  

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Flip Flop Fauci Must Go To Jail

No one person in American history has done more damage to our country that Dr. Anthony Flip Flop Fauci.  We know now that Fauci funded the gain of function research at the Wuhan Virology Lab in China that created the deadly China Covid Virus that killed more than a million people in the United States and over 38 million people all over the world.  This virus escaped the Lab and then China knowingly allowed international travel into and out of Wuhan that spread the virus globally. 

Then to protect China from financial liability, Fauci and the World Heath Organization owned by China acted in concert to cover up the origins of the virus.  When President Trump referred to it as the China Virus, Fauci, Big Tech and Fake News called Trump racist for calling out the Chinese Communist government.  Fauci went further ordering other virologists in the United States to not publish their findings early on stating that this virus was man made and not a natural occurrence.  Fauci then worked with Big Tech to cancel anyone who dared challenge Fauci's assertions that the virus was a natural occurrence that probably came out of the Wet Markets in China where bats are sold for food.  None of this was true and China knew is was not true, which is why they destroyed all documents pertaining to the China Virus.  

This Big Lie resulted in the shutting down of schools to the detriment of millions of children in the United States and businesses that went bankrupt.  We know now that masks did little to provide any protection from spreading the virus.  And, after spending billions of tax payer dollars making Big Pharma rich, we also know now that the vaccines do not prevent anyone from getting the virus and even multiple times after being boosted.  The end result in the United States is that thousands of small businesses were destroyed.  Big business including Big Pharma made billions of dollars at the expense of small businesses that are now gone. 

Tony Fauci must be prosecuted for all the damage he caused our country and the world.  Fauci needs to go to jail.  Of course, it will not happen as long as feckless Joe Biden remains as President and the DOJ is headed by Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) lacky Merrick Garland is in charge of the DOJ.  They will never press charges.  But, just maybe if President Trump is reelected in 2024, Tony Fauci will face his day of reckoning.  This clown must go to jail.  

Deep State Trying Everything To Destroy President Trump

Those in the Deep State, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Establishment RINOS, Big Tech, Big Woke Corporations, Fake News, the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS and Hollywood will do anything and everything they can to destroy President Trump.  They have been trying to destroy Trump since the first day he came down that escalator to announce he was running for President.  Their Trump Derangement Syndrome knows no end because they know that Trump owns the Republican Party and will win the Republican nomination for President in 2024.  

And, given the state of our country and the world, the odds are pretty good that Trump will beat senile Joe Biden.  The Deep State is terrified because as globalists they want to continue feeding at the trough and Trump threatens their financial well being.  Many of them are owned by China.  They support America Last not America First.  The last thing they want to see is for the United States to finally confront China to bring jobs back to the United States and push back their military expansion.  

No politician in the history of the United States has endured the constant coordinated assault President Trump has experienced in the last 6 years.  Very few people if any could have dealt with the barrage of attacks President Trump has dealt with because they fear him so much.  It took a New York Street Fighter to push back against these evil Deep State vicious swamp lizards.  

And, what country club Republicans do not understand is that the attacks are not about Trump.  They are about the 75 million Conservative Americans that voted for Trump.  They are attacks on all of us that do not share their Woke Marxist even Communist ideology designed to silence the rest of us.  One thing they are right about.  We are fighting to maintain our Constitutional Democracy and in particular the Bill of Rights under assault that protect our freedoms.  We are fighting the enemy within our country as much as the enemies that threaten us from abroad.  If we lose our freedoms and our country all is lost and then all bets are off.  The only other option would be the dissolution of the United States, which could happen anyway when we default on our debt.    

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Mail Order Abortions On Demand

As was predictable, Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion mill immediately went to Plan B as Red States acted to limit abortions when Roe V Wade was struck down by the Supreme Court.  The answer was simple, Mail Order Abortions.  Using telemedicine, Planned Parenthood in Blue States would simply issue prescriptions for the abortion pill in Red States.  Since Medicaid no doubt pays for the abortion pill, both Walgreens and CVS, the largest drug chains in the country applied with the FDA for permission to fill those prescriptions.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in the Biden Administration were happy to approve those applications because they are determined to keep killing innocent babies.  The only problem for Planned Parenthood, Socialist Fascists and the big drug chains is that 20 Republican Attorney Generals in Red States have filed litigation to stop this from happening.  As a result, Walgreens just announced that it would not sell the abortion pill in those Red States.  I suspect that CVS will follow suit.

Of course, none of this stops women who want abortions from traveling to Blue States where abortion on demand right up until birth is available.  The abortion pill can only be used up to 11 weeks pregnancy.  After that the baby is to big to just be expelled as a miscarriage.  The good news is that the abortion pill can be reversed in the first 72 hours after taking the pill.  Pro-Life doctors prescribe progesterone, which reverses the effect of the abortion pill.  Once done, the baby can go to full term. 

However, we can expect Planned Parenthood and Bidenistas to come up with Plan C.  Those that are determined to murder innocent babies just never give up.  Don't be surprised if we don't see an illegal trade in these abortion pills run by the Drug Cartels.  They can be smuggled across state lines, or even in from Mexico and be sold on the Black Market.  Let's just hope that they are not confused with fentanyl in the process.  

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Reducing The Size Of The Federal Government

All you need to do is watch Congressional hearings on CSPAN to see the waste, fraud and abuse that exists at all levels of the federal government.  They speak of billions of dollars in government spending as though it is chump change.  The fact is that more than 9 million people are either on a federal government payroll or working as a Contractor for the federal government.  Though there are some departments that should be eliminated entirely like the Federal Department of Education, over a five year period using normal attrition and retirements, it should be easy to eliminate 10% - 20% of these positions without cutting one federal program. 

It would save billions of dollars every year that could go toward reducing our $31 Trillion National Debt.  Yet, never, never do we hear anyone in Congress of either party talk about reducing headcount except for the 87,000 new IRS Gestapo agents that the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) enacted into law.  If anything, there are often calls to add more headcount.  

Believe me if 900,000 federal employees and Contractor positions were eliminated, work would be prioritized and the country would be the better for it.  The nice to have stuff would go away and they would have to focus on the jobs that really matter and are closest to serving the American people.  What we have instead is federal over reach and intrusion into every aspect of daily life.  It is time to cut the fat and get rid of federal jobs that just don't matter to anybody, but the person collecting the paycheck.  

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

President Trump's America First Trade Policies

In his bid for the Republican nomination for President, President Trump is putting out various policy positions to attract voters.  A recent one dealt with trade and bringing jobs back to the United States in critical industries.  Trump is proposing that tariffs be charged on all goods that are critical to the United States coming in from China and perhaps other countries.   These would have to include pharmaceuticals, rare earth minerals,  electronics necessary to our defense industry and military and many other items.  Since we clearly can produce cars in the United States, importing them from China is ridiculous. 

The globalists that pursued an America Last policy cost the United States 5 million manufacturing jobs as 70,000 factories were closed to ship those jobs to China and other countries.  Our government should never have allowed critical industries to leave our country.  By placing tariffs on critical goods coming into our country to level the playing field in perhaps 5 years those jobs will come back to the US.  However, this is not just about jobs.  Having critical products manufactured in China is a national security issue.  We cannot allow China to control the supply chain related to critical materials and or products.  

President Trump advocates America First Trade Policies in the interests of the United States.  Trump gets it while other Presidents and the globalists sold our country down the river.   It is time that this gets done.  Only President Trump will get it done.    

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

China Covid Virus Cover Up

China, Deep State Swamp Lizards, Fake News, the World Health Organization and Big Tech acted in unison to cover up the actual origins of the China Covid Virus presumably to protect China from trillions of dollars in liability.  Flip Flop Fauci lied when he said that the US did not fund the gain of function research happening at the Wuhan Lab in China.  Fauci needs to go to jail for the damage he did our country and the world. 

We know now that the Covid Virus was manufactured in the Wuhan Lab and that is escaped the Lab to infect the world.  We can only assume that China did not do this on purpose; but rather it was an act of carelessness or lax security procedures at the Lab.  Noted virologists told us this three years ago saying that the DNA sequence indicated a man made virus.  Those doctors were censored and cancelled because they were not towing the party line at the time.  So much for "science".

So now what.  China has liability for the virulent virus they unleashed on the world.  In addition to the millions who died, the businesses that were destroyed and the trillions governments spent on vaccines and economic impact, China must first take responsibility for the worst pandemic in world history.  The easiest thing that could happen tomorrow is for China to cancel all debt owed to them by countries all over the world.  Then the families of those who died and the businesses that were destroyed should be able to file claims against China in one gigantic class action lawsuit.  These are the things that should happen; but those protecting China including feckless Joe Biden who they own will NEVER push for these measures against China.  

China will Never take responsibility for the pandemic they unleashed on the world.  We all know that.  However, those in the United States and other countries that perpetuated the Big Lie must be held responsible.  Many should be fired and some should go to jail. 

Monday, February 27, 2023

National Divorce - Red States & Blue States

Firebrand Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia is the first serving in government to suggest that we should have a National Divorce.  The fact is that Red States have nothing in common with Blue States. The notion that we have more in common than divides us just is not true.  We have irreconcilable differences in our country on virtually every key issue.  The country has never been more divided since the Civil War thanks to Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) that are so far left that they are over the cliff. 

Why remain in a bad marriage.  The people of Britain voted for BREXIT because they no longer had anything in common with other Socialist countries in the EU.  So the unthinkable happened.  Our differences in the US grow greater daily.   And, now Bidenistas have weaponized the FBI, DOJ, EPA, Homeland Security, Department of Education, and ATF to act as gestapo agencies to pursue Conservative MAGA Republicans, or really everyone that does not follow the Socialist Fascist Party line.  How can we tolerate this abuse. 

One solution is to reign in the federal government by getting rid of federal overreach.  The 10th Amendment of the Constitution gives immense powers to the states.  We can't have unelected judges making laws.  That overreach must stop too.  The biggest issue that will lead to the dissolution of the United States is our $31 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.  As interest rates rise, we will not be able to service the debt.  When that happens the country is bankrupt.  A National Divorce is not so far fetched.  It could happen.  

Saturday, February 25, 2023

World War III Has Already Begun

The US announced that we are basing 100 - 200 troops in Taiwan.  China will see that as an act of war and pretext for invading Taiwan.  Shortly, China will announce that they are providing Russia, their ally, with lethal weapons for use in Ukraine.  Putin is already talking the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine because of all the weapons systems we are providing Ukraine.  This is all spinning out of control.  Feckless Joe Biden is incapable of bringing us back from the brink.  

Both Russia and China see the United States are their enemy.  We keep doing things to prove them right.  When the Soviet Union fell apart, there was some hope that Russia could be incorporated into Europe.  Instead of making Russia part of the EU and NATO, we brought NATO with offensive weapons right up to their borders.  Given their history, no wonder they feel threatened. 

China is a whole different story.  China has not only been incorporated into the global economy.  They now control it as a real threat to the Western democracies  China is our big problem not Russia.  But we have pushed these countries to ally against the West.  This is not good. 

Just maybe the leaders in Britain, France and Germany will intervene to stop this insanity.  They should be holding direct talks with Putin to see what deal could be made.  Somebody has to take us back from the brink.  It will not be feckless Joe Biden or the warmongers in Washington DC.  

Friday, February 24, 2023

US Basing 100 - 200 Troops In Taiwan - The Way We Got Into Vietnam

Just imagine if China sent the Red Army to Mexico to prevent the US from invading to crush the Drug Cartels.   First, we would invoke the Monroe Doctrine to stop it from happening.  And, if it did happen anyway, the United States would invade Mexico.  We almost had Armageddon when Russia tried to take over Cuba. So, now we are sending 100 - 200 Troops based in Taiwan for training purposes.  China sees Taiwan as a province of their country.  It would be like China basing troops in New Mexico one of our states.

What the hell are we doing.  If we want to provide training to troops from Taiwan, they should be going to Guam, a US territory nearby, or any place in the US.  We absolutely should not be basing US troops on Taiwan.  China will see this as a declaration of war.  

I know, I know, we want to prevent China from attacking Taiwan; but this action will guarantee an invasion.  Feckless Joe Biden should never have approved sending troops to Taiwan.   Sell them weapons.  Train their forces.  Deploy our Navy in the strait between China and Taiwan.  Work with our allies in Asia to show a united front against invasion; but for God sakes, don't force China to invade.  Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.  Stupid is as stupid does to quote Forest Gump.  This is how Vietnam began and we know the ugly end to that story.  58,000 US Soldiers killed.  

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Cancelling CNN's Don Lemon - Only A Matter Of Time

CNN's Don Lemon is a Gay Black Man Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) who hates President Donald Trump.  Since his ratings during prime time were lousy, Lemon was demoted to day time morning TV to get him to quit, which is like being turned into Bozo the Clown.  No doubt, they did not cut his pay so Lemon accepted the day time assignment.  Why not as long as he was getting paid big money.  56 year old Lemon's fortunes all changed when Lemon said women were only in their prime in their 20's, 30, and maybe 40's as he tried to demean Republican candidate for President Nikki Haley who is 51 and brilliant.  It really was a stupid comment.

Of course, left wing women hate conservative women so this was not so much a defense of Nikki Haley, but rather scores of left wing women over 50 in high level positions in government and business.  The Cancel Crowd went crazy demanding that this Black Gay Man be fired.  Naturally, Lemon sensing his demise half apologized.  For now, Lemon has survived probably because he is Black and Gay provided he agreed to undergo indoctrination training so he does not say any dumb things any more.  Given his history, don't count on Lemon not saying dumb things in the future.  

However, it is just a matter of time before the Cancel Crowd does Lemon in.  He will be fired from CNN by the end of 2023.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

California - Fiscal Basket Case

Though California has among the highest tax rates in the country with 1% of taxpayers paying about 50% of all income and capital gains taxes, Governor Gavin Gruesome is projecting a $22 billion deficit in 2023 and it will probably be higher.  500,000 people left California in the last year which cost the state a Congressional seat.  Most important the people who leave California are the taxpayers.  Those left behind are people that pay no income taxes and are often on the dole one way or another.  Rather than cut spending and stop all the crazy entitlements, the Socialist controlled State Legislature will likely raise taxes even higher, which will cause even more people to leave the state.  

California is a Sanctuary State that provides illegal aliens all sort of entitlements including free health care and college tuition among other benefits.  This is probably the reason there are more than 3 million illegal aliens living in California crowding schools, hospitals and jails.  The city of San Francisco is seriously considering paying Reparations to its Black Residents.  Where that money would come from is a mystery.  California is La La Land.  It used to be the most beautiful state in the country before its big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego were turned into gigantic trash heaps filled with thousands of homeless people who camp out on their sidewalks. 

These big cities are No Go Zones because of lousy public schools, grid lock, crime and gang warfare fighting over drug turf.  California went Green so it has the highest cost of living in the country.  Food costs and Utility bills are outrageous.  Gas is two dollars a gallon higher than many states.  Housing prices are still extreme because of land use controls and regulations on building new construction. 

The Golden State is no more, which is why thousands of people are leaving every year to go to Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida and other states that offer a higher quality of life at a lower cost of living and lower taxes.   Socialist Fascists (AKA) Democrats led by feckless Joe Biden want to turn the whole country into California.  To that we must all stand up and say HELL NO.  

Monday, February 20, 2023

Millions On Welfare & Food Stamps

There are about 350 million people living in America depending on how illegal aliens are counted or not counted.  Though we supposedly have a 3.4% unemployment rate, which technically is a full employment economy, as best this Blogger can tell from the Internet, there are 41 million people on Food Stamps (SNAP) and 65 million people on Welfare of all colors and races.  No doubt many of these people are on Medicaid, free government health care and various other entitlements like free breakfast and lunch for poor kids in public schools, free cell phones, energy supplements, free college tuition in some states etc.  The list of entitlements goes on and on.  There is also the earned income tax credit for the working poor.  They get money from the government for working instead of going on Welfare rather than paying income taxes.  

After spending trillions of dollars to eliminate poverty since the Socialist New Deal and Great Society programs, we have more people dependent on government today in a full employment economy than ever before.  The reason this is the case is because public schools do not graduate the majority of children in our country with any marketable job skills.  Half the kids in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level.  Obviously, most of these children again of all colors end up in the permanent Welfare class living off government handouts because they are so poorly educated that they can't do anything of meaningful value.  

Add to this that 7 out of 10 Black kids, 5 out of 10 Hispanic kids and 4 out of 10 White kids are born out of wedlock to single mother with no dad in the home.  While life is preferable to abortion murder, the end result is that most of these kids will be born into poverty.  Socialist Fascists (AKA) Democrats have No incentive to eliminate poverty because the people on Welfare and Food Stamps are their voters.  They need these poor people on the plantation tethered to big government to win elections.  And for Democrats it is all about retaining their power so they can continue feeding at the trough, while millions go hungry and struggle to live a decent life.  

There is something very wrong with this picture.  We must break the cycle of poverty.  More government entitlements only add to this long nightmare.  We must have School Choice so that poor and middle class parents can get their kids out of failing public schools to get their children a good education.  We spend about a trillion dollars a year at all levels of government on failing public schools only to experience lousy academic achievement.  This must stop if we are ever going to eliminate poverty in the United States.  

Sunday, February 19, 2023

China Has Already Won The War With The West -The Real Threat To Democracy

When President Richard Nixon first went to China in 1972, the globalists cheered because they wanted access to China's markets.  The thinking was if only we could sell one aspirin a day to a billion Chinese, it would be great for business and create jobs in the US.  Of course, that was when aspirins were actually made in the US or Europe.  The globalists promoted unrestricted free trade with China while they restricted trade with the West and manipulated their currency to make production in China cheaper than in the West.  The thinking was that eventually once China was part of the "international community", they would surely become a Democracy and give up repressive Communism.

Boy did we get played.  This blogger does not blame the Communist Chinese for acting in the best interest of their country.  China has always played the long game, while globalists were only concerned about their profits and bonuses on a quarterly basis.  It was always China First for them as they demanded technology and intellectual property from Western companies as the cost of doing business in China.  What they did not get for free, they stole through cyber theft.  It is no coincidence that their military hardware looks a whole lot like Western military hardware.  And, we have further let them buy technology that has ended up in their military hardware including that spy balloon we recently shot down off South Carolina. 

So where are we today.  China now has a 17 trillion dollar Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the second largest in the world after the US GDP of 23 trillion dollars.  China controls the supply chain related to many, many critical products, minerals and materials as Western companies closed down factories and shipped millions of jobs to China to get lower labor cost.  Tough US technology is superior for now, China now has the largest navy in the world. Though the US has more nuclear weapons for now, China actually has more ballistic missiles ready for their nuclear arsenal as they reach parity with the West in the next few years.  When that happens, we can expect China to attack Taiwan.  

Finally, China holds more than a trillion dollars of our our $31 Trillion National Debt.  You can bet when the day comes that we cannot repay that debt, that they will ask for Alaska as payment.  In addition, China owns hundreds of US and European companies including having a major stake in General Motors.  Remember, we lost $9 billion bailing out GM when Obama screwed the shareholders of GM.  GM filed bankrupcy anyway and laid off 30,000 employees in the US.  GM now has far more employees in China than in the US making cars there that they export to the US and Europe.  

China is using fentanyl to kill thousands of our people every year without firing a shot.  We are currently losing more people annually to drug overdoses than our combined losses in all wars fought since World War II.  China does not need to invade our country to kill our people.  They are using drugs to do the job very efficiently.   

The globalists in our country and establishment politicians of both political parties did all of this to America.  It was President Donald Trump, the outsider, that finally stood up to China by imposing tariffs on trade many of which Biden has eliminated.  We can and should be using tariffs on goods coming in from China to rebuild industries in the US and create millions of jobs.  We must bring the supply chain for critical products, minerals and materials home.  It is a National Security issue.  In the process, we can use the monies earned from tariffs to pay off our National Debt and fund entitlements that are headed toward bankrupcy.  

Unless the United States, Europe, Japan and other democracies act quickly, China will in fact win the war to become the dominant country in the world.  China will replace the dollar as the Reserve currency of the world with the Chinese Won.  If that happens, the US will march to the orders of the Chinese Communists.  Wake up America.  First, we must re-elect Donald Trump to a second term to have any hope of reversing what is happening with China.  And, we must elect an America First Congress to support Trump.  If these things do not happen, better learn Chinese because all will be lost.  

One Million Got Away Illegal Alien Criminals Invaded Our Country

Since Joe Biden took office about 5,000,000 illegal aliens have invaded our country more than at any time in our country's history.  4,000,000 of them were instructed by the Narco Terrorist Cartels in Mexico who helped them get here to ask for Asylum.  So they turned themselves in to Border Patrol to get that go free card.  They are now all over our country presumably awaiting a court date years from now to determine if their Asylum claims are valid.  Few of them will show up in court because they know they would be denied Asylum.  Instead, they will just remain in our country illegally in Sanctuary Blue States protected from deportation.  

All of that is bad enough; but there were 1,000,000 Illegal Alien Got Aways that never were apprehended by the Border Patrol.  They had no interest in the go free card process because no doubt they were criminals in their countries and are drug runners for the Cartels.  Bidenistas claim that 85% of the Fentanyl entering our country in apprehended at Ports of Entry as "Americans" attempt to smuggle drugs in their cars or truck crossing the border.  The assumption being that 15% escapes detection and gets through at the border crossing.  Of course all of this is BS.  

Thousands of those Got Away's are carrying Fentanyl and other drugs in their backpacks enough to kill every man, woman and child of any color or sexual orientation in our country.  They work for the Cartels and are their drug runners moving freely throughout the United States poisoning our people.  If nothing else we need to secure our border to stop all the drugs that are coming into our country.

The chemicals needed to make Fentanyl are produced in China and shipped to Mexico where manufacturing occurs in drug safe houses.  China is already at war with the United States and killing more people in our country every year than we lost in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan combined.  We must stop those chemicals from entering Mexico by whatever intervention is needed and that would include at Mexico's points of entry.  Next, since the Cartels own the Mexican government, we must use our military to shut down the Cartels once and for all.  

The Cartels control our Southern border.  That has to stop no matter what measures we must take to make it stop.  If Mexico will not cooperate all goods coming into the United States from Mexico must stop, which will dramatically impact their economy.  It is time for hard ball.  Of course, feckless Joe Biden owned by China will do nothing to secure our border.  Congress must act.  

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Reverse Discrimination Will Destroy Our Country

Dr. Martin Luther King said in his famous speech that we all should be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin.  That was a noble idea.  That is not happening today in many businesses or in government.  In fact, in many cases White heterosexual men in particular need not apply.  In some cases, Asians are facing discrimination particularly related to university applications to make room for Black and Hispanic students with lower qualifications and test scores.   Would you want to go to an Affirmative Action brain surgeon.  I think not.  

Feckless Joe Biden just announced that he was very proud that his administration was the first in American history to have a majority of appointments go to people of color, meaning Blacks and Hispanics some of whom are Gay or Transgender.  The problem with this positioning is that Biden's administration does not represent the majority of people in the United States.  If we are going to implement a quota system, which is what is happening then some large percentage of positions must go to White heterosexual men.  To do less is racial and sexual discrimination and a violation of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution requiring equal protection under the law.  The lawsuits are coming.  

Many large companies are requiring quotas in their hiring practices making it tough on recruiters that can only bring a White candidate to the table if all other options have been exhausted.  This Blogger faced racial discrimination years ago when I was a teacher.  Given my Master's Degree in Education Administration and Administrative Credential I was told years ago that I was being considered for an Administrative position in LA City Schools; but that they were really looking for a Mexican.  The woman went on to say that since I was Italian, spoke Spanish and had a mustache at the time, that I might be close enough.  They went on to hire a Black woman that was not as qualified as I was.  

Just imagine if a Black or Hispanic person was told, they were really looking for a White person; but since they were light skinned and might be able to pass, they might be close enough.  In any case, after this exchange, I left public education and never looked back.  This idiot woman did me the biggest favor of my life as I went into a very successful career in business.  

Tucker Carlson raised an interesting point.  Why would White people continue to support our tax system if they knew that they and their children were facing racial and sexual discrimination in our country.  If this Identity Politics continues, it will destroy our country.  We have never been more divided since the Civil War.  Reverse Discrimination will only make matters worse.  This feeds into the extreme right wing in our country that is advocating violence in the name of equal justice under the law.  This is not a good thing.  

Friday, February 17, 2023

I-Phones Are Tracking Devices - Big Person Is Watching

Everyone who has an I-Phone, which is most everybody in the developed world is carrying a tracking device.  Google and Apple are watching, listening and generally seeing everything you do on that I-Phone.  They know where you are and all your interactions.  In addition, you can be sure that the federal government also has the same information stored at the mega center they built after 9/11 in Utah now that we see FBI and CIA collusion with Big Tech.  Big Brother, or oh wait we can't say Brother anymore, so Big Person is spying on all of us in the name of national security.  

Many crimes have been federalized, which is why the FBI has become a local arm of government.  The FBI has offices in most major cities ready to be at every crime scene.  The fact that the FBI is tracking parents that attend school board meetings and or traditional Catholics that attend Latin masses, now seen by the federal government as "domestic terrorists" is very scary.   The FBI has become the Gestapo or the KGB secret police.  Soon there will be 87,000 new IRS agents authorized to carry guns.  Now why would an IRS agent need to carry a gun.  It is bad enough that they can make life miserable with audits; but they should not also be part of law enforcement like the ATF that regulates gun ownership.  

Other federal agencies like the Department of Education, Homeland Security and Environmental Protection have also been weaponized to monitor the actions of the American people rather than deal with the issues they are charged with managing.  The key to all of this is the I-Phone that grants all of them access to daily life.  Our freedoms are under threat.  The Bill of Rights is being shredded by Deep State Swamp Lizards.  The democracy they claim to protect is turning into a Fascist Dictatorship run by the Elites in our country feeding at the trough that control all aspects of daily life.  We are reaching a dangerous turning point in our country.  

The American people must stand up and say ENOUGH.  We must reign in Big Person to remain a free country.  We must demand that the tracking stop.  Turn your I-Phone off to stop the intrusion as much as possible.  Not sure if it will prevent Big Person from tracking us even when off; but just maybe it will make it harder for Big Person to see every move we make.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

AT&T DIRECTTV - Go Woke Go Broke

AT&T subsidiary DIRECTTV decided to cancel OAN and NewsMax from it cable channels presumably because they are conservative networks.  The reaction was swift.  This blogger was just then choosing a new provider for landline, Internet and cable and I immediately ceased discussions with AT&T.  So they lost the $250 a month I would have paid them for their services, which only goes up every year.  NewMax is the fourth largest cable station on TV with 13 million viewers.  Many of these viewers are now cancelling AT&T and DIRECTTV since they cannot access OAN and NewMax on TV.  A boycott is occurring.  The end result is that AT&T stock lost $10 billion in value since DIRECTTV cancelled OAN and NewsMax. 

Hello AT&T.  The lesson once again for Corporations is Go Woke Go Broke only in this case, it is also their shareholders impacted by bad management decisions.  The same thing happened to Disney.  Another telling tale is that DIRECTTV also does not carry EWTN, the Catholic station.  Gosh,  I wonder if that is because the Catholic Church is pro-life opposed to abortion on demand and further is opposed to Gay Marriage.  Clearly, those positions are a litmus test for Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) and their supporters in the Deep State Swamp including large woke corporations.

Where is AT&T's Board of Directors.  It is their job to make certain that the value of AT&T stock remains high.  Of course, Board Members are usually selected by woke Senior Managers who buy them off with nice retainers and perks so they keep their mouths shut.  It is time for a class action lawsuit against the Senior Management of AT&T and their Board of Directors for destroying AT&T share price in violation of their fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders.  This is probably the only way to get the message across to corporations that they should stay clear of the culture wars.  The same lawsuit should be filed against Disney Senior Management and their Board for actions negatively impacting their share price.  The situation at Disney is so bad that they recently announced the lay off of 7,000 employees.  AT & T will be next.  Clearly offending half the country is never good for business.  

All Murders Are Evil Hate Crimes

Once again, we recently had a mass shooting this time at a university in Michigan.  A 43 year old Black Man with a criminal history entered the campus with a pistol, not an assault rifle that he purchased legally; but was unlicensed to conceal carry and murdered three people and wounded five others who are in critical condition.  Within in minutes of this evil crime, campus, local, county and state police converged on the scene to hunt him down and stop the carnage.  In addition, FBI in the area showed up.  

This was not a federally defined "Hate Crime".  Apparently, "Hate" crimes of murder can only be committed by a White man or presumably woman if he or she murders people of color or a Muslim or a Jew.  I don't think Christians qualify in the definition of a "Hate Crime" unless the people murdered are people of color.  Since Hate Crimes are federally defined, the FBI and the Justice Department always get involved under federal jurisdiction.  

First, given the FBI over reach that we have seen in recent times, the FBI should only be involved in local crimes if some aspect of crossing a state line is involved in the crime.  An example could be either a kidnapping when the kidnapper takes the victim across a state line, and or if a murderer crosses a state line to escape capture.  Otherwise local and state law enforcement are fully capable of handling local crimes.  But let's get back to the definition of a "Hate Crime".

All murders are evil hate crimes no matter the color of the murderer or those murdered.  In the case in Michigan, the murderer who killed himself afterwards was Black.  He murdered two Whites and one Black person.  I am not sure what races the other five were that were wounded; but it does not matter.  All of these people bled red blood.  All of their families are similarly grieving.  Murder is certainly not committed out of love.  Murder is the devil's hand in action.  The devil thrives on Hate.  All murders are by their very nature evil "Hate Crimes".  This federal designation is just an excuse to involve the FBI in local crimes that is not necessary or warranted.   The FBI should be focused on dealing with drug lords, real Terrorists, cyber criminals etc not every murder that happens anywhere in the country.  

Monday, February 13, 2023

FBI Targeting Religious Catholics

It was recently leaked that the FBI is now targeting Religious Catholics who attend Latin Mass, say the rosary, are pro-life and support traditional marriage.  Apparently, the FBI sees devout Catholics as likely to be White Supremist "domestic terrorists".  The fact that many of these same Catholics are probably Hispanic or Asian, the growing population of Catholics in the US does not seem to matter.  This is really about abortion on demand and the LGBTQIA agenda.  The woke corrupt FBI supports the most most radical left wing Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) agenda.   This is another example of the weaponization of the FBI and Justice Department among other agencies of the federal government.

Catholics are being targeted because even with Socialist Pope Francis in charge, the Catholic Church is still The most conservative of Christian denominations when it comes to abortion and traditional marriage.  Catholics are now enemies of the state because their faith does not allow them to support abortion on demand right up until birth and even beyond and Gay marriage.  It is just that simple.  Espousing such beliefs is now considered "hate speech" by many on the left.  The problem for them is a little thing called the First Amendment to the Constitution that protects freedom of speech and religion.  

When our Founding Fathers demanded that a Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution ultimately written by James Madison, they obviously foresaw the potential tyranny we are experiencing today as the woke Deep State, Big Tech and large companies attempt to silence those that do not share their radical ideology.  All people of faith must oppose this FBI overreach.  It is time to say Hell No!  The good news is that there is a Committee in the Republican controlled House of Representative led by bull dog Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio that is dealing with the weaponization of the FBI and DOJ against freedom loving Americans.  Just maybe there will be some accountability.  Those in government threatening our freedoms must be fired.  This BS has to stop.  

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Learning The Lessons Of History - Heading Toward World War III

For those of us who have studied history, it is pretty obvious that we are in the periods of time before World War I and World War II heading towards World War III.  The invasion of Ukraine is very likely to turn nuclear if something is not done to stop it.  Russia's Vladimir Putin will not accept defeat in Ukraine.  Putin will first attempt to use massive conventional weapons to get Ukraine to surrender giving up some of Eastern Ukraine and if that does not happen, he will then turn to tactical nuclear weapons by destroying one or two second tier cities in Ukraine to get Kiev to surrender.  Sound familiar, we did the very same thing to force Japan to surrender.  President Eisenhower threatened China with nuclear weapons to end the Korean War. 

China continues to build up its military to confront the United States and our allies in the Asia Pacific region when they invade Taiwan.  These spy balloons are just a small indicator of the military capability coming.  They will have the capabilities they need in the next few years.  That invasion will happen because they need control of Taiwan Semiconductor, the largest maker of sophisticated computer chips in the world.  The recent spy balloons they flew over the United States were just practice runs.  

When they invade Taiwan, they will explode a nuclear weapon high above the United States to knock out our power grid making it difficult for us to respond with the very nuclear weapons systems they studied with the spy balloon.  If this happens, we won't even be able to communicate with our submarines or bombers equipped with nuclear weapons.  Hopefully, the US government has a fail safe Plan B, but I would not count on it. 

Iran will soon have nuclear weapons.  They seek hegemony over the Middle East and the destruction of Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Hard to imagine that they would send missiles targeting Jerusalem because of Muslim holy sites there, but they would have no hesitation to destroy Tel Aviv or Haifa.  Israel of course will never allow Iran to deploy nuclear weapons.  They will band together with Arab Sunni countries and Saudi Arabia in particular that are also threatened by Iran to destroy Iran.

The unpredictable North Korean dictator is just crazy.  A crazy man with nuclear weapons is never a good thing.  Kim's goal is to reunify Korea.  He might take out a second tier city in South Korea using nuclear weapons to force the surrender of South Korea.  There would be no surrender just all out nuclear war.

Any of these scenarios would result in World War III as Superpowers and the European Union would immediately become embroiled in these conflicts.  We are indeed in the time periods before World War I and World War II just waiting for the spark to ignite the fuse.  It is time for the leaders of the major countries of the world to come together to stop this train from going down the track.  If something is not done and soon, the path we are on will lead to Armageddon.  What we see before our eyes is history repeating itself.  

Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Walt Disney Company - Go Woke Go Broke

The Walt Disney Company has announced that they are laying off 7,000 people because presumably revenues though still tremendous by any measure are not where they need to be to sustain their expense line.  The fact is that Disney has lost its way.  This company has made a fatal error.  Rather than staying clear of all the culture wars in our country,  Disney has sided with radical left Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination in their movies, cartoons and at their theme parks.  Half of the people living in America are not buying what they are selling.  

Why would someone who disagrees with this woke ideology pay outrageous prices to support Disney when there are so many other entertainment options that are not offensive   Companies can support diversity without being crazy about it.  Offending half the potential customers in the country is just plain dumb.  Disney's Board of Directors needs to protect the interest of shareholders by demanding that Disney management adhere to American family values.  They are supposed to be in the family entertainment business.  Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave seeing how Disney has devolved into woke ideology.  It is bad for business.  Go Woke and Go Broke.  

Governor DeSantis in Florida is taking back management of the city that Disney has controlled since its inception.  DeSantis has done this as punishment because Disney strayed into woke politics, a really stupid move.  As such, Disney will both lose control and begin to pay a lot more money to the state of Florida in various types of taxes.  What is Disney going to do, Move.  I don't think so.  This is what happens when a company does not mind its own business and stick to the business of the family entertainment that made Disney a multi billion company.  People expect to see Mickey and Minnie; not Mickey holding hands with Joey.  This is not anti-Gay just true to the original concepts that made Disney a great company.  Time to get back to basics and stop all the woke BS to prevent the boycotts that are happening

Friday, February 10, 2023

The Pentagon Needs An Overhaul - The Top Brass Must Be Fired

It has been reported that the Pentagon waited 4 or 5 days to inform Joe Biden that the China Spy Balloon had breached our airspace over the Aleutian Islands and Alaska before it was over Canada and then traversed the entire United States until it was shot down off the shores of South Carolina.  What!!   If this is true, heads need to roll at the Pentagon.  The minute that spy balloon was spotted over the any part of the United States, the President of the United States should have been notified no matter what the time of day.  At that precise moment, the order should have been given to shoot it down whether over Alaska, the Pacific Ocean or Canada that is part of our North American Defenses.  

That China Spy Balloon should never have been allowed to gather information over our missile silos in Montana or other military bases all along the way until it was finally was shot down off shores of South Carolina.  From 60 miles up, that spy balloon could have gathered information on various military installations, cities including Washington DC, the power grid etc.  The information was immediately sent back to China to add to the database they already have collected on our military capabilities.  Feckless Joe Biden, once told after it was too late, left it to the Pentagon to decide when to shoot it down.  

The President is the Commander In Chief of the armed forces.  Biden should have given an immediate order to shoot it down the minute it entered our air space over Alaska or the Pacific Ocean.  Now the Pentagon claims that there were similar spy balloon flights when President Trump was in office.  All members of Trump's national security team, including Trump himself claimed if it was true, they were never information.  If the Pentagon withheld this information again heads must roll.  The top brass including incompetent, woke General Milley, in charge of the Joint Chiefs must either resign or be fired.  This is the guy who called his counterpart in China during the transition between Trump and Biden to tell him, if we were going to attack China, he would call to inform him of the pending attack.  Milley is a traitor who should be tried for treason.  

There is something rotten at the Pentagon just like what is happening at the woke FBI and DOJ.  The bureaucrats are going rogue.  The only way it will stop is for heads to roll.  Biden won't fire anyone, which is why President Trump must be reelected to drain the swamp.  Everyday, there is a new revelation of incompetence and corruption in DC.  This recent China Spy Balloon travesty is just another example.  

Friday, February 3, 2023

China Spying On Various Countries

China's so called "weather balloon" hovering over the United States is the size of three buses.  It traveled over Japan, Alaska and came down over Canada and is now over the United States.  Apparently, there is a similar ballon traveling over Latin America.  These are not weather balloons.  They are sophisticated spying surveillance balloons.  It is no coincidence that the one over the United States at 60 miles up was able to gather intelligence on our nuclear missile installations below.  What is astounding is that feckless Joe Biden has not given our woke military the order to shoot it down, which should have happened the moment it was over either our, or our allies airspace.  

This balloon could have been armed with nuclear weapons to implement an explosion high up in the atmosphere to take down our entire Grid.  China may be doing a practice run in anticipation of knocking out our nuclear capabilities not to mention shutting down our entire economy, which would be just as devastating as a nuclear war.  It is becoming clear that the bribes paid to the Biden Crime family by China are paying off for China.  Why on earth would Joe Biden not order that this balloon be shot down if not for the bribes the Biden's have accepted from China. 

President Trump and many other Republicans have called for shooting down this balloon.  It is over a sparsely populated region of the country so debri from the explosion is not likely to fall on any populated areas.  China is testing our resolve and so far Biden has shown his continued Weakness.  We all need to fear for our country because we are being led by a moron.   We may be headed toward nuclear war.  China is figuring out how to actually win a nuclear war with our country.  Using a weapon to take down our entire Grid would make it impossible for us to respond.  This is about who will strike first when China invades Taiwan in the next few years.  This weaponized balloon is just a practice run for what is coming.  And, Joe Biden is just too crooked, senile and stupid to understand the game China is playing.  God help us all.   

75 Years Of Warmongers & The Military Industrial Complex

Since the end of World War II, the United States has been at war someplace in the world one way or another for the past 75 years fighting to save "democracy" from evil empires.  The reality is that all these wars in the name of protecting our people have really been to defend American dominance and economic interests around the world.  In that sense, our people also benefited.  So otherwise, what have we learned.  President Eisenhower, in his farewell address warned of the threat of the Military Industrial Complex that benefits from these wars.  The only reason the United States was able to preserve South Korea as an independent country in the Korean War was because President Eisenhower threatened China with nuclear weapons if they did not agree to a settlement.  The outcome today is that both North Korea and China along with other nations have nuclear weapons, the lesson they all learned from the experience.  

Obviously, Vietnam and Afghanistan turned into disasters for the United States because we did not use nuclear weapons to end those conflicts.  What other conclusion can there be.  Clearly, the use of overwhelming US conventional weapons did not result in winning those wars.  Russia is learning this lesson the hard way; though since they lost in Afghanistan as well, using conventional weapons fighting against a determined people, it should be no surprise.  President Trump is right, as usual.  If we don't reach a negotiated settlement with Russia and soon, they are likely to use tactical nuclear weapons rather than face a defeat in Ukraine.  Then what?

Once again, there are warmongers in the United States in the name of "fighting for democracy" who will cause World War III.  Some of them are suggesting that NATO should attack Russia and destroy its navy in the Black Sea to prevent the takeover of Ukraine by Russia as though Russia would not fight back with nuclear weapons. Are they crazy?  The West is as much responsible for this war in Ukraine as Russia.  After the fall of the old Soviet Union, instead of making peace with Russia, we expanded NATO right to its borders.  We should have invited Russia to join NATO to diminish the threat to them.  That is what needs to happen today to end the war in Ukraine.  

Just imagine if Russia or China had their troops in Mexico armed with nuclear weapons.  We almost had Armageddon when Russia attempted to put nuclear weapons in Cuba.  If Mexico was allied with Russia or China allowing them to base troops and nuclear weapons across our border, I suspect the United States would invade Mexico.  We may need to do so anyway to destroy the drug cartels and stop the invasion of our country.  

And, are we really going to defend Taiwan if China invades.  It will lead to nuclear war.  We have made an invasion of Taiwan even more certain by correctly denying China sophisticated computer chips.  Taiwan Semiconductor, the largest producer of sophisticated semiconductors in the world that is building a huge plant outside Phoenix in anticipation of what is coming, is the real reason that China will invade Taiwan.  China needs this technology.  Though it does make sense to stop China from getting these chips, since they power everything, China will take action to make sure they remain a world power.  It is inevitable.  

We are in the ten year periods before World War I and II, yet those in power cannot see the nuclear train coming.  Conventional wars don't matter anymore because they cannot be won.  We were able to win World War II because the United States was the "arsenal of democracy" unscathed from the war and able to outproduce our enemies in military equipment.  That is not possible today with hypersonic missiles that could destroy our industrial capacity in minutes.  One of the reasons for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan was the embargo that we imposed on Japan of strategic materials like oil because of their aggressive actions in Asia.  

While we may have been right to do it, countries react when they feel aggrieved.  Further, we used nuclear weapons to defeat Japan because we determined that they would not surrender.  If the West continues on the same path, we will end up in a nuclear war with Russia and or China sooner than later that no country can win.  Unfortunately, we have not learned the lessons of history.  Our actions whether supplying Ukraine with weapons or denying China computer chips will result in counter actions.  History is being repeated before our eyes with apparently no one trying to stop it.   

Thursday, February 2, 2023

RINO Trump Haters Running For President - Not

It is humorous to watch RINOS on Fake News CNN or MSDNC, both with horrible ratings,  predict that President Trump will not be the Republican nominee for President.  Apparently, they have not seen the huge rallies Trump commands wherever and whenever he does them.  To those making the prediction, jump into the race now and see what happens in the early primaries.  They will suffer the same fate as Liz Cheney who lost her race in Wyoming by double digits.  What these RINOS do not understand is that whether Trump is the nominee or not, the nominee will be an America First MAGA Republican because that is the base of the Republican Party today.  

The Romney Wing of Establishment Country Club Republicans with ties to Wall Street were over in 2016, when Trump was elected the first time.  These same characters with Trump Derangement Syndrome have no chance of making a come back today.  Trump beat back about 12 initial candidates in 2015 - 16 because they split the primary vote, which allowed Trump to capture 30% or more of the vote in each of the states to give him the nomination.  If five or six of them dare to enter the race for 2024, the same thing is likely to happen again.  

Nobody but Trump can rally the base of the party.  And, as Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who has already endorsed Trump has said, there are no Trump policies without Trump.  So for those Republicans who say they support Trump policies, but don't like Trump, they better get the message because it is true.  Only President Trump can achieve the things he achieved because of his irascible personality.   

The only one who can come close to beating Trump in the primaries is Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida who might be able to give President Trump a run for his money; but only if it quickly becomes a two man race.  My guess is that President Trump will win the nomination in 2023 - 24 and he will chose Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina as his running mate.  Scott happens to be Black, which could win Trump some Black votes; but more important he is brilliant, has a wonderful story and is a great speaker on the stump.  And, by the way, Tim Scott may run for President, which really means he is running for Vice President.  

If Trump is elected to a second term, no doubt some of the former members of the Trump Administration will be back like Mike Pompeo and Ben Carson.  Mike Pence is not likely to return.  That ship has sailed.  Trump could tap Ron DeSantis for a high level job; but DeSantis would be smart to stay clear and just keep doing a great job in Florida.  Trump will only be able to serve one more term, making him a lame duck, which means the race for 2028 will begin immediately.  In anycase, RINO Trump Haters like bald Larry Hogan, the former Governor of Maryland don't stand a chance of getting the Republican nomination for President.  It is not going to happen.  They offend the base of the Republican Party every time they attack President Trump, which would make it impossible for them to win the nomination.  

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Illegal Aliens In New York City Complain About Housing & Food

It is costing the people of New York City $55,000 a year to house and feed each illegal alien in their city.  Recently, the city attempted to move single men living in a hotel to a Cruise Ship Terminal set up as a shelter to make room for illegal aliens with families in the hotel.  If you can imagine these young men in our country illegally protested the move and refused to go complaining that they "deserved" better housing and food.  We have reached completely stupid in our country.  Any of these illegal alien men who complained should be put on an airplane and sent back to their own countries. 

Feckless Joe Biden has opened our border to millions of illegal aliens with no end in sight.  It is right that some border state Governors like Abbott of Texas and now even Hobbs of Arizona the newly elected Socialist are busing illegal aliens out of their states.  Abbott has also recently appointed a State of Texas Border Czar to deal with the the crisis at the border, since Biden will do nothing to secure the border.  Texas is also completing the border wall at their taxpayer's expense.  

New York City is dealing with about 46,000 out of the 5 million that have crossed the border since Biden took office.  The Mayor of New York City claims that they are overwhelmed.  Tell that to the people that live all along the border in Texas and Arizona that have been dealing with this invasion of our country for years. 

Joe Biden should be impeached for his failure to secure the border and his Crime Family corruption.  It is pretty obvious that Biden has violated his oath of office and that there are grounds for impeachment.  Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas must also be impeached.  This big mouth clown is clearly incompetent and has also violated his oath of office to enforce our immigration laws.  The illegal aliens in New York City complaining about their accommodations and food is the last straw.  The American people have had it.  These criminals must be deported immediately.  

Monday, January 30, 2023

The War In Ukraine - US Running Out of Weapons

Feckless Joe Biden has approved providing Ukraine with American tanks.  Tanks made in Germany  sitting in various countries are also going to Ukraine.  Russia will destroy those tanks by air as soon as they cross the border into Ukraine, guaranteed.  While Russia sees tanks coming into Ukraine as an escalation of the war by the West, they will have little impact on the war.  Tanks are sitting ducks relatively easy to take out from the air or by hand held bazookas.  Ask the Russians that lost hundreds of their tanks in Ukraine.  

Aside from the billions of dollars we are providing Ukraine in weapons and humanitarian aid, the US is running out of weapons since we are using our stockpiles to get them weapons quickly.  There was an approved order that was supposed to go to Taiwan from three years ago that has not yet been delivered.  The Military Industrial Complex cannot keep up with weapons orders not to mention the shortage of computer chips.  It will take five years or more to replace the weapons we and our allies have provided Ukraine.  Even if we wanted to, we certainly are not positioned to defend Taiwan from attack by China.  Hell, we are not prepared to defend our own country other than using nuclear weapons, which might be our only option. 

The fact is that the longer the war goes on in Ukraine, the more likely that the Russians will use tactical nuclear weapons to end the war because they too are running out of weapons.  As of now Ukraine has not advanced much to push the Russians out of Ukraine.  It is estimated that both sides may have lost more than 100,000 soldiers each not to mention civilians in just one year of war  To put this in perspective, we lost 58,000 soldiers during the 8 year war in Vietnam and about 4,000 soldiers during the 20 year war in Afghanistan.  

Russia cannot allow this to go on much longer.  They will use conventional weapons to destroy all of Ukraine.  And, if that does not result in surrender, they will be forced to use tactical nuclear weapons.  If that happens all bets are off.  War hawks in our country are pushing NATO to attack Russia and destroy their navy based in the Black Sea.  This would result in World War III that would not last long because nuclear missiles would start flying.  While we certainly can destroy all of Russia, European capitals would be devastated and so would American cities. Somebody with a sound mind, and that is not Joe Biden, better stop all of this as soon.  

President Trump is urging negotiations with Russia.  It is the only way to stop the insanity.  We should invite Russia to join NATO in exchange for exiting Ukraine.  It is the only way to get peace in the region.  And, it is the best way to counter China, our real enemy.  Of course, the warmongers in the DC Swamp need Russia as an enemy to line their pockets.   So, don't expect any new thinking.  

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Cops Commit Brutal Murder In Memphis - Justice Will Be Done

5 Black Cops in Memphis murdered a 29 year old Black man in the course of a wreckless driving pursuit.  Ironically, these Cops were part of an "Elite" group called Scorpion (the acronym for the group) that was formed a few years ago to deal with the high murder rate in Memphis.  The video tells the story.  In their attempt to arrest this man, they basically beat the hell out of him including kicking him in the head, spraying him with pepper spray, tasering him etc.   This happened within 200 yards of his mother's home, where he lived.  The man was heard screaming for his Mom while they were beating him up to death.  

This scene looked like a pack of wolves, street gang mercilessly attacking this poor guy.  Given the video evidence, the Black, female Memphis Chief of Police did not waste a minute.  Regardless of police union restrictions, she immediately fired all five of them and began an investigation of two others that were called to the scene.  They waited 20 minutes before they called 911 to get the man to the hospital where he died of this beating three days later.  This story is heartbreaking.  And, as the insistence of community leaders, the Chief disbanded the Scorpions, the elite group she created just a few years ago to deal with murders in the city, which may or may not prove to be a good idea. 

What occurred is unimaginable.  The Cops are trained not to shoot an unarmed man; but presumably to use other means to restrain someone; but this brutal beating showed 5 Cops completely out of control.  This was a Black on Black crime so at least there is no talk of racism; but the obvious police brutality will lead to more calls to Defund the Police, which is the exact wrong outcome from this horrible incident.  Once again,  all police departments must scrutinize their training so that Cops know how to deal with someone resisting arrest, armed and unarmed. Just maybe Cops should be armed with stun guns, the kind that are often used for animals to put them to sleep so they can be taken away.  It is basically a dart gun filled with a strong sedative.  If that type of gun had been used, the man murdered would be alive today.  

This blatant murder in Memphis should never have happened.   The 5 Cops will be charged with Second Degree murder and are likely to spend most of their lives in jail.  This crime will impact six families, including the family of the man murdered the worst; but also the Cops families.  Unless there is something very wrong with the guys hired to be Cops, they certainly did not wake up that morning with the intent to murder someone, yet that is what happened.  Justice must be done; but it is justice that will impact more than just the five Cops that committed the crime.  Let's just hope protests remain peaceful so even more people don't die or get injured as a result of this horrible murder.  

Friday, January 27, 2023

Republicans Reward Failure - The Republican National Committee & The Turtle

Given Joe Biden's miserable Presidency, 2022 should have been a Red Wave election for Republicans.  Instead, it turned into a Red Trickle with Republicans barely taking over the House.  There are two people to blame for the failure.  RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Mitt Romney's niece and the Turtle Republican forever Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  McDaniel was in charge of the Republican National Committee and did a lousy job dealing with ballot harvesting and making sure that Republican voted early.  And, Deep State Swamp Lizard Mitch McConnell refused to put forth an agenda to attract Republicans and Independent voters.  

Instead these two failures allowed Joe Biden and the other Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) to run on abortion and the January 6th riot.  To their credit, they used these issues to bludgeon MAGA Republicans who had no response to combat their attacks.  McConnell failed to back various MAGA Republicans supported by President Trump, which was intentional.  McConnell hates Trump and the feeling is mutual.  McDaniel failed to adjust to corrupt election laws in many states.  

One would think that both would have been voted down as leaders of the Republican Party.  But oh no!  McConnell was re-elected as Senate Minority Leader by Republicans in the Senate.  And McDaniel was just re-elected as Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.  Why do Republicans keep rewarding failure.  I for one will not give a dime to the RNC, or any PAC headed by McConnell.  The only good news in all of this is that so far pushed by the Freedom Caucus in the House,  Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy hit the ground running and appears to be doing a good job.  Oh well, we can only hope for better days in 2024, but I would not count on it with losers Ronna McDaniel and Mitch McConnell are in leadership.  

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Bidenista Definition Of White People - Racial & Sexual Politics

The Biden Administration as part of its woke agenda is redefining what it means to be a White person as they continue to play divisive Racial and Sexual Politics.  Apparently, only people of European descent can be White.  So there must be new categories for Middle Eastern many of whom are White.  For example is Turkey part of the Middle East or Europe.  There are White people born in lots of countries including Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. besides Europe.  Jews who are a semitic people many of whom lived in the Middle East for centuries are White; though some from Africa may be Black. Sephardic Jews may have olive complexions.  Arabs are also a semitic people and the cousins of Jews who vary in color.  Remember, Abraham is the father of both peoples. 

And, then there are people of mixed race like none other than Barack Obama and Quemala Harris.  Maybe there should be a category that says mixed race to accommodate multiracial people.  It would probably apply to half the people in the world.  As a Sicilian Italian with Greek, Roman, Arab, Spanish, Austrian and Jewish roots, what am I.  Biden is claiming that real White people descended from Europe somehow have a different world view and experience than other races and even White people who were long gone from Europe and born in other countries for generations.  And, then there are Mestizos, the mixture of Europeans, Latin American and or North American Indians.  Mestizo in Spanish means mixed race and it the basis for the country named Mexico.  Ironically, Mexicans would probably check the box Hispanic on a federal form, when in fact many of them with darker skins and indian features descend for Aztecs.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) seek to divide our country by race and sexual orientation as they play both Racial and Sexual Politics.  Instead of one people under God, which should be the goal to unite our country, they choose to categorize us by various races and sexual orientations that don't believe in God.  It is this very kind of tribalism that leads to civil wars in other parts of the world.  When asked to check a box related to race or sexual orientation, there should be a box that says, "None of Your Damn Business".  Don't check the box.  When God was asked by Moses on Mount Sinai who he was, Yahweh, the Hebrew word for God said all you need to know is that "I AM".  All government needs to know is that "We Are".  

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Math Declared Racist & Anti LGBTQIA - Stupid

Some woke Professors have now declared the teaching of Math as Racist and Anti LGBTQIA.  We can't make this stuff up because it is just too stupid.  Math education is the foundation of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) programs happening in many high schools around the country.  These programs are our only hope for competing with China and other countries.  Politicizing Math is ridiculous and we must not allow it to happen.  Math is all about correct answers even though the "New Math" seems to have deemphasized the need for accuracy.  In the New Math kids often get credit for wrong answers, which is really dumb.  

Of all the subjects in school, Math properly taught should be completely color blind and have absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation.  It is true that after about 6th grade for some reason boys tend to do better in Math than girls; but maybe it is just inclination.  Though there are many girls today going to engineering schools for university so this may be changing.  

We have got to stop all this nonsense.  Wokeness in education is out of control.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  It is time to focus, focus, focus on the basics and cut the crap to make sure that kids graduate from high school with reading and math competency and if not going to university a path toward vocational education.  This failure is the best case for School Choice to get kids out of failing public schools.  There is nothing wrong with becoming a plumber, electrician or carpenter said this Blogger as I pay Roto Rooter $476 an hour to clean out my exterior drains. 

Back to Math.  We need kids studying higher level Math to go into science, engineering and technology.  It does not matter if they are boys or girls or some sexual orientation that is different.  It is time for the powers that be to call out the Professors making this case as crazy.  2 plus 2 still equals 4 in the real world.  That is all that matters.