Wednesday, February 15, 2023

AT&T DIRECTTV - Go Woke Go Broke

AT&T subsidiary DIRECTTV decided to cancel OAN and NewsMax from it cable channels presumably because they are conservative networks.  The reaction was swift.  This blogger was just then choosing a new provider for landline, Internet and cable and I immediately ceased discussions with AT&T.  So they lost the $250 a month I would have paid them for their services, which only goes up every year.  NewMax is the fourth largest cable station on TV with 13 million viewers.  Many of these viewers are now cancelling AT&T and DIRECTTV since they cannot access OAN and NewMax on TV.  A boycott is occurring.  The end result is that AT&T stock lost $10 billion in value since DIRECTTV cancelled OAN and NewsMax. 

Hello AT&T.  The lesson once again for Corporations is Go Woke Go Broke only in this case, it is also their shareholders impacted by bad management decisions.  The same thing happened to Disney.  Another telling tale is that DIRECTTV also does not carry EWTN, the Catholic station.  Gosh,  I wonder if that is because the Catholic Church is pro-life opposed to abortion on demand and further is opposed to Gay Marriage.  Clearly, those positions are a litmus test for Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) and their supporters in the Deep State Swamp including large woke corporations.

Where is AT&T's Board of Directors.  It is their job to make certain that the value of AT&T stock remains high.  Of course, Board Members are usually selected by woke Senior Managers who buy them off with nice retainers and perks so they keep their mouths shut.  It is time for a class action lawsuit against the Senior Management of AT&T and their Board of Directors for destroying AT&T share price in violation of their fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders.  This is probably the only way to get the message across to corporations that they should stay clear of the culture wars.  The same lawsuit should be filed against Disney Senior Management and their Board for actions negatively impacting their share price.  The situation at Disney is so bad that they recently announced the lay off of 7,000 employees.  AT & T will be next.  Clearly offending half the country is never good for business.  

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