Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Walt Disney Company - Go Woke Go Broke

The Walt Disney Company has announced that they are laying off 7,000 people because presumably revenues though still tremendous by any measure are not where they need to be to sustain their expense line.  The fact is that Disney has lost its way.  This company has made a fatal error.  Rather than staying clear of all the culture wars in our country,  Disney has sided with radical left Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination in their movies, cartoons and at their theme parks.  Half of the people living in America are not buying what they are selling.  

Why would someone who disagrees with this woke ideology pay outrageous prices to support Disney when there are so many other entertainment options that are not offensive   Companies can support diversity without being crazy about it.  Offending half the potential customers in the country is just plain dumb.  Disney's Board of Directors needs to protect the interest of shareholders by demanding that Disney management adhere to American family values.  They are supposed to be in the family entertainment business.  Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave seeing how Disney has devolved into woke ideology.  It is bad for business.  Go Woke and Go Broke.  

Governor DeSantis in Florida is taking back management of the city that Disney has controlled since its inception.  DeSantis has done this as punishment because Disney strayed into woke politics, a really stupid move.  As such, Disney will both lose control and begin to pay a lot more money to the state of Florida in various types of taxes.  What is Disney going to do, Move.  I don't think so.  This is what happens when a company does not mind its own business and stick to the business of the family entertainment that made Disney a multi billion company.  People expect to see Mickey and Minnie; not Mickey holding hands with Joey.  This is not anti-Gay just true to the original concepts that made Disney a great company.  Time to get back to basics and stop all the woke BS to prevent the boycotts that are happening

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