Wednesday, February 15, 2023

All Murders Are Evil Hate Crimes

Once again, we recently had a mass shooting this time at a university in Michigan.  A 43 year old Black Man with a criminal history entered the campus with a pistol, not an assault rifle that he purchased legally; but was unlicensed to conceal carry and murdered three people and wounded five others who are in critical condition.  Within in minutes of this evil crime, campus, local, county and state police converged on the scene to hunt him down and stop the carnage.  In addition, FBI in the area showed up.  

This was not a federally defined "Hate Crime".  Apparently, "Hate" crimes of murder can only be committed by a White man or presumably woman if he or she murders people of color or a Muslim or a Jew.  I don't think Christians qualify in the definition of a "Hate Crime" unless the people murdered are people of color.  Since Hate Crimes are federally defined, the FBI and the Justice Department always get involved under federal jurisdiction.  

First, given the FBI over reach that we have seen in recent times, the FBI should only be involved in local crimes if some aspect of crossing a state line is involved in the crime.  An example could be either a kidnapping when the kidnapper takes the victim across a state line, and or if a murderer crosses a state line to escape capture.  Otherwise local and state law enforcement are fully capable of handling local crimes.  But let's get back to the definition of a "Hate Crime".

All murders are evil hate crimes no matter the color of the murderer or those murdered.  In the case in Michigan, the murderer who killed himself afterwards was Black.  He murdered two Whites and one Black person.  I am not sure what races the other five were that were wounded; but it does not matter.  All of these people bled red blood.  All of their families are similarly grieving.  Murder is certainly not committed out of love.  Murder is the devil's hand in action.  The devil thrives on Hate.  All murders are by their very nature evil "Hate Crimes".  This federal designation is just an excuse to involve the FBI in local crimes that is not necessary or warranted.   The FBI should be focused on dealing with drug lords, real Terrorists, cyber criminals etc not every murder that happens anywhere in the country.  

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