Friday, February 10, 2023

The Pentagon Needs An Overhaul - The Top Brass Must Be Fired

It has been reported that the Pentagon waited 4 or 5 days to inform Joe Biden that the China Spy Balloon had breached our airspace over the Aleutian Islands and Alaska before it was over Canada and then traversed the entire United States until it was shot down off the shores of South Carolina.  What!!   If this is true, heads need to roll at the Pentagon.  The minute that spy balloon was spotted over the any part of the United States, the President of the United States should have been notified no matter what the time of day.  At that precise moment, the order should have been given to shoot it down whether over Alaska, the Pacific Ocean or Canada that is part of our North American Defenses.  

That China Spy Balloon should never have been allowed to gather information over our missile silos in Montana or other military bases all along the way until it was finally was shot down off shores of South Carolina.  From 60 miles up, that spy balloon could have gathered information on various military installations, cities including Washington DC, the power grid etc.  The information was immediately sent back to China to add to the database they already have collected on our military capabilities.  Feckless Joe Biden, once told after it was too late, left it to the Pentagon to decide when to shoot it down.  

The President is the Commander In Chief of the armed forces.  Biden should have given an immediate order to shoot it down the minute it entered our air space over Alaska or the Pacific Ocean.  Now the Pentagon claims that there were similar spy balloon flights when President Trump was in office.  All members of Trump's national security team, including Trump himself claimed if it was true, they were never information.  If the Pentagon withheld this information again heads must roll.  The top brass including incompetent, woke General Milley, in charge of the Joint Chiefs must either resign or be fired.  This is the guy who called his counterpart in China during the transition between Trump and Biden to tell him, if we were going to attack China, he would call to inform him of the pending attack.  Milley is a traitor who should be tried for treason.  

There is something rotten at the Pentagon just like what is happening at the woke FBI and DOJ.  The bureaucrats are going rogue.  The only way it will stop is for heads to roll.  Biden won't fire anyone, which is why President Trump must be reelected to drain the swamp.  Everyday, there is a new revelation of incompetence and corruption in DC.  This recent China Spy Balloon travesty is just another example.  

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