Thursday, February 2, 2023

RINO Trump Haters Running For President - Not

It is humorous to watch RINOS on Fake News CNN or MSDNC, both with horrible ratings,  predict that President Trump will not be the Republican nominee for President.  Apparently, they have not seen the huge rallies Trump commands wherever and whenever he does them.  To those making the prediction, jump into the race now and see what happens in the early primaries.  They will suffer the same fate as Liz Cheney who lost her race in Wyoming by double digits.  What these RINOS do not understand is that whether Trump is the nominee or not, the nominee will be an America First MAGA Republican because that is the base of the Republican Party today.  

The Romney Wing of Establishment Country Club Republicans with ties to Wall Street were over in 2016, when Trump was elected the first time.  These same characters with Trump Derangement Syndrome have no chance of making a come back today.  Trump beat back about 12 initial candidates in 2015 - 16 because they split the primary vote, which allowed Trump to capture 30% or more of the vote in each of the states to give him the nomination.  If five or six of them dare to enter the race for 2024, the same thing is likely to happen again.  

Nobody but Trump can rally the base of the party.  And, as Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who has already endorsed Trump has said, there are no Trump policies without Trump.  So for those Republicans who say they support Trump policies, but don't like Trump, they better get the message because it is true.  Only President Trump can achieve the things he achieved because of his irascible personality.   

The only one who can come close to beating Trump in the primaries is Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida who might be able to give President Trump a run for his money; but only if it quickly becomes a two man race.  My guess is that President Trump will win the nomination in 2023 - 24 and he will chose Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina as his running mate.  Scott happens to be Black, which could win Trump some Black votes; but more important he is brilliant, has a wonderful story and is a great speaker on the stump.  And, by the way, Tim Scott may run for President, which really means he is running for Vice President.  

If Trump is elected to a second term, no doubt some of the former members of the Trump Administration will be back like Mike Pompeo and Ben Carson.  Mike Pence is not likely to return.  That ship has sailed.  Trump could tap Ron DeSantis for a high level job; but DeSantis would be smart to stay clear and just keep doing a great job in Florida.  Trump will only be able to serve one more term, making him a lame duck, which means the race for 2028 will begin immediately.  In anycase, RINO Trump Haters like bald Larry Hogan, the former Governor of Maryland don't stand a chance of getting the Republican nomination for President.  It is not going to happen.  They offend the base of the Republican Party every time they attack President Trump, which would make it impossible for them to win the nomination.  

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