Saturday, February 25, 2023

World War III Has Already Begun

The US announced that we are basing 100 - 200 troops in Taiwan.  China will see that as an act of war and pretext for invading Taiwan.  Shortly, China will announce that they are providing Russia, their ally, with lethal weapons for use in Ukraine.  Putin is already talking the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine because of all the weapons systems we are providing Ukraine.  This is all spinning out of control.  Feckless Joe Biden is incapable of bringing us back from the brink.  

Both Russia and China see the United States are their enemy.  We keep doing things to prove them right.  When the Soviet Union fell apart, there was some hope that Russia could be incorporated into Europe.  Instead of making Russia part of the EU and NATO, we brought NATO with offensive weapons right up to their borders.  Given their history, no wonder they feel threatened. 

China is a whole different story.  China has not only been incorporated into the global economy.  They now control it as a real threat to the Western democracies  China is our big problem not Russia.  But we have pushed these countries to ally against the West.  This is not good. 

Just maybe the leaders in Britain, France and Germany will intervene to stop this insanity.  They should be holding direct talks with Putin to see what deal could be made.  Somebody has to take us back from the brink.  It will not be feckless Joe Biden or the warmongers in Washington DC.  

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