Friday, February 24, 2023

US Basing 100 - 200 Troops In Taiwan - The Way We Got Into Vietnam

Just imagine if China sent the Red Army to Mexico to prevent the US from invading to crush the Drug Cartels.   First, we would invoke the Monroe Doctrine to stop it from happening.  And, if it did happen anyway, the United States would invade Mexico.  We almost had Armageddon when Russia tried to take over Cuba. So, now we are sending 100 - 200 Troops based in Taiwan for training purposes.  China sees Taiwan as a province of their country.  It would be like China basing troops in New Mexico one of our states.

What the hell are we doing.  If we want to provide training to troops from Taiwan, they should be going to Guam, a US territory nearby, or any place in the US.  We absolutely should not be basing US troops on Taiwan.  China will see this as a declaration of war.  

I know, I know, we want to prevent China from attacking Taiwan; but this action will guarantee an invasion.  Feckless Joe Biden should never have approved sending troops to Taiwan.   Sell them weapons.  Train their forces.  Deploy our Navy in the strait between China and Taiwan.  Work with our allies in Asia to show a united front against invasion; but for God sakes, don't force China to invade.  Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.  Stupid is as stupid does to quote Forest Gump.  This is how Vietnam began and we know the ugly end to that story.  58,000 US Soldiers killed.  

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