Sunday, February 19, 2023

One Million Got Away Illegal Alien Criminals Invaded Our Country

Since Joe Biden took office about 5,000,000 illegal aliens have invaded our country more than at any time in our country's history.  4,000,000 of them were instructed by the Narco Terrorist Cartels in Mexico who helped them get here to ask for Asylum.  So they turned themselves in to Border Patrol to get that go free card.  They are now all over our country presumably awaiting a court date years from now to determine if their Asylum claims are valid.  Few of them will show up in court because they know they would be denied Asylum.  Instead, they will just remain in our country illegally in Sanctuary Blue States protected from deportation.  

All of that is bad enough; but there were 1,000,000 Illegal Alien Got Aways that never were apprehended by the Border Patrol.  They had no interest in the go free card process because no doubt they were criminals in their countries and are drug runners for the Cartels.  Bidenistas claim that 85% of the Fentanyl entering our country in apprehended at Ports of Entry as "Americans" attempt to smuggle drugs in their cars or truck crossing the border.  The assumption being that 15% escapes detection and gets through at the border crossing.  Of course all of this is BS.  

Thousands of those Got Away's are carrying Fentanyl and other drugs in their backpacks enough to kill every man, woman and child of any color or sexual orientation in our country.  They work for the Cartels and are their drug runners moving freely throughout the United States poisoning our people.  If nothing else we need to secure our border to stop all the drugs that are coming into our country.

The chemicals needed to make Fentanyl are produced in China and shipped to Mexico where manufacturing occurs in drug safe houses.  China is already at war with the United States and killing more people in our country every year than we lost in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan combined.  We must stop those chemicals from entering Mexico by whatever intervention is needed and that would include at Mexico's points of entry.  Next, since the Cartels own the Mexican government, we must use our military to shut down the Cartels once and for all.  

The Cartels control our Southern border.  That has to stop no matter what measures we must take to make it stop.  If Mexico will not cooperate all goods coming into the United States from Mexico must stop, which will dramatically impact their economy.  It is time for hard ball.  Of course, feckless Joe Biden owned by China will do nothing to secure our border.  Congress must act.  

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