Tuesday, February 21, 2023

California - Fiscal Basket Case

Though California has among the highest tax rates in the country with 1% of taxpayers paying about 50% of all income and capital gains taxes, Governor Gavin Gruesome is projecting a $22 billion deficit in 2023 and it will probably be higher.  500,000 people left California in the last year which cost the state a Congressional seat.  Most important the people who leave California are the taxpayers.  Those left behind are people that pay no income taxes and are often on the dole one way or another.  Rather than cut spending and stop all the crazy entitlements, the Socialist controlled State Legislature will likely raise taxes even higher, which will cause even more people to leave the state.  

California is a Sanctuary State that provides illegal aliens all sort of entitlements including free health care and college tuition among other benefits.  This is probably the reason there are more than 3 million illegal aliens living in California crowding schools, hospitals and jails.  The city of San Francisco is seriously considering paying Reparations to its Black Residents.  Where that money would come from is a mystery.  California is La La Land.  It used to be the most beautiful state in the country before its big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego were turned into gigantic trash heaps filled with thousands of homeless people who camp out on their sidewalks. 

These big cities are No Go Zones because of lousy public schools, grid lock, crime and gang warfare fighting over drug turf.  California went Green so it has the highest cost of living in the country.  Food costs and Utility bills are outrageous.  Gas is two dollars a gallon higher than many states.  Housing prices are still extreme because of land use controls and regulations on building new construction. 

The Golden State is no more, which is why thousands of people are leaving every year to go to Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida and other states that offer a higher quality of life at a lower cost of living and lower taxes.   Socialist Fascists (AKA) Democrats led by feckless Joe Biden want to turn the whole country into California.  To that we must all stand up and say HELL NO.  

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