Sunday, February 19, 2023

China Has Already Won The War With The West -The Real Threat To Democracy

When President Richard Nixon first went to China in 1972, the globalists cheered because they wanted access to China's markets.  The thinking was if only we could sell one aspirin a day to a billion Chinese, it would be great for business and create jobs in the US.  Of course, that was when aspirins were actually made in the US or Europe.  The globalists promoted unrestricted free trade with China while they restricted trade with the West and manipulated their currency to make production in China cheaper than in the West.  The thinking was that eventually once China was part of the "international community", they would surely become a Democracy and give up repressive Communism.

Boy did we get played.  This blogger does not blame the Communist Chinese for acting in the best interest of their country.  China has always played the long game, while globalists were only concerned about their profits and bonuses on a quarterly basis.  It was always China First for them as they demanded technology and intellectual property from Western companies as the cost of doing business in China.  What they did not get for free, they stole through cyber theft.  It is no coincidence that their military hardware looks a whole lot like Western military hardware.  And, we have further let them buy technology that has ended up in their military hardware including that spy balloon we recently shot down off South Carolina. 

So where are we today.  China now has a 17 trillion dollar Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the second largest in the world after the US GDP of 23 trillion dollars.  China controls the supply chain related to many, many critical products, minerals and materials as Western companies closed down factories and shipped millions of jobs to China to get lower labor cost.  Tough US technology is superior for now, China now has the largest navy in the world. Though the US has more nuclear weapons for now, China actually has more ballistic missiles ready for their nuclear arsenal as they reach parity with the West in the next few years.  When that happens, we can expect China to attack Taiwan.  

Finally, China holds more than a trillion dollars of our our $31 Trillion National Debt.  You can bet when the day comes that we cannot repay that debt, that they will ask for Alaska as payment.  In addition, China owns hundreds of US and European companies including having a major stake in General Motors.  Remember, we lost $9 billion bailing out GM when Obama screwed the shareholders of GM.  GM filed bankrupcy anyway and laid off 30,000 employees in the US.  GM now has far more employees in China than in the US making cars there that they export to the US and Europe.  

China is using fentanyl to kill thousands of our people every year without firing a shot.  We are currently losing more people annually to drug overdoses than our combined losses in all wars fought since World War II.  China does not need to invade our country to kill our people.  They are using drugs to do the job very efficiently.   

The globalists in our country and establishment politicians of both political parties did all of this to America.  It was President Donald Trump, the outsider, that finally stood up to China by imposing tariffs on trade many of which Biden has eliminated.  We can and should be using tariffs on goods coming in from China to rebuild industries in the US and create millions of jobs.  We must bring the supply chain for critical products, minerals and materials home.  It is a National Security issue.  In the process, we can use the monies earned from tariffs to pay off our National Debt and fund entitlements that are headed toward bankrupcy.  

Unless the United States, Europe, Japan and other democracies act quickly, China will in fact win the war to become the dominant country in the world.  China will replace the dollar as the Reserve currency of the world with the Chinese Won.  If that happens, the US will march to the orders of the Chinese Communists.  Wake up America.  First, we must re-elect Donald Trump to a second term to have any hope of reversing what is happening with China.  And, we must elect an America First Congress to support Trump.  If these things do not happen, better learn Chinese because all will be lost.  

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