Friday, February 3, 2023

China Spying On Various Countries

China's so called "weather balloon" hovering over the United States is the size of three buses.  It traveled over Japan, Alaska and came down over Canada and is now over the United States.  Apparently, there is a similar ballon traveling over Latin America.  These are not weather balloons.  They are sophisticated spying surveillance balloons.  It is no coincidence that the one over the United States at 60 miles up was able to gather intelligence on our nuclear missile installations below.  What is astounding is that feckless Joe Biden has not given our woke military the order to shoot it down, which should have happened the moment it was over either our, or our allies airspace.  

This balloon could have been armed with nuclear weapons to implement an explosion high up in the atmosphere to take down our entire Grid.  China may be doing a practice run in anticipation of knocking out our nuclear capabilities not to mention shutting down our entire economy, which would be just as devastating as a nuclear war.  It is becoming clear that the bribes paid to the Biden Crime family by China are paying off for China.  Why on earth would Joe Biden not order that this balloon be shot down if not for the bribes the Biden's have accepted from China. 

President Trump and many other Republicans have called for shooting down this balloon.  It is over a sparsely populated region of the country so debri from the explosion is not likely to fall on any populated areas.  China is testing our resolve and so far Biden has shown his continued Weakness.  We all need to fear for our country because we are being led by a moron.   We may be headed toward nuclear war.  China is figuring out how to actually win a nuclear war with our country.  Using a weapon to take down our entire Grid would make it impossible for us to respond.  This is about who will strike first when China invades Taiwan in the next few years.  This weaponized balloon is just a practice run for what is coming.  And, Joe Biden is just too crooked, senile and stupid to understand the game China is playing.  God help us all.   

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  1. So we have now 2 years of a massive hostile invasion at our southern and northern borders, 3 years of deaths, mangled injuries, shutdowns and economic destruction resulting from invasion by 2 categories of bioweapons (the original Chinese/American-made bioweapon attack + its corresponding coerced fake vaccine), daily threats and enactments of conquest of our country by international self-organized fascist dictatorship organizations, and a fake criminal "President" and his cartel of supporters and controllers who are participating fully in these acts of war against our country – rather than defending our country and indicting our attackers.

    Where are our brave and patriotic military, ex-military and independent men? When will they take initiative to organize, step in and take action to put an end to our victimization? Will the possible huge court victories, if they even come through, be enough to stem the tide of war and destruction? Is it STILL time to push things through the courts?? THE HOUR IS LATE, THE WOLVES ARE LICKING THEIR CHOPS, AND WHERE ARE OUR MEN????? GOD HELP US.