Saturday, February 28, 2015

Obama Regulating The Internet

Obamanistas, appointed to the Federal Communications Commission by Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama, voted to regulate the Internet in a 3 to 2 vote.   The remaining Republicans on the FCC voted NO.  Following the orders of their leader, Obama, these Obamanistas implemented old style logic, emanating from the 1930's, that was used to regulate Ma Bell, the telephone company.   What they are attempting to do is turn the Internet into a Public Utility.  This will lead to higher prices and poor service for the American People.  What they have done is a national disaster for the American people worse than Katrina since it will impactc everyone and everything.

The Internet is not broken.  There is no need to fix it by government intervention.  And, to be clear, whenever any bureaucrat, or elected official of either party uses the word "regulate" all should know that it is synonymous with the word "tax".   So what Obamanistas really intend to do over time is to tax the Internet, which will add to cost.   Look on your next phone bill and you will see all the taxes going to government.   The same sort of taxes will hit Internet bills in the future. 

But what could be even worse is that the Politically Correct Police at the FCC may also use their regulatory/tax powers to regulate Free Speech.  Blogs like National Freedom Forum and millions of others that criticize Socialists could be made silent with a click of the computer button by simply prohibiting hosting companies from facilitating Blogs that are not Politically Correct.   Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  It is already happening. 

Internet companies should sue in court to stop this usurpation of Obamanista power.   Republicans should use the power of the purse to stop funding the FCC.  The Internet is now integral to our way of life.   The last thing we need is government regulation of the Internet to limit our freedoms.      

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Christian Genocide in Iraq, Syria and Northern Africa

The oldest Christian communities and churches in the world exist in Iraq, Syria and Northern Africa going back 2,000 years and predating Islam by 600 years.  Islamic Fascists in these regions are attempting to wipe out all traces of Christianity and Christian history.  These Terrorists are beheading, crucifying, burning alive and otherwise murdering Christians and or turning them into slaves.  This includes the murder of civilian Christian Men, Women and Children as these Terrorists also destroy churches that are hundreds of years old.  What we are seeing is Christian Genocide.  This is happening while Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and other Western leaders do absolutely nothing to stop this slaughter.  It is shameful. 

Obama will not even acknowledge that Christians are being targeted by these Islamic Fascists as bad as anything we saw with the NAZI's during World War II.  It is disgraceful and it may be happening because of Obama's Muslim, Communist and Socialist upbringing.  As a Secularist, it is pretty obvious that Obama just doesn't care about these heinous crimes against humanity.  Obama claims to be a Christian.  But, no Christian Commander in Chief, with the power to take action in the world, would allow this to continue.  Even the Pope is calling for action. 

Obama goes golfing while Christians are being beheaded.  It is time for the President to lead a real coalition that includes Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and NATO members with boots on the ground to destroy these Islamic Fascists, the same way an American President led the allies to defeat Fascism during World War II.   We are fighting a global war no different than the threat we faced in World War II.  Obama just does not understand the threat we face and or he is a coward simply incapable of doing his job.  It is a very sad day as we watch this Christian Genocide.      

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama - Enemy To Israel

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has proven over and over again that he in an enemy to our only real ally in the Middle East, Israel.  As Islamic Fascists are murdering Christians, Jews, other Muslims and anyone who stands in the way of them establishing a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond, Obama will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when he comes to America to speak to a joint session of Congress.   In addition, Obamanistas have openly criticized Netanyahu, who is only trying to protect Israel from nuclear annihilation.  This is happening at the same time that Obama will not refer to Islamic Terrorists as the threat they are to our country and our allies.  This is outrageous.  What ever happened to Never Again. 

Further, it looks like Obama is about to agree to a deal with Iran that will ultimately allow Iran, an Islamic Terrorist nation, to not only have nuclear weapons; but the missiles to deliver them.  Iran has been open about its intent to destroy Israel.  What we are seeing is the same appeasement we saw with Hitler during the 1930's and we know the end of that horrible story.  Obama is gutting our military in the face of Russian aggression in Europe. China is asserting itself in the South China Sea threatening our allies in Asia.  This is all happening as we face the growing Islamic Fascist threat to our national security.  

The New Testament describes Armageddon that will be fought in the hills of Megiddo in Israel.  Given all the things we see happening, it sure looks like this prophesy is coming to fruition.   We can only count the days until January 20, 2017 when Obama will be gone from office.  This Blogger has said many times that Obama is a clear and present danger to our country and now our allies and especially Israel, as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.   We can only hope that our next President, whoever he or she is understands the importance of a strong military and supporting our allies, in addition to fighting the global Islamic Fascist threat that we all face.  Let us just hope we have time before there is another catastrophic Terrorist attack somewhere in the world. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Democrat Socialists - Hard of Hearing & Thinking

The Democrat Socialist Party of America recently convened a meeting to commiserate over their election losses in 2014.  They hired high priced Consultants to tell them what they wanted to hear and that is that the American people actually support their Socialist Schemes and ideology and that it was just their messaging that caused them to lose control of the Congress, many state legislatures and Governors offices.  Of course in addition, they blamed the Koch Brothers, other Conservatives Groups and Fox News for all the defeats they suffered.  Oh My God, these Democrat Socialists are just plain hard of hearing and thinking.   Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has been on the campaign trail his entire Presidency trying to sell us his Socialist Schemes.   Obama even said in 2014 that while he was not on the ballot, all his policies were on the ballot. 

What these Democrat Socialists just don't seem to understand is that the 60% of us that cling to our guns, religion and family values are opposed to their tax, borrow and spend Socialist Schemes.   We support the environment, including clean air and water; but we also understand that people need jobs.  We are for an all of the above Energy Policy, that includes oil, oil shale, natural gas, coal, nuclear and renewables that would make the United States Energy Independent.  We want to see research and development to make all energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper to enhance the standard of living for all Americans.  We also support a strong national defense to protect and preserve our country.   We are not afraid to called Islamic Fascists the Terrorists that they are. 

We care about the poor; but we know that all the Socialists Schemes since the New Deal and the Trillions of our hard earned money we have spent trying to eliminate poverty have failed.  So, it is time for things like Workfare instead of Welfare and School Choice to get poor kids out of failing public schools to break the cycle of poverty.  We want all Americans to have health care; but we know that ObamaCare is a train wreck that must be repealed and replaced.   We support Equal Rights for everyone, including the Grandmother in Washington, who owns a flower shop and is being prosecuted by their state Attorney General because her Christian religious beliefs prevented her from doing the flowers for a Gay wedding.  The state Attorney General is out to destroy this Grandmother for faithfully practicing her religion.  Hopefully, this case will go all the way to the Supreme Court and freedom will prevail.    

Obama won reelection twice by dividing our nation, practicing class warfare, attracting radical environmentalists, Gays, feminists, minorities, union members, college students and Americans on the dole by telling them that life for them will end if a Republican President was elected.  Of course, none of this was true.  We all know that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Obama did many of these things to win reelection.  However,  many of these groups are worse off today that when George W Bush was President.  Obama won; but they have lost.  And, Socialists can only fool some of the people for some of the time.  Eventually, the truth always prevails. 

Most important, 60% of the American people rejected Obama and his Socialist Schemes and ideology in the 2014 elections.  We love the United States as it was designed by our Founding Fathers.  We are not interested in Obama's plans to "transform" our country into a big government Socialist nation.   It really is as simple as that.  Democrat Socialists did not get the message if they really think otherwise.   

Monday, February 23, 2015

Academy Award Hypocrisy - Getting Really Old

Every year, during the Academy Awards and other Glitterati Award Ceremonies, the American people who are viewing for the entertainment, are subjected to Politically Correct, Left Wing Propaganda and overall BS.  This year at the Academy Awards, the rich and famous told us that Women, Gays, Blacks, Mexicans and Illegal Immigrants, in particular, are still facing incredible discrimination and persecution in the land of the free.  One would think they were living in Iraq or Syria.  It is not as though Women can't vote, or they must wear Birkas, Gays are struggling to make a living, we don't have a Black President and Mexicans are not successful in business and in government.  This is like a sequel of Back to the Future.  Many of those things may have been true 50 or more years ago, but they are just not true today. 

Let's deal with the facts.  There are more women graduating from our colleges and universities than men.  During the fiscal meltdown, it was men most impacted by losing their jobs, which is true in every recession.  And, it is a fallacy that women make less than men.  Women may take time off to have children, which takes them some time to catch up; but for the most part, women make the same or in some cases more than men.  Gays in the United States actually are better educated than the typical American and on average earn more money; so much for discrimination.  We have elected our first Black President twice.  And, there are many successful Mexicans in business and government.  In fact, the guys who won the most academy awards for their film, were Mexicans.  This is all very good and represents real progress. 

American Sniper, won only one academy award for Sound, even though it grossed $300 million to date, which was as much as the other seven nominees for best picture combined.   Gosh, I wonder if American Sniper was panned first because it was about the Iraq war and second because it was produced by Clint Eastwood, a Conservative Republican.  Go figure.   It really doesn't matter, the American people voted with their ticket dollars as to the best picture. 

In any case, these rich and famous left wing Glitterati need to get off their soap box.  They need to put their money where their big mouths are.  It is true that they have nothing in common with the 60% of us that cling to our religion, guns and family values, which are the majority of the people in the United States that just elected a Republican Congress, Governors and State Legislatures.  If they want to make a difference, the Glitterati need to stop talking to themselves and donate more of their money to Charities to help the poor.  Why not fund tuition for poor kids to go to private schools.  These Hollywood types are free to pay higher taxes any time they want, by simply sending in more of their money to state and federal governments.  

And, by the way, it would be good if these Hollywood types were better role models by laying off drugs and having children after marriage, instead of illegitimately.  Frankly, being lectured by self absorbed, self abscessed, rich, left wing Hollywood types, with poor morals and values, is getting really old.  Besides, we don't watch the Academy Awards to hear left wing propaganda that simply is not true.  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Obama Fighting Islamic Fascists With Twitter - Ridiculous

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama, who will not refer to Islamic Fascists as what they are, is now focused on fighting these Islamic radicals that are brutally murdering Christians, Jews, Muslims and anyone else that stands in their way, with Twitter.  In this case, Obamanistas believe that 140 words, sent hundreds of times, are mightier than the Sword.  What a bunch of baloney.   And then, there was the ridiculous comment coming out of the US State Department that the way to defeat these Islamic Fascists was with a Jobs Programs.   We have millions of Americans in the United States that can't find jobs and they want to create a Jobs Programs for these Islamic Fanatics.  Honestly, these Socialist Obamanistas must be on drugs, or they are just plan stupid. 

Hello - Islamic Fascists are being well paid to take over Iraq, Syria and other countries.  They have a job; murdering anyone who stands in their way.  Just today, US Homeland Security  announced the potential attack on the Mall of the Americas in Minneapolis, which for some reason seems to be a strong hold for Islamic Radicals in the United States.  So what is Obama doing about all of this.  Of course, this is being used an an excuse to push the Senate to fund Obama's unconstitutional Executive Amnesty, which was included in the Homeland Security budget.  To be clear, if the deadline to fund Homeland Security is not met, 30,000 Homeland Security employees out of 240,000 will be furloughed; not big deal.  Most of Homeland Security funding is on automatic pilot.  In any case, Obama just held a Love In Conference in Washington DC to discuss the roots of Violent Extremism, rather than Islamic Fascist Extremism.  And then, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report detailing the potential for Right Wing American attacks on government.  The timing on all of this is very suspicious.  

It is true that Conservatives do not support Obama's Socialist Big Government Tax and Spend Schemes, designed to transform our nation, but even though most of us have guns, they are for hunting, or to protect us from potential criminals, not to use on government, unless government turns completely dictatorial.  Besides, most violence we see in America comes from the Left not the Right.  Conservatives, the Right Wing of the Republican Party, proved in the last election that our votes were more powerful than weapons to elect more Conservatives at the local, state and federal levels.   Obamanistas make the point about so the called Right Wing, probably Christian, Extremists in the United States to say that Violent Extremism goes well beyond that the Islamic Threat that we face.  Really!!

All fine and dandy, except it was Islamic Fascists that blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11 that killed more than 3,000 people.  It is Islamic Fascists committing acts of Terror around the world.  It is Islamic Fascists that are beheading, crucifying and burning alive Christians, Jews and other Muslims.  It is Islamic Fascists that are murdering children and or kidnapping young girls and turning them into sex slaves.   So Mr. President, you can Twitter all you want denying the threat and the reality that we face from Islamic Fascists.  The American people see the truth and the threat for what it is, no matter what you say. 

Federal Judge Block's Obama's Executive Amnesty - Homeland Security Funding

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama said more than 20 times that he did not have the authority, under our Constitution, to issue Amnesty by Executive Order to millions of illegal aliens.  Obama was right.  Federal US District Judge Andrew Hanen, citing the President's own words, agreed with the President, when he issued an injunction to stop Obama's Executive Order Amnesty, allowing the case brought by 26 states to stop it by allowing it to go forward.  Of course, Obamanistas will appeal this order; but it is only common sense.   26 states have filed a lawsuit against Obama to stop his unconstitutional Executive Order.  No doubt, this case will go all the way to the Supreme Court for final resolution.  Until either the Supreme Court has ruled and or Congress has taken action to enact Immigration Reform, Obama should not be permitted to give legal status to more than 5 million illegal aliens. 

At the same time, Socialists in the US Senate are filibustering to get funding in Homeland Security to implement Obama's Executive Amnesty, even though a federal judge has said NO.   The Republican controlled House of Representatives has already exercised the Power of the Purse, by funding all operations of Homeland Security, except Obama's Executive Amnesty.   Socialists in the Senate must let this House bill come up for a vote.   But, even if they don't, critical Homeland Security functions are automatically funded so it is not the big deal that Socialists are making of it. 

If Homeland Security does not receive its regular funding by the deadline, when supposedly the Department runs out of money, it will be Obamanista's fault.  Naturally, the lame stream left wing media and their Socialist pals in government will blame Republicans for exercising their legitimate Power of the Purse to stop Obama's unconstitutional Executive Amnesty.   But, we all know that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  So, what Socialist say doesn't matter much.   Republicans should stick to their guns by saying Hell No to Obama's Executive Amnesty.        

Saturday, February 21, 2015

ObamaCare - Incorrect Tax Information Impacting About 1 Million Americans

Obamanistas and the state of California sent out incorrect tax information, in the case of the federal government on form 1095 - A, erroneously listing ObamaCare subsidy information that must be included when filing tax returns.  As a result, these Americans have been told not to file their tax returns until the information is corrected.  Of course, about 50,000 Americans have already filed incorrect returns to get their refunds, which means they will have to refile.  This is about one fifth of Americans receiving ObamaCare subsidies. 

The IRS has requested several billion dollars more in funding to hire 9,000 new IRS Gestapos to administer ObamaCare.   When is Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and his pals in Congress going to admit that ObamaCare is a train wreck impacting the American people.  In order to help the uninsured, Obama has negatively impacted all other Americans,, 275 million of us, that already had insurance.   And, supposedly, there were 40 million Americans that were going to jump at the chance to buy ObamaCare with subsidies.   Where are they??  To date about 11 million Americans have signed up; but most of them were already on Medicaid anyway.  Some number of those buying ObamaCare were already buying medical insurance in the private market.   So there may be about 5 million Americans actually benefiting from ObamaCare, out of the 40 million that were supposed to be uninsured. 

It was insanity to impact all Americans, involving the IRS Gestapo, in the our health care decisions.   The vast majority of Americans oppose ObamaCare.  Republicans in Congress must continue to act to repeal and replace ObamaCare with common sense health care reform that deals with the uninsured and leave the rest of us alone.   We don't want the federal government controlling health care, which represents one sixth of the US economy.  We oppose a bigger and more corrupt IRS that targets Conservatives and various religious groups.  ObamaCare must be relegated to ash heap of Socialist history and the sooner the better. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rudy Guiliani's Criticism Of Obama - Valid

In a recent speech to a Republican group, former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani said that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama does not love America, or the American people.  Of course, the left wing lame stream media and their Socialist pals went berserk.  Guiliani went on to say that Obama was influenced by his Muslim upbringing along with Communist and Socialist teachings.   Guilani has questioned how Obama could belong to a church for 17 years when the minister frequently said God Damn America, instead of God Bless America. 

Guilani used as his evidence all the things we have seen since Obama has been in office.  There was Obama's Apology Tour to the Middle East when Obama blamed America for all the evil in the world.   Obama saying that America was just one nation among others; not the most exceptional country in human history.  Guiliani cited Obama's refusal to refer to ISIS and Al Queda as Islamic Terrorists, instead calling them just Extremists as though Islam is playing no part in what we are seeing around the world.  In addition, when Americans are murdered by these Islamic Fascists, Obama goes out golfing and or on a campaign trip, which besides being horrible optics would seem to be in complete disregard for the feelings of the American people.  And then, there was Obama's latest reference to the Crusades, trying to create some moral equivalency between what happened then when both Muslims and Christians fought a holy war against each other and what is happening now in the Middle East. 

Socialists are calling for Republican Presidential Candidates to disavow Guiliani's comments.  This Blogger doesn't know why any Republican would disavow anything that Guiliani has said when in fact when I am with my Conservative Republican Friends, I hear the very same things said that Rudy Guiliani said publicly.   Obviously, about 60% of Americans can't stand this President, not because he is half Black; but because he is a Socialist and the most left wing President in American history.   We see Obama as a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced. 

Obama is not an old style Democrat; but rather a big government, tax and spend Socialist who hates Free Market Capitalism and practices Class Warfare at every turn.  Obama uses every oppotunity to divide our people and our nation.  The Islamic Terrorist Threat that we face is getting in the way of Obama's goal to transform America into a Socialist nation.  But, what Obama has done anyway is have his Gestapos at the Justice Department, EPA, NSA and IRS target those they see as their "enemies", presumably Conservatives that oppose their Socialist Schemes.  Rudy Guiliani just said what 60% of Americans believe and that is that Pinocchio Veto Obama is not acting to protect the best interest of the United States, or the American people.  So, what's the big deal.  It is what it is.    

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Clinton Foundation - The Family Business

Hillary Clinton recently told us that the Clinton's were "dead broke" when they left the White House.  It is true that they had millions in unpaid legal fees to pay spent defending Bill Clinton related to all of his sexual shenanigans; though about a million dollars was covered by a State Farm umbrella policy.   However, they did have Bill's Presidential Pension, which at the time was probably the $400,000 a year he was making; which of course is chicken feed for the Clinton's.  And, then there were the book advances that came, which might have made a few monthly payments.  In addition, once Bill hit the speaking circuit paying him $200,000 or more per speech, that should have been enough to live on for most people; but not the Clinton's.   As Bill Clinton is famous for saying, he had to go out and support his family. 

But none of this was enough to pay for the big houses, private jets and Chelsea's million dollar Hollywood wedding.  So, the Clinton's established the Clinton Foundation as the family business.  To be fair, they have used most of the money donated to buy influence on various good causes; but in the process,  they made sure that Bubba and now Chelsea were paid very good salaries and quite a bit more than what the President of the United States earns. In addition, all their First Class expenses and private jets traveling around the world were also covered.   In fact, it was recently reported that Chelsea Clinton, their daughter, who now officially runs the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation earns about $600,000 a year, plus expenses.  After all the Clinton Foundation is a non profit.  They have to spend all the money that is donated.  Why not, a 30 something year old girl has got to live in the manner in which she is accustomed to living. 

And, since Hilly is no longer Secretary of State and she is in between runs, the Clinton Foundation is once again accepting donations from foreign governments.  After all, their money is as good as anybody else's buying influence, given that Hilly may end up being President of the United States.  These countries are buying influence while they can.  Most important, the Clinton Foundation is the family business.  This is reminiscent of Evita Peron, wife of Juan Peron, the Dictator of Argentina doing the 50's, who used the Evita Foundation to buy and sell influence and her jewels and furs when the Dictator was in power. 

In any case, don't Cry for the Clinton's, they have gone from being "dead broke" to being multi millionaires.  Matter of fact, Bubba may be the richest ex-President since Franklin Roosevelt.   You can bet Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is watching closely.  After all, Veto has two daughters to support once he leaves office.  Yet, Hilly says she can relate to the Middle Class.  As Marie Antoinette, wife of King Louie once said before they cut off her head during the French Revolution, "Let Them Eat Cake"

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Private Sector Unions Turning on Democrat/Socialists

Private Sector Unions have finally figured out that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and his pals in government are bad for business and their jobs.  Obama has vowed to Veto the building of the Keystone Pipeline that would create more than 40,000 jobs, many that would have been held by union members.   Remember it is a big pipe and there is the Pipe Fitters Union.  Obamanistas at the EPA have been busy killing good Private Sector union jobs in the Oil, Coal and the Lumber industries, to name just a few.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Republicans and Conservatives in particular to forge an alliance with Private Sector Unions.  In addition, the Cadillac Tax in ObamaCare that penalizes union members for having too rich a medical insurance program, that they fought decades to get, is a thorn in their side.  The Republican controlled Congress should repeal the Cadillac Tax that is in ObamaCare.  Further, the Republicans should also revise the 30 hour work week rule in ObamaCare to make it 40 hours, which the Private Sector Unions also favor.  Republicans should push these changes to ObamaCare through and dare Obama to Veto these popular measures with Private Sector unions. 

This Blogger has no problem with Private Sector unions because the free market will take care of their excessive demands.   If they demand too much in total compensation and benefits, they will push their jobs overseas, so there is a counter weight to unreasonable demands.  The same cannot be said for Public Sector Unions that dominate government, which is a monopoly.   Even Socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt was against Public Sector union as incompatible with the common good.  Government just continues to grow union jobs, with employees being paid about 40% more in total compensation and benefits that is common in the private sector for like work, even though it is pushing the United States into bankruptcy.  

Government does not function like the free market.  There is no check on Public Sector union excessive demands, at tax payer expense, which is why they must be contained with limited collective bargaining rights.  What we have now is a corrupt system where Public Sector unions support Socialists running for office, who in turn fund their over paid compensation and benefits.   It is corruption without limits.   

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

US State Department - Jobs Program For ISIS

Oh my God, Valley Girl, dizzy blond, 30 something, Marie Harf, a state Department Spokeswoman said the best way to deal with ISIS, that is brutally murdering Christians, Jews, Muslims and anyone that stands in their way of creating a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond is to establish a "Jobs Program" in these Middle Eastern countries.  Can these Obamanistas be so stupid and ignorant of the history that is driving these people.  Islam, while Mohamed was alive, was spread by the sword.  These Islamic Fascists adhere to the literal interpretation of the Koran that calls for beheading the "infidels" basically all of us that do not believe in fanatical Islam.   That is their job.  Selling felafel's on a street corner is not going to deter them from their mission.    

Valley Girl Harf really needs to take a few history and theology courses.  When these Islamic fanatics recently beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, first they did so in the name of Allah, their God and second they said their goal it to attack Rome, the seat of the Vatican and the world's billion or more Catholics.  They would murder the Pope given the opportunity, as the most visible symbol of Christianity in the world; yet Obamanistas won't even mention the fact that it was Christians who were murdered on that beach in Libya.     

We are dealing with an evil ideology and a war for the soul of Islam.  Either moderate Muslims, that want to live in peace in this century, will win that war, or these Islamic Fascists will destroy them to establish a Caliphate that takes them back to the time of Mohamed.  If that happens, women in the Middle East, Northern Africa and beyond, like this dizzy blond at the State Department, will be subjugated into burkas.  Honestly, this Blogger is amazed at the lack of understanding among Obamanistas related to the threat that we face.  Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama said of this fight that it is like a big city Mayor in the US dealing with crime.  That statement is about as dumb as it gets. 

We are facing a global war in which Islamic Fascist Terrorists can and will strike to murder Jews and others.  It is only a matter of time before we see another 9/11 somewhere in the world.  Wake Up Obamanistas and smell the Islamic Fascist Terrorists.  See the evil that we face.  These Islamic Terrorists are real and no Progressive Socialist Jobs Program will deter them.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Egypt Strikes ISIS In Libya - Arab Justice

After Islamic Fascists in Libya beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, working in Libya, the Egyptian government led by President El Sissi ordered Egyptian air strikes that killed 64 Terrorists, presumably involved in these murders, destroying their training camp and weapons.  Bravo, Mr. President.  Like in the case of the Jordanian pilot who was burned to death by this Islamic fanatics, Egyptian Arab justice was swift and warranted.  The good news is that the legitimate government of Libya assisted in directing these air strikes.  Libya is on Egypt's border and therefore, the Terrorist threat from Libya to Egypt is real. 

In the video showing these gruesome beheadings,  Islamic Fascists stated that their goal was to attack Rome, home to the Vatican and the Pope, as a symbol of all Christianity, around the world.   There is no doubt that the Pope's life is at risk, like never before, when Pope Francis travels.  Sadly, to protect the Pope, his direct access to worshipers will have to be more restricted in the future because these Islamic Fascists would like nothing better than to murder the Pope as a symbol of Christianity.   That can't be allowed to happen.

In any case, there is opportunity in these Terrorist acts and tragic murders.  Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama must bring together a real coalition of the willing to destroy ISIS and that means boots on the ground by all concerned in Iraq and in Syria.  It may take 100,000 soldiers, led by perhaps 10,000 Americans, to provide logistical, tactical and air support.   It is time to enlist moderate Arab countries and members of NATO in this fight because the threat to all of them is real.

How many more hostages must die before Obama acts as the leader of the free world first calling out Islamic Fascism as our enemy.  They are not just Extremists or Terrorists, they are Islamic Radicals killing in the name of Allah.  However, this evil has nothing to do with God.  These murderers are doing the devil's work.  We are fighting an evil ideology that must be destroyed.  The sooner a real coalition of the willing is formed the better.      

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Terrorism In Denmark

In another case of Terrorism, this time in Denmark, an Islamic Radical, killed two people and wounded five police officers in his attack on a meeting of people discussing Free Speech and in a Jewish Temple.  Whether the gunman, who was ultimately killed by the police, was a lone wolf, or directed by Al Queda or ISIS does not matter.  What we are seeing is a pattern of Terror by Islamic Radicals around the world attempting to create fear by murdering innocent people. 

In this case, aside from targeting Jews, which is nothing new, the target was a cartoonist who depicted Mohamed as a dog.  Unfortunately, the right to freedom of speech can result in odious, irreverent and even hateful speech that must be protected if the rest of us are able to say what we want about anything and anyone.  On the other hand, is it really necessary for someone to portray Mohamed as a dog.   Of course, this does not justify this attack by a Terrorist, or the murders that resulted; but recognizing that both Jews and Muslims, following one of God's Commandments, do not believe in any depiction of God, or the prophets, why do some irreverent Westerners act so blatantly to poke the bear.  It is pretty dumb and serves no purpose. 

That said, if it is not clear by now, Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama must lead, as only the US can do, to bring together a real coalition of the willing to defeat these Islamic Fascists, where ever they exist in the world.  The brutal murders we are seeing all over the world cannot be allowed to continue.  ISIS, that recently attacked an Iraqi military base, where 300 Americans were stationed, must be destroyed.  What other choice do we have.  The Middle East is on fire.   We must work with Israel and other more moderate Arab countries and our NATO allies to fight and destroy ISIS, Al Queda and any other radical Islamic groups that threaten our freedom.  This is a battle of ideologies no different than the fight against the NAZI's or Communists that we have to win. 

We have to stop their funding to buy weapons and make it clear to those that support these Islamic Fascist Terrorists that they too are an enemy to the United States subject to actions against them.   We cannot allow these regular Terrorist attacks, in various countries, to become the Norm.   Every Terrorist act, anywhere in the world, should result in a counter attack that strikes back hard and quickly on those that are supporting, or directing Terrorism.   Again, what other choice do we have.        

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Time For A Constitutional Convention

It is very clear that Washington DC and the Federal Government are broken.   Politicians of both parties have added to our $18 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight, but never more than under Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama.   Obama has added more to the National Debt than all other 43 Presidents before him combined; yet he still proposes higher taxes, more Entitlements and even more Debt.   The United States is headed toward bankruptcy, fiscal calamity and the potential for resultant civil strife on our streets.   Members of Congress, often in office for life, have proven that they cannot control spending.

This is the reason that many Republicans, including Tom Coburn, John Kasich, Sarah Palin and Bobby Gindahl and others are now pushing for a Constitutional Convention to enact a Balanced Budget Amendment because it will never be done by Congress, no matter which political party is in control.  And, while we are at it, we need to see a Constitutional Amendment that requires Term Limits for members of Congress to end the corruption we see when politicians are in office for life. 

Two thirds of the states, or 33 state legislatures, would have to petition Congress to call a Constitutional Convention.  Once done, presumably each state would send Delegates to draft Amendments to the Constitution.  In order for those Amendments to be added to the Constitution, 3/4th's of the state legislatures would have to ratify each Amendment in order for the Amendment to become law.   Some fear that opening this door would lead to all sorts of crazy Amendments; but given that it would require 3/4's of the states, or 38 states, to approve whatever is drafted,  it is highly unlikely that anything radical would be enacted into law. 

The Founders anticipated a federal government our of control, which is why they added this recourse in the Constitution.  The people, through their state legislatures, have an opportunity to say no to higher and higher taxes and greater and greater borrowing and spending that is bankrupting our country.  We are reaching a tipping point.  It is clear that Washington politicians care more about being reelected, so that they can continue feeding at the trough, than the national interests.  It is time for the people to rise up, through their state legislatures, to save our nation.  This Blogger supports a Constitutional Convention as the only way to get our fiscal house in order and to help end the corruption that we see in Washington DC.     

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hate Crimes - Politically Correct Nonsense

Craig Stephen Hicks, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, apparently murdered three Muslim students over a neighborhood parking dispute.  Now, the FBI is investigating to see if this was a "Hate Crime" because the three people killed happened to be Muslims.  The FBI does not seem to have time or resources to investigate all the Obama Scandals; but they do have time and resources to see if this terrible crime qualifies as a Hate Crime.   The reality is that the notion of a "Hate Crime" is politically correct nonsense. 

This Blogger has served on a Home Owners Association Board and though we never had anyone murder another resident, I can say that neighborhood disputes related to parking and all sorts of other issues often came pretty close to violence.  People get very emotional when they are personally impacted.  In this particular case, Hicks who had a history of disputes with several neighbors over parking and other issues,  just went berserk and killed these kids.  Hicks committed murder and should pay for his crime; but it is highly doubtful that religion had anything to do with it, since Hicks was an atheist.  But even if the fact that these kids were Muslims contributed to these murders, as Hillary Clinton once said, "What difference does it make".   Hicks committed premeditated murder over a parking dispute that set him off.  Does it really matter if there was malice in his heart. 

Murder is murder.  If Hicks had killed three white Christians, or Atheist men, under the age of 40, which means they would not be a protected class, it could not be called a "Hate Crime" under any circumstances.  Hate Crimes are apparently reserved for protected classes, Minorities, Gays, Jews or Muslims, and Women all of any age or color, which would require federal involvement in the investigation and prosecution.  Somehow their lives are more important than the lives of others not deemed to be a protected class.  Premeditated murder of anyone, by its very nature, is a "Hate Crime".   Hicks hated these kids because they parked in his space.  If found guilty, Hicks will be eligible for the death penalty.  So, if this is designated a "Hate Crime" does that mean he should get a more painful death penalty.   This is all ridiculous.   

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Iran & Obama's War Powers

What a surprise.  The US government recently confirmed that Iran has been supplying Islamic Fascist Terrorist Groups, all over the Middle East and North Africa, with weapons.  Gosh, tell us something we did not all know.  Obviously, Iran supports Hamas and Hezbollah in their quest to destroy Israel and the Syrian regime in its fight with ISIS and other Sunni Muslims.  Iran is behind the Shia's that just took over Yemen.  Finally, Iran will soon have nuclear weapons because of Obama's feckless and reckless foreign policy.  But, let's go further.  Which countries are supplying Al Queda and ISIS with weapons.  Could it be Saudi Arabia and Qatar that are threatened by Iran's influence in the Middle East. 

In any case, now Obama has put a resolution before Congress, if approved, that would give him War Powers to go after ISIS; but only for three years and with all sorts of goofy limits.  It is pretty dumb to give away our game plan in writing no less.  Hopefully, the Republican controlled Congress will vote to give Obama War Powers, without many restrictions, to defeat ISIS and Al Queda.  Mr. President, We Are At WAR with Islamic Fascists around the world, that if given the opportunity would set off a dirty nuclear bomb in any one of our big cities.   And, given the terrorist attacks we have seen in many countries, it is a World War. 

The United States must lead a coalition to not only degrade, or contain, but destroy ISIS and Al Queda.  What other choice do we have.  Obama claims that there are already 60 countries in this coalition.  Really?  Where are they and who are they.  How many of them are willing to put boots on the ground?  And, what about Turkey, a supposed NATO Ally that will not even allow the US to use bases there as staging areas.  Further, Turkey is believed to be the conduit for black market oil sold by ISIS for billions of dollars to fund operations in Iraq and Syria.  Like anything else, follow the money to see the real story. 

These Islamic Fascists are brutally murdering innocent people of all faiths, including other Muslims.  ISIS and Al Queda are a threat to our freedoms as bad as the Nazi's or Communists.  Yet, Obama will not meet with Israel's Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu while he is in Washington DC in March to speak to joint session of Congress.  Go figure.  It is about time for Obama to call it like it is rather than dance around the threat we face.  We must defeat this Islamic Fascist ideology and help moderate Muslims maintain control of their countries in the Middle East and around the world.  Again, what other choice do we have.   

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

American Sniper & The Middle East Quagmire

This Blogger recently saw American Sniper, the tragic story of hero Chris Kyle, thought to be the most effective Sniper of the Iraq War, who killed many of the enemy to protect American Soldiers.  Kyle, who served four tours of duty was later murdered by a deranged Veteran, on trial just now, that Kyle was trying to help deal with war related stress issues.  How sad and ironic that Kyle, who survived Iraq and some of the most brutal fighting of the war, was killed by an American Veteran.  This really is the story of an American hero; but it also shows the Middle East Quagmire that we face. 

Many of those same cities in Iraq that cost so much American blood and treasure to pacify are now in the hands of ISIS, the Islamic Fascists that are brutally murdering innocent people of all faiths, in their quest to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East.  The fighting in the Middle East is between Sunni and Shia's Muslims, but also between presumably moderate and fanatic Muslims.  The United States and our Allies are caught in between tribal disputes that go back centuries.  And, if these battles could be confined to the Middle East, without impact on the rest of the world, we could tell them all to go pound sand; but that is just not the case.

These Islamic Fascists not only want to destroy Israel, they want to conquer all the countries of the Middle East and beyond to establish a Caliphate that would be a direct threat to our freedoms and way of life.  This threat is as bad as anything we faced with the Nazi's or Communists.  Obama's comparison that this is like a big city Mayor in the US dealing with crime is absurd and about as dumb a statement possible. While making the US completely Energy Independent would at least cushion our nation from some of the craziness happening in the Middle East, it will not help many of our allies that are dependent on Middle East oil.  And, aside from the Energy issue, the terrorism that is happening all over the world, will not stop as long as these Islamic Fascists are alive.

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is asking for renewed war powers to deal with ISIS and Al Queda, which should be broad enough to allow the President to do whatever is necessary to defeat these Islamic Fascists.  However, at the end of the day, the army on the ground in Iraq and Syria must come from Iraq, Jordon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other Arab countries, since they are most immediately threatened by these Fascists.  Most important, we must arm the Kurds directly, since they have been most effective to date in fighting ISIS in Northern Iraq.  The United States should provide logistical support, special operations on the ground and air support to get the job done; but ultimately if Turkey and Arab countries don't act to defend themselves, defeating radical Islamic Fascists will not happen.  The best we can do alone is to kill them where ever we find them.    

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

School Choice - The Only Way To Improve Public Schools

In the past 30 years, monies spent on public schools have increased dramatically, coinciding with the rise of teacher unions; yet student academic performance does not compare well with other industrialized countries that spend much less.  The reasons are both complex; but in many ways simple.  About half the money spent on public education is going to support layers of bureaucracy at the local, state and federal levels, so that these additional monies never make it into the classroom.  Teacher unions and tenure have made it nearly impossible to fire bad teachers. And, political correctness has negatively impacted curriculum's, discipline and allocation of monies.  However, to be fair, the number of kids, particularly in our inner cities, coming from dysfunctional families, often with no Dad in the home, has increased dramatically.  It is true that public schools cannot control societal factors that impact the kids in their charge.      

That said, as a former inner city public school teacher and as someone who supports our public schools, I know that improving public schools, is not about more money.  It is instead about how the money public schools already get is spent.  Inner city schools, in particular, get Title I money that is often wasted.  I know, I was there and saw the waste.  Kids in those Title I schools get free breakfast and lunch and assuming Food Stamp (SNAP) money is actually used to buy food, no kid should be coming to school hungry.  The problem is that not enough money is getting to the classroom because of all the highly paid bureaucrats that waste a lot of time shuffling papers to each other to meet local, state and federal reporting requirements that do nothing to actually improve our public schools.  And, Common Core, the federalization of our public schools, the latest attempt at improving our public schools, is a waste of time, energy and financial resources. 

The ratios are all wrong.  Certainly, no more than 20% of monies spent on public schools should be going to support local, state and federal bureaucrats to allow more money to actually get to the classroom.  Additional monies could be used to build new classrooms where needed, maintain current schools and build new ones.   In addition, if lowering class size actually does provide some benefit, which is debatable, then additional teachers could be hired to do so.  However, without the ability to fire bad teachers, class size really does not matter.  Again, I know because I saw all of this with my own eyes during the six years I spent teaching in the inner city in Los Angeles.  Getting better academic results requires discipline, a common sense curriculum and great teachers.   That is the simple secret of success and it does not cost any more money; though great teachers should receive merit pay from the monies that are already spent.  

This Blogger is convinced that none of the things that need to happen to improve public education will happen without competition, which is why School Choice must become the law of the land, particularly for poor kids in failing public schools.  The money spent on public education should follow the kid so that poor parents too have the option of pulling their kids out of a failing public school.   We have to move from public education being a jobs program, run by highly paid bureaucrats and the teacher unions to recognize what is best for children.   Keeping poor kids in failing public schools, often held prisoner by lousy teachers that should be fired, is just plain criminal.  School Choice would provide competition for the public schools, which will force reform for them to survive.  The call for more money, down a rat hole, just to feed the beast is not the answer.  Been there, done that for 30 or more years and it just does not work. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory

Vaccinations have recently become a political issue.  This Blogger is generally opposed to government intrusion into personal, or family life, however, when it comes to public health, parents who send their children to public or private Day Care Centers, Nursery Schools, Elementary, Middle or High School should be required to provide vaccination certificates for polio, measles, mumps and chicken pox.   These are highly infectious diseases that can spread like wild fire in a school.  No parent has the right to expose other children to these diseases.  This Blogger had the measles, mumps and chicken pox, presumably before these vaccinations existed.  I remember very high fevers and allot of pain and suffering.  Further, since then because I often travel to exotic places,  I have been vaccinated against every disease known to man with no side effects. 

Some children are subject to febrile seizures (both our sons) that can come when fevers spike.  I saw the convulsions that often accompany high fevers.   Risking infecting other children and potential seizures because some parents have the ill conceived idea that vaccinations can cause autism, which has been completely discredited by studies, is crazy.  There are a lot of parents in California and other states that refuse to have their children vaccinated.   If so, the law should require that they home school their kids and inform other parents, whose children might come in contact with their children, that they are not vaccinated. 

We are seeing an outbreak of measles in the US because of these parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated.  We have our first grand daughter, who will be vaccinated as soon as her pediatrician tells her parents that it is time.  In the mean time, since she is in Day Care in California, we have to worry about the other children in her Day Care Center;  not knowing if they have been vaccinated, or not.  Since California is la la land, there is a pretty good chance that some number of   kids in our grand daughter's Day Care Center, are not vaccinated.  We should not have to worry about infectious diseases that have been conquered.  We are not living in a third world county.  This is a problem that should not be happening in America.  State governments should act to make vaccinations mandatory for any kids attending any kind of public or private school.  This is just common sense. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Coyotes & US Banks - Smuggling Illegal Aliens Into America

In a recent Bloomberg Markets article, it has come to light that Coyotes, human smugglers, are using US Banks; more specifically Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase; though there may be others, to smuggle Illegal Aliens into the United States.  To be clear, this is a multi-billion dollar business as these Coyotes demand thousands of dollars for each Illegal Alien they transport into the US.  It is very simple system.  The Coyotes require that installment payments be deposited in their bank accounts, in progress payments, every step of the way.   Apparently, anyone can make a deposit into a bank account.  The Coyotes use these particular banks because they have branches all over the US. 

Relatives in the US, whether legally or illegally, are depositing the required sums of money into these bank accounts to get their Relatives in Mexico, or Latin America into the US.  The system, though tough on the Illegal Aliens while in transit, works very efficiently.  Billions of dollars are passing through these banks each year to facilitate the smuggling of Illegal Aliens into the United States.  In a sense, by not monitoring these accounts more closely, the banks mentioned and perhaps others are complicit in the Illegal Alien trade.  This Blogger has bank accounts at all three of these banks.  The next time I go the bank, I intend to confront the bank manager with this information, if nothing else to say, Shame On You. 

The Obama Justice Department under Liar Attorney General Eric Holder is doing little or nothing to stop this from happening.  Why doesn't Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama issue one of his famous Executive Orders requiring the banks to crack down on these accounts.  It is not happening because Obama is focused on providing Executive Amnesty, by Executive Order, to more than 5 million Illegal Aliens.  Even before Obama issued this Executive Order, Obamanistas have been giving legal status to millions of Illegal Aliens.  Obviously, Obamanistas and their Socialist Pals in government do not recognize our border with Mexico.  If they did, Socialists would secure the border once and for all. 

In the mean time, US banks must stop facilitating the Illegal Alien trade and business.  If you bank with one of these companies, the next time you go to the bank, express your displeasure by telling them in no uncertain terms that they are complicit in transporting Illegal Aliens into the United States, which is against the law.  I know, I intend to do so.      

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Corrupt IRS Is Hiring More People

The Commissioner of the Corrupt IRS, John Koskinen, recently went before the Senate Finance Committee to request more money for the IRS and specifically to ask for money to hire 9,000 more IRS agents to enforce ObamaCare.   In the meantime, from 2010 - 13, the IRS hired back 7,000 former employees; 824 of which had performance issues, which records show continue today and 141 of which failed to pay their own income taxes.  Why on earth would the IRS hire these people back into government service. 

This is the same Commissioner who lied to Congress concerning Director Lois Lerner's missing emails.  It was Lerner, who took the Fifth, rather than testify about her involvement with instructing IRS agents to target Conservative and Religious groups for additional scrutiny related to 501(c) 3 tax exempt status.  Obviously, Lerner took the Fifth not only to protect herself; but to protect others in the White House that were involved in the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal.  It is pretty obvious that somebody high up in the Socialist Party, either in Congress, or in the White House gave Lerner an "enemies list" to target.   There is supposed to be a Justice Department investigation going on; but of course, as long as Liar Attorney General Eric Holder is in charge and perhaps even his replacement, that investigation is going no where.  They are playing out the clock to protect somebody in the chain of command.  This could go all the way up to Obama and or those closest to him.     

The Republican led Congress should deny the IRS one more dime until various people at the IRS are Fired and Prosecuted for their actions in the IRS Scandal.  Just going on business as usual, growing another corrupt federal agency, is unacceptable.  This Blogger is still waiting for crooks at the Veterans Affairs Administration and the IRS to go to jail.   Yet, it will only happen when hell freezes over.  Let's face it, politicians and bureaucrats protect each other.  They all will do anything they can to stay in office, or jobs, feeding at the trough.   The IRS is being used by Obamanistas to target their perceived enemies.   The IRS should get not one more single dime until justice is done.  Republicans in Congress should starve the beast.  Don't hold your breath because it is not likely to happen as long as Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama remains in office.   This is the  most corrupt administration since Warren G Harding and the Tea Pot Dome Scandal.  Look it up to compare. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Islamic Fascist Atrocities - Time To Act

We have seen numerous Islamic Fascist atrocities in Iraq, Syria, North Africa and other countries including the recent burning alive of a Jordanian Air Force Pilot and the rape and murder of children.   Rather than call it like it is, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama compares what is happening today to the Crusades, a thousand years ago and the Inquisition 500 years ago when zealous Christians acted in the name of Jesus Christ.  That was wrong then; but his is now.   Obama bringing this into the mix now just provides propaganda to the Islamic Fascists, allowing them to recruit more fanatics that want to kill us. 

This President is a Moron; sorry folks, I used to say Smart, Stupid Man in an attempt to be kind.  We are facing World War III and a fight that is just as critical as defeating the Nazi's and or Communism that both were a threat to our freedom and way of life.  It is time for Obama to go to Congress and ask for a Declaration of War.   The enemy has declared WAR on us.  And, as much as Obama does not want to talk about it, or call it what it is, this is what we are facing.  And, it is global.  We are facing this threat around the world as evidenced by the murders that have happened in various Western countries.   Do we have to wait for another 9/11 to figure this out. 

It is Time To Act.  The President should call together the leaders of various countries for a summit in Washington to devise a concerted Strategy to defeat these Islamic Fascists that operate under various names and leaders in numerous countries.  Some things will be easy.  We must cut off their supply of money and weapons by whatever means necessary.  We must target their leaders to cut off the heads of the enemy.  And, when those in charge are dead and others emerge, we must immediately focus on their new leaders.  Whatever it takes, we make it impossible for these Islamic Fascists to wage war on us.  What other choice do we have.  If it means putting together a Coalition Army, Air Force and Navy, led by the United States, to destroy both ISIS and Al Queda in the Middle East and other countries, then it is time for Obama to put on his big boy pants and man up. 

Look, the American people are sick and tired of war.  This Blogger gets it.  But to ignore what is happening around the world, will only lead to more American deaths and another 9/11 that could be much worse in terms of deaths and impact on our economy.   We can't let that happen.  Obama must act to bring peace and stability to the world.      

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Official Unemployment Rate - A Big Lie

Jim Clifton, the CEO of Gallup, a respected organization that compiles all sorts of data, recently stated the 5.6% Official Unemployment Rate announced by the Obama Labor Department is a Big Lie.  Clifton concludes this because Americans out of work for more than 4 weeks are no longer counted.  Instead, Clifton says that there are 30 million Americans either out of work or severely underemployed.  This Blogger has been saying the same thing for two years.  It is only common sense.

How can we have almost 50 million Americans on Food Stamps and Welfare, up 20 million since Obama was first elected.   And, 10 million Americans collecting Disability Benefits, up 2 million, since Obama first took office and actually have a 5.6% unemployment rate.  The fact is that we have the lowest Labor Participation Rate at about 62% and the highest poverty rate both in three decades.   The Middle Class is earning less today in real terms than when Bush II was President.  Obamanistas and all their Socialist Schemes have made a mess of the economy.  The only reason the stock market is doing well is because American companies have laid off thousands of people cutting their cost and because there is no place else to put money to get any kind of return. 

The real unemployment rate, if all are counted, the unemployed, the under employed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether would be about 20% if Clifton's numbers are correct at 30 million impacted Americans.   This Blogger has said many times that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  American Socialists like Obama and his pals in Congress and the left wing media would absolutely manipulate numbers to make themselves look like their policies are succeeding.  However, the electorate knows better, which is why the Republicans took over the Congress.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, you can fool some of the people some of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.  We don't call Obama Pinocchio for nothing.   The number of people living in poverty tell the story. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Obama Seeks To Cut VET's Medical Choice Program

When the Veteran's Affairs Scandal surfaced demonstrating that VETS were getting poor service from the government's Veterans Medical System, Congress enacted the Veteran's Medical Choice Program, which allowed VETS to get private care at government expense, if they could not get care from the government system.   $10 Billion was allocated for this program and the bill was signed by Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama.  

Now, Obama is asking Congress to approve an 8% increase for the Veterans Affairs Administration, for a total of $70.2 Billion, in the next fiscal year, despite the scandal in which VA administrators cooked the books to steal bonuses that were not earned from the American taxpayer.   These VA administrators that were guilty of this crime should have not only been fired, they should have gone to jail.  Of course, that did not happen.   Surprise, Surprise. 

But what is worse, Obama wants to give the Veteran Affairs Administration the ability to take the $10 Billion that was supposed to be allocated to the Veteran's Medical Choice Program and incorporate those monies into their corrupt and incompetent system.  This would deny VETS the choice that was promised.  No doubt, Obama is reacting to support his union crony supporters.   They don't want VETS going outside the government medical system because their jobs and fat pensions depend on having VETS in their government hospitals.  What Obama is trying to do to VETS, that have received such poor service and in some cases died because of Veterans Administration incompetence, is just disgraceful.  Hopefully, the Republican Controlled Congress will just say NO, NO, NO.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Obama Proposes $2 Trillion In Tax Increases - Crazy Time

The following is a list of tax increases in President Pinocchio Veto Obama’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal. The total reflects more than $2 Trillion in tax increases over 10 years, from fiscal 2016-2025 that will all be spent on new Entitlements, infrastructure and government bloated programs.  It is crazy time in Washington DC.  These are all job killers. 
  • Limit deductions for top earners to 28 percent rate, even if income is taxed at 39.6 percent: $603.2 billion
  • Impose a 14 percent one-time tax on previously untaxed foreign income: $268.1 billion
  • Impose a 19 percent minimum tax on foreign income: $206 billion
  • Modify estate and gift tax provisions: $214.4 billion
  • Change the taxation of capital income: $207.9 billion
  • Other increases from reform of U.S. international tax system: $135.8 billion
  • Impose a financial fee on large financial companies: $111.8 billion
  • Increase tobacco taxes and index for inflation: $95.1 billion
  • Repeal LIFO (Last In First Out) method of accounting for inventories: $76.1 billion
  • Conform SECA (Self Employed Contributions Act) taxes for professional service businesses: $74.6 billion
  • Other revenue changes and loophole closers: $47.9 billion
  • Eliminate oil and natural gas preferences: $45.5 billion
  • Implement the Buffett Rule by imposing a new “Fair Share Tax” (making millionaires pay at least 30 percent tax rate): $35.2 billion
  • Reform the treatment of financial and insurance industry products: $34.4 billion
  • Limit the total accrual of tax-favored retirement benefits: $26.0 billion
  • Other loophole closers: $24.3 billion
  • Reinstate Superfund taxes: $21.2 billion
  • Tax carried interests as ordinary income: $17.7 billion
  • Make unemployment insurance surtax permanent: $15.7 billion
  • Eliminate coal preferences: $4.3 billion
  • Reauthorize special assessment from domestic nuclear utilities: $2.3 billion
  • Increase and modify Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund financing: $1.6 billion
  • Repeal tax-exempt bond financing of professional sports facilities: $542.0 million
At the same time that Obama is proposing all these new taxes, he plans to increase spending by the same amounts so that none of this is going to stop deficit spending, balance the budget and pay off our $18 Trillion National Debt.  Fortunately, nearly all of these new taxes will be dead on arrival in the Republican Controlled Congress.   Obama's Crazy Tax and Spend Socialist Scheme demonstrates why elections matter.  Obama has lost his mind.  If the Socialists controlled Congress all of this would be a done deal and millions of Americans would lose their jobs. 

Instead, Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has indicated that Republicans will cut spending and propose a budget that gets the United States to a balanced budget within 10 years.  Finally, the grown up's in Washington DC are in control; Thank God. 


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Entitlements On Automatic Pilot - Day Of Reckoning Coming

The federal budget is now about $4 Trillion each year.   Only about $1 Trillion of it is discretionary spending so whenever there is talk about shutting down the government is about disagreements on how to spend the $1 Trillion.  The rest of the budget is Entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Disability Benefits, ObamaCare and federal pensions.  There is no discussion about these programs because they are all on automatic pilot whether there is money to pay them or not; hence the reason the federal government must borrow billions if not trillions of dollars to fund these programs. 

The Socialists have been very smart since Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and now with the addition of ObamaCare because they have installed all of these Entitlements in the federal budget without any regard to actual utilization and cost.  So now as Baby Boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day for the next 18 - 20 years, all of these people will automatically qualify for all Entitlement Programs.  The only problem is that the money is just not there to pay what has been promised. ObamaCare just adds one more Entitlement that will bankrupt out country.   There is no lock box to pay these benefits.  Ever since Lyndon Johnson was President, the federal government has been giving IOU's to the Social Security Administration and taking the money that we all contribute for Social Security and Medicare and spending it on other government programs. 

The federal government will either have to borrow to pay these Entitlements, adding to our $18 Trillion National Debt, or just print money, or a combination of both, which will make the dollar worthless and cause very high inflation and interest rates.   This day is not far off as all the Baby Boomers start to retire.  Socialists refuse to deal with Entitlements; but the day of reckoning is just around the corner.  What is likely to happen is that young people will have to pay a lot more in their Social Security and Medicare contributions to support their aging parents. 

And, there is likely to be means testing at some point so that Americans with substantial assets will be denied Social Security even though they have paid in their entire working lives.   Social Security is already taxed for couples earning more than $40,000 a year.  Medicare is already means tested; but they could force wealthier Americans to pay even more. 

Finally, Obama's Executive Order giving Amnesty and legal status to 5 million or more illegal aliens will make all of this even worse.  Once these illegal aliens have legal status, they will be able to access all Welfare Programs, as well as, Social Security and Medicare.  The money just isn't there to pay for all the promised Entitlements on automatic pilot, including local, state and federal government employee pensions.  It just does not divide.  If the Socialists confiscated every dime of wealth in the country, not just a higher percentage, which they would love to do, it still would not be enough money to cover all promised Entitlements. 

Like every pyramid scheme, the folks that are supposed to collect benefits 10 - 20 years from now will end up with nothing because it is impossible to tax our way out of this mess.  Of course, the government could steal the money we all have in our 401K's as another means of redistribution of income.  Given the federal government's history, if the Socialists did confiscate these monies, it should surprise no one. 

2016 Republican Candidate For President - Requirements

In order to galvanize the base of the Republican Party, whoever gets the Republican nomination for President in 2016, the candidate, who must be a Conservative, must support the following and be vocal about it:

1. Limited Constitutional Government;
2. Lower Taxes and Less Regulations to create jobs;
3. A Strong National Defense to combat Terrorism;
4. Balancing the Federal Budget and putting a Plan in place to pay of the National Debt;
5. Balanced Budget and Term Limits for Congress Constitutional Amendments;
6. Elimination of Waste, Fraud, Abuse, Corruption and Redundancy in Federal Government Spending including elimination and consolidation of several Departments, Commission, Agencies etc.;
7. Comprehensive Immigration Reform Beginning with Securing the Border;
8. Reigning in the Gestapo EPA, IRS and NSA;
9. A Plan to Save Social Security and Medicare;
10. Right To Life including common sense Limits on Abortion;
11. Second Amendment Gun Rights;
12. Repeal and Replacement of ObamaCare;
13. Limits on Collective Bargaining for Public Employees; paying Public Employees Total Compensation and Benefits in accordance with what is common in the Private Sector for like work;
14. Traditional Family Values and Marriage;
15. Workfare instead of Welfare;
16. School Choice for kids in failing Public Schools;
17. Elimination of Common Core, the federalization of public education;
17. Striking Down Many if not all of Obama's Executive Orders. 

Before this Blogger opens up my check book to support any Republican Candidate, I must see most, if not all of these items, referenced in specific statements, on the Candidate's website.  One thing is for sure, given past promises and claims of being a Conservative, when Candidates were really RINOS, this Blogger will not support a RINO under any circumstances, which is in keeping with the mood of the base of the Republican Party.   We are mad as hell at Establishment Republicans that talk a good game; but once elected don't have the guts to accomplish anything important.   We have been there done that too many times to fall for that bait and switch again.