Sunday, February 15, 2015

Terrorism In Denmark

In another case of Terrorism, this time in Denmark, an Islamic Radical, killed two people and wounded five police officers in his attack on a meeting of people discussing Free Speech and in a Jewish Temple.  Whether the gunman, who was ultimately killed by the police, was a lone wolf, or directed by Al Queda or ISIS does not matter.  What we are seeing is a pattern of Terror by Islamic Radicals around the world attempting to create fear by murdering innocent people. 

In this case, aside from targeting Jews, which is nothing new, the target was a cartoonist who depicted Mohamed as a dog.  Unfortunately, the right to freedom of speech can result in odious, irreverent and even hateful speech that must be protected if the rest of us are able to say what we want about anything and anyone.  On the other hand, is it really necessary for someone to portray Mohamed as a dog.   Of course, this does not justify this attack by a Terrorist, or the murders that resulted; but recognizing that both Jews and Muslims, following one of God's Commandments, do not believe in any depiction of God, or the prophets, why do some irreverent Westerners act so blatantly to poke the bear.  It is pretty dumb and serves no purpose. 

That said, if it is not clear by now, Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama must lead, as only the US can do, to bring together a real coalition of the willing to defeat these Islamic Fascists, where ever they exist in the world.  The brutal murders we are seeing all over the world cannot be allowed to continue.  ISIS, that recently attacked an Iraqi military base, where 300 Americans were stationed, must be destroyed.  What other choice do we have.  The Middle East is on fire.   We must work with Israel and other more moderate Arab countries and our NATO allies to fight and destroy ISIS, Al Queda and any other radical Islamic groups that threaten our freedom.  This is a battle of ideologies no different than the fight against the NAZI's or Communists that we have to win. 

We have to stop their funding to buy weapons and make it clear to those that support these Islamic Fascist Terrorists that they too are an enemy to the United States subject to actions against them.   We cannot allow these regular Terrorist attacks, in various countries, to become the Norm.   Every Terrorist act, anywhere in the world, should result in a counter attack that strikes back hard and quickly on those that are supporting, or directing Terrorism.   Again, what other choice do we have.        

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