Saturday, February 7, 2015

Corrupt IRS Is Hiring More People

The Commissioner of the Corrupt IRS, John Koskinen, recently went before the Senate Finance Committee to request more money for the IRS and specifically to ask for money to hire 9,000 more IRS agents to enforce ObamaCare.   In the meantime, from 2010 - 13, the IRS hired back 7,000 former employees; 824 of which had performance issues, which records show continue today and 141 of which failed to pay their own income taxes.  Why on earth would the IRS hire these people back into government service. 

This is the same Commissioner who lied to Congress concerning Director Lois Lerner's missing emails.  It was Lerner, who took the Fifth, rather than testify about her involvement with instructing IRS agents to target Conservative and Religious groups for additional scrutiny related to 501(c) 3 tax exempt status.  Obviously, Lerner took the Fifth not only to protect herself; but to protect others in the White House that were involved in the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal.  It is pretty obvious that somebody high up in the Socialist Party, either in Congress, or in the White House gave Lerner an "enemies list" to target.   There is supposed to be a Justice Department investigation going on; but of course, as long as Liar Attorney General Eric Holder is in charge and perhaps even his replacement, that investigation is going no where.  They are playing out the clock to protect somebody in the chain of command.  This could go all the way up to Obama and or those closest to him.     

The Republican led Congress should deny the IRS one more dime until various people at the IRS are Fired and Prosecuted for their actions in the IRS Scandal.  Just going on business as usual, growing another corrupt federal agency, is unacceptable.  This Blogger is still waiting for crooks at the Veterans Affairs Administration and the IRS to go to jail.   Yet, it will only happen when hell freezes over.  Let's face it, politicians and bureaucrats protect each other.  They all will do anything they can to stay in office, or jobs, feeding at the trough.   The IRS is being used by Obamanistas to target their perceived enemies.   The IRS should get not one more single dime until justice is done.  Republicans in Congress should starve the beast.  Don't hold your breath because it is not likely to happen as long as Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama remains in office.   This is the  most corrupt administration since Warren G Harding and the Tea Pot Dome Scandal.  Look it up to compare. 

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