Sunday, February 22, 2015

Obama Fighting Islamic Fascists With Twitter - Ridiculous

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama, who will not refer to Islamic Fascists as what they are, is now focused on fighting these Islamic radicals that are brutally murdering Christians, Jews, Muslims and anyone else that stands in their way, with Twitter.  In this case, Obamanistas believe that 140 words, sent hundreds of times, are mightier than the Sword.  What a bunch of baloney.   And then, there was the ridiculous comment coming out of the US State Department that the way to defeat these Islamic Fascists was with a Jobs Programs.   We have millions of Americans in the United States that can't find jobs and they want to create a Jobs Programs for these Islamic Fanatics.  Honestly, these Socialist Obamanistas must be on drugs, or they are just plan stupid. 

Hello - Islamic Fascists are being well paid to take over Iraq, Syria and other countries.  They have a job; murdering anyone who stands in their way.  Just today, US Homeland Security  announced the potential attack on the Mall of the Americas in Minneapolis, which for some reason seems to be a strong hold for Islamic Radicals in the United States.  So what is Obama doing about all of this.  Of course, this is being used an an excuse to push the Senate to fund Obama's unconstitutional Executive Amnesty, which was included in the Homeland Security budget.  To be clear, if the deadline to fund Homeland Security is not met, 30,000 Homeland Security employees out of 240,000 will be furloughed; not big deal.  Most of Homeland Security funding is on automatic pilot.  In any case, Obama just held a Love In Conference in Washington DC to discuss the roots of Violent Extremism, rather than Islamic Fascist Extremism.  And then, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report detailing the potential for Right Wing American attacks on government.  The timing on all of this is very suspicious.  

It is true that Conservatives do not support Obama's Socialist Big Government Tax and Spend Schemes, designed to transform our nation, but even though most of us have guns, they are for hunting, or to protect us from potential criminals, not to use on government, unless government turns completely dictatorial.  Besides, most violence we see in America comes from the Left not the Right.  Conservatives, the Right Wing of the Republican Party, proved in the last election that our votes were more powerful than weapons to elect more Conservatives at the local, state and federal levels.   Obamanistas make the point about so the called Right Wing, probably Christian, Extremists in the United States to say that Violent Extremism goes well beyond that the Islamic Threat that we face.  Really!!

All fine and dandy, except it was Islamic Fascists that blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11 that killed more than 3,000 people.  It is Islamic Fascists committing acts of Terror around the world.  It is Islamic Fascists that are beheading, crucifying and burning alive Christians, Jews and other Muslims.  It is Islamic Fascists that are murdering children and or kidnapping young girls and turning them into sex slaves.   So Mr. President, you can Twitter all you want denying the threat and the reality that we face from Islamic Fascists.  The American people see the truth and the threat for what it is, no matter what you say. 

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