Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Private Sector Unions Turning on Democrat/Socialists

Private Sector Unions have finally figured out that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and his pals in government are bad for business and their jobs.  Obama has vowed to Veto the building of the Keystone Pipeline that would create more than 40,000 jobs, many that would have been held by union members.   Remember it is a big pipe and there is the Pipe Fitters Union.  Obamanistas at the EPA have been busy killing good Private Sector union jobs in the Oil, Coal and the Lumber industries, to name just a few.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Republicans and Conservatives in particular to forge an alliance with Private Sector Unions.  In addition, the Cadillac Tax in ObamaCare that penalizes union members for having too rich a medical insurance program, that they fought decades to get, is a thorn in their side.  The Republican controlled Congress should repeal the Cadillac Tax that is in ObamaCare.  Further, the Republicans should also revise the 30 hour work week rule in ObamaCare to make it 40 hours, which the Private Sector Unions also favor.  Republicans should push these changes to ObamaCare through and dare Obama to Veto these popular measures with Private Sector unions. 

This Blogger has no problem with Private Sector unions because the free market will take care of their excessive demands.   If they demand too much in total compensation and benefits, they will push their jobs overseas, so there is a counter weight to unreasonable demands.  The same cannot be said for Public Sector Unions that dominate government, which is a monopoly.   Even Socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt was against Public Sector union as incompatible with the common good.  Government just continues to grow union jobs, with employees being paid about 40% more in total compensation and benefits that is common in the private sector for like work, even though it is pushing the United States into bankruptcy.  

Government does not function like the free market.  There is no check on Public Sector union excessive demands, at tax payer expense, which is why they must be contained with limited collective bargaining rights.  What we have now is a corrupt system where Public Sector unions support Socialists running for office, who in turn fund their over paid compensation and benefits.   It is corruption without limits.   

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