Thursday, February 12, 2015

Iran & Obama's War Powers

What a surprise.  The US government recently confirmed that Iran has been supplying Islamic Fascist Terrorist Groups, all over the Middle East and North Africa, with weapons.  Gosh, tell us something we did not all know.  Obviously, Iran supports Hamas and Hezbollah in their quest to destroy Israel and the Syrian regime in its fight with ISIS and other Sunni Muslims.  Iran is behind the Shia's that just took over Yemen.  Finally, Iran will soon have nuclear weapons because of Obama's feckless and reckless foreign policy.  But, let's go further.  Which countries are supplying Al Queda and ISIS with weapons.  Could it be Saudi Arabia and Qatar that are threatened by Iran's influence in the Middle East. 

In any case, now Obama has put a resolution before Congress, if approved, that would give him War Powers to go after ISIS; but only for three years and with all sorts of goofy limits.  It is pretty dumb to give away our game plan in writing no less.  Hopefully, the Republican controlled Congress will vote to give Obama War Powers, without many restrictions, to defeat ISIS and Al Queda.  Mr. President, We Are At WAR with Islamic Fascists around the world, that if given the opportunity would set off a dirty nuclear bomb in any one of our big cities.   And, given the terrorist attacks we have seen in many countries, it is a World War. 

The United States must lead a coalition to not only degrade, or contain, but destroy ISIS and Al Queda.  What other choice do we have.  Obama claims that there are already 60 countries in this coalition.  Really?  Where are they and who are they.  How many of them are willing to put boots on the ground?  And, what about Turkey, a supposed NATO Ally that will not even allow the US to use bases there as staging areas.  Further, Turkey is believed to be the conduit for black market oil sold by ISIS for billions of dollars to fund operations in Iraq and Syria.  Like anything else, follow the money to see the real story. 

These Islamic Fascists are brutally murdering innocent people of all faiths, including other Muslims.  ISIS and Al Queda are a threat to our freedoms as bad as the Nazi's or Communists.  Yet, Obama will not meet with Israel's Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu while he is in Washington DC in March to speak to joint session of Congress.  Go figure.  It is about time for Obama to call it like it is rather than dance around the threat we face.  We must defeat this Islamic Fascist ideology and help moderate Muslims maintain control of their countries in the Middle East and around the world.  Again, what other choice do we have.   

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