Monday, February 23, 2015

Academy Award Hypocrisy - Getting Really Old

Every year, during the Academy Awards and other Glitterati Award Ceremonies, the American people who are viewing for the entertainment, are subjected to Politically Correct, Left Wing Propaganda and overall BS.  This year at the Academy Awards, the rich and famous told us that Women, Gays, Blacks, Mexicans and Illegal Immigrants, in particular, are still facing incredible discrimination and persecution in the land of the free.  One would think they were living in Iraq or Syria.  It is not as though Women can't vote, or they must wear Birkas, Gays are struggling to make a living, we don't have a Black President and Mexicans are not successful in business and in government.  This is like a sequel of Back to the Future.  Many of those things may have been true 50 or more years ago, but they are just not true today. 

Let's deal with the facts.  There are more women graduating from our colleges and universities than men.  During the fiscal meltdown, it was men most impacted by losing their jobs, which is true in every recession.  And, it is a fallacy that women make less than men.  Women may take time off to have children, which takes them some time to catch up; but for the most part, women make the same or in some cases more than men.  Gays in the United States actually are better educated than the typical American and on average earn more money; so much for discrimination.  We have elected our first Black President twice.  And, there are many successful Mexicans in business and government.  In fact, the guys who won the most academy awards for their film, were Mexicans.  This is all very good and represents real progress. 

American Sniper, won only one academy award for Sound, even though it grossed $300 million to date, which was as much as the other seven nominees for best picture combined.   Gosh, I wonder if American Sniper was panned first because it was about the Iraq war and second because it was produced by Clint Eastwood, a Conservative Republican.  Go figure.   It really doesn't matter, the American people voted with their ticket dollars as to the best picture. 

In any case, these rich and famous left wing Glitterati need to get off their soap box.  They need to put their money where their big mouths are.  It is true that they have nothing in common with the 60% of us that cling to our religion, guns and family values, which are the majority of the people in the United States that just elected a Republican Congress, Governors and State Legislatures.  If they want to make a difference, the Glitterati need to stop talking to themselves and donate more of their money to Charities to help the poor.  Why not fund tuition for poor kids to go to private schools.  These Hollywood types are free to pay higher taxes any time they want, by simply sending in more of their money to state and federal governments.  

And, by the way, it would be good if these Hollywood types were better role models by laying off drugs and having children after marriage, instead of illegitimately.  Frankly, being lectured by self absorbed, self abscessed, rich, left wing Hollywood types, with poor morals and values, is getting really old.  Besides, we don't watch the Academy Awards to hear left wing propaganda that simply is not true.  

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