Friday, February 6, 2015

Islamic Fascist Atrocities - Time To Act

We have seen numerous Islamic Fascist atrocities in Iraq, Syria, North Africa and other countries including the recent burning alive of a Jordanian Air Force Pilot and the rape and murder of children.   Rather than call it like it is, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama compares what is happening today to the Crusades, a thousand years ago and the Inquisition 500 years ago when zealous Christians acted in the name of Jesus Christ.  That was wrong then; but his is now.   Obama bringing this into the mix now just provides propaganda to the Islamic Fascists, allowing them to recruit more fanatics that want to kill us. 

This President is a Moron; sorry folks, I used to say Smart, Stupid Man in an attempt to be kind.  We are facing World War III and a fight that is just as critical as defeating the Nazi's and or Communism that both were a threat to our freedom and way of life.  It is time for Obama to go to Congress and ask for a Declaration of War.   The enemy has declared WAR on us.  And, as much as Obama does not want to talk about it, or call it what it is, this is what we are facing.  And, it is global.  We are facing this threat around the world as evidenced by the murders that have happened in various Western countries.   Do we have to wait for another 9/11 to figure this out. 

It is Time To Act.  The President should call together the leaders of various countries for a summit in Washington to devise a concerted Strategy to defeat these Islamic Fascists that operate under various names and leaders in numerous countries.  Some things will be easy.  We must cut off their supply of money and weapons by whatever means necessary.  We must target their leaders to cut off the heads of the enemy.  And, when those in charge are dead and others emerge, we must immediately focus on their new leaders.  Whatever it takes, we make it impossible for these Islamic Fascists to wage war on us.  What other choice do we have.  If it means putting together a Coalition Army, Air Force and Navy, led by the United States, to destroy both ISIS and Al Queda in the Middle East and other countries, then it is time for Obama to put on his big boy pants and man up. 

Look, the American people are sick and tired of war.  This Blogger gets it.  But to ignore what is happening around the world, will only lead to more American deaths and another 9/11 that could be much worse in terms of deaths and impact on our economy.   We can't let that happen.  Obama must act to bring peace and stability to the world.      

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