Monday, February 16, 2015

Egypt Strikes ISIS In Libya - Arab Justice

After Islamic Fascists in Libya beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, working in Libya, the Egyptian government led by President El Sissi ordered Egyptian air strikes that killed 64 Terrorists, presumably involved in these murders, destroying their training camp and weapons.  Bravo, Mr. President.  Like in the case of the Jordanian pilot who was burned to death by this Islamic fanatics, Egyptian Arab justice was swift and warranted.  The good news is that the legitimate government of Libya assisted in directing these air strikes.  Libya is on Egypt's border and therefore, the Terrorist threat from Libya to Egypt is real. 

In the video showing these gruesome beheadings,  Islamic Fascists stated that their goal was to attack Rome, home to the Vatican and the Pope, as a symbol of all Christianity, around the world.   There is no doubt that the Pope's life is at risk, like never before, when Pope Francis travels.  Sadly, to protect the Pope, his direct access to worshipers will have to be more restricted in the future because these Islamic Fascists would like nothing better than to murder the Pope as a symbol of Christianity.   That can't be allowed to happen.

In any case, there is opportunity in these Terrorist acts and tragic murders.  Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama must bring together a real coalition of the willing to destroy ISIS and that means boots on the ground by all concerned in Iraq and in Syria.  It may take 100,000 soldiers, led by perhaps 10,000 Americans, to provide logistical, tactical and air support.   It is time to enlist moderate Arab countries and members of NATO in this fight because the threat to all of them is real.

How many more hostages must die before Obama acts as the leader of the free world first calling out Islamic Fascism as our enemy.  They are not just Extremists or Terrorists, they are Islamic Radicals killing in the name of Allah.  However, this evil has nothing to do with God.  These murderers are doing the devil's work.  We are fighting an evil ideology that must be destroyed.  The sooner a real coalition of the willing is formed the better.      

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