Thursday, February 26, 2015

Christian Genocide in Iraq, Syria and Northern Africa

The oldest Christian communities and churches in the world exist in Iraq, Syria and Northern Africa going back 2,000 years and predating Islam by 600 years.  Islamic Fascists in these regions are attempting to wipe out all traces of Christianity and Christian history.  These Terrorists are beheading, crucifying, burning alive and otherwise murdering Christians and or turning them into slaves.  This includes the murder of civilian Christian Men, Women and Children as these Terrorists also destroy churches that are hundreds of years old.  What we are seeing is Christian Genocide.  This is happening while Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and other Western leaders do absolutely nothing to stop this slaughter.  It is shameful. 

Obama will not even acknowledge that Christians are being targeted by these Islamic Fascists as bad as anything we saw with the NAZI's during World War II.  It is disgraceful and it may be happening because of Obama's Muslim, Communist and Socialist upbringing.  As a Secularist, it is pretty obvious that Obama just doesn't care about these heinous crimes against humanity.  Obama claims to be a Christian.  But, no Christian Commander in Chief, with the power to take action in the world, would allow this to continue.  Even the Pope is calling for action. 

Obama goes golfing while Christians are being beheaded.  It is time for the President to lead a real coalition that includes Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and NATO members with boots on the ground to destroy these Islamic Fascists, the same way an American President led the allies to defeat Fascism during World War II.   We are fighting a global war no different than the threat we faced in World War II.  Obama just does not understand the threat we face and or he is a coward simply incapable of doing his job.  It is a very sad day as we watch this Christian Genocide.      

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