Friday, February 13, 2015

Hate Crimes - Politically Correct Nonsense

Craig Stephen Hicks, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, apparently murdered three Muslim students over a neighborhood parking dispute.  Now, the FBI is investigating to see if this was a "Hate Crime" because the three people killed happened to be Muslims.  The FBI does not seem to have time or resources to investigate all the Obama Scandals; but they do have time and resources to see if this terrible crime qualifies as a Hate Crime.   The reality is that the notion of a "Hate Crime" is politically correct nonsense. 

This Blogger has served on a Home Owners Association Board and though we never had anyone murder another resident, I can say that neighborhood disputes related to parking and all sorts of other issues often came pretty close to violence.  People get very emotional when they are personally impacted.  In this particular case, Hicks who had a history of disputes with several neighbors over parking and other issues,  just went berserk and killed these kids.  Hicks committed murder and should pay for his crime; but it is highly doubtful that religion had anything to do with it, since Hicks was an atheist.  But even if the fact that these kids were Muslims contributed to these murders, as Hillary Clinton once said, "What difference does it make".   Hicks committed premeditated murder over a parking dispute that set him off.  Does it really matter if there was malice in his heart. 

Murder is murder.  If Hicks had killed three white Christians, or Atheist men, under the age of 40, which means they would not be a protected class, it could not be called a "Hate Crime" under any circumstances.  Hate Crimes are apparently reserved for protected classes, Minorities, Gays, Jews or Muslims, and Women all of any age or color, which would require federal involvement in the investigation and prosecution.  Somehow their lives are more important than the lives of others not deemed to be a protected class.  Premeditated murder of anyone, by its very nature, is a "Hate Crime".   Hicks hated these kids because they parked in his space.  If found guilty, Hicks will be eligible for the death penalty.  So, if this is designated a "Hate Crime" does that mean he should get a more painful death penalty.   This is all ridiculous.   

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