Friday, February 20, 2015

Rudy Guiliani's Criticism Of Obama - Valid

In a recent speech to a Republican group, former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani said that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama does not love America, or the American people.  Of course, the left wing lame stream media and their Socialist pals went berserk.  Guiliani went on to say that Obama was influenced by his Muslim upbringing along with Communist and Socialist teachings.   Guilani has questioned how Obama could belong to a church for 17 years when the minister frequently said God Damn America, instead of God Bless America. 

Guilani used as his evidence all the things we have seen since Obama has been in office.  There was Obama's Apology Tour to the Middle East when Obama blamed America for all the evil in the world.   Obama saying that America was just one nation among others; not the most exceptional country in human history.  Guiliani cited Obama's refusal to refer to ISIS and Al Queda as Islamic Terrorists, instead calling them just Extremists as though Islam is playing no part in what we are seeing around the world.  In addition, when Americans are murdered by these Islamic Fascists, Obama goes out golfing and or on a campaign trip, which besides being horrible optics would seem to be in complete disregard for the feelings of the American people.  And then, there was Obama's latest reference to the Crusades, trying to create some moral equivalency between what happened then when both Muslims and Christians fought a holy war against each other and what is happening now in the Middle East. 

Socialists are calling for Republican Presidential Candidates to disavow Guiliani's comments.  This Blogger doesn't know why any Republican would disavow anything that Guiliani has said when in fact when I am with my Conservative Republican Friends, I hear the very same things said that Rudy Guiliani said publicly.   Obviously, about 60% of Americans can't stand this President, not because he is half Black; but because he is a Socialist and the most left wing President in American history.   We see Obama as a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced. 

Obama is not an old style Democrat; but rather a big government, tax and spend Socialist who hates Free Market Capitalism and practices Class Warfare at every turn.  Obama uses every oppotunity to divide our people and our nation.  The Islamic Terrorist Threat that we face is getting in the way of Obama's goal to transform America into a Socialist nation.  But, what Obama has done anyway is have his Gestapos at the Justice Department, EPA, NSA and IRS target those they see as their "enemies", presumably Conservatives that oppose their Socialist Schemes.  Rudy Guiliani just said what 60% of Americans believe and that is that Pinocchio Veto Obama is not acting to protect the best interest of the United States, or the American people.  So, what's the big deal.  It is what it is.    

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