Friday, January 31, 2014

Obama - Keystone Pipeline - A Rock & A Hard Place

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is now between a rock and a hard place related to approval of the Keystone Pipeline connecting Canada oil fields with refineries in Texas and Louisiana.   This 1179 mile pipeline will create over 100,000 jobs specific to construction and long term support.  It will allow the transport of about 800,000 barrels a day of crude oil from Canada to the our gulf port states.   Today, that oil is being transported less efficiently by truck and rail with more carbon pollution than will otherwise occur by pipe transmission.   That is probably the reason why after 5 federal studies, the State Department just concluded that there would no negative environmental impact if the pipeline is built.  Common sense has finally prevailed. 

So now what is Pinocchio Obama going to do.   The State Department report has given Obama logical cover to just approve the pipeline, as part of his "all of the above" energy plan.   However, his radical, Environmental Wacko supporters will go nuts if Obama approves the Keystone Pipeline, which they vehemently oppose.   Big Labor Unions, also Obama supporters, want Obama to approve the pipeline.  It is going to be fun to watch Obamanistas hold their finger up to the wind to determine how many votes they will gain, or lose if the President approves the Keystone Pipeline.   They already figure they will loose Socialist House and Senate seats in Red States in the 2014 and 2016 elections.   The last thing they can afford to do is to loose House and Senate seats in Blue states, which could occur if Labor, or Environmentalists sit on their hands, or vote Republican just to punish the Socialists.  

Obama is likely to approve the Keystone Pipeline.  The only question is when; before the 2014 election or after.  Business, Labor and the Canadian government, a key ally, are all pushing for swift approval now that the State Department has provided a green light.  Obama may have to turn his back on Environmental Wackos to do the right thing.   It will be great fun watching Obama squirm in the next few months.  Either way, Republicans win big on this issue. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Common Sense Conservatives Care About The Poor

Socialists continue to paint Conservatives as uncaring Americans that are racists.  That may play well to their PEEP's; the 47 million people on the dole; but it is just not true.  Conservatives just can't ignore the numbers,  spending more than $20 Trillion on the War on Poverty, since Roosevelt's New Deal, Johnson's Great Society and Obama's SwindleUS Plans, with expansion of Welfare and Food Stamp eligibility and duration, only to see poverty today higher than it has been in three decades.   Card talk and numbers don't lie. 

Obviously, Socialist Schemes DO NOT WORK.   Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.   60 years of Socialist programs to help the poor have done more harm than good by making them more dependent on government, rather than less.  Welfare has in fact destroyed the Black family, as 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into poverty.  Conservatives advocate different solutions to break the cycle of poverty and not perpetuate it.  Workfare instead of Welfare for no more than two years for able bodied Americans.   People on Welfare should be given a choice, clean up their own neighborhoods for 20 hours a week, or learn a trade for 20 hours a week.

Hopefully, most would choose to learn a trade that is marketable to finally end Welfare as we know it.   Again, we are not talking about Americans who are mentally, or physically disabled that get Disability Benefits, legitimately.   We are talking about able bodied Americans who sit home on their butts, while taking taxpayer funded Welfare and Food Stamps.   There is dignity in all work, no matter how menial the job.  There is no dignity when the able bodied are on the dole.  The negative role model is sets for children is often irreparable. 

Let's not forget that it was Conservative President Ronald Reagan who signed the Earned Income Tax Credit into law that pays the Working Poor to work rather than go on Welfare.   Lower income families get money back from the IRS often averaging $6,000 a year so that Welfare is not as attractive as a low paying job.   This program makes perfect sense provided it is administered properly by the IRS to avoid the fraud and abuse that are prevalent.  Apparently, in the last year the IRS handed out $4 Billion to people who were not qualified to receive these monies, including illegal aliens with no chance of getting it back.   Heads should roll at the IRS for this mistake; but don't count on it.   People who screw up in the Obama Administration are often promoted instead.  Go figure. 

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.   The teacher unions keep poor kids trapped in failing inner city public schools to benefit themselves, not these children.  Conservatives support School Vouchers to allow poor inner city parents to send their kids to private schools when public schools aren't doing the job.  Obamanistas and other Socialists in government, owned, lock, stock and barrel by the teacher's unions oppose any kind of School Choice Program.   These are the same people that often support a women's right to choose abortion; but not a woman's right to send her kids to a better school.  It is criminal. 

Socialists and Poverty Pimps that live off the misery of the poor have no interest in breaking the cycle of poverty because it is their ticket to power.  Their mission is to convince the poor that they are victims, instead of encouraging the poor to take personal responsibility for themselves.  It is really only Conservatives, interested in helping all people live the American dream, that really care about the poor in America.  Old Socialist thinking and programs have failed to end poverty in America and only made it worse.  It is time for new ideas that break the cycle of poverty.  It will not happen any other way.   

Obama's Push To Raise Minimum Wage - Bogus

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is out on the campaign trail, as usual, pushing to raise the minimum wage.  Playing to his PEEP's, the Liar Demagogue In Chief, claims that people working in low wage jobs should get $10.10 an hour, at a minimum.   Can we at least have an honest discussion concerning the minimum wage and who it helps, or hurts.  First, there should be a lower minimum wage for kids 18 and under, whatever it is; maybe $7 an hour so that teenagers can find and get part time jobs.  Kids from poor inner city families, in particular, need these jobs to supplement whatever family monies they may have.  So, hopefully, both Socialists and Republicans can agree that a lower minimum wage for kids 18 and under makes sense to prevent taking advantage of children. 

Next, raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will impact very few people in the United States anyway, since in most major cities, people must be paid more than what they might get on Welfare to entice them to work.   At this rate, someone working 40 hours a week, would earn $404 a week, depending on their family situation, about what they could get on Welfare and not including Food Stamps, so why work.   Earning just $21,008 annually is not going to bring anyone out of poverty; though it would qualify someone for the Earned Income Tax Credit, which could add another $6,000.   Even so, the combination of unlimited Welfare and Food Stamps could be more; so again why work.  This is the reason we have more than 47 million Americans on Welfare and Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama liberalized eligibility.  So, this minimum wage issue is just red meat for Obama's PEEP's; but it is a bogus issue. 

But let's say the minimum wage is raised for adults to $10.10.  Obama just did it by Executive Order related to federal contracts.  Federal contracts are often bid on a cost plus a percentage basis.  Federal Contractors could care less.  They will just pass the additional cost on to the American taxpayers, so it will just add to our National Debt, as more money is borrowed by the federal government to pay for goods and services.  In the private sector, raising the minimum wage to the degree that it raises expenses will result in two actions.  First, companies can deduct more expense, which will lower profitability and taxes paid to states and the federal government in corporate income taxes.  And, or companies will just include the additional expense in their prices in attempt to maintain the same profitability, assuming the market will allow it.   Problem is, people will only pay so much for a pizza, so pricing elasticity can be a factor that results in job losses. 

The bigger issue is prices at a store like Wal Mart, where most Welfare recipients use their Food Stamp Debit Cards to buy food.  Assuming their monthly Food Stamp amount is not increased, which would require an act of Congress, if prices go up at Wal Mart, which is likely if wages go up, the poor will have less buying power.   So, if the minimum wage is increased, the poor will be able to buy less food to feed their families.  It is what it is.   These Socialist Schemes often hurt the very people they are trying to help. 

Finally, if the cost of labor gets too high, whether minimum wage or not, low level jobs that require little skill, or education are automated, or sent overseas.   Home Depot now has self service check out with one clerk watching over four registers.   That is three jobs eliminated.  It would very easy to redesign registers for McDonald's so that the customer places an order directly, with one attendant watching 2 - 4 registers just to collect the money and make change, if a cash sale.   Obamanistas better be careful what they ask for because as usual it will be another job killer.  With the exception of a minimum wage for kids under 18, this Blogger favors elimination of the Minimum Wage altogether because it really is irrelevant.  The Free Market can and does determine wages, which is the reason anyone with any job skill, or education makes more than $10.10 an hour.  

The real issue is making sure that every kid leaves school, either with a marketable vocational education, or path to a four year university education.   Plumbers and electricians make a whole lot more than $10.10 an hour.  Rather than demagogue this issue as Obamanistas will do for the next election cycle, can we at least have an honest discussion that produces a positive end result.        

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dismal State Of The Union - Yada, Yada, Yada

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union Address and it was just more of the same Yada, Yada, Yada.  And, while the President attempted to paint a good picture, the fact is that the State of the Union, going into his sixth year in office, is DISMAL.  But don't believe this Blogger, or the President, just go on to see for yourself.   Cards talk and numbers don't lie, but Socialists do lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and target their enemies to stay in power feeding at the trough and Obama is no exception to this rule.   Obama is a well known LIAR and his State of the Union Address was no exception.  Obama's threat to go around Congress, by using Executive Orders to implement more of his job killing Socialist Schemes, is actually an indication of his failed leadership, rather than some bold strategy.    

What is really funny about Obama's speech is that he talked about income inequality that his economic policy have made worse, as though someone else has been President for six years.   The fact is that the average Middle Class family is earning about $5,000 a year less, since Obama was elected.  The Obama Recession has resulted in 20 million Americans still out of work as Obama policies have caused the lowest Labor Participation Rate in three decades.   The official unemployment rate has gone a down a bit; but only because millions of Americans have just stopped looking for jobs.   And, unemployment among Blacks, presumably Obama's PEEP's, is double the national average.   Actually, over 92 million people are no longer in the Labor Force out of 317 million Americans.  One is six Americans now live in poverty, again the highest poverty rate in three decades.   More than 47 million Americans are now on Food Stamps and Welfare up 20 million since Obama was first elected.  14 million Americans are collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently. 

The biggest Obama lies in his State of the Union Address, that have earned the President more Pinocchio's,  came when Obama claimed that 9 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare.  The vast majority of those people have signed up for Medicaid, free medical insurance, which would have happened anyway.  And enrolling is not signing up.  Insurance companies have reported that they have not received first payments for many of these people and therefore they do not have medical insurance.  Further, what Obama failed to mention is that more than 5 million Americans had their medical insurance cancelled as a result of ObamaCare.   And, that many companies are now designating employees Part Time to avoid providing medical insurance. 

Finally, the President also failed to mention that his promise that if you like your current medical insurance plan and doctors you can keep your current plan and doctors PERIOD, was a big LIE and Obamanistas knew it in 2010, when the President was saying otherwise.  The ObamaCare Medical Insurance Plans do not include many doctors that were previously available to patients.  And, Obama told us that ObamaCare would lower premiums for the average family by $2,500, when in fact premiums have now gone up by $2,500.  Further, the Deductibles in those ObamaCare Plans are so high that people might as well have no insurance at all.  ObamaCare is a train wreck that has run over the American people; but no apologies from Obamanistas. 

And, then there is the National Debt; now at $17.3 Trillion, with no end in sight.  Obama has added $7 Trillion in five years, to the $10 Trillion National Debt that he inherited from the past 43 Presidents.  Based on the current trajectory, the National Debt will be $20 Trillion by the time Obama leaves office, which is far greater than our annual Gross Domestic Product.  Social Security and Medicare have an unfunded liability of $127 Trillion, so they are headed toward bankruptcy.  The total wealth in the country is only about $109 Trillion.   Confiscating every asset and every dime in the country, not just a percentage and not just from the rich, could not cover all our promised Entitlements, which also includes ObamaCare, Medicaid and government pensions for Trillions more.  

This is the Dismal State of our Union after just five years of Obama.   American people wake up!!!  In 2014 and 2016 vote for Common Sense Conservatives (not RINOS) that support limited government, lower taxes and less regulations and pro-growth free market economics to get our fiscal house in order.  It will not be easy; but it surely will not happen as long as Socialists control any branch of government.     

Monday, January 27, 2014 - Watch The Numbers Grow

This Blogger has been ranting about our National Debt throughout the Obama Presidency because Socialist President Obama has added more to the National Debt, currently at $17.3 Trillion, than any other President.  President Obama inherited about $10 Trillion in National Debt, when Bush II left office, again amassed by the prior 43 Presidents.   Obama has added more than $7 Trillion to the National Debt, with no end in sight, in just five years.   By the time Obama leaves office based on the current trajectory, he will have doubled the National Debt.  But that is not all.  If you would like to see all the numbers live pertaining to the State of the Union, just go on  It will be a frightening, eye opener.

Shortly, in the month of February, we will see the dance in Washington DC concerning raising the Debt Ceiling to allow Obama to continue borrowing our country into bankruptcy.  President Pinocchio Obama insists that there be no conditions related to raising the Debt Ceiling.   Republicans would like to see some spending cuts in exchange for raising the Debt Ceiling, which is just common sense.   When Obama was running for President, he accused George W Bush of being "unpatriotic" for adding to the National Debt.   I guess that would make Obama a Traitor, since he has added more to the National Debt than any President in American history. 

Forget about President Obama's State of the Union Address.   Obama's speech will be filled with lies as usual because the President can't speak the truth.  Instead, if you want to be an informed and knowledgeable citizen, just go  Be prepared to be shocked by what you see.  Every second of every day, Obama is borrowing and spending more money than our country has in annual revenues; about 40 cents of every dollar spent by the federal government.  You will also see the $127.6 Trillion in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare and the Prescription Drug Entitlements.  This is interesting since the combined assets of all Americans and companies etc is only $109 Trillion.   So if the government confiscated every dime of wealth in the United States from everyone, not just the rich, which the Socialists would love to do, there would not be sufficient funds to cover these Entitlements alone, without even counting all other Entitlements like ObamaCare and public employee pension liability.  

You will also see the real unemployment numbers.  Almost 20 million Americans are actually unemployed as a result of the Obama Recession.  92.2 million Americans are not in the Labor Force.  About 14 million are collecting Disability Benefits.  47 million are on Food Stamps and Welfare.  The numbers go on and on and up and up with each second.  The picture painted in real terms is dismal.  Our National Debt is now greater than the Gross Domestic Product of the United States.  There are about 24 million local, state and federal government employees; many in public employee unions, bankrupting our country.  The frightening numbers on are astounding.  Don't believe this Blogger.  Take a moment and see for yourself.   The numbers in this Blog Posting have already grown larger since it was posted.   

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Obama Persecuting Christians - Why?

Secular, No Religion, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his Justice Department continues to persecute Christians in the name of ObamaCare.  Obamanistas just do not understand that Roman Catholics, in particular, but other Christian, as well, simply cannot provide medical insurance to their employees that pays for contraceptives, or any kind of abortion drugs, or abortion procedures.  It is a violation of their religious FAITH and as such should be protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion.  A number of Catholic organizations have filed litigation to prevent this Obama over reach.  

The Little Sisters of the Poor just got an injunction, by unanimous vote of the entire Supreme Court, to stop Obamanistas from enforcing their dictatorial ObamaCare Mandate, while their case winds its way through the lower courts.  Here is the reality.  Women who choose to work for Catholic, or other Christian organizations that do not choose to provide Contraceptives, Morning After Abortion pills, or outright Abortion coverage, as a matter of faith, are free to either work someplace else, or to access Birth Control, or Morning After Abortion pills from Wal Mart, or Planned Parenthood for little or nothing.  There is no requirement that organizations provide out right abortion coverage anyway.  This Blogger and company owner made absolutely sure that our company sponsored health insurance does not cover abortion procedures, unless the mother's life is in danger, which is required by law. 

So why is Obama persecuting Catholics and other Christians.  The answer is simple.  Obama and many of his Socialist pals, though not all, support unlimited access to abortion right up until birth, including heinous partial birth abortion.   Obama also supports Gay Marriage, which is also opposed by the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations.  The lame stream, left wing media, Hollywood, Radical Feminists that want the right to destroy babies at will and radical Gays that hate the Catholic Church for its beliefs, are Obama's PEEP's.  

Obama does not dare cross his radical PEEP's that form the base of the Socialist Party, particularly since his poll ratings continue to fall as a result of his failed Presidency.  All Obama has left are his radical PEEP's and those on the dole.  More Moderate Democrats and Independents are abandoning the Socialist Party in droves because of Obama's failed Socialist Schemes.  So much so, that the Socialists may lose complete control of the Congress in 2014, which will essentially end the Obama Presidency, two years before its conclusion.   As such, Obama has to persecute the Catholic Church and other Christians to keep his PEEP's happy.   However, in doing so, Obama is pushing the Socialist Party further and further to the left, which will be disastrous at the polls in 2014 and 2016. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Obama & The Saul Alinsky Game Plan

Saul Alinsky was a radical, Socialist/Communist Community Organizer in Chicago who wrote the book, Rules for Radicals.  Both President Pinocchio Obama and Hillary Clinton are admirers and followers of Alinsky.  Alinsky's ideology is in line with this Blogger's premise that Socialists and Communists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Their goal is to get as many people as possible dependent on government, funded by the redistribution of income, to destroy Free Market Capitalism.  Government run Crony Capitalism is in line with this ideology. 

If we look at the first six years of the Obama Presidency, it is as though Obama, the Liar In Chief, is using Rules For Radicals as his game plan.  Look at what has occurred.   As a result of Obama's purposeful, failed economic policies, we now have the lower labor participation rate and the highest poverty rate in three decades since Carter was President.  The result is 50 million Americans on Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was elected in 2008 and millions more on Welfare.  10 million Americans are now collecting Disability Benefits, up two million, since Obama was elected.  Obama and his Socialist pals in government want to make Unemployment Benefits, already at 99 weeks, permanent.  ObamaCare is the icing on the cake as millions of Americans will receive expanded Medicaid and health insurance for little or nothing.  The dirty little secret in ObamaCare is that is was the largest tax increase in American history, as nothing more than a huge redistribution of income Socialist Scheme confiscating money from the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in the United States and giving it to the 50% who pay nothing.   These Socialists are doing this to stay in power. 

Saul Alinsky's intent was to destroy Capitalism in the United States and replace it with Socialism, or Communism in the name of Social Justice.  We learned recently that there was a secret project at the EPA focused on this very topic.  Obamanistas are followers of Saul Alinsky.  They see those of us that cling to our religion, guns and traditional family values as the ENEMY; hence their enemies list and targeting of Conservatives by the Justice Department, the EPA, the IRS and the NSA.  This Blogger has said many times that Pinocchio Obama is a bigger threat to our nation than any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  To see how big, just read Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals and you will see Obama's game plan. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Obama - The Whiner In Chief

Socialist President Obama is blaming his falling approval rating, down in the high 30's, on the fact that he is Black and because of criticism from Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio and Blogs.  Really?   Aside from being the Liar In Chief, the President is now becoming the Whiner In Chief.   At least this time Obama did not blame George W Bush for his failures; though we may hear that again too.  Obama claims that he just can't get his message out, translation propaganda, because of Fox New and Conservative Talk Radio and Blogs that tell the truth about Obama's Corrupt Administration and record.  Give me a break.  Obama is on TV practically every day and the lame stream, left wing media and Hollywood are his propaganda machine.   If anything, we all have Obama fatigue.   

First, in reference to Obama's Whining, only ignorant racists dislike Obama because he is half Black.  There are a million other good reason to dislike Obama.  And, while there may still be a few of those people around, the vast majority of Americans, even many who voted for Obama; but do not support him now, could care less about Obama's half White, half Black skin color.  While Obama can delude himself into thinking his falling poll ratings are the result of racism, it is just not true.

Next, the entire Lame Stream Left Wing Media, which includes ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC and most major newspapers will not report the truth about Obama's Scandals, Lies and Obama Administration Corruption, which is probably the reason Obama has any support at all from Low Information Voters and his PEEP's on the dole.  Fox News, fair and balanced and Conservative Talk Radio, that rule the air waves and Blogs like this one, do report the truth.  Obama is a LIAR.  Obama continues to receive Pinocchio's by the Washington Post for his LIES.  The Obama Scandals are real.  The Billions of tax payer dollars going to Obama supporters in government contracts and grants are well documented.  Crony Capitalism is alive and well.  Obama's Enemies List with the EPA, Justice Department and NSA targeting Conservatives is happening.  ObamaCare is a train wreck that has struck the American people.  And, finally Obama has made a mess of our foreign relations. 

These are the reasons Obama's approval rating, in the high thirties, is now just a bit above Richard Nixon's when he was forced out of office.  This has nothing to do with Obama's Race, Fox News, or Conservative Talk Radio and Blogs.   What Obama does not seem to understand, as he spews his Class Warfare Socialist ideology, is that America is a Center Right Country.   Most of us do cling to our religion, guns and traditional family values.  And, we just don't agree with Obama's left wing Secular Socialist ideology.  Nor do we support his Socialist Schemes to transform our country into a Socialist, or Communist nation with millions of people forced on the dole because of the Obama Recession/Depression. 

Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American history because he has failed to restore economic growth and job creation and he has made a mess of our foreign policy and global standing.   These facts are indisputable.  Of course, none of Obama's minions, or the adoring lame stream, left wing media will be honest about, or with the President.  Too bad President Obama's inflated ego will not allow him to be honest with himself.  Obama suffers from delusions of grandeur, which makes it impossible for him to see the truth about his failed job performance.  Mr. President, I am so sorry for you and the nation; but it is what it is.   Just admit the truth and it will set you free so you can go golfing at taxpayer expense more often.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

ObamaCare - Story Far From Over

The ObamaCare story is far from over.   In documents to justify a no bid contract to Accenture to fix the ObamaCare website, Obamanistas asserted that if the system is not fixed by the end of March, 2014, that ObamaCare could collapse because the back end of the system to actually transmit information to insurance companies and guarantee accurate subsidy payments by the government has not been written.  So while a few million people are enrolled in ObamaCare, insurance companies are reporting that payments have not been made to assure medical insurance coverage, which is putting insurance companies in jeopardy.

Further, while many are signing up for Medicaid that they probably would have gotten it anyway, the others signing up are 50 - 64 year olds, with pre-existing conditions and those getting subsidies at tax payer expense.   There are not enough paying customers and particularly young paying customers signing up for the numbers to work.  This is causing "adverse selection" for the insurance companies, which is one reason that Aetna, the nation's largest medical insurance provider with over 50 million insured has said they may be forced to pull out of offering medical insurance through ObamaCare.   The CEO of Aetna also said that if things continue as is, there will be double digit increases to medical insurance premiums in the 2015. 

In addition, several companies like Target, Trader Joe's, Wal Greens and others have already announced that they would cease providing medical insurance to their part time employees pushing them on to ObamaCare, at tax payer expense instead, to get rid of the company expense.  Surprise, Surprise.   Everybody knew this was coming.  There will be many more company announcements in 2014 and 2015 as the employer mandate kicks in.  Millions of employees will lose both full time work and their company sponsored health insurance as a result of ObamaCare.  

This is a big mess that keeps on giving.  Clearly, the vast majority of Americans are opposed to ObamaCare.   As such, repeal is not off the table.  Certainly, if Republicans gain control of both Houses of Congress and the Presidency in 2014 and 2016, the ObamaCare monstrosity will go bye bye.  And then, the Congress can enact real health care reform that actually brings down the cost of medical insurance, while dealing with the uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions.          

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Abortion Anniversary - Sad Day Of Shame

January 22, 2014 marks the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court Roe V Wade decision making abortion legal in America.   Since then, it is estimated that 55 million babies have been destroyed by abortion.  Every year, in the month of January, thousands in the the Pro-Life Movement walk the March For Life in Washington DC, as happened again this year in the freezing cold.   The majority of Americans are now Pro-Life contrary to what we often hear from the lame stream, left wing media and the Secular Socialists in government.  This has occurred because the technology available today that was not available in 1973 when the Supreme Court ruled on abortion demonstrates that human life begins at conception. 

In fact, by six weeks of pregnancy, there is a beating heart that is not only discernible by sound, but by visual impression.  This Blogger is going to be a grandfather this year.  So each month of our daughter-in-law's pregnancy, we see a living child, not some glob of nondescript tissue, as often purported by those that support abortion.  To say that abortion is not the murder of an innocent child is just plain false.   Let's at least be honest about it. 

Yet, Socialist President Obama and many others that support abortion advocate unlimited access to abortion right up until birth, including partial birth abortion.  This is just plain sick and disgusting. Why is it that these Secular Socialists and many radical feminists are so determined to murder these innocent children.  Given the technology that clearly demonstrates human life, I just don't get it.  Abortion is justified by them under the banner of "reproductive rights" and a "woman's right to choose".  No one, repeat no one has the right to kill an innocent human being. 

Planned Parenthood receives more than $500 million a year of our tax dollars and is the nation's leading provider of abortion, killing about 350,000 babies a year for profit.  Planned Parenthood should be called Planned Infanticide because abortion is clearly their primary reason for being.  Those that support unlimited access to abortion and who perform abortions have the blood of innocent babies on their hands.  It is a stain they will carry with them on the way to hell.  These are often the very same people that want to save the whales and polar bears; yet have no problem destroying human life.  

Clearly, we live in a self abscessed sick society that came from the Baby Boomer ME Generation.  The Anniversary of Roe V Wade, each year, is a sad day of shame for our country.  Thankfully, the majority of Americans now see abortion as infanticide.   There is hope as technology continues to demonstrate that human life actually does begin at conception as God intended.  One day soon, even Socialists and liberal judges will realize that abortion is evil and when that day comes we will see sensible limits on abortion across our country. 


Obama's Enemies List - Using The IRS & Justice Department

Socialist President Obama has compiled an Enemies List in true Nixonian style.   And as a result, Obama is using the EPA, the IRS and the Justice Department as the strong arm of government to punish his enemies.  The EPA is targeting the coal industry, which Obama once said he plans to destroy.  Everybody knows that the IRS is targeting Conservative and religious groups in the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal.  The Justice Department is going after the Catholic Church in lawsuits to enforce ObamaCare.   This is really about Obama's support for unlimited access to abortion and gay marriage, both of which are opposed by the Catholic Church. 

The latest Justice Department witch hunt is the $5 Billion Lawsuit against Standard and Poors on trumped up charges.   The real reason S & P is being sued is because as a rating agency doing their job, they downgraded the credit rating of the United States to sound alarm bells concerning our soon to be $18 Trillion National Debt.   Since this is the first time this has happened in American history, it has tarnished Socialist Obama's Presidency.  Former Secretary of the Treasury, tax cheat Timothy Geithner, warned the CEO of S & P that there would be consequences if they followed through on the downgrade and now we see the government lawsuit.  Let there be no doubt that Eric Holder the Liar Attorney General, held in Contempt of Congress for lying to Congress, is doing the dirty work ordered by Obama.

And, though no Obamanista has has been indicted, gone to jail, or been fired for multiple Scandals and some have even been promoted;  Billions of tax payer dollars going to Obama's Campaign Contributors in government contracts and or outright grants and loans, Fast and Furious. Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, or NSA spying on all Americans, the Obama Justice Department moved swiftly to open an investigation into Republican Governor Chris Christie silly Bridge Scandal and recently indicted former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell, a rising Conservative Star in the Republican Party, for purportedly taking gifts while he was Governor of Virginia.  Whether guilty or not, it is clear that Republicans are on Obama's Enemies list, which results in swift "justice", when there is no justice related to Obamanistas.       

The Obama Administration is among the most corrupt in American history certainly matching the Harding or Grant Administrations.  These crooks are using the agencies of government to go after their perceived enemies usually Conservative Republicans.  Of course, the lame stream left wing media, particularly at MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist Network Broadcasting Company, pays no attention to Obama's transgressions and illegal acts.  If Obama was any other President, particularly a Republican President, there would be calls for Impeachment.  Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.  Obama, the Liar In Chief is living up to the adage that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and target their enemies to stay in power feeding at the trough. It is what it is. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cuomo - Conservatives Not Welcome In New York

Socialist New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced, on radio, that Conservatives that oppose abortion, cling to our guns and religion and support traditional marriage are not welcome in the state of New York.   Really!  That would include many Catholics and other Christians that do not support Cuomo and other Radical Secular Socialists.   Cuomo, who purports to be a Roman Catholic, supports unlimited access to abortion right up until birth, which is contrary to church beliefs.   Cuomo is a baby killer.  If Cuomo shows his face in a Catholic Church, which seems unlikely, he should be denied Holy Communion.  No Catholic Priest, Bishop, Arch Bishop, or Cardinal should allow Cuomo, as an agent of the devil, to set foot in a Catholic Church.      

Further, at a time when the state of New York is running commercials to attract companies to relocate and set up shop in New York, it would seem that Cuomo's comments were pretty dumb.  The fact is that companies have been leaving New York for years as a result of the highest taxes in the country and burdensome regulations that are job killers.  A business owner would have to be crazy to relocate to New York given that the state is always rated among the worst places to do business in the nation.   Certainly, any Conservative business owner will now forgetaboutit. 

Finally, as tourists that enjoy going to New York City every few years for Broadway, we will now go elsewhere to spend our money as long as Cuomo is Governor.   We can see great Broadway in London and many other cities both in the US and around the world.  If Conservatives are not welcome in New York, so be it.  We will now Boycott the state of New York.  This stupid Governor has just cost the state of New York a lot of money and jobs.   We are certainly not going to go where we are not welcome.   People of New York, wake up.   Socialist Governor Cuomo is a hate filled Bigot and an Idiot.  Governors are supposed to be salesmen for their states.  Instead, Cuomo's pronouncement concerning Conservatives says, Closed For Business.   

Sunday, January 19, 2014

MLK Day - The Lost Dream

As we honor Dr. Martin Luther King each year for the contribution he made to our nation in advancing Civil Rights, this Blogger can't help but think that the dream King spoke of in his "I Have A Dream" Speech is lost.   While it is true that a small percentage of Blacks in America have made it into the mainstream to realize the American Dream, the vast majority of Blacks live in poverty.   We have spent $20 Trillion on The War on Poverty since 1965, contributing to the bankruptcy of our nation and the Obama poverty rate is higher today than three decades ago. 

The poverty pimps that live and have gotten rich off the misery of others would argue that poverty would be even worse if not for all the monies spent to alleviate poverty.  In fact, they and their Socialist supporters in government and the lame stream left wing media argue that we have not spent enough to end poverty.  Of course, it is all B--L S--T.  The numbers tell us that government programs have created even more poverty as Blacks in America now have a new slave master, big government and the Socialist politicians who keep them on the dole to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

One in six Americans today live in poverty; many of them Blacks.   7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock often into poverty because Welfare has destroyed the Black family.  50% of Black men have been arrested.  50 million Americans are on Food Stamps with many of them on Welfare.   A good proportion of these people are poor Blacks.  Many Blacks do not even have the reading, or communications skills to work at McDonald's.  The fact is that government programs, after Trillions of dollars spent to alleviate poverty, have made it worse.   This is certainly not the dream described by Dr. King. 

We have to break the cycle of poverty to make it go away not perpetuate it.   We need Workfare instead of Welfare.   We need School Vouchers to allow poor Blacks and others to get their kids out of failing inner city schools into private schools.   We need safe inner city streets, which means arresting gang bangers and drug pushers and taking them off our streets.   Most important, we must recognize the reality we face.   Spending more money on government poverty programs, that have failed, is pretty dumb.  It is time for new ideas that will actually break the cycle of poverty.  More of the same Obama Socialist Schemes keep Blacks, on the dole, down on the plantation.   If a dose of reality is racist, so be it.  It is time for all to recognize the truth to help end poverty in America.  What we are doing now is not working and has made it worse. 


EPA Gestapo - War On Coal

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's EPA is waging a war on coal.  The EPA is using the Clean Air Act to basically shut down many coal mines, which will cost thousands of jobs.   Republicans in the Senate are doing what they can to stop the EPA Gestapo from imposing onerous regulations that will destroy the coal industry in the US; but given Obama's Executive Orders, it will be tough.   Generations of Americans have been coal miners in states like West Virginia and many others.   They are paid very well with many earning more than $80,000 a year.  Once these jobs are gone, we will see incredible poverty in Appalachia and other regions of the country. 

We need an all of the above Energy Policy designed to make the United States energy independent within 10 years.  Coal must play a role in this process because we have an abundant supply.  Instead of killing these jobs, the EPA and federal government should be working with industry to make coal and all other energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper to actually raise the standard of living for all Americans, rather than lower it. 

Obamanistas and their Socialist pals in government are all job killers.   Whether it is the EPA Gestapo, ObamaCare, higher taxes and more regulation, Obama and his minions are busy using Executive Orders to "transform" our nation into a Socialist country and in the process they are killing jobs.  No wonder, we now have the lowest Labor Participation Rate and the highest poverty rate in three decades.  Thank You Mr. President.  So much for Hope and Change. 

WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say enough when we go to the polls in 2014 and 2016.   We must elect pro-growth Conservatives, not RINOS, that support Free Market Capitalism, lower taxes and less regulation to see economic growth and job creation again in America.   We have to throw the Socialist bums and maybe even some RINOS out of office that are killing jobs.   It really is that simple. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Obama - Big Brother Is Still Watching

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, the Liar In Chief, actually gave a thoughtful speech concerning NSA spying on all Americans.   Obama who recently said he plans to ignore Congress, now wants to work with Congress to limit these spying activities.   The only problem with all of this is that this Blogger does not believe a word Obama says.   Given all the Obama Scandals; Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks and the NSA Spying and all the lies coming out of the White House and Obamanistas, why on earth would anyone with a brain trust Obama. 

Pinocchio is ruling our country by Executive Order.  The NSA, the EPA and the IRS have become Obama's Gestapos, targeting "enemies" and intruding into all aspects of daily life.  A secret deal with the members of Congress, that still makes it possible for the NSA to spy on all Americans, does not work for me.   And, given all the Crony Capitalism, the notion that the solution is for a private company to hold all this Data, as proposed by Obama, does not make me anymore comfortable than the government tracking the activities of all Americans.  

So which company will get this multi-billion dollar contract, presumably an Obama Supporter like Google.  Google currently uses the data it has to sell advertising.  Just imagine the treasure trove this would be for Google, or any other high tech company if the data collected by the NSA could be used for marketing purposes. 

It all stinks right into the Cloud.  The federal government needs to focus on Islamic radicals and other Terrorists and leave all other Americans alone.  Our Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves if they saw the attack on our freedoms, by Obama, occurring today in the name of National Security.   Further, Obama has proven over and over again that he is a LIAR who cannot be trusted.  The last thing any American should want is for Obamanistas to get their hands on this information to target their "enemies" even more than they are doing now. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Secretary Hillary Clinton - Missing In Action

A Bi-Partisan Senate Committee has issued a scathing report making it very clear that the attack in Benghazi, that resulted in the death of our Ambassador and three other Americans, was implemented by Al Qaeda Terrorists.  It was not a spontaneous demonstration about an offensive video as claimed by Obamanistas.  Further, Socialist President Obama was told that this was a Terrorist attack, while it was still in progress; but the Liar In Chief and his minions went on TV and before the United Nations and proclaimed this video story even though the President knew it was a lie.  Surprise, Surprise. 

Most important, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was told numerous times of the Terrorist danger that existed in Libya and she did NOTHING to protect our employees there.   The Bi-Partisan Senate Report concluded that the State Department could have prevented these murders if they had acted to provide greater security in Libya when requested by our Embassy there.  The fish rots from the head down and Hillary Clinton was in charge of the State Department; hence she is responsible for those murders in Benghazi.  It was Hillary Clinton who ran an ad during the 2008 Socialist Primary, against then candidate Obama asking if Obama was qualified to answer the phone when the call came at 3 o'clock in the morning.  The answer to that question related to Obama was certainly NO.  But obviously, when the call came at three o'clock in the morning, Hillary Clinton was Missing in Action, as well. 

In testimony before a Congressional Committee, Hillary Clinton screamed in anger, "Why does it matter" who attacked our Consulate in Benghazi.  Well, Secretary Clinton, to the families of the four murdered Americans and the American people, the truth always matters.   Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   The Clinton's are running for the Presidency again.  Aside from all there other foibles, Hillary Clinton has proven that she is not ready to be President of the United States.  The debacle in Benghazi shows that Hillary Clinton was asleep at the wheel and did not answer that phone at 3 o'clock in the morning when the call came.   The result was four murdered Americans.  It is what it is. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Creating Jobs In America

We will soon enter the sixth year of the Obama Presidency and we still face a lousy economy.  Yes, Wall Street is doing just fine because of cheap money and massive lay-off's to cut costs; but Main Street is suffering as a result Obama's high taxes and regulations, all of which are job killers.   Obama's Trillion Dollar SwindleUS Plans did nothing to create jobs.  As such, we have the highest poverty rate and the lowest labor participation rate in three decades.  The Middle Class is actually earning less money today in real terms than twenty years ago.  Black unemployment is double the national average. 

50 million Americans are on Food Stamps and many of those people are also on easier to get Welfare.  Nearly 10 million people are now collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently.  One in six Americans are now living in poverty.  This is the Hope and Change that Obama and his Socialist ideology has brought to America.   But this should be no surprise to anyone.  Socialism where ever it has been tried has resulted in poverty and misery for the very people it is intended to help. 

Only Free Market Capitalism with all of its boom and bust cycles actually addresses poverty through wealth creation.   Ronald Reagan cut taxes and regulations and it created 20 million new jobs and prosperity for more than two decades.  Obamanistas are all job killers.   8 million fewer people are  working today that at the end of the Bush II Presidency.  So when Obama talks about creating 8 million new jobs,  we have not even kept up with population increases.   Millions of Americans have just given up looking for work. 

We need to shrink government to grow the private sector.   We need to focus on Energy Independence with an all of the above strategy to create millions of good paying jobs in America that cannot be off shored.  We need Corporate Tax Reform to bring corporate taxes in line with other countries to keep more jobs in the US.  None of these things will happen as long as Obama and his Socialist pals in government remain in office. 

Our only hope is electing a Republican Congress in 2014 and a Republican President in 2016.  Given that there are RINO's in the Republican Party who also enjoy feeding trough, there is no guarantee that the Republicans will get our country back on track.  But one thing is for sure, Socialist job killers will never do what is necessary to create economic growth and jobs again in America.  Socialists want more people on the dole to vote for them.  It is what it is. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nixon and Obama The Liar In Chief

Richard Nixon was forced out of office as a result of the Watergate Break-In and Cover-Up, which as Scandals go is nothing compared to what we see happening in the Obama Administration.  Of course, this happened because the lame stream, left wing media hated Nixon because he was ardently anti-Communist.   Fast forward to Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, the Liar In Chief, who would be impeached if he was any other President, except for the fact that Obama has the support of the lame stream left wing media.  We now know that Obama was told within two hours of the Benghazi attack that it was a Terrorist Attack.  Obama and his minions instead went on  TV and Obama even went before the United Nations to apologize for an anti Islamic video that Obamanistas proclaimed caused a "spontaneous" demonstration that resulted in the death of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans.  The fact that this "demonstration" lasted nine hours was not part of the Obamanista narrative.    

The IRS Dirty Trick Scandal leads right to the White House, the only question is how high.  When this news broke, a year ago, Obama stated that there would be a swift investigation and that those responsible would be punished.  Neither has occurred and it won't occur as long as Liar Attorney General Eric Holder is calling the shots.   More than a year later, an Obama crony and campaign contributor at the Justice Department has been put in the charge of the investigation.  What a joke.  Yet, the day after the Scandal in New Jersey involving Republican Governor Chris Christie and the closing of the George Washington Bridge, the US Attorney under Holder has convened an investigation to issue indictments.   Justice is swift when your enemies are involved in the story. 

Like Nixon, Obama has an enemies list and he is using the EPA, IRS and NSA Gestapos to go after his enemies.  In addition, as the most dangerous President in American history, Obama is using Executive Orders to transform our country into a Socialist nation predicated on Crony Capitalism.  Their motto is punish their enemies and reward their friends with lucrative government contracts and grants worth billion of dollars.  The United States is headed toward economic collapse as Obama and his Socialists pals in government continue to add to our $17 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.   But they don't care.   These crooks and thugs are out steal everything that is not nailed down as they continue feeding at the trough.  Like the Communists in the old Soviet Union that destroyed their country, the Socialists in the United States are destroying our country. 

Pinocchio Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.  The level of corruption and malfeasance we see coming out of the Obama Administration is unprecedented.  Sadly, the American people will pay the price for Obama's transgressions as we lose our freedoms in the process.  Too bad the damage done can't be confined to Obama's PEEP's, those that voted for the President. 

Iran - World Powers Surrendered

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has boasted that "World Power's Surrendered" in the recent deal to limit sanctions on Iran in exchange for talks concerning their development of nuclear weapons.  Socialist President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry got snookered once again by Iranian leaders that have no intention of ending their nuclear program.  They are just stalling for time to make their nuclear weapons a fait accompli, or in English, a done deal.   At some point and sooner than later Western countries will either have to deal with Iran as a nuclear power, or use military force to end their nuclear ambitions.  Certainly, Israel cannot stand by and allow Iran to become a nuclear power and or if they are powerless to stop them, both Israel and Saudi Arabia will have to expand their nuclear programs and delivery systems to create a strong deterrent to check Iranian power in the region. 

What ever happens, this will go down as another Obama foreign policy blunder and failure.   Iran is the the greatest sponsor of Terrorism in the world.  Iran is behind all the instability in the Middle East.  It is only a matter of time until a future President of the United States will have to take military action against Iran.   We cannot allow the Islamic Radicals in Iran to have hegemony over the entire Middle East.  Socialist President Obama has not learned both the lessons of Economics 101, or History.  Appeasement never works.  All should have learned that lesson with Adolf Hitler; yet Obamanistas must have skipped those university classes. 

Even now, as talks are supposedly going on, the Iranians are continuing their nuclear program.  Obama and other Western leaders, desperate for a deal, have in fact surrendered to the Iranians.   At this point, the only course of action is for the US Congress to enact even stricter sanctions so when the deal falls apart, which is likely to happen, we can hit Iran hard.  Actually, the Congress could save the President from himself because if these sanctions are enacted over a Presidential Veto, he can blame the Congress.  This will will provide more leverage during the talks.   Anyone who trusts Iran is a naive fool.  Sadly, we don't have Ronald Reagan, who brought down the old Soviet Union, sitting in the White House.   Pinocchio Obama is no Ronald Reagan and so talks with Iran will fail. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Obama - Unlikely Commander In Chief

In his tell all book, Duty, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates paints Socialist President Obama as very detached from his role as Commander In Chief.   Obama inherited two wars, Iraq, that the President always called the wrong war and Afghanistan that he saw as the right war, since 9/11 emanated from Afghanistan.  Gates says that about the only thing that got Obama passionate, concerning the Military, was his Executive Order to eliminate Don't Ask Don't Tell to allow Gays to openly serve in the Military.   Why would anyone be surprised by Obama's lack of interest in being a war time President.  Obama, the Liar In Chief and Community Organizer sees everything through a domestic policy lens.   It's all about putting as many people on the dole as possible for Obama and not a lot else.  And, everybody knows that arrogant Obamanistas, like most left wing Socialists, have no respect for the military, which was confirmed by Gates.    This is the reason many high level officers in the Military have resigned rather than serve under Obama. 

The fact that Obama had to manage two wars the day he was sworn into office was an inconvenient necessity that Obama would rather ignore.   To his credit, Obama has used drones to go after Terrorists and he did give the order to kill Bin Laden; but it is clear today that Al Qaeda is hardly "decimated" as often declared by the President.  We see Obama on TV just about everyday as we suffer from Obama fatigue.  Yet, is it rare that Obama brings up National Defense, except to cut monies going to the Military.   Obama prematurely pulled out of Iraq and we see the end result.  The odds are better than 50/50 that Iraq will disintegrate into chaos, much as is happening in Syria and Egypt.   There is no reason to believe that after all the sacrifice in blood and treasure that Afghanistan will not also fall apart once we are gone. 

Instability in the Middle East cannot be good for our country, or our allies in the Region.  Obama's incompetence and lack of attention to dealing with foreign policy will come back to bite us.   As Islamic Radicals take over these countries, we are likely to see years of strife if not all out war involving Western countries and Israel.  It is just a matter of time.  For better or worse, whether the President, any President likes it or not, the role of Commander In Chief comes with the big house and the jet.  It is clear that Obama would much rather be out golfing, or on the campaign trail bashing Republicans concerning Domestic issues, than be in his office doing his job as Commander In Chief.  Former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, who served four Presidents just stated the obvious in his book.   Socialist President Obama is no Ronald Reagan on the world stage, nor does he care to be.  That's for sure.      

Sick Obama Economy - Dismal Jobs Report

After borrowing, taxing and spending over a Trillion dollars on Obama's SwindleUS Plans and implementation of various Socialist Schemes during 5 years of the Obama Presidency, we saw a dismal jobs report in the December, 2013.   Only 74,000 new jobs were created.   We need about 300,000 or more new jobs each and every month to deal with population increases and actually bring down real unemployment.  Though the fake unemployment rate fell to 6.7% from 7%, it is because more and more Americans are just dropping out of the Labor Force.  The Labor Participation Rate in 2013 fell from 63.6% to 62.8%, the lowest number since 1978 when Jimmy Carter was President.   This means that an additional 2 million Americans just stopped looking for work in 2013 and as a result, they are no longer counted as the officially unemployed.   The real unemployment rate if all are counted, those that are unemployed, those that are under employed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether exceeds 13% in this sick Obama economy.   

Obamanistas love to brag that they have created 8 million new jobs in the last five years.  The reality is that since 2007 when the Recession began, 8.7 million jobs were lost.  As such, our country is just 700,000 jobs ahead of where we were in 2007, not nearly enough to keep up with population increases.   This is the reason so many people have dropped out of the workforce and that 50% of kids coming out of university cannot find work.  It is also the reason Black unemployment is double the national rate.  We now have about 50 million people on Food Stamps and 10 million people collecting Disability Benefits, often fraudulently.  One out of six Americans are now officially living in poverty, the highest rate in three decades, again since Jimmy Carter was President.  Thanks for nothing Mr. President. 

Pinocchio Obama, who preached Hope and Change when he ran for President, has given us the longest Recession in American history.  Clearly, raising taxes, ObamaCare and more burdensome regulations that hurt business have all been job killers and we see it in the numbers.  Wall Street is definitely not Main Street.  Wall Street is doing just fine because of cheap money and massive lay-off's.  Main Street has suffered under Obama as Middle Class income in real terms is less today than 30 years ago.  ObamaCare is the icing on the cake as those that do not qualify for subsidies are paying more for health insurance and getting less in benefits. 

By any measurement standard, Obama's Socialist Schemes and Economic Policy, if you can call it that, have been a disaster for the American people; kind of like a Katrina that has struck us all.   Obama's incompetence, Socialist ideology and arrogance make it impossible for the Liar In Chief to change course.   Unfortunately, we are stuck with Obama for three more years.  The only hope and it is just a hope is that if the Republicans retain the House of Representatives and take over the Senate in 2014, maybe we will see a modest change of course.  But don't count on it.  Obama is too stuck in his Socialist ways to allow the Republicans to save him from himself.  If anything Obama will use unconstitutional Executive Orders, which should be challenged in court, to double down on his Socialist Schemes.   We won't see real positive change in America, if feasible at all, until all three branches of government are controlled by Republicans.  It certainly will not happen any other way.  In the mean time, we face this sick Obama Economy.  It is what it is.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Raced Based Discipline In Public Schools

In the dumbest idea yet to come of out of the Obama Administration, Attorney General Eric Holder, a known Liar, like his boss the President, is now suggesting that there should be racial quotas for disciplining kids in public schools.  Holder, who has been held in Contempt of Congress for lying during his testimony before Congress, is saying that discipline in our public schools disproportionately impacts minority children.   As a former school teacher, who spent six years teaching in the LA City schools in an inner city junior high that predominately had Hispanic students, what the hell is this guy talking about.

First of all, discipline if you can call it that 35 years ago when I taught in public school was minimal to begin with.  There were no beatings with a rubber hose.  I can't even imagine now what it must be like in the politically correct, left wing world we live in.  In any case, if a school is predominately filled with minority kids, who else is there to discipline in that school.   As it is, in my experience, though a lot of time was spent dealing with these kids, perhaps 5 - 10% of kids were "problem kids" for one reason or another.  The vast majority of kids that I taught were not discipline problems.

Further, it is almost impossible to be expelled from a public school.   And, at least 35 years ago, expulsion from one district did not mean that kid could not be re-enrolled in another district.   Suspension used to happen once in a while for a few days; but it was not standard procedure.  More often than not a kid was given detention; but that was hardly a fate worse than death.  Swatting kids, that was prevalent when I attended public schools, disappeared long ago.

So what the hell is Attorney General Eric Holder talking about.  If a kid of any color, or race disrupts class and makes it difficult for a teacher to teach, for the benefit of the other kids, that kid must be removed from class at least for some period of time.   In my case, I used to require that the kid's Mom come to the classroom and sit next to the kid in class to demonstrate that I was not going to put up with any nonsense.   

I know, I know, embarrassing the kid was cruel and unusual punishment.  Too bad!  It always worked.  Once again, Obamanistas are going down a loony road that makes no sense.   Kids need discipline when they are bad in school and at home.   No one is talking about hitting kids; though for some kids, a good swat might not be a bad idea.  This is not a raced based discussion of any kind, just plain old common sense.      

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Governor Christie Is NOT President Obama

Republican Governor Chris Christie is dealing with a scandal in New Jersey.  Apparently, some of his staff members closed lanes on the George Washington Bridge, connecting New Jersey with New York, presumably to punish nearby Socialist Mayors that did not support Christie in his recent Governor's race.   Closing those lanes was designed to inconvenience residents of New Jersey to bring heat on the Mayors and other Socialist state legislators.  Christie knew nothing of this punitive action.  However, now that facts have come to light, Christie has both accepted responsibility, apologized to those impacted and FIRED the staff members involved in this action. 

Clearly, Governor Chris Christie is NOT Socialist President Obama.   Obama should take responsibility for numerous scandals including Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA Spying and the ObamaCare Debacle and then heads should roll.  Yet, President Pinocchio Obama, the Liar In Chief, takes no responsibility for anything and FIRES no one in his administration directly tied to these Scandals and that is probably because they lead right to the White House.  In fact, some of the people tied to these Scandals have actually been promoted to keep their mouths shut. 

While this Blogger is not a real big Christie fan because I doubt he is a reliable Conservative, my respect for Governor Chris Christie has grown immeasurably because of the way he is handling the recent Scandal in New Jersey.  Christie, as opposed to Obama, has accepted responsibility for the actions of his staff members and FIRED those responsible.  That is what would happen in business and that is what should happen in government.   Socialist President Obama could take a lesson from the way Governor Christie has handled this Scandal; but that won't happen because Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their "enemies" and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Obamanistas absolutely conform to this rule. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Republicans Never See The Train Coming

Socialist President Obama and his pals in government are smart, manipulative politicians that always play to win.   These characters do this for a living and make no attempt to be seen as citizen politicians.   Republicans, many of whom are also career politicians, are often pretty stupid politically and rarely see the train coming.  Case in point was the recent Budget Deal negotiated by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and Socialist Senator Patty Murray.   Ryan thought he had a deal that pushed back some of the Sequester, raised taxes on airline tickets and "only" raised spending by $63 Billion.  Left out of this deal, intentionally by the Socialists, was the extension of Unemployment Benefits that expired on December 31, 2013 and $6 Billion to pay for Military Pensions because Ryan would have demanded other cuts to pay for these Entitlements. 

Socialists in Congress, liars that they are, knew exactly what they were doing because they play the game to win, both short and long term.   Just a few weeks later, Obama, Reid and Pelosi immediately shifted to extending Unemployment Benefits beyond the current record 99 weeks.   Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid duped fellow Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller into co-sponsoring an extension for three months at a cost of $6.4 Billion, with no off-setting cuts to pay for it.  Heller should be tarred and feathered for this dumb transgression. 

Six Republicans, including Heller, voted with the Socialists to push this extension through the Senate.   Once again, Republicans in the Senate got snookered by Dirty Harry Reid.  But this is not the end of the game. The Socialists really want to extend Unemployment Benefits for all of 2014, even though it would be counter-productive, which will cost another $20 Billion, without any off-setting cuts to other spending. 

Obama, Reid and Pelosi will hammer Republicans in Congress, dumb enough to do it, to ram through the 3 month extension without corresponding cuts.  Hopefully, enough Republicans in the House of Representatives will Just Say No to stop this wasteful spending from happening; but don't count on it. After the Socialists enact the three month extension, they will immediately begin focusing on the rest of the year. 

Next, we will hear about the $6 Billion in cuts to Military Pensions.  That issue is not dead.  At some point, Socialists will push to restore this Entitlement, again without any cuts to other spending because they know that most Republicans will be sympathetic to this cause.  In the mean time, forget about the phony Ryan/Murray Budget Deal that was supposed to limit new spending to $63 Billion in the next two years.  As usual, it is not going to happen because Socialists will play the Republicans in Congress for the fools they often are because Republicans never see the train coming. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Senator Dean Heller - Becoming a RINO

Senator Dean Heller from Nevada, my Senator, who purports to being a Conservative is starting to look and act like a RINO.  First, Heller voted for the Fiscal Cliff Deal that raised taxes on millions of Americans and small businesses.  More recently, Heller co-sponsored a bill with the devil himself, Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, also my Senator, to extend Unemployment Benefits for three more months at a cost of $6.4 Billion, without any cuts to other spending. 

In fact, Heller cast the deciding vote to end cloture guaranteeing passage of this bill at least in the Senate.  As a Common Sense Conservative, I might be able to forgive Heller for his transgressions because normally he votes right; but in both of these cases, Heller and other RINO's in the Senate got nothing in return; no cuts to spending, no paying down the National Debt, no Entitlement Reform, no Corporate Income Tax Reform.  In fact, Heller and other so called Republicans got snookered by Obama, Reid and Pelosi, one more time.   How dumb can they be??

Given the waste, fraud and abuse in federal spending, raising taxes on anyone is a violation of Conservative Principles that should result in Excommunication, not to mention tar and feathering.   And, there are many studies that show that extending Unemployment Benefits, currently at 99 weeks, a record number, just prolongs unemployment as people remain on the dole, rather than take jobs that they see as beneath them.  Besides, Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress keep telling us that the Recession is over, so why do we need to add this spending to our National Debt to provide just three months of benefits for the Unemployed.   How can there be an "emergency" when Socialists claim they have created so many new jobs.   

Working at Wal Mart or McDonald's is not wonderful; but it would pay about the same or more than the average $300 a week paid in Unemployment Benefits.  So why should we add this spending to our National Debt and or why should the rest of us pay for someone who is able bodied to sit on his or her butt waiting for the dream job to come along when that may never happen.  As such, extending Unemployment Benefits is a dumb, counter productive, bad idea.  Senator Heller and any other Republicans that voted to do this should have known better.

Most important, the $6.4 Billion in borrowed money it will cost to do this for just three months could have been used to fund the Military Pensions, for years, that were cut in the Budget Deal, just enacted into law, that raised spending by $63 Billion over the next two years, while cutting Military Pensions.   This was shameful.   So, as of now, if Unemployment Benefits are extended for three months, without other cuts, spending will be raised by $69.4 Billion and still counting.  This new spending violates the Budget Deal enacted just a few weeks ago.  Surprise, Surprise!!  So much for any kind of Bi-Partisan Budget Compromise.   Republicans keep getting snookered because of a handful of RINO's that always seem to vote with the Socialists.  With friends like these who needs enemies.  Hopefully, Republicans in the House of Representatives, with common sense, will JUST SAY NO to this wasteful spending. 

So once again, Heller and five other Republicans in the Senate that voted to extend Unemployment Benefits got snookered by Dirty Harry Reid.   One thing is for sure, this Blogger will never ever again support, or otherwise give money to a RINO under any circumstances, or any Republican Committee that might support a RINO.  Since Senator Heller only won by 12,000 votes in the last cycle, he should consider his votes very carefully, or face an inevitable Primary Challenge. 

Senator Heller be advised, there are plenty of people I know in Nevada that don't take kindly to so called Conservatives voting for tax increases and additional spending that adds to our National Debt.  That would put YOU on the wrong side of history and we have long memories.  Lose the base of the Party and you can kiss your cushy Senate Seat goodbye.  The chickens will come home to roost the next time around, for sure. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Obama & Income Inequality

After borrowing and spending a Trillion dollars on various Obama SwindleUS Plans, that did not work to grow our economy, we have experienced the longest Recession in American history.  The end result is highest poverty rate and the lowest labor participation rate in three decades.  Further, while unemployment has come down slightly, it is because several million Americans have just dropped out of the labor force, or gone on Disability Benefits.  Naturally, the poor and the middle class have been negatively impacted by Obama's Socialist Schemes and job killer Executive Orders, particularly actions taken by the EPA to retard energy development.

So, it takes real chutzpa for Socialist President Obama to hit the campaign trail, as usual, talking about Income Inequality that he has made worse than prior Presidents.  It is true that Wall Street is doing just fine as a result of cheap money, massive lay-off's and in some cases Crony Capitalism; but Main Street is not alive and well because Obamanomics, focused on raising taxes and adding thousands of new job killer regulations, has negatively impacted business retarding economic growth and job creation.   Well dah!

Since Obama voters are Low Information Americans, it really does not matter because their short attention spans and inclinations to blame others for their problems make understanding facts difficult.  The fact is that on paper the rich have gotten richer because of the rising stock market and the poor and middle class have gotten poorer because of global competition and bad government policy made worse by Obamanistas. 

Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress want even higher taxes than they got in ObamaCare and the Fiscal Cliff deal; yet it is never enough because the practice the politics of envy.  We will hear them talk about throwing granny over a cliff, the unemployed and starving children.  The problem is that raising taxes, which may be good for growing government, means fewer jobs in the private sector and less money available for higher compensation and benefits paid to the poor and the middle class.   This should be obvious.  Take more money from job creators and they will have less money to invest in new businesses, or initiatives that create jobs.   Without economic growth and job creation, it is impossible to have higher incomes; hence the Income Inequality we have in the US.  This is a vicious cycle. 

Of course, Socialists who will lie, cheat, borrow, steal, extort and target their enemies to stay in power will continue to scream Class Warfare because it plays well with their PEEP's.  The fact is that the poor are not poor because the rich are rich.  The poor are poor because they lack education, marketable job skills, motivation to rise above their condition and an inability to deal with delayed gratification, working and studying hard today, for future benefit.   It is much easier to be on Welfare and Food Stamps than break the cycle of poverty, especially since Obama has made it so easy to collect these benefits. 

Just know that Obama and his Socialist pals in government are responsible for the Income Inequality that exists in the US.  They want more people on the dole voting for them.  And, when the talk about helping the sick, starving children, the unemployed and throwing granny over a cliff, just know that they have wasted more than $100 Billion on Green Energy Schemes that have failed, provided Obama cell phones to 6 million Americans fraudulently, costing $2 Billion a year, paid out more than $4 Billion to illegal aliens and others not eligible for the earned income tax credit.  These examples of waste fraud and abuse are just the tip of the iceberg.   Socialists refuse to allow greater energy production, or to reform our tax code, both of which would do more to create jobs and deal with Income Inequality than any other things that are possible; but they will not happen because Class War Fare is the Socialist ticket to power.  It is what it is.   

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Elections - Socialist Same Old, Same Old

The 2014 Election Season has already begun.  The Socialists will do everything they can to take the focus off ObamaCare, since it is such a debacle.  Of course,  Socialists can always rely on Class Warfare, radical feminism and environmentalism and the Race Card to rally their base.  We will hear about income inequality painting the rich, who create jobs, as greedy and the poor, many of whom are able bodied, that apparently have no personal responsibility for their plight because they are "victims" of our evil Capitalist system.  It is all B--L S--T; but that does not matter for the Low Information Learners who vote for Socialists.

Obamanistas will also push for raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment benefits beyond the current 99 weeks, which will actually hurt the very people they say they want to help.   We will also hear about Republicans who want to deny women birth control pills even though that is not true.  But truth doesn't matter to Socialists because it these things play well with their base.  Only problem is that ObamaCare is not going away.  6 million Americans have lost their medical insurance.   Millions more are paying higher premiums because of the "free mandates" in ObamaCare.   These are facts not Socialist lies. 

And, the shoe will really fall next fall, just before the 2014 election, as we see 2015 premiums go up even higher for those actually paying for their medical insurance.   There will be story after story in 2014 about Americans that got screwed by ObamaCare; just wait and see.  This will hurt Socialist incumbent Senators running in Red States so much so that there is a really good chance that Republicans will take over the Senate.   Republicans will also hold the House. 

If both Houses of Congress go Republican, the Obama Presidency will be over, except that this President will rule by dictatorial, unconstitutional Executive Orders, which makes Obama even more dangerous.   In the mean time, expect to hear that Republicans support dirty air and water,  throwing granny over the cliff and starving children.   We have seen this story many times before coming from their pals in the lame stream left wing media and Socialists desperate to win elections to continue feeding at the trough.  President Pinocchio Obama, the Liar In Chief, will say anything, or do anything to help Socialists win in 2014.  All should know that Socialists will use agencies of government to target opponents, lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, spy and history teaches us even murder to stay in power.  It will be same old, same old in 2014. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

40,000 New Laws - More Tyranny & Job Killers

It has been reported that local, state and federal governments have enacted 40,000 new laws that became effective on January 1, 2014.   It is very likely that many of those laws will either impact our freedoms and or be job killers.  So, presumably well intentioned elected officials who think they are doing us a big favor act instead to intrude into all aspects of daily life.  Let's face it, everything we do, eat, buy, own or touch is somehow taxed, or regulated.   Obviously, we all support laws that guarantee safe food and water and both local and national security; but do we really need laws governing rain water run off from our house roofs.  

It is estimated that various laws and regulations cost American business about a trillion dollars a year to comply.  That is money that is not going into new investments and job creation.  But that is not all.   Environmental laws in California cause gasoline to be 50 cents to a dollar a gallon more than in Texas and other states.  The same thing is true about dry cleaning, which cost significantly more in California than in Texas.   Generally, the cost of energy is higher in Blue states than in Red states because of regulations, which increases the cost of everything and lowers the overall standard of living in those states.  Whole industries have left the United States because of various regulations.   We used to have thriving textile and furniture manufacturing industries in the United States.  Unreasonable regulations have pushed those industries overseas.  Very few textiles, or even high end furniture is now manufactured in the US.

We need a 5 - 10 year moratorium on all job killer laws if we are ever going to see robust economic growth and job creation again in America.   Tell your elected representatives at all levels of government to take a break.   In addition, in real terms, the Middle Class is earning less today than 20 years ago and the standard of living for all but the rich in America continues to fall because of over taxation and regulation along with global competition.  The last thing we need in this weak economy are 40,000 more new laws that limit our freedoms, or kill jobs taking effect on January 1, 2014.   Folks, rise up and push back.  Don't just sit there and take it anymore.   Give your elected representatives of both political parties a wake up call.   Tell them to stop all the B--L S--T that is wrecking our country.       

Friday, January 3, 2014

Dealing With Our Dysfunctional Culture - Getting Really Old

This Blogger is a product of the 60's, which included Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, the Civil Rights Movement and liberated women burning their bra's.   Growing up in North Hollywood, California and working my way through university in Beverly Hills provided me with exposure that few in America will ever experience.   In my 63 years, I have been around celebrities, Presidents, Senators and Congressmen.  I have done business with some of the largest corporations in the world.  I am an old White Guy, born of blue collar parents, who started with nothing; but worked very hard to have something.    As a result, I don't have much patience for those who are able bodied; but prefer to be victims and whiners, rather than just getting off their lazy butts to make something of themselves. 

Women and Gays in America are better educated and often make more money than White Men.  Members of minority groups that have worked hard and stopped being victims manipulated by Socialist Politicians and poverty pimps, have made it into the main steam.   Many of them are my neighbors and friends.  Personally, I don't care if Gays choose to come together in Civil Unions; though I believe that 5,000 years of history and the ability to procreate dictates that the word marriage is between a man and woman.  Given the technology, I have a hard time understanding how anyone can still support unlimited access to abortion, or abortion used as birth control, since within a few months of conception there is a heart beating demonstrating that life has begun.  And, we have to stop all the politically correct jargon that makes no sense.  Illegal Aliens are in the United States illegally.  They may also be "undocumented workers"; but that does not give them any kind of legal status just because left wingers insist on referring to them differently in an attempt to sanitize their status. 

In any case, this Blogger is tired of dealing with the dysfunctional culture every day in my face as portrayed by the left wing lame stream media.  A small percentage of our population is Gay; though it would seem that they are the majority given their presence in the media.  Again, I don't care if someone is Gay.  I don't really care if someone is heterosexual either.  Neither status is any of our business.  So why is sexual orientation a daily discussion in the media.   Let it go.   Though I am not a prude, given sexually transmitted diseases, it would seem that "hooking up" and risky sex between homo or heterosexuals and even teenagers, often portrayed on TV, is pretty damn stupid.   And, having babies out of wedlock, now the norm in the Black community and fast becoming the norm for other ethnic groups, often born into a life of poverty, is also pretty dumb.  Yet, neither of these behaviors are regularly condemned, as they should be, regardless of the ramifications because right and wrong have been blurred in our culture by the lame stream, left wing media and their secular Socialist pals to the detriment of our nation.   

Data demonstrates that women are doing just fine in America, or at least as good or better than White Men, so can we stop all the whining about women's rights.  Women burned their bra's long ago; which was probably a big mistake for those women now in their 60's. We get it.  Members of minority groups that work hard and get a great education make it in America.  Those that don't, like other Americans, are stuck in poverty.  Again, while life is not perfect and never will be, why do we constantly have discussions designed to divide our nation into interest groups based on Sex, Race, or Sexual Orientation when for the most part we have risen above these issues.  I can tell you why.  The poverty pimps and Socialists that have gotten rich by dividing our nation only continue do so by as long as we have victims in America.  If someone is able bodied and a victim, it is because they choose to be a victim; but that is never the message. 

Unless someone was born in Africa and later became an American citizen, they cannot be an African American any more than I am an Italian American.  All of us born in the United States, no matter what our heritage, are just plain old Americans.   We might be White, Black or Brown, or a mixture thereof like the President of the United States; but who cares especially since the American people have elected our first semi-Black President twice.   Our country is headed toward economic collapse and be assured that will not be good for anyone regardless of Sex, Race or Sexual Orientation if it happens.  It is about time, we stop all the left wing cultural B--L S--T and focus on right and wrong and getting our fiscal house in order for the sake of all of our children and grandchildren. 

As Lincoln once said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".  The Civil War was the end result.   We are today as divided as during the Civil War and it is dangerous. Socialists and poverty pimps seek to divide our nation for political and personal gain.  Just watch MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist Network Broadcasting Corporation, or listen to Socialist President Obama every time he speaks his lies to see this in action.  Rich versus Poor.  Black and Latino Versus White.  Gay versus Straight.  Pro Life versus Pro Choice.  Young versus Old.  Obama ticked them all off during his election campaigns to manipulate his PEEP's into voting for him.  It never ends and it is destroying our nation.  Dealing with the culture is getting really old, particularly since there is so much dysfunction all around us.  This Blogger along with many hard working, tax paying Americans that cling to our guns, religion and family values are sick and tired of it.