Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Creating Jobs In America

We will soon enter the sixth year of the Obama Presidency and we still face a lousy economy.  Yes, Wall Street is doing just fine because of cheap money and massive lay-off's to cut costs; but Main Street is suffering as a result Obama's high taxes and regulations, all of which are job killers.   Obama's Trillion Dollar SwindleUS Plans did nothing to create jobs.  As such, we have the highest poverty rate and the lowest labor participation rate in three decades.  The Middle Class is actually earning less money today in real terms than twenty years ago.  Black unemployment is double the national average. 

50 million Americans are on Food Stamps and many of those people are also on easier to get Welfare.  Nearly 10 million people are now collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently.  One in six Americans are now living in poverty.  This is the Hope and Change that Obama and his Socialist ideology has brought to America.   But this should be no surprise to anyone.  Socialism where ever it has been tried has resulted in poverty and misery for the very people it is intended to help. 

Only Free Market Capitalism with all of its boom and bust cycles actually addresses poverty through wealth creation.   Ronald Reagan cut taxes and regulations and it created 20 million new jobs and prosperity for more than two decades.  Obamanistas are all job killers.   8 million fewer people are  working today that at the end of the Bush II Presidency.  So when Obama talks about creating 8 million new jobs,  we have not even kept up with population increases.   Millions of Americans have just given up looking for work. 

We need to shrink government to grow the private sector.   We need to focus on Energy Independence with an all of the above strategy to create millions of good paying jobs in America that cannot be off shored.  We need Corporate Tax Reform to bring corporate taxes in line with other countries to keep more jobs in the US.  None of these things will happen as long as Obama and his Socialist pals in government remain in office. 

Our only hope is electing a Republican Congress in 2014 and a Republican President in 2016.  Given that there are RINO's in the Republican Party who also enjoy feeding trough, there is no guarantee that the Republicans will get our country back on track.  But one thing is for sure, Socialist job killers will never do what is necessary to create economic growth and jobs again in America.  Socialists want more people on the dole to vote for them.  It is what it is. 

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