Friday, January 10, 2014

Raced Based Discipline In Public Schools

In the dumbest idea yet to come of out of the Obama Administration, Attorney General Eric Holder, a known Liar, like his boss the President, is now suggesting that there should be racial quotas for disciplining kids in public schools.  Holder, who has been held in Contempt of Congress for lying during his testimony before Congress, is saying that discipline in our public schools disproportionately impacts minority children.   As a former school teacher, who spent six years teaching in the LA City schools in an inner city junior high that predominately had Hispanic students, what the hell is this guy talking about.

First of all, discipline if you can call it that 35 years ago when I taught in public school was minimal to begin with.  There were no beatings with a rubber hose.  I can't even imagine now what it must be like in the politically correct, left wing world we live in.  In any case, if a school is predominately filled with minority kids, who else is there to discipline in that school.   As it is, in my experience, though a lot of time was spent dealing with these kids, perhaps 5 - 10% of kids were "problem kids" for one reason or another.  The vast majority of kids that I taught were not discipline problems.

Further, it is almost impossible to be expelled from a public school.   And, at least 35 years ago, expulsion from one district did not mean that kid could not be re-enrolled in another district.   Suspension used to happen once in a while for a few days; but it was not standard procedure.  More often than not a kid was given detention; but that was hardly a fate worse than death.  Swatting kids, that was prevalent when I attended public schools, disappeared long ago.

So what the hell is Attorney General Eric Holder talking about.  If a kid of any color, or race disrupts class and makes it difficult for a teacher to teach, for the benefit of the other kids, that kid must be removed from class at least for some period of time.   In my case, I used to require that the kid's Mom come to the classroom and sit next to the kid in class to demonstrate that I was not going to put up with any nonsense.   

I know, I know, embarrassing the kid was cruel and unusual punishment.  Too bad!  It always worked.  Once again, Obamanistas are going down a loony road that makes no sense.   Kids need discipline when they are bad in school and at home.   No one is talking about hitting kids; though for some kids, a good swat might not be a bad idea.  This is not a raced based discussion of any kind, just plain old common sense.      

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