Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dismal State Of The Union - Yada, Yada, Yada

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union Address and it was just more of the same Yada, Yada, Yada.  And, while the President attempted to paint a good picture, the fact is that the State of the Union, going into his sixth year in office, is DISMAL.  But don't believe this Blogger, or the President, just go on usdebtclock.org to see for yourself.   Cards talk and numbers don't lie, but Socialists do lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and target their enemies to stay in power feeding at the trough and Obama is no exception to this rule.   Obama is a well known LIAR and his State of the Union Address was no exception.  Obama's threat to go around Congress, by using Executive Orders to implement more of his job killing Socialist Schemes, is actually an indication of his failed leadership, rather than some bold strategy.    

What is really funny about Obama's speech is that he talked about income inequality that his economic policy have made worse, as though someone else has been President for six years.   The fact is that the average Middle Class family is earning about $5,000 a year less, since Obama was elected.  The Obama Recession has resulted in 20 million Americans still out of work as Obama policies have caused the lowest Labor Participation Rate in three decades.   The official unemployment rate has gone a down a bit; but only because millions of Americans have just stopped looking for jobs.   And, unemployment among Blacks, presumably Obama's PEEP's, is double the national average.   Actually, over 92 million people are no longer in the Labor Force out of 317 million Americans.  One is six Americans now live in poverty, again the highest poverty rate in three decades.   More than 47 million Americans are now on Food Stamps and Welfare up 20 million since Obama was first elected.  14 million Americans are collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently. 

The biggest Obama lies in his State of the Union Address, that have earned the President more Pinocchio's,  came when Obama claimed that 9 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare.  The vast majority of those people have signed up for Medicaid, free medical insurance, which would have happened anyway.  And enrolling is not signing up.  Insurance companies have reported that they have not received first payments for many of these people and therefore they do not have medical insurance.  Further, what Obama failed to mention is that more than 5 million Americans had their medical insurance cancelled as a result of ObamaCare.   And, that many companies are now designating employees Part Time to avoid providing medical insurance. 

Finally, the President also failed to mention that his promise that if you like your current medical insurance plan and doctors you can keep your current plan and doctors PERIOD, was a big LIE and Obamanistas knew it in 2010, when the President was saying otherwise.  The ObamaCare Medical Insurance Plans do not include many doctors that were previously available to patients.  And, Obama told us that ObamaCare would lower premiums for the average family by $2,500, when in fact premiums have now gone up by $2,500.  Further, the Deductibles in those ObamaCare Plans are so high that people might as well have no insurance at all.  ObamaCare is a train wreck that has run over the American people; but no apologies from Obamanistas. 

And, then there is the National Debt; now at $17.3 Trillion, with no end in sight.  Obama has added $7 Trillion in five years, to the $10 Trillion National Debt that he inherited from the past 43 Presidents.  Based on the current trajectory, the National Debt will be $20 Trillion by the time Obama leaves office, which is far greater than our annual Gross Domestic Product.  Social Security and Medicare have an unfunded liability of $127 Trillion, so they are headed toward bankruptcy.  The total wealth in the country is only about $109 Trillion.   Confiscating every asset and every dime in the country, not just a percentage and not just from the rich, could not cover all our promised Entitlements, which also includes ObamaCare, Medicaid and government pensions for Trillions more.  

This is the Dismal State of our Union after just five years of Obama.   American people wake up!!!  In 2014 and 2016 vote for Common Sense Conservatives (not RINOS) that support limited government, lower taxes and less regulations and pro-growth free market economics to get our fiscal house in order.  It will not be easy; but it surely will not happen as long as Socialists control any branch of government.     

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