Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cuomo - Conservatives Not Welcome In New York

Socialist New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced, on radio, that Conservatives that oppose abortion, cling to our guns and religion and support traditional marriage are not welcome in the state of New York.   Really!  That would include many Catholics and other Christians that do not support Cuomo and other Radical Secular Socialists.   Cuomo, who purports to be a Roman Catholic, supports unlimited access to abortion right up until birth, which is contrary to church beliefs.   Cuomo is a baby killer.  If Cuomo shows his face in a Catholic Church, which seems unlikely, he should be denied Holy Communion.  No Catholic Priest, Bishop, Arch Bishop, or Cardinal should allow Cuomo, as an agent of the devil, to set foot in a Catholic Church.      

Further, at a time when the state of New York is running commercials to attract companies to relocate and set up shop in New York, it would seem that Cuomo's comments were pretty dumb.  The fact is that companies have been leaving New York for years as a result of the highest taxes in the country and burdensome regulations that are job killers.  A business owner would have to be crazy to relocate to New York given that the state is always rated among the worst places to do business in the nation.   Certainly, any Conservative business owner will now forgetaboutit. 

Finally, as tourists that enjoy going to New York City every few years for Broadway, we will now go elsewhere to spend our money as long as Cuomo is Governor.   We can see great Broadway in London and many other cities both in the US and around the world.  If Conservatives are not welcome in New York, so be it.  We will now Boycott the state of New York.  This stupid Governor has just cost the state of New York a lot of money and jobs.   We are certainly not going to go where we are not welcome.   People of New York, wake up.   Socialist Governor Cuomo is a hate filled Bigot and an Idiot.  Governors are supposed to be salesmen for their states.  Instead, Cuomo's pronouncement concerning Conservatives says, Closed For Business.   

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