Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Senator Dean Heller - Becoming a RINO

Senator Dean Heller from Nevada, my Senator, who purports to being a Conservative is starting to look and act like a RINO.  First, Heller voted for the Fiscal Cliff Deal that raised taxes on millions of Americans and small businesses.  More recently, Heller co-sponsored a bill with the devil himself, Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, also my Senator, to extend Unemployment Benefits for three more months at a cost of $6.4 Billion, without any cuts to other spending. 

In fact, Heller cast the deciding vote to end cloture guaranteeing passage of this bill at least in the Senate.  As a Common Sense Conservative, I might be able to forgive Heller for his transgressions because normally he votes right; but in both of these cases, Heller and other RINO's in the Senate got nothing in return; no cuts to spending, no paying down the National Debt, no Entitlement Reform, no Corporate Income Tax Reform.  In fact, Heller and other so called Republicans got snookered by Obama, Reid and Pelosi, one more time.   How dumb can they be??

Given the waste, fraud and abuse in federal spending, raising taxes on anyone is a violation of Conservative Principles that should result in Excommunication, not to mention tar and feathering.   And, there are many studies that show that extending Unemployment Benefits, currently at 99 weeks, a record number, just prolongs unemployment as people remain on the dole, rather than take jobs that they see as beneath them.  Besides, Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress keep telling us that the Recession is over, so why do we need to add this spending to our National Debt to provide just three months of benefits for the Unemployed.   How can there be an "emergency" when Socialists claim they have created so many new jobs.   

Working at Wal Mart or McDonald's is not wonderful; but it would pay about the same or more than the average $300 a week paid in Unemployment Benefits.  So why should we add this spending to our National Debt and or why should the rest of us pay for someone who is able bodied to sit on his or her butt waiting for the dream job to come along when that may never happen.  As such, extending Unemployment Benefits is a dumb, counter productive, bad idea.  Senator Heller and any other Republicans that voted to do this should have known better.

Most important, the $6.4 Billion in borrowed money it will cost to do this for just three months could have been used to fund the Military Pensions, for years, that were cut in the Budget Deal, just enacted into law, that raised spending by $63 Billion over the next two years, while cutting Military Pensions.   This was shameful.   So, as of now, if Unemployment Benefits are extended for three months, without other cuts, spending will be raised by $69.4 Billion and still counting.  This new spending violates the Budget Deal enacted just a few weeks ago.  Surprise, Surprise!!  So much for any kind of Bi-Partisan Budget Compromise.   Republicans keep getting snookered because of a handful of RINO's that always seem to vote with the Socialists.  With friends like these who needs enemies.  Hopefully, Republicans in the House of Representatives, with common sense, will JUST SAY NO to this wasteful spending. 

So once again, Heller and five other Republicans in the Senate that voted to extend Unemployment Benefits got snookered by Dirty Harry Reid.   One thing is for sure, this Blogger will never ever again support, or otherwise give money to a RINO under any circumstances, or any Republican Committee that might support a RINO.  Since Senator Heller only won by 12,000 votes in the last cycle, he should consider his votes very carefully, or face an inevitable Primary Challenge. 

Senator Heller be advised, there are plenty of people I know in Nevada that don't take kindly to so called Conservatives voting for tax increases and additional spending that adds to our National Debt.  That would put YOU on the wrong side of history and we have long memories.  Lose the base of the Party and you can kiss your cushy Senate Seat goodbye.  The chickens will come home to roost the next time around, for sure. 

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