Saturday, January 4, 2014

40,000 New Laws - More Tyranny & Job Killers

It has been reported that local, state and federal governments have enacted 40,000 new laws that became effective on January 1, 2014.   It is very likely that many of those laws will either impact our freedoms and or be job killers.  So, presumably well intentioned elected officials who think they are doing us a big favor act instead to intrude into all aspects of daily life.  Let's face it, everything we do, eat, buy, own or touch is somehow taxed, or regulated.   Obviously, we all support laws that guarantee safe food and water and both local and national security; but do we really need laws governing rain water run off from our house roofs.  

It is estimated that various laws and regulations cost American business about a trillion dollars a year to comply.  That is money that is not going into new investments and job creation.  But that is not all.   Environmental laws in California cause gasoline to be 50 cents to a dollar a gallon more than in Texas and other states.  The same thing is true about dry cleaning, which cost significantly more in California than in Texas.   Generally, the cost of energy is higher in Blue states than in Red states because of regulations, which increases the cost of everything and lowers the overall standard of living in those states.  Whole industries have left the United States because of various regulations.   We used to have thriving textile and furniture manufacturing industries in the United States.  Unreasonable regulations have pushed those industries overseas.  Very few textiles, or even high end furniture is now manufactured in the US.

We need a 5 - 10 year moratorium on all job killer laws if we are ever going to see robust economic growth and job creation again in America.   Tell your elected representatives at all levels of government to take a break.   In addition, in real terms, the Middle Class is earning less today than 20 years ago and the standard of living for all but the rich in America continues to fall because of over taxation and regulation along with global competition.  The last thing we need in this weak economy are 40,000 more new laws that limit our freedoms, or kill jobs taking effect on January 1, 2014.   Folks, rise up and push back.  Don't just sit there and take it anymore.   Give your elected representatives of both political parties a wake up call.   Tell them to stop all the B--L S--T that is wrecking our country.       

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