Friday, January 3, 2014

Dealing With Our Dysfunctional Culture - Getting Really Old

This Blogger is a product of the 60's, which included Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, the Civil Rights Movement and liberated women burning their bra's.   Growing up in North Hollywood, California and working my way through university in Beverly Hills provided me with exposure that few in America will ever experience.   In my 63 years, I have been around celebrities, Presidents, Senators and Congressmen.  I have done business with some of the largest corporations in the world.  I am an old White Guy, born of blue collar parents, who started with nothing; but worked very hard to have something.    As a result, I don't have much patience for those who are able bodied; but prefer to be victims and whiners, rather than just getting off their lazy butts to make something of themselves. 

Women and Gays in America are better educated and often make more money than White Men.  Members of minority groups that have worked hard and stopped being victims manipulated by Socialist Politicians and poverty pimps, have made it into the main steam.   Many of them are my neighbors and friends.  Personally, I don't care if Gays choose to come together in Civil Unions; though I believe that 5,000 years of history and the ability to procreate dictates that the word marriage is between a man and woman.  Given the technology, I have a hard time understanding how anyone can still support unlimited access to abortion, or abortion used as birth control, since within a few months of conception there is a heart beating demonstrating that life has begun.  And, we have to stop all the politically correct jargon that makes no sense.  Illegal Aliens are in the United States illegally.  They may also be "undocumented workers"; but that does not give them any kind of legal status just because left wingers insist on referring to them differently in an attempt to sanitize their status. 

In any case, this Blogger is tired of dealing with the dysfunctional culture every day in my face as portrayed by the left wing lame stream media.  A small percentage of our population is Gay; though it would seem that they are the majority given their presence in the media.  Again, I don't care if someone is Gay.  I don't really care if someone is heterosexual either.  Neither status is any of our business.  So why is sexual orientation a daily discussion in the media.   Let it go.   Though I am not a prude, given sexually transmitted diseases, it would seem that "hooking up" and risky sex between homo or heterosexuals and even teenagers, often portrayed on TV, is pretty damn stupid.   And, having babies out of wedlock, now the norm in the Black community and fast becoming the norm for other ethnic groups, often born into a life of poverty, is also pretty dumb.  Yet, neither of these behaviors are regularly condemned, as they should be, regardless of the ramifications because right and wrong have been blurred in our culture by the lame stream, left wing media and their secular Socialist pals to the detriment of our nation.   

Data demonstrates that women are doing just fine in America, or at least as good or better than White Men, so can we stop all the whining about women's rights.  Women burned their bra's long ago; which was probably a big mistake for those women now in their 60's. We get it.  Members of minority groups that work hard and get a great education make it in America.  Those that don't, like other Americans, are stuck in poverty.  Again, while life is not perfect and never will be, why do we constantly have discussions designed to divide our nation into interest groups based on Sex, Race, or Sexual Orientation when for the most part we have risen above these issues.  I can tell you why.  The poverty pimps and Socialists that have gotten rich by dividing our nation only continue do so by as long as we have victims in America.  If someone is able bodied and a victim, it is because they choose to be a victim; but that is never the message. 

Unless someone was born in Africa and later became an American citizen, they cannot be an African American any more than I am an Italian American.  All of us born in the United States, no matter what our heritage, are just plain old Americans.   We might be White, Black or Brown, or a mixture thereof like the President of the United States; but who cares especially since the American people have elected our first semi-Black President twice.   Our country is headed toward economic collapse and be assured that will not be good for anyone regardless of Sex, Race or Sexual Orientation if it happens.  It is about time, we stop all the left wing cultural B--L S--T and focus on right and wrong and getting our fiscal house in order for the sake of all of our children and grandchildren. 

As Lincoln once said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".  The Civil War was the end result.   We are today as divided as during the Civil War and it is dangerous. Socialists and poverty pimps seek to divide our nation for political and personal gain.  Just watch MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist Network Broadcasting Corporation, or listen to Socialist President Obama every time he speaks his lies to see this in action.  Rich versus Poor.  Black and Latino Versus White.  Gay versus Straight.  Pro Life versus Pro Choice.  Young versus Old.  Obama ticked them all off during his election campaigns to manipulate his PEEP's into voting for him.  It never ends and it is destroying our nation.  Dealing with the culture is getting really old, particularly since there is so much dysfunction all around us.  This Blogger along with many hard working, tax paying Americans that cling to our guns, religion and family values are sick and tired of it. 

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