Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Republicans Never See The Train Coming

Socialist President Obama and his pals in government are smart, manipulative politicians that always play to win.   These characters do this for a living and make no attempt to be seen as citizen politicians.   Republicans, many of whom are also career politicians, are often pretty stupid politically and rarely see the train coming.  Case in point was the recent Budget Deal negotiated by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and Socialist Senator Patty Murray.   Ryan thought he had a deal that pushed back some of the Sequester, raised taxes on airline tickets and "only" raised spending by $63 Billion.  Left out of this deal, intentionally by the Socialists, was the extension of Unemployment Benefits that expired on December 31, 2013 and $6 Billion to pay for Military Pensions because Ryan would have demanded other cuts to pay for these Entitlements. 

Socialists in Congress, liars that they are, knew exactly what they were doing because they play the game to win, both short and long term.   Just a few weeks later, Obama, Reid and Pelosi immediately shifted to extending Unemployment Benefits beyond the current record 99 weeks.   Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid duped fellow Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller into co-sponsoring an extension for three months at a cost of $6.4 Billion, with no off-setting cuts to pay for it.  Heller should be tarred and feathered for this dumb transgression. 

Six Republicans, including Heller, voted with the Socialists to push this extension through the Senate.   Once again, Republicans in the Senate got snookered by Dirty Harry Reid.  But this is not the end of the game. The Socialists really want to extend Unemployment Benefits for all of 2014, even though it would be counter-productive, which will cost another $20 Billion, without any off-setting cuts to other spending. 

Obama, Reid and Pelosi will hammer Republicans in Congress, dumb enough to do it, to ram through the 3 month extension without corresponding cuts.  Hopefully, enough Republicans in the House of Representatives will Just Say No to stop this wasteful spending from happening; but don't count on it. After the Socialists enact the three month extension, they will immediately begin focusing on the rest of the year. 

Next, we will hear about the $6 Billion in cuts to Military Pensions.  That issue is not dead.  At some point, Socialists will push to restore this Entitlement, again without any cuts to other spending because they know that most Republicans will be sympathetic to this cause.  In the mean time, forget about the phony Ryan/Murray Budget Deal that was supposed to limit new spending to $63 Billion in the next two years.  As usual, it is not going to happen because Socialists will play the Republicans in Congress for the fools they often are because Republicans never see the train coming. 

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