Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Elections - Socialist Same Old, Same Old

The 2014 Election Season has already begun.  The Socialists will do everything they can to take the focus off ObamaCare, since it is such a debacle.  Of course,  Socialists can always rely on Class Warfare, radical feminism and environmentalism and the Race Card to rally their base.  We will hear about income inequality painting the rich, who create jobs, as greedy and the poor, many of whom are able bodied, that apparently have no personal responsibility for their plight because they are "victims" of our evil Capitalist system.  It is all B--L S--T; but that does not matter for the Low Information Learners who vote for Socialists.

Obamanistas will also push for raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment benefits beyond the current 99 weeks, which will actually hurt the very people they say they want to help.   We will also hear about Republicans who want to deny women birth control pills even though that is not true.  But truth doesn't matter to Socialists because it these things play well with their base.  Only problem is that ObamaCare is not going away.  6 million Americans have lost their medical insurance.   Millions more are paying higher premiums because of the "free mandates" in ObamaCare.   These are facts not Socialist lies. 

And, the shoe will really fall next fall, just before the 2014 election, as we see 2015 premiums go up even higher for those actually paying for their medical insurance.   There will be story after story in 2014 about Americans that got screwed by ObamaCare; just wait and see.  This will hurt Socialist incumbent Senators running in Red States so much so that there is a really good chance that Republicans will take over the Senate.   Republicans will also hold the House. 

If both Houses of Congress go Republican, the Obama Presidency will be over, except that this President will rule by dictatorial, unconstitutional Executive Orders, which makes Obama even more dangerous.   In the mean time, expect to hear that Republicans support dirty air and water,  throwing granny over the cliff and starving children.   We have seen this story many times before coming from their pals in the lame stream left wing media and Socialists desperate to win elections to continue feeding at the trough.  President Pinocchio Obama, the Liar In Chief, will say anything, or do anything to help Socialists win in 2014.  All should know that Socialists will use agencies of government to target opponents, lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, spy and history teaches us even murder to stay in power.  It will be same old, same old in 2014. 

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