Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nixon and Obama The Liar In Chief

Richard Nixon was forced out of office as a result of the Watergate Break-In and Cover-Up, which as Scandals go is nothing compared to what we see happening in the Obama Administration.  Of course, this happened because the lame stream, left wing media hated Nixon because he was ardently anti-Communist.   Fast forward to Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, the Liar In Chief, who would be impeached if he was any other President, except for the fact that Obama has the support of the lame stream left wing media.  We now know that Obama was told within two hours of the Benghazi attack that it was a Terrorist Attack.  Obama and his minions instead went on  TV and Obama even went before the United Nations to apologize for an anti Islamic video that Obamanistas proclaimed caused a "spontaneous" demonstration that resulted in the death of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans.  The fact that this "demonstration" lasted nine hours was not part of the Obamanista narrative.    

The IRS Dirty Trick Scandal leads right to the White House, the only question is how high.  When this news broke, a year ago, Obama stated that there would be a swift investigation and that those responsible would be punished.  Neither has occurred and it won't occur as long as Liar Attorney General Eric Holder is calling the shots.   More than a year later, an Obama crony and campaign contributor at the Justice Department has been put in the charge of the investigation.  What a joke.  Yet, the day after the Scandal in New Jersey involving Republican Governor Chris Christie and the closing of the George Washington Bridge, the US Attorney under Holder has convened an investigation to issue indictments.   Justice is swift when your enemies are involved in the story. 

Like Nixon, Obama has an enemies list and he is using the EPA, IRS and NSA Gestapos to go after his enemies.  In addition, as the most dangerous President in American history, Obama is using Executive Orders to transform our country into a Socialist nation predicated on Crony Capitalism.  Their motto is punish their enemies and reward their friends with lucrative government contracts and grants worth billion of dollars.  The United States is headed toward economic collapse as Obama and his Socialists pals in government continue to add to our $17 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.   But they don't care.   These crooks and thugs are out steal everything that is not nailed down as they continue feeding at the trough.  Like the Communists in the old Soviet Union that destroyed their country, the Socialists in the United States are destroying our country. 

Pinocchio Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.  The level of corruption and malfeasance we see coming out of the Obama Administration is unprecedented.  Sadly, the American people will pay the price for Obama's transgressions as we lose our freedoms in the process.  Too bad the damage done can't be confined to Obama's PEEP's, those that voted for the President. 

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