Sunday, January 19, 2014

MLK Day - The Lost Dream

As we honor Dr. Martin Luther King each year for the contribution he made to our nation in advancing Civil Rights, this Blogger can't help but think that the dream King spoke of in his "I Have A Dream" Speech is lost.   While it is true that a small percentage of Blacks in America have made it into the mainstream to realize the American Dream, the vast majority of Blacks live in poverty.   We have spent $20 Trillion on The War on Poverty since 1965, contributing to the bankruptcy of our nation and the Obama poverty rate is higher today than three decades ago. 

The poverty pimps that live and have gotten rich off the misery of others would argue that poverty would be even worse if not for all the monies spent to alleviate poverty.  In fact, they and their Socialist supporters in government and the lame stream left wing media argue that we have not spent enough to end poverty.  Of course, it is all B--L S--T.  The numbers tell us that government programs have created even more poverty as Blacks in America now have a new slave master, big government and the Socialist politicians who keep them on the dole to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

One in six Americans today live in poverty; many of them Blacks.   7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock often into poverty because Welfare has destroyed the Black family.  50% of Black men have been arrested.  50 million Americans are on Food Stamps with many of them on Welfare.   A good proportion of these people are poor Blacks.  Many Blacks do not even have the reading, or communications skills to work at McDonald's.  The fact is that government programs, after Trillions of dollars spent to alleviate poverty, have made it worse.   This is certainly not the dream described by Dr. King. 

We have to break the cycle of poverty to make it go away not perpetuate it.   We need Workfare instead of Welfare.   We need School Vouchers to allow poor Blacks and others to get their kids out of failing inner city schools into private schools.   We need safe inner city streets, which means arresting gang bangers and drug pushers and taking them off our streets.   Most important, we must recognize the reality we face.   Spending more money on government poverty programs, that have failed, is pretty dumb.  It is time for new ideas that will actually break the cycle of poverty.  More of the same Obama Socialist Schemes keep Blacks, on the dole, down on the plantation.   If a dose of reality is racist, so be it.  It is time for all to recognize the truth to help end poverty in America.  What we are doing now is not working and has made it worse. 


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