Friday, January 24, 2014

Obama - The Whiner In Chief

Socialist President Obama is blaming his falling approval rating, down in the high 30's, on the fact that he is Black and because of criticism from Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio and Blogs.  Really?   Aside from being the Liar In Chief, the President is now becoming the Whiner In Chief.   At least this time Obama did not blame George W Bush for his failures; though we may hear that again too.  Obama claims that he just can't get his message out, translation propaganda, because of Fox New and Conservative Talk Radio and Blogs that tell the truth about Obama's Corrupt Administration and record.  Give me a break.  Obama is on TV practically every day and the lame stream, left wing media and Hollywood are his propaganda machine.   If anything, we all have Obama fatigue.   

First, in reference to Obama's Whining, only ignorant racists dislike Obama because he is half Black.  There are a million other good reason to dislike Obama.  And, while there may still be a few of those people around, the vast majority of Americans, even many who voted for Obama; but do not support him now, could care less about Obama's half White, half Black skin color.  While Obama can delude himself into thinking his falling poll ratings are the result of racism, it is just not true.

Next, the entire Lame Stream Left Wing Media, which includes ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC and most major newspapers will not report the truth about Obama's Scandals, Lies and Obama Administration Corruption, which is probably the reason Obama has any support at all from Low Information Voters and his PEEP's on the dole.  Fox News, fair and balanced and Conservative Talk Radio, that rule the air waves and Blogs like this one, do report the truth.  Obama is a LIAR.  Obama continues to receive Pinocchio's by the Washington Post for his LIES.  The Obama Scandals are real.  The Billions of tax payer dollars going to Obama supporters in government contracts and grants are well documented.  Crony Capitalism is alive and well.  Obama's Enemies List with the EPA, Justice Department and NSA targeting Conservatives is happening.  ObamaCare is a train wreck that has struck the American people.  And, finally Obama has made a mess of our foreign relations. 

These are the reasons Obama's approval rating, in the high thirties, is now just a bit above Richard Nixon's when he was forced out of office.  This has nothing to do with Obama's Race, Fox News, or Conservative Talk Radio and Blogs.   What Obama does not seem to understand, as he spews his Class Warfare Socialist ideology, is that America is a Center Right Country.   Most of us do cling to our religion, guns and traditional family values.  And, we just don't agree with Obama's left wing Secular Socialist ideology.  Nor do we support his Socialist Schemes to transform our country into a Socialist, or Communist nation with millions of people forced on the dole because of the Obama Recession/Depression. 

Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American history because he has failed to restore economic growth and job creation and he has made a mess of our foreign policy and global standing.   These facts are indisputable.  Of course, none of Obama's minions, or the adoring lame stream, left wing media will be honest about, or with the President.  Too bad President Obama's inflated ego will not allow him to be honest with himself.  Obama suffers from delusions of grandeur, which makes it impossible for him to see the truth about his failed job performance.  Mr. President, I am so sorry for you and the nation; but it is what it is.   Just admit the truth and it will set you free so you can go golfing at taxpayer expense more often.  

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