Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2016 Kasich - Rubio Republican Ticket

I know, I know, we just went through a bruising, painful, even ugly election that allowed Socialist President Obama to win a second term.   Many Conservatives have just crawled under a rock to lick their wounds.  Get over it!  It is time that we start thinking about 2014, first to hold the House of Representatives and take back the Senate and second to win some key Governors races.  At the same time, it is not too soon to start focusing on 2016.  

Though this Blogger came from humble beginnings and today belongs to a country club,  I have been saying for years that Republicans must stop nominating country club Republicans if we want to win elections.  Mitt Romney was a good and decent man and would have made a great President; but initially this Blogger did not support him fearing exactly what happened.  As a result of Romney's success at Bain Capital, what Obamanistas and the left wing, lame stream media did to him was predictable as they demonized success and painted Romney as a rich, greedy, white guy.   The fact that the Romney's give about 30% of their money to charity did not matter.   After Obamanistas got done with him, Romney was viewed as out of touch with working people in America. 

That is why this Blogger believes that we must nominate candidates for President and Vice President, that though successful in their own right, have working class, blue collar roots.   And, my choices are Governor John Kasich of Ohio for President and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida for Vice President in 2016.   Kasich's father was a mail man.  Rubio's father was a bar tender.   Both of these men have lived the American Dream; yet they have never forgotten their roots.  They grew up in families that had to struggle to pay the bills.  Yes, they rose above their humble beginnings just like so many other Americans, including this Blogger, but all of us that come from little, or nothing never forget our roots.  It is part of our being. 

Both John Kasich and Marco Rubio are Common Sense Conservatives, which means they are pragmatic, not dogmatic to get the job done.     Kasich in particular, contrary to Man/Child President Obama, has the experience to be President working both in government and in business for years.  Further, the geography is right.   Ohio and Florida are critical to every Presidential election.  No Republican contender, in more than 100 years, has won the Presidency without carrying Ohio.  

A Kasich - Rubio ticket, when successful, will assure at least 16 years of Republican Common Sense Conservative rule, as presumably a young Rubio, able to attract the Latino vote, would be in a prime position to run for President, after getting more experience, in addition to his years in the Senate, by serving 8 years as Vice President.  Of course, a lot can happen between now and 2016; but this Blogger is betting my money on this combo. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

More Obama Sequester Lies

Socialist President Obama continues to blame Republicans for the indiscriminate cuts required by the Sequester.  OK, so Obama is required to cut $85 billion in the next 12 months, out of about $3.7 trillion in spending, roughly 2% of spending, really peanuts.   Supposedly, these cuts are non discretionary, except that the Republicans attempted to give the President the authority to pick and choose between all the waste, fraud, abuse and redundant programs, agencies, commissions and departments of the federal government to cut this spending.  

In business, a 2% cut would be no big deal and easy to accomplish by looking at every department of a company and cutting fat.   This Blogger has made cuts far deeper than just 2%, in any given year and life went on just fine.  Socialist President Obama declined the authority because he would rather make these cuts as painful as possible on the American people.  After Congress passed a law, with bi partisan support, to stop the furloughs of air traffic controllers and security staff because it was causing chaos at our airports,  Obama had to back off. 

It is time for Obama to do his job and cut the fat in our government.   Of course, even though $85 billion in cuts is chump change in Washington DC, Obama will not do it because he would rather make life miserable for the Makers in society, than take anything away from his PEEP's.   Obama could start by taking away the free cell phones from his PEEP's that cost $2.2 billion a year.   Come on Mr. President, please stop being a whiny Man/Child and do your job. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Obama & The FBI Dropped The Ball

It appears that Socialist President Obama (the buck does stop with him) and the FBI dropped the ball in reference to the Islamic Terrorists in Boston and their mother, who may have been part of the plot to explode the bombs at the Boston Marathon.  Russia provided the Obama Administration and the FBI conclusive evidence that something was going on with this radical Islamic family.   The FBI did follow up with questioning; but then dropped the ball related to continued surveillance.   Not sure why?

Of course, Obama will not say the words Radical Islam and is often hesitant to use the words Terrorism and Terrorists.   Bush II declared a War on Terror.   With Obama sometimes it is a War, when he using drones to kill Terrorists overseas; but then at other times,  Obama just refuses to accept that a large percentage of Muslims support Terrorism and Terrorists.  The money is coming from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and perhaps other Muslim countries to support Terrorists.  

Of course, these particular Terrorists were actually on welfare in the United States to add insult to injury.  Their mother is wanted for a theft charge in Massachusetts, so we won't be seeing her in the US any time soon unless she is extradited and brought back in chains, which should occur because she may very well have been involved with her sons in waging Jihad, unholy war against our people. 

Look, to defeat our enemies we must recognize who they are.   Presumably, most Muslims are peaceful and of the .8% of Muslims in the US assimilating into our society.  But there are radical Imams in many Mosques around the world, including the United States and Madrases Schools, funded by Saudi Arabia, preaching hate and death to the Infidels, all of us.   It is what it is and the sooner Obama recognizes reality, the better we can deal with Radical Islam to protect our people. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time For Common Sense Conservatives

When George W. Bush ran for President, he described himself as a "Compassionate Conservative", as if to say for the first time that we had a Republican candidate that cared about the people.  This Blogger always thought that this description was first squishy and second insulting to all Republicans that have supported charities, non profit organizations, religious denominations and the arts for years.   In fact, it is Republicans that give a huge percentage of their income to various organizations to do good in our country, not Socialists that rely on government to solve all problems.  The reality is that after spending about $19 Trillion tax payer dollars on the War on Poverty, as proclaimed by President Lyndon Johnson, our poverty rate is higher today than years ago; proving that government programs do not work and in many cases are counter productive. 

This Blogger prefers the term "Common Sense Conservative", which is easy to define.  Does it make sense to continue borrowing a Trillion or more dollars a year from the Chinese and others to fund federal government waste, fraud and abuse and redundant programs, agencies, commissions and departments?  Does it make sense to borrow money adding to our National Debt and then pay it out in foreign aide to other countries like Egypt, being run by the Muslim Brotherhood, that supports Terrorism?  Should we have added ObamaCare, as another Entitlement Program, when Social Security and Medicare are headed toward bankruptcy?  

Does it make sense to provide Illegal Aliens with Food Stamps, that is happening today, in violation of the law.  Does it make sense to provide the poor free cell phones at a cost of $2.2 Billion a year, when we have crumbling bridges and roads?  Does it make sense to provide more funding to public education, as currently configured, when results are so poor in inner city schools? Is it logical to pay government employees 40% more than is common in the private sector for like work?   Does it make sense to raise taxes and add more regulations to the thousands already on the books, when these will be job killers retarding economic growth and job creation?  Of course, the answer to all these questions, by anyone with old fashion common sense, must be a resounding NO because it is just plain crazy and counter productive to do these things.  

Yet, President Obama continues to advance Socialist Schemes designed to grow government and pour even more money into failed government programs, that not only have never worked in the United States, they have never worked in any Socialist, or Communist country in the world.  Conservatives just need to preach Common Sense to get through to the American people and win elections.   Let's just hope that Republicans finally get it.   This is not brain surgery, just old fashioned common sense. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Obama Accuses Business Travelers Of Bellyaching

Obamanistas at the White House have accused business travelers of bellyaching about the problems at airports caused by furloughing air traffic controllers and security staff members to make the point that Sequester cuts would be painful.   Of course, it is all Obama B---S---.  As someone in business, who has logged more than 5 million air miles in the last 33 years, I would say to President Obama, who has never held a real job, try it and see how you like it.  Those of us that are frequent business travelers, that don't fly Air Force One, have dealt with near crashes, over night delays, crappy food, lousy service, cramped seating and very high fares, compounded by the ticket taxes our companies pay, supposedly to fund airport services.  

Obviously, Socialist President Obama, the Egg Head and Chief, does not realize that road warriors, as we are often called, make the world go around.   Those of us in Sales and Account Management, often the guys and gals on the road, are the foundation of the modern global economy.   We put the deals together that drive business success, economic development and job creation.    We don't just talk about it endlessly.   We do it!!

Oh, wait a minute, Socialist President Obama never took and passed Economics, or Business 101.  Obama thinks government is the solution to every problem, when in fact government is the problem and the biggest impediment to economic growth.  Damn straight, business travelers have a right to be upset when the airports we rely on and pay for don't work.   If only Socialist President Obama understood that there can be no economic growth or job creation without road warriors.  If anything, those of us that have spent years on the road dealing with all the aggravation that comes with it, deserve a Presidential Medal for service to our country. 

Of course, not the same as our brave soldiers fighting to protect our freedom, but almost as important because without the economic activity created by road warriors, our nation would be just like every other Socialist or Communist country, poor and destitute. 

Dealing With Poverty In America

Since President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and War On Poverty, the US taxpayer has spent $19 Trillion attempting to eliminate poverty in America.  This money has been committed to all kinds of programs, throughout the federal government, that were supposed to address discrimination and lift people out of poverty.  Guess what?  It has failed miserably.  The Obama poverty rate is higher today than when Bush II was President.  20% of Americans officially live in poverty.  Now to be clear this is not the poverty that exists in Africa, India or other countries; but rather this means people living on income, or support, of about $35,000 a year or less. 

Obviously, nobody is starving in the United States, since 50 million people are currently on food stamps.  Poor kids get free breakfast and lunch, at school, at a minimum even if their parents waste their Food Stamp money on dumb purchases.  In fact, the obesity problem we have in the United States cuts across all income levels; the poor, the middle class and the rich are all too fat. 

Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal introduced the concept of the social safety net, when he created Social Security, which is today headed toward bankruptcy because this program is not actuarially sound.  Roosevelt also created "Relief" and Food Stamps, what we today call Welfare that was supposed to be a temporary program and we know the end of that story.  Welfare has destroyed the Black family, as 7 out of 10 babies, are now born to single Black moms living in poverty.  Lyndon Johnson added Medicare also headed toward insolvency because most Americans have not paid in enough, through their regular contributions, to actually cover their health care after turning 65 years old. 

President Bill Clinton worked with Republican House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich to "end welfare as we know it" and for a time Welfare rolls began trending down because of limits on benefits and requirements of the program.   Clinton wisely announced that the "era of big government is over" and actually worked with Republicans to balance the federal budget for a few years.   The economy did well under Clinton, until he followed his Socialist tendencies and raised taxes, which resulted in a Recession by the time Bush II assumed office. 

Bush II added about $4 Trillion to the National Debt over 8 years; but for the most part, with the exception of the new Prescription Drug benefit added to Medicare, held the line on social spending.  And, then came Socialist President Obama who has already added $6 Trillion to the National Debt in just four years, with no end in sight, by dramatically increasing the size of spending and Entitlements.  In fact, out of about $3.7 Trillion in annual federal government spending, $2.3 Trillion is going to Entitlements; dramatically more people on Welfare, Food Stamps, Disability Benefits, unemployment insurance etc. etc.  

None of these programs has ended poverty in America.   Some federal goverment programs have actually increased poverty by failing to break the cycle.  This is all just throwing more money down a rat hole that fails to address the real problem.  We have to change behaviors with the right incentives in place.  And, we must improve education in the inner cities of the United States so that kids are either college bound, or graduate with a marketable job skills.  Just throwing more money at the poverty problem into these failed programs will achieve the same dismal results. 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Obama's Fly In Style - Americans Suffer At Airports

Socialist President Obama and his family fly in style on Air Force One to their vacations, political events and occasional on real national business.  The cost to fly Air Force One is about $180,000 an hour.   So a round trip to Hawaii for the Obama's annual Christmas vacation, the farthest flown by any President for vacation, is well over $3,000,000.  Now that is a real FIRST CLASS ticket.  And, this last year because Obama was embroiled in the usual budget crisis, Michelle and kids went separately a few days earlier so the overall cost for last year's Christmas vacation must have topped $4,000,000.   Of course, the President does not have to deal with airports, security lines, delays of any kind, or the usual problems associated with air travel.  

Matter of the fact, the President causes some of those problems whenever he is in the air because Air Force One always has priority air space.   Some of this is understandable for any President, but does it really make sense for the President to fly to Hawaii and several other vacations a year, when more than 20 million Americans are still either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether because the Obama economy is so dismal.  

So now, Obama wants the American people to feel the pain of the Sequester, cutting just 2% of government spending in the next 12 months.  As a result, Obamanistas have cut Security Staff at airports to make the lines longer.  And Obama will soon close 149 air traffic control towers and furlough Air Traffic Controller, which will result in delays and disruption to our air traffic system.    Of course, none of this is necessary, if Obama would just get serious about cutting all the waste, fraud, abuse and redundancy that exist in the federal government.  Obama could even stop providing his PEEP's cell phones for free at a cost of over $2 Billion a year.   Naturally, none of this will happen as long as Obama and his Socialist Pals remain in government.  So American people, get used to Obama misery.  More is coming.  Just wait until ObamaCare kicks in next year.  You ain't seen nothing yet.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Obama's PEEP's Get Free Cell Phones

In another of Obama's Socialist Schemes, his PEEP's, those on Welfare and Food Stamps now also get free cell phones.   This program, which actually began under Ronald Reagan to help people living in rural areas that did not have good phone access, has grown from $143 million a year to about $2.2 Billion in just a few years.   Apparently fraud has set in as well, which should be no surprise.  These are now called Obama Phones.  The five major phones companies cannot determine if 41% of free loaders that get these phones actually qualify for them.   Go figure.  

Where in the Constitution does it say that Americans are entitled to free cell phones at taxpayer expense.  And, to make matters worse, these free phones are actually funded by a "small tax" on cell phones by those of us that actually pay for them.   So once again the Makers in society are providing the Takers a free ride.  But let's be clear why this is happening.   You can bet that Obama's campaign had everyone getting free cell phones in their data base to get their PEEP's to the polls.  You can just imagine the robo calls.  "If you want to keep your free cell phone, you better get to the polls and vote for Obama."   This is nothing more than Obama corruption of the highest order.  Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, or borrow to stay in power feeding at the trough.  

Yet, Obama just can't cut $85 billion out of $3.7 Trillion in annual federal spending as is called for by the Sequester.   This amounts to about 2% of federal spending.  The waste, fraud and abuse in federal spending is legend.  This cell phone scam is just one more example of many.   This one is just plain sickening.  Call your Congressman and Senators and tell them to end the Obama Phones.   It is one thing to feed and house the poor, it is quite another to give them cell phones at our expense.  Enough is enough.  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

US Cities Use SwindleUS Money Illegally

In violation of the law, 7 US cities in Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and California used $373 million of Obama's SwindleUs funds, that were supposed to be used to educate Americans about the evils of obesity and tobacco, to lobby for higher taxes instead.   First, do we really need to educate Americans about being too fat, or smoking cigarettes.   At this point, given all the media on these topics, including day time television and talk radio, is there anyone left in the United States, with a brain, who does not know that being too fat can cause heart disease, diabetes, or other serious illnesses.   And, it is unimaginable that anyone in the United States, above the age of 5, does not know that cigarette smoking causes cancer.

The reason this has come up is that Obama is preparing to release another $2 Billion to further educate Americans on these unnecessary topics.  This is happening while the President shut down tours of the White House and is purposely trying to make air travel as miserable as possible to make the point that cutting $85 Billion in the next 12 months, out of about $3.7 Trillion that will be borrowed and spent, as required by the Sequester, is "real hard".  What a bunch of baloney, just more B---S---. 

Come on Mr. President, if you can't cut just 2% out of annual federal spending, then throw in the towel and give Crazy Joe Biden a shot at it.  In the mean time, this Blogger wants to know who is going to jail for violating the law by using these monies that were supposed to go to educate Americans about the evils of obesity and tobacco, instead of to lobby for higher taxes.   This is just one more example of many, many that involve incompetence, fraud, waste and abuse related to federal spending.  

There is so much fat and lard in the federal budget, that we need to yell SuuEE, when we call our elected representatives in Washington DC.   They are all feeding at the trough like little piggies, living high on the hog, as they take and waste our hard earned money.  It has got to stop.   

Lessons From Boston

There are many lessons we should learn from the recent Terrorist attack in Boston.  First, the real threat to our nation is from Improved Explosive Devices (IED's).   This Blogger has been saying for years that IED's were coming to a neighborhood near you.   The ability to make a bomb from things that can be purchased at any hardware store has been there for years.  Israel has been dealing with this problem for more than 20 years related to soft targets, restaurants, theatres, malls etc.  We have to realize that any place thousands of people gather is a target.  That means we need to be more vigilant in protecting and securing these areas. 

Next and much more frightening is that one of these IED's could be made even more lethal if loaded with radioactive materials, a so called Dirty Bomb.  This is the reason, we cannot allow rogue nation's like Iran and North Korea to get nuclear weapons that they could give, or sell to Terrorists to use against us.  There is no doubt that if they had these materials that fanatic Terrorists would use them within the United States.  This is another critical reason to SECURE OUR BORDER to prevent Terrorists from entering our country with these materials.

We also have to recognize that we are at war with Radical Islam out to destroy our country and way of life.  That means that we must track everyone entering our nation from any Muslim country and or any country known to harbor, or support Terrorists.  That means all Arab countries in the Middle East, including our so-called friends and Pakistan, India, Indonesia and now Russia.   The FBI apparently was warned by Russian authorities about the older of the two Boston Terrorists.  The FBI followed up and then dropped the ball losing track of the Terrorist, after he spent 6 months in Russia, presumably being trained by Terrorist groups in Russia, or one of the Stan countries.  This should never have happened. 

Finally, it is time to realize that a large number of Muslims, not sure how many, hate the United States, Freedom and Western values.  These people led by radical Imams around the world, in many mosques and Madrases schools, preaching hatred, funded by Saudi Arabia, are focused on murdering our people, or as they call us Infidels.  These characters, including the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia, that is funding these schools, must be under constant surveillance and scrutiny.   We must recognize them all for the Terrorists that they are.   They are guilty until proven innocent; not the other way around.  Remember, foreigners are not protected by our Bill of Rights.

Sadly, the two young immigrant, Muslim men in Boston, that were realizing the American dream, were radicalized by these Islamic Fanatics to the detriment of those murdered, or maimed in Boston.  Why these young Muslim men became so alienated is still a question mark; but the fact that it happened tells us that we cannot let down our guard even for a minute.   We must use profiling to identify those that would commit these acts of Terror and murder, no matter how much the Muslim community screams.  If they don't like it, they can go back to the land of their ancestors.        


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Terrorism - Obama's Split Personality

Socialist President Obama seems to have a split personality when it comes to fighting global Terrorism.   The tough Obama has actually done more than Bush II to fight Terrorism by sending in drones to take out Terrorists, including one that was an American citizen, in Yemen, Pakistan and presumably any place we find them.   And of course, Obama eventually approved the invasion of Pakistan, to his credit, to take out Osama Bin Laden.   All of this is very good and wise since these fanatics plot to murder Americans. 

Where Obama falls down is his unwillingness to tell it like it is.  When Ronald Reagan called the old Soviet Union, an "Evil Empire", it was the beginning of bringing down Communism and ending the Cold War.   Socialists around the world, including many so called diplomats and the lame stream, left wing media were very critical of Reagan for that characterization.   But Reagan just called it as he saw it and spoke the truth. 

After 9/11, when Bush II called for a War on Terror, it was finally a recognition that, whether we like it or not, we are war with Radical Islam that had declared war on us 40 years earlier.  Both the Reagan and Bush statements represent pivotal moments in American history.  To destroy our enemies they have to be recognized.   Franklin Roosevelt declared all out war against Germany and Japan.  From that point, the only path ahead was Victory over Evil. 

Here is the reality.  Some large number of Muslims, perhaps a third to half, nobody really knows for sure, hate the United States and Western Values focused on Freedom.  These people want to create a Caliphate Dictatorship in the Middle East that stretches all across North Africa to Iran based on Sharia Law.   They see all other religions including Christianity and Judaism as heresy.  Islam began by the sword and they now see their mission to promote Islam by any means possible, including acts of Terrorism, or even worse.

These fanatics are now in control of Egypt, Iran, the Gaza Strip and parts of Lebanon.  They are tyring to gain control of Syria.  Saudi Arabia, though presumably run by a more moderate Royal family, funds Madrases Schools all over the world, led by Imam's that preach hatred of the West and Israel.  All of this is the picture we face. 

What recently happened in Boston was carried out by a couple of young Muslim guys, presumably tied to other Terrorist groups in Russia.   Obama reluctantly finally referred to the bombings and murders in Boston as Terrorism; but to date he has not referred to the Terrorists as Muslims.  In order to defeat our enemies, we must call them what they are; Islamic Fanatics focused on murdering our people.   It is what it is.  And, Obama must push the Saudis to stop funding these schools that are breeding hatred and more Terrorists. 

The Western World is at War with Radical Islam, mostly because they declared war on us 40 years ago.   Socialist President Obama needs to tell it like it is.   If a Terrorist is an American citizen, if captured, they must be given all rights accorded our citizens under the Bill of Rights, no matter how heinous the crime.  However, if a Terrorist is a foreigner from any nation and they commit an act of Terror on our soil, or on Americans anywhere in the world, they should be deemed an Enemy Combatant and if captured sent to Guantanamo for a Military Tribunal Trial. 

The notion that the Obama Administration is trying the Brother In Law of Osama Bin Laden in a New York City Court House, providing him the rights of an American citizen is ridiculous.  Maybe by the end of Obama's second term, his two personalities will come together and he will get all of this right.  Let's just hope so for the sake of the American people. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The History of Terrorism

Most Americans, including our elected leaders, believe that Terrorism in the United States began with 9/11.  Before then, acts of Terrorism were often viewed as a criminal acts, rather than an act of War.   Of course, 9/11 finally changed all that; but the reality is that radical Islamists declared war on the United States, perhaps 40 years ago.  We just ignored them, kind of like GM ignoring the Japanese car companies, as competitors, until they took over the car industry.   The reality is that we have been dealing with Terrorism for more than 40 years. 

Terrorists backed by Islamic radicals in various Arab countries, Iran and Pakistan, in particular, have been attacking Western countries and Israel since the 70's and perhaps even before.  Each US President has faced Terrorists and Terrorism for years; but it has always been down played because of our relationships with these same countries.   Clearly, Iran has been an enemy of the United States since the hostage crisis during the Carter Presidency.  There have been airplane high jackings.  The Achille Lauro ship take over.   The bombing of the marine barracks in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.  Blowing up one of our ships while in the Middle East.  The first attempted bombing of the World Trade Center.  And, these things and many others all happened during the Carter, Reagan, Bush I and Clinton Administrations.  We saw them as isolated incidents rather than the concerted war on our nation that they really were. 

We were focused on ending Communism and the Cold War, which fortunately took place, rather than Terrorism until 9/11, when Bush II finally declared a War on Terror.   The murder of more than 3,000 people on our soil was a wake up call; but the reality is that our enemy, Islamic radicals have been at war with us for about 40 years.  Socialist President Obama has taken steps backwards at times.   Though he has wisely used drones to kill Terrorists overseas and eventually ordered the assault on Osama Bin Laden, there are times when he is hesitant to call an attack on our people, or country the Terrorism that it is.   Obama's recent focus on the school shootings is easier for him because it involves Domestic Terrorism of sorts; but mass murder of innocent people whether committed by an American citizen, or foreigner is Terrorism, to be sure. 

We are at war with Islamic Fanatics that want to destroy our country and way of life because they hate Freedom.  If they had nuclear or biological weapons they could deploy against a US city, they would do it in the minute.   This is one more reason, we must never let Iran develop these weapons.   They would give them to their Terrorist benefactors to fight a devastating proxy war with us.   We can never let that happen.  The Terrorist Threat, that is more than 40 years old, is real.  We have to hunt these fanatics down to prevent them from murdering our people.  It is just that simple. 

Gun Control - The Great Divide

Socialist President Obama and the left wing lame stream media suffered a big defeat related to additional gun control laws they were pushing as a result of the Connecticut school shootings.  In a vote of 54 for and 46 against, Obama and the Senate Majority Leader Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada were not able to get the 60 votes required in the Senate to enact, even universal background checks, let alone limits on assault rifles and the size of gun magazines.

The reason some Socialists voted with the Republicans is the great divide that exists in our country between Red and Blue states and rural and urban states where guns are a way of life.  Several of these Socialist Senators, that are up for reelection in 2014 represent Red States.   When Socialist Senator Max Baucus was asked why he voted against universal background checks, he answered with one word, "Montana", the state he represents.  Montana is full of ranchers and gun owners going back to the Wild West.  

While gun dealers in most states do background checks, that effect 60% of sales in the United States, this new law would have required private citizens buying guns at gun shows to undergo background checks, which often is not a requirement.  The reason some people prefer to buy guns at gun shows may be better deals; but more importantly is that background checks could eventually lead to a National Registry.   And, all gun owners know that the next step after establishment of a National Registry is potentially the FED's knocking at the door to enforce gun confiscation.

Let's face it, many Americans just do not trust the ever intrusive federal government, particularly when Socialists are in power.   As a student and former teacher of history that has learned the lessons of history well, I must conclude that this distrust of government is warranted.   Governments around the world, including the US government, have done evil things to their citizens.   Further, our Constitution reflects distrust of government by our Founding Fathers, as demonstrated by our Bill of Rights, which includes the Second Amendment guaranteeing our right to own guns.  Our Founding Fathers, that had just fought a revolution, recognized the potential of an over reaching, tyrannical government first hand. 

Adding more gun laws to the 9,000 or more already on the books that are rarely enforced will not solve the problem of these mass murders at our schools.   The solution lies in making it much harder to enter schools, more security on school campuses and dealing with people who have mental disorders.  Universal background checks would not have prevented the tragedy in Connecticut.   We must also deal with drug related murders committed by gang bangers, with illegally purchased guns, to protect their territories.  The federal government should act to solve the problems we face; not to limit the freedom of the 99.9999% of law abiding gun owners.   

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Terrorism & Civil Liberty

The recent Terrorist attack in Boston brings up the whole issue of insuring our civil liberty, while protecting our country.   The horrible mass murders that have occurred at our schools should be dealt with by increased security on campus, creating more hardened school sites making it harder for anyone to enter a school and more focus on dealing with people that have mental disorders to best deal with these tragedies; not necessarily adding to the 9,000 gun laws on the books that are often not even enforced. 

The far bigger threat to our country is from IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices) that can easily be used on soft targets that exist everywhere thousands of people gather.  There is no reason for a Terrorist to focus on hardened targets like airports, airplanes, or government buildings when there are so many soft targets with no security.

IED's, like the kind used in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries to murder soldiers and civilians can be made from common household items and set off by cell phones.   Al Queda and others have provided directions on how to make a bomb on the Internet, which we should shut down; by the way.  In this case, First Amendment Rights be damned.   We can't allow these instructions to be so widely distributed to our demise. 

In fact, as far as legal or illegal foreigners in our country are concerned, this Blogger believes that the Bill of Rights does not apply to them.  In particular, our government should monitor foreigners that come from countries known to harbor and support Terrorists and Terrorism.   Well dah!   If they don't like it, they don't have to come to America.   

The bigger dilemma relates to American Citizens.  Just how much of our freedom do we want to give up in the name of enhanced security.   This Blogger is struggling with this problem.  Clearly, an American who would commit mass murder in the name of some cause is an enemy to our people and our nation.  Yet, I don't want to endure 24 hour surveillance, or pat downs every time I enter a building or shopping mall; nor do I want the 99.9999% of us that would never commit such a heinous crime to endure these things, in violation of our rights, either.  

Some inconvenience may be necessary to protect our nation.   The only question is how far do we let the government go before our freedoms are abridged.  The Bill of Rights matter.  If we have to give up our freedom in the defense of our country, the Terrorists have won.  We can't let that happen. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Big Brother & Terrorism

In October, 2001, President George W Bush signed the Patriot Act giving the federal government broad powers, often ignoring our Constitution, to deal with preventing Domestic, or Foreign Terrorism on American soil.  At the time, this Blogger was very supportive as this new law was in response to 9/11, which resulted in the death of more than 3,000 people with the attack at the World Trade Center in New York City.   This law has been extended by Socialist President Obama, presumably to continue our battle against Terrorism.  But given the thousands of guns and millions of rounds of ammunition, being purchased by Obama's Department of Homeland Security, for no rational reason, this Blogger is beginning to fear the over reach of the federal government, as much as I fear Terrorists. 

Now with the recent Terrorist attack in Boston, there will be calls for even more stringent enforcement of the Patriot Act.   As it relates to foreign threats, we should use all means at our disposal to prevent another Terrorist attack.  The problem is the fine line related to violating the rights of American citizens in the process.   We know now that the National Security Agency is in charge of a huge new facility in Utah in place to gather data, which could include travel documents, bank statements, wire tapping, telephone records and reading email etc. of American citizens, without a search warrant.   The IRS claims it has the right to read emails that are older than 180 days without a search warrant, as required by the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, prohibiting illegal search and seizure.

Obviously, we want our government to keep us safe and to prevent Terrorist attacks; but how much of our freedom are we willing to give up in the process.  What we endure at airports may just be the beginning.  It practically took an act of Congress to get Attorney General Eric Holder to admit that Socialist President Obama did not have the unilateral right to use drones to kill American citizens, on US soil, without the due process of law.   

This Blogger is a student and former teacher of history that has learned the lessons of history well.  I know that we have reason to fear governments, including our own, that have repressed and murdered their own people.  The US in not innocent concerning acts of evil and even murder.  Don't forget the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 and the Sedition Act of 1918 that allowed the federal government to put people in jail for criticizing the government.   Abraham Lincoln suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus, which allowed the federal government to arrest and detain citizens without the due process of law.  Slavery in the United States, along with the discrimination against Blacks that followed, was enforced by government, not just slave owners.   Native Americans were slaughtered and forced to move to Reservations.   Franklin Roosevelt rounded up Japanese Americans and put them in Concentration Camps.  All of these things were presumably done with some rationalization in mind; but they were none the less evil and a threat to freedom. 

Our government needs to aggressively combat Terrorism; but we also need the protections of our Constitution to make certain that American citizens are not targeted for daring to criticize our government in the name of security.   It has happened before and it is now becoming clearer by the day that Big Brother is watching everything we do and say.  If we are not careful, we may lose our freedom in the defense of our nation.   If that happens, sadly the Terrorists have won, which has been their goal all along. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Obama Nominates Radical Environmentalist To Head EPA

Surprise, Surprise, Socialist President Obama has nominated another radical environmentalist to replace Lisa Jackson, the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Ms. Jackson resigned in a firestorm because she used outside emails, under an alias, in violation of the law, to communicate with other government employees to avoid the Freedom Of Information Act.  Gina McCarthy, Assistant EPA Administrator has been nominated by the President to replace Jackson to head up the agency. 

McCarthy is a job killer from way back as she has worked as a government employee in this field in Connecticut and Washington for more than 25 years.   Of course, McCarthy believes that everything man does causes global warming and she will do what she can to damage economic activity to stop it from happening.  In particular, McCarthy is an enemy to all carbon based energy so of course, it is very likely that she will oppose the Keystone Pipeline if she is approved and assumes her new job.  We shall see!!

Further, as Assistant EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy approved a dangerous chemical to replace Freon, the chemical typically used in air conditioners and refrigerators because supposedly Freon does more to cause global warming than this new chemical.  The only problem is that this new chemical is extremely volatile, dangerous and life threatening to the touch.   So far, only GM, Government Motors, has dared to use this new chemical in any of their cars, in this case some Cadillacs, in exchange for a waiver on new mileage rules that kick in shortly.   No other domestic car makers are using this chemical because in crash tests, it explodes and causes fires, which is not the case with Freon. 

Obamanistas are all job killers so it should no surprise that Obama would nominate a radical Environmentalist to head the EPA.  Jobs are being shipped overseas because of high taxes and over regulation.  The EPA has destroyed industry after industry in the US.  Is it any wonder that we still have 23 million Americans that are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether.  Thank You, Mr. President. 

Time For Sensible Immigration Reform Not Amnesty

The gang of eight US Senators is working on a comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.  This may be an all or nothing deal.  Hopefully, it begins with real border security before anything else happens.  Of course, Socialist President Obama opposes linking Immigration Reform to border security.  If meaningful border security is not part of the package, it should be DOA, Dead On Arrival in the Republican controlled House of Representatives.  We already have eleven or twelve million illegal aliens in our country.  Without tough border security, any plan would just encourage more to come. 

And, while illegal aliens should be given legal status, perhaps a blue card, this Blogger does not support automatic citizenship for those over 18 that entered our country illegally.  Instead, they should have to pay a fine and apply for citizenship, waiting their turn in line just like everyone else that has done it legally; otherwise what's the point of legal immigration.   And further, whatever status is given them, they should not be eligible for Welfare or Food Stamps.  The last thing we need is several million more people on the dole. 

Sensible Immigration Reform should include Securing our Border first, legal status for the Illegal Aliens currently in our country, a Guest Worker Program, Permanent Green Card status and a path to citizenship for any foreign student who graduates from an American University and the ability to allow more foreign engineers, computer experts, doctors, or scientists into our country that want to come.   We need that talent here, so why prevent them from coming.  Hopefully, common sense will prevail concerning Immigration Reform; but don't count on it.  After all, we are talking about Congress and the President. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 15 - US Tax Confiscation Day

April 15, the US Tax Confiscation Day is upon us once again.  Nothing makes this Blogger's blood boil more than when Socialist President Obama says that the Makers in our country do not "pay their fair share".   That is the biggest bunch of B--- S--- ever said by any President in American history.  But then we know that Obama and his Socialist pals in government and the lame stream, left wing media practice Big Lie propaganda in everything they do and say.   Never forget, Socialists and Communists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, or historically in some cases even murder to stay in power.   So, whenever Obama speaks, it should be no surprise that he is President Pinnochio, the Liar and Chief.

The fact is that 10% of Americans pay 70% of all income taxes paid.  We have the most progressive income tax system in the world as about 50% of Americans, Obama's PEEP's, pay no income taxes at all.  Matter of fact, many of them, the so called working poor, actually get money back through the earned income tax credit.  And, depending on where someone lives those of us that do pay taxes are paying 40 - 60% of our income in various local, state and federal income taxes, property taxes, estate taxes, sales taxes, licenses, fees and a million other government charges related to everything we do, eat, or own.  It never ends.  Maryland just recently enacted a Rain Tax that is assessed based on the amount of rain that falls on your property. 

Our Founding Fathers, that fought a revolution to end taxation without representation, could never have imagined our tax burden.  It is probably the reason they included the Second Amendment in our Constitution, the right to bear arms, because they knew that one day we could face a repressive government.  Go figure.  Thomas Jefferson even anticipated the need for revolution every once in a while to throw off the yokes of a repressive government.  Imagine that. 

Even though we pay in about $2.8 Trillion a year to the federal government, Obama insists on borrowing another Trillion dollars in the budget he just submitted to Congress, to take care of his PEEP's, those that pay no income taxes at all, those on the dole, illegal aliens, public employee union members, trial lawyers, radical feminists and environmentalists and Crony Capitalists.  This is how Socialists win elections by buying votes. 

Yes, Obama is moving our country toward bankruptcy as he adds to our $17 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight.  Once again Obama is full of baloney when he says he has cut spending.  There have been no spending cuts, nor meaningful Entitlement Reform under Obama and there won't be as long as he is President.   This man/child, who himself lives high on the hog, is intentionally out to cause the economic collapse of the United States to "transform" our country into a Socialist, or Communist nation.   By the way, Obama only paid 18% of his income in income taxes for 2012.   Remember, he was critical of Mitt Romney for paying 15%. 

We pay our income taxes on April 15, so those feeding at the trough, the crooks in Washington DC and all the states, enjoy the fruits of our labor.   They are fat and happy as we work to support them and their life styles.   There is something very wrong with this picture.   WE THE PEOPLE must rise up and say ENOUGH and throw these bums and crooks out of office at every opportunity.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

IRS Is Reading Your E-Mail

It was recently revealed that the Internal Revenue Service believes that it has the right to ignore the 4th Amendment of the Constitution protecting Americans from illegal search and seizure related to reading E-mails without a search warrant.  For some crazy reason, the IRS draws the line at E-Mails stored on a server for more than 180 days.   The IRS believes that they can access E-Mails older than 180 days with no search warrant.  Of course, this should cause a fire storm of protest.

So, clearly all should know that Big Brother, especially under Socialist President Obama, is always watching what you do and what you say in writing.   This IRS usurpation of power is a clear and present danger to our freedom.  Remember, the IRS is the enforcer of ObamaCare.  We have a new KGB in the United States and it is now called the IRS. 

Should we next expect a knock on our doors in the middle of the night by a G-Man with an IRS badge.   Is this what our country is coming to?  The federal government continues to intrude into all aspects of daily life.  It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand up and say ENOUGH.   Ronald Reagan once said, "Freedom is only one generation away from extinction" and we are seeing it come to be before our eyes. 

We cannot allow the IRS and the EPA to become the Gestapos of the United States.   We must demand that our elected representatives enact laws to prohibit the kinds of activities we see from these agencies.  Of course, Obama will Veto any law that diminished the power of the federal government, which is another reason in 2014 and 2016, we must throw these Socialists out of office.   Our freedom depends on it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MSNBC - Socialist and Communist Broadcasting Station

MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist News Broadcasting Corporation, should be forced to register as the official TV station of the Socialist and Communist Party of America.  MSNBC was originally started in 1996 by Microsoft and GE.  Eventually, both companies wisely sold their interest to NBC Universal and Comcast, the current owners.  This is the only television station broadcasting today that actually has their commentators advancing Socialist and Communist ideology, during commercials, not just on their particular shows, which happens as well.

Larry O'Donnell of the Last Word, is an avowed, admitted Socialist.  Chris Matthews, who used to be a respected journalist is now just a mouth piece for the Socialist Party and President Obama.  Remember, it was Matthews who said of Obama, "he sends a chill up my leg".   And, then there is Big Ed Shultz who hates our country and free market capitalism.  We also have to listen to Martin Bashir, presumably a Brit, tell us how much better life would be if we were a Socialist nation. 

Finally and the real story of just how radical MSNBC has become is Melissa Harris-Perry, an attractive Black woman who recently declared that American children do not belong to their parents that in fact, they actually "belong to the community", translation George Orwell's state as described in his book 1984.  And, that it is the community's responsibility to provide them education, health care, food and really anything else they need.  To do this, Ms. Harris-Perry would allow the Makers in society to keep some of what they earn from their hard work; but presumably would confiscate as much as possible through the tax code to redistribute income.  Melissa Harris - Perry is also a professor at Tulane University and is rather typical of many Socialist and Communist Professors on our university campuses teaching our young people this Socialist/Communist ideology.

MSNBC is representative of the dangerous thinking that is typical of President Obama and all his Socialist pals in government.   The Congressional Black Caucus is full of Communists.   MSNBC should be forced to register as a paid lobbyist for the Socialist and Communist Parties of the United States in the least.   They are allowed to broadcast on airwaves presumably regulated by the federal government.   This is a Socialist and Communist front organization as evil as any we have ever seen in American history.   If they were honest, they would wear their Socialist and Communist credentials as a badge of honor, rather than hiding behind the term Progressives. 

MSNBC is a threat to our freedom.   Their commentators do nothing but spew propaganda on a daily basis.   The good news is that their ratings are dismal.  Fox News, that really is Fair and Balanced, presenting all sides of an issue with commentators that are both left, moderate and right, regularly kicks MSNBC's butt in the ratings.   Nevertheless all right thinking Americans should regard MSNBC and an enemy of our nation and way of life as evil as any foreign enemy we have every faced.  Their commentators practice the Big Lie as advocated by Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels.  Just remember whatever you hear on MSNBC is propaganda designed to turn our nation into a Socialist or Communist Country.   That is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time To Ban Knives - Why Not

A deranged 20 year old college student went on a stabbing spree at his university in Texas.  Apparently,  he was able to stab 14 students before other students tackled him and turned him over to security.  This knife wielding kid apparently had regularly been seen carrying a stuffed animal on campus for quite some time, which should have been a warning sign that something was wrong.  So now it should be obvious that we must ban knives on college campuses because they can be used as a weapon to kill.  Of course, that would be ridiculous; but don't be surprised if someone does not suggest it.

The point is that if someone with a mental disorder wants to commit mass murder, they can do it many ways in addition to guns and even more lethally by other means.  New gun control laws, in addition to the 9,000 that are already on the books that are rarely enforced, will not prevent these heinous crimes, most often committed by insane individuals.  The focus on this problem is all wrong.

These murders are not about the guns used to commit them; but rather the murderers with mental issues that should be identified as a result of their behaviors and either treated, or in a worst case scenario put in facilities to keep them from harming themselves, or others.  This is a mental health issue, not a gun issue. 

Further, murders committed by gang bangers in cities like Chicago, that already has the strictest gun laws in the country, happen as a result of illegal guns and drug wars.  Stricter gun laws that inconvenience law abiding citizens and violate the Second Amendment will do nothing to stop these murders either.   That is a law enforcement issue that has nothing to do with additional gun control laws.

The horrible tragedies we have seen at our schools can be prevented; but only if we address the real problem.  Schools should be harder to enter and they need additional security on campus.  In addition, we have to deal with people with mental disorders.  Inconveniencing the 99.9999% of law abiding gun owners with more government intrusion into their lives is not the answer. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher - The Iron Lady & My Shero

Margaret Thatcher, who recently died at 87 years old, was derisively referred to by both her opponents and members of her own party as "the grocer's daughter", when she was the only woman to serve as Prime Minister in British History.   Since this Blogger was a grocer's son, I see that characterization as a badge of honor.  When she and her Conservative Party came to power in 1979, Britain could not be called Great; that's for sure.   The empire was gone.  And, years of Socialist government had made a mess of Britain.   When Mrs. Thatcher came to power, unemployment was nearing 14% and Britain was in decline to say the least.  Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady and my Shero, changed it all through her sheer will and strength of conviction and character.

As a Conservative, Margaret Thatcher believed in free market economics and freedom.  Beginning in 1979 and for the entire 11 years she spent in office, she beat back establishment members of the Conservative Party and the Socialists and Communists in her country by selling off industries that had been nationalized, battling the unions that were destroying their country, and cutting taxes and regulations to get Britain back on track to create economic growth and jobs.   The end result is that by the time Margaret Thatcher left office in 1990, there was just 5.8% unemployment and Britain was growing again. 

This very tough woman was also active on the world stage and worked with fellow Conservative, Ronald Reagan, who came to power a year later, to bring down Communism.  When Reagan referred to the old Soviet Union as the Evil Empire and Socialists and the lame stream media went crazy calling Reagan a cowboy, it was Margaret Thatcher standing right next to him, more boldly than any man then in office.  And, when Argentina attacked the Falkland Islands, a British possession for decades,  Thatcher, against the advice of her Generals and Admirals, sent the British Navy and military forces thousands of miles away to secure those islands for the British people. 

Margaret Thatcher put the word "Great" back into her country's name, Great Britain because she herself was one of the greatest Prime Ministers in British history.   This grocer's daughter, with nerves of steel and resolve, saved Great Britain by pushing back years of Socialism, that was destroying their country, without compromise. 

Margaret Thatcher predicted the outcome we see today in Europe because she knew that the European Union and one currency was unworkable.  This was one very smart lady.  Where are the Reagan's and the Thatcher's when we need them today.   We can only hope that a Conservative will emerge in the US in coming years who can live up to the Thatcher/Reagan tradition.   We desperately need this tough Conservative leadership once again to push back 100 years of Socialism in the US that is destroying our country.   

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obama's 2013 - 14 Budget - Irrelevant Waste Of Time

Socialist President Obama's has submitted a 2013 - 14 Budget to the Congress that is irrelevant.  Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have already passed their own versions of a budget.   The Republican House budget, based on the Ryan Plan, balances the budget and pays off the National Debt in 10 years by cutting $5 Trillion in spending and modest Entitlement Reform.   The Socialist Senate budget raises taxes by another $600 Billion, has no real Entitlement Reform and never balances the budget.  

The difference is where in which the budget battle ahead lies.   Republicans are advancing a common sense budget that includes spending increases of 3.5% a year for the next ten years.  Again, federal government spending does not go down.  It still goes up, but by a lower percentage than the budget proposed by both the President and his Socialist pals in Congress that never leads to balance, or paying off the National Debt.   

It is very clear from all of this that the Socialists in Washington have no intention of reforming Entitlements, balancing the budget. or paying off the National Debt.   They insist on borrowing Trillions of dollars to take care of their PEEP's to buy elections.  They might get away with it, if allowed by the Republicans, for 5 or maybe even 10 years; but ultimately it will lead to the economic collapse of the United States and likely civil strife on our streets, when the money is not there to fund the $100 Trillion in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and local, state and federal pensions. 

When the day comes that the 50 million Americans on Food Stamps, Welfare and Medicaid and 14 million on Disability can no longer receive these Entitlements, there will be riots on our streets; just wait and see, no different than we have seen in Greece, Spain, or Cyprus.   To prevent all of this from happening the Federal Reserve will just begin printing more money, destroying what is left of the dollar.   So anyone who owns dollar denominated assets of any kind will be worthless.  Then what.   The poor will be poorer.  The middle class will be poor.   And, these Socialists will have milked the "rich" for everything they have killing the goose that laid the golden egg. 

Sadly, if these things come to pass, there will be civil strife on our streets, a loss of our freedom and eventually the dissolution of the United States.  Don't think it can't happen because it has happened in other countries throughout history.   I wish I could be more optimistic about what I see coming; but as a former student and teacher of history, I learned my lessons well.    We will see the Soviet Union story all over again.  That day is coming if we don't stop the fiscal insanity soon and get our country back on track.   

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Obama's Latest Budget - Just More Tax & Spend

Socialist President Obama will finally get a budget out for 2013 -14, two months late; but that is nothing new.  Obama has never produced a budget on time since taking office in 2008.  Nor has the Congress ever enacted an Obama budget and they won't do so this time either.  Obama's budget proposal is once again DOA, Dead On Arrival because it is just more of the same Tax and Spend Socialist Schemes.   Even though Obama already got $1.6 Trillion in new taxes, over ten years, in the Fiscal Cliff Deal and ObamaCare, the President is calling for $600 Billion more in new taxes on the "rich", which is really small businesses.  Haven't Obamanistas killed enough jobs already. 

If Republicans were to vote for Obama's latest tax scheme, it would be political suicide.   Let us hope that the Republican leaders in Congress are in touch with their base because if they are not in touch, they will be gone with the wind in the next election.  Obama is claiming that these new higher taxes are in exchange for Entitlement Reform that slows down the growth of Social Security and other benefits by adjusting inflation formulas.   Yes, that will save a few hundred billion dollars a year, which is good; but it will not solve the problem.   It is just tinkering around the edges; yet Socialists in Congress and the unions are going crazy at the suggestion.

Look, Social Security and Medicare, both of which are already means tested and Medicaid are headed toward insolvency.   The money is not there to pay these benefits, or the local, state and federal pensions sitting out there waiting to explode on the American people like a time bomb.   There is more than $100 Trillion in unfunded liability for these Entitlements and no money to pay them.   And, taking all assets from all Americans would not cover these IOU's either.  And, the only way to deal with Medicaid is to cap the government's exposure by implementing block grants to the states. 

It is clear that we have to raise the early retirement age for those under 50 to 65, instead of 62 and the full retirement age for kids under 30 to 70, since they are likely to live to be 90 or older.   And, all Americans will need to pay more for their Medicare coverage, even those currently getting it.   The minimum payment for Part B & D of Medicare of about $150 a month is just not enough.   The "rich" are already paying about $350 for Part B & D and even that will need to go up.   Can we at least have a discussion based on reality and common sense rather than Class Warfare and stupidity.

Obama's 2013 - 14 budget proposal will never lead to a balanced budget, just more years of Trillion dollars deficits that will result in the economic collapse of the United States.  Obama has declared April, National Financial Literacy month for the American people.   What a joke.  Obama can't even balance the national check book.  Who is Obama to lecture the American people on how to balance their check books.    What a laugh.      

Friday, April 5, 2013

Obama's Dismal March Jobs Numbers

Unemployment fell in March from 7.7% to 7.6% because another 600,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force.   In fact, we have the worst labor participation rate since Jimmy Carter was President.   It should be no surprise because Socialist President Obama is Jimmy Carter II.   During the month of March, just 88,000 new jobs were created when 200,000 were expected.   We need more than 100,000 new jobs a month just to keep up with population growth.   Don't forget, Obama promised us that if he borrowed and spent a Trillion Dollars on his SwindleUS Plans that it would lead to prosperity and instead we have the highest poverty rate since the early 1960's.  Obama is officially the Poverty President. 

To make any dent in real unemployment, up around 14%, when all are included, those that are unemployed, those that are working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether, we need at least 300,000 new jobs a month to deal with the more than 20 million Americans, out of work, in these categories.  Even then, at our current GDP growth rate it would take more than 10 years to get to a full employment economy. 

Obama and his Socialist pals in government are all job killers.   The Fiscal Cliff Deal and ObamaCare already raised taxes by $1.6 Trillion over the next ten years, mostly on small business.  Obama cries about the Sequester Cuts as the reason for poor economic growth and the lack of job creation.   Most of the Sequester Cuts have not even kicked in and when they do, they will amount to a paltry $85 Billion a year out of the roughly $3.6 Trillion federal budget.   It is all just more Obama Baloney. 

The fact is that new taxes, stifling regulations and pending ObamaCare are all killing jobs.  American companies are sitting on more than $2 Trillion in cash that is on the sidelines.   That money will not be invested in the US, as long as Obama is President and either House of Congress is controlled by Socialists.   Shortly, Obama will finally put a budget on the table that proposes to raise taxes by another $700 Billion, in exchange for meaningless Entitlement Reform.  If the Republicans in Congress fall for that stupid idea, they all deserve to be Tea Partied out of office during the primaries. 

WE HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM, NOT A REVENUE PROBLEM.  Local, state and federal governments collect plenty of our hard earned money in various taxes, fees, penalties etc. that they turn around and waste on redundant programs, commissions, departments, agencies and compensation and benefits for government employees that are 40% higher than typical in the private sector.   Now Obama wants to hire several hundred thousand more government workers as "Navigators" to help Americans understand ObamaCare.   Just think, wouldn't it just be smarter to REPEAL ObamaCare. 

We will not see robust economic growth and job creation again as long as Obama keeps pushing his Socialist big government schemes that do not work.   We have just one chance left to get our country back on track and it is the Energy Sector.  For the first time in years, we can make the United States energy independent if Obamanistas would just get out of the way.  This does not mean dirty air or water; but real solutions to make all forms of energy safer, cleaner, cheaper and more readily available.  

This is the only way out of the fiscal insanity we face that is going to lead to the economic collapse of the United States if we don't get our country back on track.  Cards talk and numbers don't lie.  Creating just 88,000 new jobs in the month of March was dismal.   Thanks for nothing Mr. President. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Immigration Reform - Billions More In Spending

We can debate giving legal status to illegal immigrants, and they are "illegal" since they entered our country illegally, not just "undocumented", but what is not debatable is that any type of legal status, unless precluded from the welfare benefits available to US Citizens, will add Billions of dollars a year to federal spending.   Once 12 million illegal immigrants have legal status, unless the law says otherwise, they will be able to apply for Welfare, ObamaCare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Disability Benefits etc. 

Americans on these programs have already increased dramatically since Socialist President Obama was elected in 2008.  The poverty rate is higher today than in 1960, which was before Lyndon Johnson's Great Society welfare programs.  14% of Blacks in America are unemployed, about double the official national rate.  Nearly 50 million Americans are on Food Stamps up 47% since Obama took office.   It should be no surprise that about 50 million Americans are living in poverty.   20% of kids live in poverty.  Obama, like no President before him, is the Poverty President, since his Socialist schemes have retarded economic growth and job creation.  We see the end result in the numbers

Giving 12 million illegal immigrants legal status will only add to the list.   Many of these families will end up on the dole once it is open to them.   And, once on the dole, it is almost impossible to escape.   Socialist government policies have destroyed the Black family in America as 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock, mostly into poverty.   4 out of 10 White babies born out of wedlock often suffer the same poverty.   Giving more Latinos access to the dole will do harm to Latino families.   Why should we expect a different outcome from what has occurred in the last 30 years. 

And, our National Debt is currently approaching $17 Trillion with no end in sight.   It will be more than $20 Trillion by the end of Obama's second term.   Giving legal status to illegal immigrants, without limitations on welfare benefits, will only add to our National Debt, moving that much closer to economic collapse.   Can our elected representatives be that stupid.  Sadly, the answer is YES.   

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dealing With North Korea - Time For Tough Talk

When this Blogger was 12 years old, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy went on TV to make it very clear that any missile fired from Cuba on the United States, or any of our allies would result in a full "retaliatory response" from the United States on the Soviet Union, not just Cuba.  Kennedy made this statement in no uncertain terms and with no shades of gray.  Richard Nixon always said the rest of the world needed to believe that the President of the United States was just crazy enough to push the button so that the button would never need to be pushed.   Nixon was right. 

Today, we have the short little 29 year old dictator of North Korea threatening to nuke the US and invade South Korea.  Whether North Korean missiles could even hit the United States is irrelevant, the fact that this character would even make such a ridiculous threat is happening because Socialist President Obama is perceived as weak around the world.  Does anyone really believe that any of this would be happening if Ronald Reagan was President.   I don't think so. 

Obama has sent a few nuclear capable stealth bombers to over fly South Korea and a few additional destroyers to the area.   Obama has also allowed for additional missile defense in Alaska, the United States and Guam; but that is not enough.  It is time for Obama to go on TV and give the Kennedy speech, only more emphatically, to make it very clear that any missile fired from North Korea on the United States, or any of our allies would result in the complete destruction of North Korea.  And, if their leaders survived the assault, they would be hunted down and killed.  Of course, this should be obvious to any sane person; but it still needs to be said to send the right message to the military in North Korea.  

Obama would have the support of the American people for a tough statement.  Failure to make that statement demonstrates weakness and rather than preventing war, it could cause war.  The vital interest of the United States are integrally tied to Asia Pacific.   We cannot tolerate the bellicose behavior coming out of North Korea.  Obviously, we don't want war; but it is time for Obama to man up to make it very clear that we will not tolerate this threat to our nation, from North Korea, whether it is real or not. 

Economics For Dummies and Socialists

This Blogger is convinced that President Obama, all his Socialist pals in government and his PEEP's really need to buy and read the book Economics For Dummies.   It is not that I am plugging any one book; but clearly anything more complicated is probably beyond their ability to comprehend and attention span so we have to start with the basics.   Let me see if I can help with some basic Economics.

1.  Higher taxes result in less government tax revenues, not more, because job creators immediately change their behaviors to avoid those taxes.   As Ronald Reagan always said, they vote with their feet.   This is the reason Socialist blue states have lost jobs and companies for years to more business friendly Red States.  It is also the reason companies have moved many jobs overseas to lower tax countries.  Well dah!

2.  While some regulations are needed to create the rules of the road, burdensome regulations kill jobs and some times whole industries in the US.   It is the reason that many industries like textiles, steel, furniture production, manufacture of electronics and many others no longer exist in the US. 

3.   Lack of competition, as in our public schools, or any business usually leads to mediocrity as there is no real incentive to improve since for the most part customers are locked in. 

4.  Socialist Command and Control Economies always implode because they are predicated on Crony Capitalism, with government attempting to pick winners and losers, instead of free market decision making that rewards innovation. 

5.  Private Sector unions ultimately kill jobs as companies look for better, faster, cheaper ways of doing business anywhere in the world to increase profits.  Public Sector unions bankrupt countries in a vicious circle of corruption.  Hello!!

6.  Bail outs of industries, like the auto industry in particular, distorts markets propping up weak companies at the expense of stronger companies and the consumer. 

7.   Welfare lead to more Welfare and people on the dole as the Takers in society have no incentive to work to better their condition. 

8.  Supply and demand determine price in a free market.  Government intervention, taxes and regulations, however, distort the free market generally driving up prices regardless of demand.  The mortgage interest deduction is a classic example as people factor in the after tax cost of debt causing them to pay more for a home than would otherwise be the case.   The same is true for the cost of carbon and nuclear based energy and many other products and services that are higher than necessary because of government policy.

9. Government grows at the expense of the private sector.  The bigger the government, the smaller the private sector, which results in less tax revenues to government, since though some government employees pay taxes, government pays no taxes.  That one is pretty obvious.   Hence the bigger the government, the greater the National Debt.   We certainly see this one in practice all over the world. 

These 9 basic tenets are about all anyone needs to know to understand  Economics.  It is pretty obvious that Socialist President Obama and his pals in government, both in Washington and at the state level, never took and passed Economics 101, which is the reason they practice Class Warfare and continue to call for bigger government, higher taxes and more regulations.  The end result is little or no economic growth or real job creation, a lower standard of living for the American people, more people on the dole and more and more government debt.   It is what it is just basic Economics For Dummies, Socialists and their PEEP's. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

New York & California Worst In Personal Freedom

In a recent study ranking all states related to Personal Freedom, New York and California came out last.   This should be no surprise to anyone.   Both states have very high taxes and regulate all aspects of daily life.   It is ironic that in the the bluest of Socialist states that New York and California residents have less freedom, when Socialists that control those states are all about the self centered ME generation.   New York City Mayor Bloomberg recently tried and failed to regulate the size of a soda New Yorkers can buy and drink.   Positively ridiculous.  What's next, limits on the size of a steak we can eat. 

This just demonstrates how far Socialists will go to try to control all aspects of our daily life.   It never ends because they think they are smarter than the rest of us and therefore they must make decisions for us.  Major companies have been leaving New York and California for years moving to more business friendly Red States.   As Ronald Reagan always said, people and companies vote with their feet when elected officials screw up.   And, because the US now has the highest federal corporate income tax in the world, many companies are even skipping a move to other states and just moving jobs overseas.   ObamaCare will speed this Exodus.  

When will these Socialist learn that their screwy Socialist Schemes, that always result in higher taxes and more regulations on business, are all job killers.   This is the reason we still have more than 20 million Americans either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or who have just given up looking for work altogether.  American companies are sitting on $2 Trillion in cash; but they are not investing their money in the United States as long as Obama is President.  

And, why should they when Obama continues play the Class Warfare game pushing for higher taxes and even more punitive regulations.   Just look to bankrupt New York, California, or cities like Detroit to see where Obama is leading our nation.  It is a road to the economic collapse of the United States and it will happen within 10 years if we don't change course soon.  We can see the end of the story right before our eyes in various Socialist cities, states and countries.