Friday, April 26, 2013

Obama Accuses Business Travelers Of Bellyaching

Obamanistas at the White House have accused business travelers of bellyaching about the problems at airports caused by furloughing air traffic controllers and security staff members to make the point that Sequester cuts would be painful.   Of course, it is all Obama B---S---.  As someone in business, who has logged more than 5 million air miles in the last 33 years, I would say to President Obama, who has never held a real job, try it and see how you like it.  Those of us that are frequent business travelers, that don't fly Air Force One, have dealt with near crashes, over night delays, crappy food, lousy service, cramped seating and very high fares, compounded by the ticket taxes our companies pay, supposedly to fund airport services.  

Obviously, Socialist President Obama, the Egg Head and Chief, does not realize that road warriors, as we are often called, make the world go around.   Those of us in Sales and Account Management, often the guys and gals on the road, are the foundation of the modern global economy.   We put the deals together that drive business success, economic development and job creation.    We don't just talk about it endlessly.   We do it!!

Oh, wait a minute, Socialist President Obama never took and passed Economics, or Business 101.  Obama thinks government is the solution to every problem, when in fact government is the problem and the biggest impediment to economic growth.  Damn straight, business travelers have a right to be upset when the airports we rely on and pay for don't work.   If only Socialist President Obama understood that there can be no economic growth or job creation without road warriors.  If anything, those of us that have spent years on the road dealing with all the aggravation that comes with it, deserve a Presidential Medal for service to our country. 

Of course, not the same as our brave soldiers fighting to protect our freedom, but almost as important because without the economic activity created by road warriors, our nation would be just like every other Socialist or Communist country, poor and destitute. 

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