Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2016 Kasich - Rubio Republican Ticket

I know, I know, we just went through a bruising, painful, even ugly election that allowed Socialist President Obama to win a second term.   Many Conservatives have just crawled under a rock to lick their wounds.  Get over it!  It is time that we start thinking about 2014, first to hold the House of Representatives and take back the Senate and second to win some key Governors races.  At the same time, it is not too soon to start focusing on 2016.  

Though this Blogger came from humble beginnings and today belongs to a country club,  I have been saying for years that Republicans must stop nominating country club Republicans if we want to win elections.  Mitt Romney was a good and decent man and would have made a great President; but initially this Blogger did not support him fearing exactly what happened.  As a result of Romney's success at Bain Capital, what Obamanistas and the left wing, lame stream media did to him was predictable as they demonized success and painted Romney as a rich, greedy, white guy.   The fact that the Romney's give about 30% of their money to charity did not matter.   After Obamanistas got done with him, Romney was viewed as out of touch with working people in America. 

That is why this Blogger believes that we must nominate candidates for President and Vice President, that though successful in their own right, have working class, blue collar roots.   And, my choices are Governor John Kasich of Ohio for President and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida for Vice President in 2016.   Kasich's father was a mail man.  Rubio's father was a bar tender.   Both of these men have lived the American Dream; yet they have never forgotten their roots.  They grew up in families that had to struggle to pay the bills.  Yes, they rose above their humble beginnings just like so many other Americans, including this Blogger, but all of us that come from little, or nothing never forget our roots.  It is part of our being. 

Both John Kasich and Marco Rubio are Common Sense Conservatives, which means they are pragmatic, not dogmatic to get the job done.     Kasich in particular, contrary to Man/Child President Obama, has the experience to be President working both in government and in business for years.  Further, the geography is right.   Ohio and Florida are critical to every Presidential election.  No Republican contender, in more than 100 years, has won the Presidency without carrying Ohio.  

A Kasich - Rubio ticket, when successful, will assure at least 16 years of Republican Common Sense Conservative rule, as presumably a young Rubio, able to attract the Latino vote, would be in a prime position to run for President, after getting more experience, in addition to his years in the Senate, by serving 8 years as Vice President.  Of course, a lot can happen between now and 2016; but this Blogger is betting my money on this combo. 

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