Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Obama's Fly In Style - Americans Suffer At Airports

Socialist President Obama and his family fly in style on Air Force One to their vacations, political events and occasional on real national business.  The cost to fly Air Force One is about $180,000 an hour.   So a round trip to Hawaii for the Obama's annual Christmas vacation, the farthest flown by any President for vacation, is well over $3,000,000.  Now that is a real FIRST CLASS ticket.  And, this last year because Obama was embroiled in the usual budget crisis, Michelle and kids went separately a few days earlier so the overall cost for last year's Christmas vacation must have topped $4,000,000.   Of course, the President does not have to deal with airports, security lines, delays of any kind, or the usual problems associated with air travel.  

Matter of the fact, the President causes some of those problems whenever he is in the air because Air Force One always has priority air space.   Some of this is understandable for any President, but does it really make sense for the President to fly to Hawaii and several other vacations a year, when more than 20 million Americans are still either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether because the Obama economy is so dismal.  

So now, Obama wants the American people to feel the pain of the Sequester, cutting just 2% of government spending in the next 12 months.  As a result, Obamanistas have cut Security Staff at airports to make the lines longer.  And Obama will soon close 149 air traffic control towers and furlough Air Traffic Controller, which will result in delays and disruption to our air traffic system.    Of course, none of this is necessary, if Obama would just get serious about cutting all the waste, fraud, abuse and redundancy that exist in the federal government.  Obama could even stop providing his PEEP's cell phones for free at a cost of over $2 Billion a year.   Naturally, none of this will happen as long as Obama and his Socialist Pals remain in government.  So American people, get used to Obama misery.  More is coming.  Just wait until ObamaCare kicks in next year.  You ain't seen nothing yet.  

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