Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lessons From Boston

There are many lessons we should learn from the recent Terrorist attack in Boston.  First, the real threat to our nation is from Improved Explosive Devices (IED's).   This Blogger has been saying for years that IED's were coming to a neighborhood near you.   The ability to make a bomb from things that can be purchased at any hardware store has been there for years.  Israel has been dealing with this problem for more than 20 years related to soft targets, restaurants, theatres, malls etc.  We have to realize that any place thousands of people gather is a target.  That means we need to be more vigilant in protecting and securing these areas. 

Next and much more frightening is that one of these IED's could be made even more lethal if loaded with radioactive materials, a so called Dirty Bomb.  This is the reason, we cannot allow rogue nation's like Iran and North Korea to get nuclear weapons that they could give, or sell to Terrorists to use against us.  There is no doubt that if they had these materials that fanatic Terrorists would use them within the United States.  This is another critical reason to SECURE OUR BORDER to prevent Terrorists from entering our country with these materials.

We also have to recognize that we are at war with Radical Islam out to destroy our country and way of life.  That means that we must track everyone entering our nation from any Muslim country and or any country known to harbor, or support Terrorists.  That means all Arab countries in the Middle East, including our so-called friends and Pakistan, India, Indonesia and now Russia.   The FBI apparently was warned by Russian authorities about the older of the two Boston Terrorists.  The FBI followed up and then dropped the ball losing track of the Terrorist, after he spent 6 months in Russia, presumably being trained by Terrorist groups in Russia, or one of the Stan countries.  This should never have happened. 

Finally, it is time to realize that a large number of Muslims, not sure how many, hate the United States, Freedom and Western values.  These people led by radical Imams around the world, in many mosques and Madrases schools, preaching hatred, funded by Saudi Arabia, are focused on murdering our people, or as they call us Infidels.  These characters, including the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia, that is funding these schools, must be under constant surveillance and scrutiny.   We must recognize them all for the Terrorists that they are.   They are guilty until proven innocent; not the other way around.  Remember, foreigners are not protected by our Bill of Rights.

Sadly, the two young immigrant, Muslim men in Boston, that were realizing the American dream, were radicalized by these Islamic Fanatics to the detriment of those murdered, or maimed in Boston.  Why these young Muslim men became so alienated is still a question mark; but the fact that it happened tells us that we cannot let down our guard even for a minute.   We must use profiling to identify those that would commit these acts of Terror and murder, no matter how much the Muslim community screams.  If they don't like it, they can go back to the land of their ancestors.        


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