Sunday, April 21, 2013

US Cities Use SwindleUS Money Illegally

In violation of the law, 7 US cities in Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and California used $373 million of Obama's SwindleUs funds, that were supposed to be used to educate Americans about the evils of obesity and tobacco, to lobby for higher taxes instead.   First, do we really need to educate Americans about being too fat, or smoking cigarettes.   At this point, given all the media on these topics, including day time television and talk radio, is there anyone left in the United States, with a brain, who does not know that being too fat can cause heart disease, diabetes, or other serious illnesses.   And, it is unimaginable that anyone in the United States, above the age of 5, does not know that cigarette smoking causes cancer.

The reason this has come up is that Obama is preparing to release another $2 Billion to further educate Americans on these unnecessary topics.  This is happening while the President shut down tours of the White House and is purposely trying to make air travel as miserable as possible to make the point that cutting $85 Billion in the next 12 months, out of about $3.7 Trillion that will be borrowed and spent, as required by the Sequester, is "real hard".  What a bunch of baloney, just more B---S---. 

Come on Mr. President, if you can't cut just 2% out of annual federal spending, then throw in the towel and give Crazy Joe Biden a shot at it.  In the mean time, this Blogger wants to know who is going to jail for violating the law by using these monies that were supposed to go to educate Americans about the evils of obesity and tobacco, instead of to lobby for higher taxes.   This is just one more example of many, many that involve incompetence, fraud, waste and abuse related to federal spending.  

There is so much fat and lard in the federal budget, that we need to yell SuuEE, when we call our elected representatives in Washington DC.   They are all feeding at the trough like little piggies, living high on the hog, as they take and waste our hard earned money.  It has got to stop.   

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