Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time For Sensible Immigration Reform Not Amnesty

The gang of eight US Senators is working on a comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.  This may be an all or nothing deal.  Hopefully, it begins with real border security before anything else happens.  Of course, Socialist President Obama opposes linking Immigration Reform to border security.  If meaningful border security is not part of the package, it should be DOA, Dead On Arrival in the Republican controlled House of Representatives.  We already have eleven or twelve million illegal aliens in our country.  Without tough border security, any plan would just encourage more to come. 

And, while illegal aliens should be given legal status, perhaps a blue card, this Blogger does not support automatic citizenship for those over 18 that entered our country illegally.  Instead, they should have to pay a fine and apply for citizenship, waiting their turn in line just like everyone else that has done it legally; otherwise what's the point of legal immigration.   And further, whatever status is given them, they should not be eligible for Welfare or Food Stamps.  The last thing we need is several million more people on the dole. 

Sensible Immigration Reform should include Securing our Border first, legal status for the Illegal Aliens currently in our country, a Guest Worker Program, Permanent Green Card status and a path to citizenship for any foreign student who graduates from an American University and the ability to allow more foreign engineers, computer experts, doctors, or scientists into our country that want to come.   We need that talent here, so why prevent them from coming.  Hopefully, common sense will prevail concerning Immigration Reform; but don't count on it.  After all, we are talking about Congress and the President. 

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