Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MSNBC - Socialist and Communist Broadcasting Station

MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist News Broadcasting Corporation, should be forced to register as the official TV station of the Socialist and Communist Party of America.  MSNBC was originally started in 1996 by Microsoft and GE.  Eventually, both companies wisely sold their interest to NBC Universal and Comcast, the current owners.  This is the only television station broadcasting today that actually has their commentators advancing Socialist and Communist ideology, during commercials, not just on their particular shows, which happens as well.

Larry O'Donnell of the Last Word, is an avowed, admitted Socialist.  Chris Matthews, who used to be a respected journalist is now just a mouth piece for the Socialist Party and President Obama.  Remember, it was Matthews who said of Obama, "he sends a chill up my leg".   And, then there is Big Ed Shultz who hates our country and free market capitalism.  We also have to listen to Martin Bashir, presumably a Brit, tell us how much better life would be if we were a Socialist nation. 

Finally and the real story of just how radical MSNBC has become is Melissa Harris-Perry, an attractive Black woman who recently declared that American children do not belong to their parents that in fact, they actually "belong to the community", translation George Orwell's state as described in his book 1984.  And, that it is the community's responsibility to provide them education, health care, food and really anything else they need.  To do this, Ms. Harris-Perry would allow the Makers in society to keep some of what they earn from their hard work; but presumably would confiscate as much as possible through the tax code to redistribute income.  Melissa Harris - Perry is also a professor at Tulane University and is rather typical of many Socialist and Communist Professors on our university campuses teaching our young people this Socialist/Communist ideology.

MSNBC is representative of the dangerous thinking that is typical of President Obama and all his Socialist pals in government.   The Congressional Black Caucus is full of Communists.   MSNBC should be forced to register as a paid lobbyist for the Socialist and Communist Parties of the United States in the least.   They are allowed to broadcast on airwaves presumably regulated by the federal government.   This is a Socialist and Communist front organization as evil as any we have ever seen in American history.   If they were honest, they would wear their Socialist and Communist credentials as a badge of honor, rather than hiding behind the term Progressives. 

MSNBC is a threat to our freedom.   Their commentators do nothing but spew propaganda on a daily basis.   The good news is that their ratings are dismal.  Fox News, that really is Fair and Balanced, presenting all sides of an issue with commentators that are both left, moderate and right, regularly kicks MSNBC's butt in the ratings.   Nevertheless all right thinking Americans should regard MSNBC and an enemy of our nation and way of life as evil as any foreign enemy we have every faced.  Their commentators practice the Big Lie as advocated by Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels.  Just remember whatever you hear on MSNBC is propaganda designed to turn our nation into a Socialist or Communist Country.   That is the truth and nothing but the truth.


  1. This article is right on. They are socialist communist yellow journalist pigs. The women on this network are sluts to the socialist communist Saul linksey brand of wanting to destroy the American way of life. Whoring for socialist communist big government