Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obama's 2013 - 14 Budget - Irrelevant Waste Of Time

Socialist President Obama's has submitted a 2013 - 14 Budget to the Congress that is irrelevant.  Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have already passed their own versions of a budget.   The Republican House budget, based on the Ryan Plan, balances the budget and pays off the National Debt in 10 years by cutting $5 Trillion in spending and modest Entitlement Reform.   The Socialist Senate budget raises taxes by another $600 Billion, has no real Entitlement Reform and never balances the budget.  

The difference is where in which the budget battle ahead lies.   Republicans are advancing a common sense budget that includes spending increases of 3.5% a year for the next ten years.  Again, federal government spending does not go down.  It still goes up, but by a lower percentage than the budget proposed by both the President and his Socialist pals in Congress that never leads to balance, or paying off the National Debt.   

It is very clear from all of this that the Socialists in Washington have no intention of reforming Entitlements, balancing the budget. or paying off the National Debt.   They insist on borrowing Trillions of dollars to take care of their PEEP's to buy elections.  They might get away with it, if allowed by the Republicans, for 5 or maybe even 10 years; but ultimately it will lead to the economic collapse of the United States and likely civil strife on our streets, when the money is not there to fund the $100 Trillion in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and local, state and federal pensions. 

When the day comes that the 50 million Americans on Food Stamps, Welfare and Medicaid and 14 million on Disability can no longer receive these Entitlements, there will be riots on our streets; just wait and see, no different than we have seen in Greece, Spain, or Cyprus.   To prevent all of this from happening the Federal Reserve will just begin printing more money, destroying what is left of the dollar.   So anyone who owns dollar denominated assets of any kind will be worthless.  Then what.   The poor will be poorer.  The middle class will be poor.   And, these Socialists will have milked the "rich" for everything they have killing the goose that laid the golden egg. 

Sadly, if these things come to pass, there will be civil strife on our streets, a loss of our freedom and eventually the dissolution of the United States.  Don't think it can't happen because it has happened in other countries throughout history.   I wish I could be more optimistic about what I see coming; but as a former student and teacher of history, I learned my lessons well.    We will see the Soviet Union story all over again.  That day is coming if we don't stop the fiscal insanity soon and get our country back on track.   

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