Sunday, April 29, 2012

President Bill Clinton Supports Obama - Really

There is evidence that Bill and Hillary Clinton are solidly supporting Socialist President Obama for reelection in 2012.   First, what choice do they have.  Second, if Obama loses in 2012, this is all about securing the Black vote for Hillary in 2016.  Bill Clinton used be referred to as the first Black President, that is before we ever had a Black President.   During the Socialist primary in 2008, Obama actually questioned Clinton's credentials related to Black issues because the Clinton's were not Socialist enough.

This Blogger has heard President Clinton speak to a small business audience, during a paid speech engagement and I can tell all that Clinton sounded far more like a Republican than a Socialist.  Of course, it could have been the audience since Clinton is very good as telling people what they want to hear.   In many ways, Bill Clinton is a brilliant crowd manipulator.  In any case, if there was even 50% truth in Clinton's speech, Bill Clinton could not win the Socialist nomination for the Presidency today because the old Democrat Party is dead. 

Socialists prefer to refer to themselves as "Progressives" because they know the word Socialist is toxic; but an ugly duckling by any other name would still be a duck.   Bill Clinton recognized that the Democrat Party had gone too far to the left years ago when he was active in spearheading the more more moderate wing of the party.   It won Clinton two terms in office.  The Moderates are now all gone.  What is left are Socialists and maybe even some Communists in the old Democrat Party.   There is only the left wing and the very left wing in what was the old Democrat Party.   What few old Democrat Moderates are left in the US Senate will likely be gone in 2012. 

Hillary Clinton will run for the Presidency in 2016, if Obama loses, or 2020, if he wins reelection.   That is going to happen because the Clinton's are used to having the big jet and the big house.  They like all the trappings of the Presidency.  Hillary Clinton has already said she will not serve in a second Obama Administration.   That will happen for two reasons, first to distance herself from Obama and second, because Hillary Clinton like her husband, can command $100,000 a speech to add to the family wealth.

And, since Hillary Clinton will seek the Socialist nomination for the Presidency in the future, she needs to be a free agent in an attempt to move the party back to the center, if it is possible, which is doubtful.  In the mean time, the Clinton's will play the game and support Obama for reelection.  But, there will be no tears shed if Obama loses because there is no love lost between the Clinton's and Obama.  It is what it is.  Politics always makes strange bedfellows. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Europe Is In Trouble - Hard Times Ahead

Socialist Europe is in trouble.  Britain is officially in Recession.   Spain, with 25% unemployment, is in a Depression.  France, Italy, Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands are headed over a debt cliff.   The struggle now in Europe is whether they should pursue more austerity, the German approach, to prevent the the bankruptcy of these countries, or more Socialist borrowing and spending to stimulate the economy.   This will play out in elections in these countries in the weeks and months ahead. 

If Socialist spending worked to bring prosperity, these countries would already have it since they have been borrowing to support cradle to grave entitlements since the end of World War II.  No, more government spending will not solve Europe's problems.   The only way to restore economic growth is to cut government spending, cut taxes and eliminate job killing regulations.  

Further, many of these countries adopted CAP & TAX to deal with carbon emissions.  As a result, the cost of energy in Europe is strangling business.   In addition, European countries have invested heavily in solar and wind power, through either direct investment, or big government subsidies that are contributing to the bankruptcy of these nations.   All of this has to stop to get their economies back on track. 

It is not likely to happen because the Socialists in European countries are so ideological that common sense will never prevail.  And, let's face it, Europeans like cradle to grave "free" entitlements, 37.5 hour work weeks that make European countries uncompetitive, all their holidays and paid vacations and their pensions at a young age, even though all of this has caused the mess they face today.   Many European countries just do not produce enough to sustain all of these goodies.  

So, Europe will face hard times in the years ahead.   It is very likely that the grand experiment in the European Union and the EURO will end because at some point, the Germans will say enough.  What will happen remains to be seen; but it is clear that the status quo is not feasible.  Something has got to give and it will give in the next few years.   

The United States should take a lesson from all of this.   Socialism has failed where ever and when ever it has been tried in the world.   President Obama is a Socialist, who wants to "transform" America into a European style Socialist nation.   Why are earth would we go down that road when it leads to poverty, misery, a lower standard of living and in some cases historically, in the extreme, to murder.  

No, we have to make Obama a one term President and sweep his Socialist pals, at all levels of government out of office in 2012 and 2014 to prevent economic chaos in our country that would lead to civil strife on our streets.   We must clean house to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  We must learn a lesson from what is happening in Europe to avoid financial calamity. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

US Unemployment Benefits - Highest In 3 Months

Those in the US seeking unemployment benefits is near a three month high.  388,000 Americans applied for unemployment during a recent week in April.  Though technically unemployment has fallen to 8.2%, it is because more people have just stopped looking for work altogether.   They are part of the 25 million Americans that are either unemployed, working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether. 

When all our counted, the real unemployment rate in the US is above 15% thanks to Obama's failed Economic Policy.   Don't believe what you hear otherwise from Obama and his minions.  Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat or steal to remain in office to continue feeding at the trough.  While many are sufferring as a result of Obama's failed economic policies,  we know now that the government spent about $470,000 in taxpayer monies on First Lady Michelle Obama's 2010 vacation with friends to Spain.   Go figure. 

By the end of Obama's first term, the President will add $5 Trillion to our National Debt taking care of his PEEP's; yet unemployment has remained above 8% for more than 38 months.  All of Obama's SwindleUS Plans have failed.  This is all happening because Obamanistas have added 11,000 new job killer regulations by Executive Order.   Obama's Gestapos, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Labor Relations Board have been busy killing jobs.  The EPA is out to destroy carbon and nuclear based energy.   The NLRB keeps pushing unions on American business, which raises the cost of doing business.   Both the actions of the EPA and the NLRB are causing US companies to ship more jobs overseas; particularly to lower cost countries like China and India. 

In addition, Obama has no energy policy, except to raise the cost of energy in the United States to lower the standard of living of the American people.   This is all intentional by Obama's own words.  While Obama has failed miserably in general, he has succeeded in achieving his energy objectives.  The cost of gas and utilities have dramatically gone up since Obama was elected.   This is money that Americans don't have to make other purchases, so naturally more jobs have been lost in the process. 

It should be no surprise that unemployment remains stubbornly high.   High taxes and crazy regulations in Europe and other countries have caused structural unemployment in those countries for years.  Obama wants to "transform" America into a European style Socialist country even though that model has failed in Europe.   We are seeing the end result of Obama's handiwork.  High unemployment, skyrocketing cost of energy and low GDP growth in our country.  

In order to get our economy growing again we must sweep these Socialists, at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office by electing Conservatives that understand how to create economic growth and job creation.  Whatever you may think of Mitt Romney, he has the experience to get the job done.   Romney is a free market capitalist, not a Socialist.  Romney fully understands that government's role to help create jobs is simply to get out of the way not spend us into bankruptcy. 

Obviously, Obama has failed and does not deserve a second term.   In fact, Obama and his Socialist pals in government are a clear and present danger to our nation.   We have to put on our hips boots and drain the swamp in Washington DC.  It will be dirty, stinky work; but we have to do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life.   We can do it.   We must do it to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  In the mean time, don't be surprised by the surge in unemployment.   Blame it on Obama, the egghead Professor and Chief, that does not understand, or support free market capitalism.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama's EPA Gestapo - Crucify Oil Companies

In 2010, Al Armendariz, an EPA Administrator in Region 6 - Dallas gave a speech at a Texas government meeting in which he said the EPA's job was to "crucify" oil companies.   Armendariz used the analogy of the Romans when they took over a town, or country and crucified some inhabitants to get control of the population.  While Armendariz has since apologized for this comment, now that it has been made public, this comment is sympthomatic of the reckless Gestapo attitudes and daily actions by Obama's Environmental Protection Agency.   

Obama's EPA Gestapo is out of control as they seek to destroy oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear based energy, our only hope of ever being energy independent.   Obama has appointed radical environmentalists to the EPA that will destroy our economy and standard of living if allowed to pursue their agenda.   It is already happening as we see unemployment above 8% for more than 38 straight months.  

25 million Americans are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or they have just given up looking for work altogether.   The real unemployment rate is above 15%.  This is the case because of Obama's failed economic policy and Socialist Schemes; but also because Obama's EPA Gestapo is making it difficult for the energy industry to provide the energy we need, at reasonable prices, to power our economy. 

Without cheap energy, there is no way to create economic growth and jobs.  Further, cheap energy, always a goal ever since Socialist Franklin Roosevelt was President, is the key to a higher standard of living, not only for all Americans; but for the poor around the world.   Socialist President Obama told us before the 2008 election that his plan was to dramatically increase the cost of energy for all Americans and that is exactly what his EPA Gestapo is busy doing.  Obama's Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, who should be fired for the Solyndra debacle, has said he wants to see gas at $8 - $10 a gallon, like in Europe.    These radicals are out of their minds. 

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by sweeping these Socialists, at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office.   We need a 50 year, all of the above, Energy Plan to make the United States energy independent.   We have the natural resources to make it happen and Yes, the cost of energy can be brought down, but it will not happen as long as Socialists and radical environmentalists control our government.

It is time for common sense in Washington DC and for grown ups to take control.   We have to put on our hip boots and drain the swamp to get rid of all of these radical, left wing characters in 2012 and 2014.   We have to take back our country.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

The EPA Gestapo talks of crucifying oil companies that create millions of jobs in our country and as much as any companies in America are responsible for our standard of living.   If we allow it to happen,  Obama's EPA Gestapo will destroy our economy and standard of living.   We can't let that happen.   We won't let that happen. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

War On Poverty - A Miserable Failure

Socialist President Lyndon Johnson announced the War On Poverty in 1964 with the enactment of his Great Society Social Programs.   Since then, the United States has spent $15 Trillion local, state and federal dollars on numerous poverty programs in an attempt to eliminate poverty in our country.   This does not include the billions spent on the poor by private charities in the last 40 or more years.  

Yet, people living in poverty in 1964 were about 19% of our population.  Today, under Socialist President Obama, 15.1% of our people live in poverty, the highest rate in a decade.  About 106 million Americans out of perhaps 350 million Americans receive some type of government poverty benefits.  In real terms, this is the highest number in American history. 

Clearly, the monies spent on the War and Poverty have failed to do much to decrease poverty in the United States and in fact have created a permanent under class in our society.   Welfare has destroyed the Black family as 7 out of 10 Black babies today are born our of wedlock.   4 out of 10 White babies are born out of wedlock, as well.   This happens because Welfare payments are higher if single moms have more babies and there is no man in the house. 

Federal poverty programs have increased by 41% since Obama was elected President to $668 Billion up an additional $193 Billion.   Local and State governments spend and additional $284 Billion a year on poverty programs.  This is about $1 Trillion a year spent on poverty programs, since Obama was elected much of it with borrowed money and deficit spending.   As a basis of comparison, Obama spends just $668 Billion on National Defense, a primary responsibility of the federal government.   Even though poverty programs have failed to eliminate poverty in America, Socialist President Obama wants to continue adding a Trillion, or more dollars to our National Debt, by spending even more on his PEEP's. 

This Blogger would not mind spending this money to help the poor if it worked, since my wife and I support many charities to help the poor, in addition to paying high taxes; but it is clear, 48 years after enactment of the War On Poverty Programs and $15 Trillion later, the impact has been minimal at best.   Coincidentally, our National Debt will reach more than $16 Trillion in the next few months, more than $50,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. 

These poverty programs are nothing more than the local, state and federal government union jobs programs as we have 32 housing programs administered by four cabinet departments, 21 programs providing food assistance and 8 health care programs managed by 5 separate agencies.   Medicaid providing medical services for the poor, including 49 million Americans, is the biggest Welfare program costing more than $228 Billion a year proving that Obama has consistently lied when he says the poor do not have medical care.   41 million Americans now receive Food Stamps, up from 20 million since Obama was elected, costing more than $72 Billion. 

Socialist President Obama has advanced the Welfare State to make more of his PEEP's dependent on the federal government presumably so that they will vote for his reelection.  Obama could care less that he is intentionally bankrupting the United States.  Clearly, we have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by making Obama a one term President and sweeping his Socialist pals out of office to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.   Once we do so, we must reform all of these poverty programs, eliminating redundancy, requiring work, schooling or drug addiction programs to get benefits.  Throwing more of our hard earned money at the poor, business as usual, is money down a rat hole.   It has to stop because it does not work. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Elections In France - The Same Story As In The US

The Presidential election in France is looking very much like the Presidential election in the US, only the roles are reversed.   Current Right of Center President Nicolas Sarkozy is being challenged by in experieced Socialist Francois Hollande.   Hollande, like Socialist President Obama, is singing the exact same song; Deficit spending, Stimulus Plan to create jobs, More Regulations on business, Class Warfare, Higher taxes on the "rich", and radical environmentalism.   This very same program is the basis for Obama's failed Presidency; yet Hollande has apparently not learned that lesson.  Of course, France like the US is facing bankruptcy because they too have a National Debt, to support cradle to grave social programs, that are unsustainable. 

Yet, Francois Hollande, like Obama, wants to spend even more.   The fact that there are riots in the streets of Greece does not seem to impact Hollande as he continues to push for France to increase government spending and debt.   Nicolas Sarkozy is the Mitt Romney in this story; a center right politician trying to get spending under control to prevent the bankruptcy of their nation.  In the next few weeks, these two candidates will face each other in the final round of their elections.  Hollande, the Socialist, is favored because the French do not want to give up all their "free" government services, short work week, long vacations and early retirements.  These are all the things that make France uncompetitive in a global market.

If Francois Hollande wins, it will be the first time a Socialist has been elected to the Presidency of France in 17 years because Socialist Schemes have never led to prosperity in France.  But, the French apparently have short memories.  More important, it will spell big trouble for Europe.   The Dutch government just fell because it refuses to accept austerity to deal with its National Debt.   Spain is officially in Recession.  The Germans that are bankrolling many of these European countries are insisting on austerity, rather than more deficit spending; their model which over the years has made them an economic power house.  The German people do not want to pay for all the social programs in these other countries and rightfully so. 

If Francois Hollande is elected in France, there is a pretty good chance that France's credit rating will be downgraded further.  Markets around the world are already responding to this possibility.  This will result in higher cost for France to borrow money to fund government services.   And, this will put France on a collision course with Germany that it cannot withstand.   He who has the gold makes the rules.   The Germans have the gold and they will insist on making the rules.   If elected, Hollande will immediately get a wake up call from Angela Merkel, Germany's Prime Minister, who is supporting Sarkozy as the experienced, grown up in the race. 

There are direct parallels with our situation in the US.   President Obama is a Socialist, the same as Francois Hollande.   That is clear.  Neither Obama nor Hollande have the experience to be President of their countries.  That is also clear.  By the end of Obama's first term in office, he will add about $5 Trillion to US National Debt with no end in sight.  It is this Blogger's contention that Obama intends to cause the bankruptcy of the United States in order to transform our nation into a Socialist country.  Obama is a one world guy.   It clearly does not bother Obama that bankruptcy would threaten our national sovereignty.  Obviously, if Obama was concerned, he would not be insisting on annual trillion dollar deficits to take care of his PEEP's.

Watch what happens in France in the next few weeks.  If Francois Hollande, the Socialist is elected, there will be chaos in France and in Europe.   France and Germany must be on the same page in order for the Euro to survive.   That will not be the case if Francois Hollande is elected.  Hopefully, common sense will prevail in France; but don't count on it.   We will see the same story if Socialist President Obama is reelected.   The United States credit rating has already been downgraded under Obama's watch.  If our current level of National Debt continues, the US too will see a further downgrade of our credit rating.  We have to make Obama a one term President in 2012 to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.   There is no other way.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Republican Senator Hatch Faces Primary Challenge

Six term Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch is facing a primary challenge in his bid for a 7th, six year term from State Senator Dan Liljenquist.  Though Hatch came very close to getting the 60% of the vote needed to avoid a primary challenge, he fell just short, which means in June, Hatch will have to go through the primary process.  Hatch has been in the US Senate for 36 years.   Since this Blogger supports Congressional Term Limits, I believe it is time for Hatch to go. 

Orrin Hatch will probably win reelection because establishment Republicans will come to his aid with money to beat his challenger.   That is just how the game is played, which is the reason we need term limits.   Though Orrin Hatch is a Conservative of sorts, he has also voted to steal money from Social Security, over the years, which has been happening since 1965, to fund wasteful government spending.   Hatch has been there reaching across the aisle for years allowing Socialist creep.  Hatch is a go along to get along kind of guy.  And, Orrin Hatch has failed to stop the nomination of Socialist Supreme Court and other Federal judges. 

There is no doubt that Republican Orrin Hatch is better than any Socialist alternative; but as we face the bankruptcy of the United States, business as usual is not going to get our nation back on the right track.   Orrin Hatch is business as usual and has been so for 36 years.   So, concerned Conservatives should send money to State Senator Dan Liljenquist to help unseat Orrin Hatch.   Who ever wins the Republican primary in Utah, will win the general election as well because Utah is a very Red state. 

It is time for Senator Orrin Hatch to retire and write his biography.   We need new Conservative blood in Washington DC committed to balancing our budget and an end to deficit spending.   Though Orrin Hatch talks that talk, he often has not walked that talk voting to increase our National Debt Ceiling many times.  

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by sweeping Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama out of office.   At the same time, we need new Conservative blood in office to support the Tea Party Members elected in 2010.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   Senator Orrin Hatch has made what ever impact on our nation he could make in 36 years.  We don't need politicians for life.  It is now time for Hatch to step aside in the name of citizen politicians as was intended by our Founding Fathers.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Old Style Democrats Running From Obama

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has stated that he may not vote for Socialist President Obama, his party leader.   This should be no surprise.  Old style moderate Democrats can't possibly support radical, left wing, Socialist Obama.  This is really true for Joe Manchin from West Virginia because the vast majority of people in West Virginia do not support Obama. 

West Virginia is coal country.  Obama's Gestapo, the Environmental Protection Agency, is doing everything possible to destroy the coal industry.  Coal is the life blood of West Virginia.  Though coal mining can be dangerous, the pay for coal miners is very good.  Anything that threatens big coal, threatens jobs in West Virginia.  In addition, Senator Manchin is a bit of a fiscal conservative who knows that Obama is bankrupting our country.   Manchin fully understands the implications of Obama's annual trillion dollar deficits.   

The real question is will Senator Joe Manchin act in the interest of our country and endorse Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee for President, since very likely the majority of West Virginians will vote Republican.  We shall see in the next few months.   In another case, Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri is in trouble in her reelection bid for voting for ObamaCare.   The people of Missouri rejected ObamaCare in an initiative vote.   Now, there is a pretty good chance that the voters of Missouri will reject McCaskill next November. 

The few remaining moderate Democrats in the Socialist Party have two choices, stick with Obama and lose, or support Romney and maybe even switch parties and win.  This is particularly true for the few remaining moderate Democrats elected from Red states.   There is a clear divide in the United States.   There are Obama's PEEP's, the Takers living on the dole, one way or another and the Makers, the rest of us, paying all the income taxes in our country.  There are red states and blue states.  For the most part, there are Socialists and there are Conservatives.   Yes, there is the 20% of population that often swings both ways; but the reality is that ultimately they must support either a Socialist or a Conservative. 

Ronald Reagan often said that we need bold colors, not pastels in our politics and he was right.   There are two political parties in the United States, the Socialist and the Conservative parties.   The terms Democrat and Republican are actually obsolete.   It is better this way because it gives the American people a clear choice.  Also, the notion of reaching across the aisle is dead because it has led to 100 years of Socialist creep.  In the mean time, watch the few remaining moderate Democrats abandon Obama in the next few months.   They have no choice.   If they stick with Obama, they will lose reelection as happened in 2010.

Independents Will Decide The 2012 Presidential Election

For better or worse, Independents will decide the 2012 Presidential Election.   About 40% of Americans are committed Republicans and 40% are left wing Socialists.   As such, elections today are decided by those Americans that swing both ways from election to election.   This Blogger does not understand these people.   How is it possible to vote for a Socialist in one election and a Conservative in another.   Independents will tell you that they vote for the man or woman, not for the political party.   That might be understandable if the parties were pretty much the same as was the case years ago.  That is not the case today.

The Democrat Party of John Kennedy, or even Bill Clinton, is dead.  It died with the election of Barack Obama.   It is doubtful that Bill Clinton could be elected as a Democrat today because he is too moderate.   What is left is the Socialist Party of America.   And, though Mitt Romney has been on all sides of most issues during his political career, he is clearly speaking as a Conservative today because the Republican Party is the Conservative Party of America.

This Blogger will support Mitt Romney because at least for now he is saying all the right things.   Romney does support some differentiation in the tax code to benefit the "middle class", which in essence speaks to class warfare issues; but otherwise Romney is walking the talk of a Conservative.   If elected and if he does not tow the Conservative Party line, he will be a one term President because he will lose his base. 

So where does that leave Independents.   Do they actually listen to what the candidates are saying.   I don't think so.  As of now, Romney appears to have a slight edge over President Obama with Independents, which is a very bad sign for Obama.   As such, Obama is moving further to the left to get his PEEP's, the growing number of Americans on the dole,  the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, union members, radical environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony capitalists, all feeding at the trough, to the polls.  

The real question is how will the 25 million Americans that are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether vote.   Will they vote for Obama that is promising them more Welfare checks, or Romney who is promising them a pay check.

Obama is playing the same Class Warfare game as Franklin Roosevelt, in hopes that enough voters will actually ignore his record.  No President in modern history has won reelection with unemployment of 8% or more since Franklin Roosevelt; but that was before Fox News and Bloggers like me.   Obama has done a miserable job as President, based on the numbers, not just this Blogger's opinion.   As such, the only way Obama can win reelection is to implement a very divisive strategy that pits Takers, his PEEP's against Makers, those of us that pay all the income taxes in America.   The problem is, if Obama wins reelection and particularly if Republicans make even more gains in Congress, he will be a lame duck President from day one of his new term.  It will be a hollow victory resulting in grid lock in Washington DC. 

Mitt Romney on the other hand is in a position to attack Obama's dismal record.   The trick for Romney is to move to the center a bit without losing his Conservative base.   That will require a real balancing act in order to attract enough unmarried women, Independents and Hispanics in key states to win.   Romney proved during the Republican primaries that he is tough enough to win.   Mitt Romney is clearly not John McCain, who despite his war record, wasn't tough enough to win. 

Independents will decide the election in 2012.   If you happen to know any Independents, it is time to help them understand that voting for Socialist President Obama will result in the bankruptcy of the United States, a probable loss of our national sovereignty and our personal freedoms.  This is probably the most important election in modern times because the choice is so stark.  Stick with the numbers; not with emotional arguments. 

There are 25 million Americans either unemployed, underemployed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether.   47 million Americans are on Food Stamps, an increase of 26 million since Obama was elected, a record number and the highest in American history.   GDP growth at about 1.7% is dismal and cannot lead to a full employment economy.   There are 5 million fewer people working since Obama was elected.  The National Debt has grown to more than $16 Trillion during Obama's watch.  The Obama Administration has added 11,000 new job killer regulations.  Obama has no energy policy, which has resulted in the cost of gasoline doubling since his election.  Obama's economic policies have been a disaster for our country.

This election is not about who has the best smile, or the fact that Obama happens to be Black.  In fact, that ship has sailed.   The American people elected our first Black President, with no meaningful work or even political experience; now it is about Obama's job performance, not the color of his skin.   Mitt Romney has both the practical work experience and political experience to be an effective President.   Romney understands the workings of free market capitalism.   Romney is positioned to restore economic growth and job creation again in America.  That is the message we need to take to unmarried women, Independents, Hispanics and all Americans.   It is about Jobs Stupid.   

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Secretary of Defense Panetta - Living The Good Life

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta chooses to go home from Washington DC to his walnut farm in Monterrey, California every weekend.   Doing so cost American taxpayers $32,000 a week for each round trip.  Panetta is required to reimburse the government just $630 for his weekly travel.  How nice.   Mr. Panetta is an employee of the United States.   When he chose to take the job as Defense Secretary, he knew it was in Washington DC.   The notion that Panetta goes home every weekend, at our expense, is just one more example of government taxpayer abuse.  To date, Secretary Panetta has wasted $860,000 of our money on these trips. 

It is time for this to stop.   It may be that the government should fund a trip home twice a year for Panetta; but more than that is stealing from taxpayers.    This is just the tip of a wasteful iceberg; yet Socialist President Obama wants to raise income taxes so we can give government more of our hard earned money to waste.  We learn of Panetta's boondoggle at the same time we learned of the lavish $820,000 GSA conference in Las Vegas.  Of course, all of this is chump change in Washington DC; but the waste all adds up to Billions of dollars.  Not one more dime for these clowns.

We must enact a Constitutional Amendment that limits federal taxing authority.  It is very clear that we can't trust politicians of either political party to manage our money.   The waste in Washington DC is huge.  We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by sweeping Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office.  But, we must elect real Conservatives committed to cutting spending and enacting specific Constitutional Amendments to require a balanced budget and limits on taxing authority to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  

We have to take back our country.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  Panetta's boondoggle is just one more example of many government boondoggles wasting our money.  It has to stop. 

Obama's Vision For America

This Blogger frequently travels to Europe and as such I often see Socialist President Obama's vision for America first hand, since it is his goal to "transform" the United States into a European style Socialist nation.  Most European countries have very high taxes, not just on the "rich", but on all citizens.  In addition, to high income taxes that hit ALL Western Europeans, not just the "rich", sales tax called VAT (value added tax) is usually 17 - 23% depending on the country.   And, since VAT is assessed at all levels of production, the goods purchased in Europe may cost two or three times what they would cost in the US. 

This is the reason why very often when our European employees come to the US on business, they will bring an empty suitcase to buy clothing and other goods in the US.  They will usually do a trip to Wal Mart and our outlet malls in the US to purchase various items because they are so much cheaper in the US than in Europe.  This is not just about the exchange rate; but rather all the taxes that are added to the cost of goods and services in Europe to deter consumption and pay for big government. 

This Blogger always chuckles when I hear of "free" university education or health care overseas.   There is no such thing as "free" anything.   In order to get free services in a Socialist country, taxes must be very high and that is exactly what happens in Western Europe.  President Obama is telling the big lie when he claims if only the "rich" were to pay their "fair share", life would be wonderful for all Americans.  The fact is that the rich are already paying 70% of all income taxes paid in the US, while 50% of Americans, Obama's PEEP's pay none., 

The reality is that if all wealth were confiscated from the rich, not just higher taxes assessed, it would be impossible to pay for all the free services and cradle to grave government entitlements, Obama wants to provide his PEEP's.   The only way to make it happen is to hit the middle class with much higher taxes, that same as occurs in Europe.  Obama won't say it during this election year, but cards talk and numbers don't lie; though Socialists like Obama do lie all the time.  These are the facts. 

And, specific to energy costs.  Europeans are paying $8 - $10 a gallon for gas or diesel fuel because of very high taxes on fuel.   While the "rich" can purchase any car they want, middle class Europeans, if they have a car at all, are driving very small sub compact cars.   The middle class in Europe certainly are not driving around in big SUV's as is common in the US.   But that is exactly Obama's one world plan.  Obama continues to lie about US oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear resources in order to gain support for subsidies for wind and solar power; both of which will never power America.    

In fact, we are not running out of natural resources that could last for another 200 - 300 years, which would allow time for other technologies to be developed.   If all of the above production were allowed, we would could be completely energy independent in the next 20 years; but that is not part of Obama's green technology plan.   Obama wants to drive up the cost of energy, which will impact the cost of everything, to lower the standard of living for the middle class in America, the same as has occurred in Europe.  

Socialists like Obama believe that Americans consume too much of the world's resources.   As such, Obama intentionally wants to lower the standard of living in the US to make it more comparable with the European standard of living.  Again, this will not impact the rich that can buy whatever ever they want.  Obama's strategy is aimed at the middle class, the vast majority of Americans.  

Obama's goal is to drive up the cost of goods and services so high that middle class Americans will have to consume less by living in smaller houses, driving smaller cars and buying fewer goods and services.   If Obama is reelected, future generations of Americans will experience a lower standard of living than their parents and perhaps even grandparents.   This is all part of Obama's plan; though he won't say it out right.   Obama's Executive Orders are however, designed to make his plan reality. 

Obama's Socialist vision for America will result in bigger, more intrusive government, rationed medical care as happens in Europe, a lower standard of living for the vast majority of Americans, redistribution of wealth in the name of social justice, and a permanent unemployed under class, on the dole to secure votes for Socialists.   We can't let this happen.

President Obama and his Socialist pals in government are a clear and present danger to our nation and our freedom.   We must take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by sweeping these Socialists out of office to begin rolling back 100 years of Socialist creep that is bankrupting our country.   We can to it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  

Obama's vision for America is evil and contrary to American exceptionalism, which by the way Obama dismisses at not true.  Obama's vision is not the nation this Blogger and millions like me want to leave to our children and grandchildren.   Obama is a threat as bad as any external enemy we have ever faced.  We defeated Fascism and Communism and now we must defeat Obamanism.     

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UN Agenda 21 - A Threat To Our Freedom

Several years ago, world leaders met in Brazil under the auspices of the United Nations to discuss what has come to be known as Agenda 21.   This conference focused on environmental issues and phony global warming science.  It was determined at this meeting that there would need to be a global response to global warming that could conceivable over ride the Constitution of the United States, prohibiting many of the freedoms we enjoy.   Global environmental radicals seek to control every aspect of our lives including how we live, what we eat and potentially the private property that we own.  In essence, these radicals want to take away our rights.   We can't let that happen. 

Socialist President Obama is using various Executive Orders to implement Agenda 21, the radical Environmentalist agenda, because he could never get this kind of legislation enacted by Congress.  Obama's Environmental Protection Agency is acting as the Gestapo to control whole industries and personal property.  We have to remove Obama from office in 2012 for many reasons, not the least of which is because he is a clear and present danger to our nation and our freedoms. 

There is no doubt that Obama's goal is to "transform" the United States into a Socialist style European country.   Obama seeks to redistribute income in the name of "social justice".  Obama regularly practices the Big Lie that is common in Socialist and Communist countries and that is that the "rich" and big companies are the reason for poverty.   It is baloney.  In doing so, Obama seeks to control every aspect of daily life in accordance with Agenda 21.   We can't allow this to happen because it will be the end of the freedoms guaranteed us by the Constitution. 

US Socialists have said many times that they do not believe the Constitution is relevant today as they have done everything possible to deny us the freedoms created by our Founding Fathers.   Socialists at all levels of government are a very serious threat to our freedom.   ObamaCare is just the latest example.   Many Americans will never see the Social Security benefits they have paid for over a life time.  Social Security is the biggest Ponzi scheme in world history.  Medicare too has just become another vehicle to confiscate monies from taxpayers as Medicare is even now being means tested. 

Our freedoms our under attack.   We must take this threat very seriously.  President Reagan always said that Americans are just one generation away from losing their freedom, if we are not vigilant in protecting the freedoms guaranteed us in our Constitution.  We have to make Obama a one term President and in addition sweep Socialists at all levels of government out of office in 2012 and 2014.   We have to say NO to Agenda 21 and any other global scheme designed to take away our freedoms. 

Women Most Hurt By Obama Economy

Since Socialist President Obama took office, 92.3% of the jobs lost belonged to women.   The Obama economy has most hurt women.   This is ironic since Obamanistas claim that Republicans are conducting a war against women, which is ridiculous.   So, many of the 25 million Americans that are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or who have just given up looking for work altogether, because of Obama's failed economic policies, are women.  So again, which political party is conducting a war against women.  It is the Socialists not the Republicans. 

A higher percentage of women vote for Socialists, presumably single Mom's looking for more government assistance than married women.  A higher percentage of men tend to vote Republican.   Obama can't win reelection without the women's vote; yet the question is will women, out of work, vote for Obama again.   This is the reason Obama keeps pushing for extension of unemployment insurance and more Americans on Food Stamps.   Obama wants these women dependent on him and the federal government in an attempt to win their votes.   Obama wants these women out of work and on the dole. 

Hopefully, both men and women out of work will recognize that Obama's economic policies and 11,000 new regulations are job killers that have negatively impacted their families.  A small unemployment check and Food Stamps are no substitute for a paycheck from a good paying job.   Obama's SwindleUS Plans have failed to produce real economic growth and jobs.   Unemployment has been above 8% for 37 straight months.   There are about 5 million fewer people working today than when Obama took office.  GDP growth is dismal at about 1.7%.  Obama is a job killer plain and simple. 

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by sweeping these Socialists, at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office.   We must do it for the sake of all Americans; but especially women that have been most hurt by the Obama economy.  We have to put on our hip boots to drain the swamp in Washington DC.   It will be hard, stinky work; but we must do it to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  Get your checkbooks out to support Conservative candidates at all levels of government.  It is the only way we can get our country back on track.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon

Mitt Romney's secret weapon in this election campaign is his wife Ann Romney.  Mrs. Romney is likable and a great campaigner, as opposed to Michelle Obama who is not very likable.   When Michelle Obama made the statement that she was first proud of America when her husband was elected as President, it was the end of her honeymoon with the American people.   What was she talking about. 

Our country was built by our Founding Fathers and countless generations of Americans from all ethic and racial backgrounds to be the greatest nation in human history.  This all happened long before Barack Obama assumed the Presidency.   And while Obama's election as the first Black President is historical, it is otherwise of little significance, except for the fact that Obama is a Socialist.  

For Mrs. Obama to say that it was her husband's election that allowed her for the first time to be proud of America is an insult to the millions of Americans that have died to preserve our freedom and their families that have endured the pain of personal loss.  We have so much to be proud of that has absolutely nothing to do with Obama's election that Mrs. Obama's statement is ridiculous and insulting to all Americans. 

Mrs. Obama's statement stems from some Black Americans that believe that slavery was somehow more terrible than the discrimination various immigrant ethnic groups experienced in America.   Derogatory names like WOPS, Dego's, Chinks, Kikes, Spics, Gooks, Japs, Micks, Krauts, etc. were all used to describe various ethnic, or religious groups and these names were just as hurtful and bad as the "N" word; though never portrayed as such by the lame stream left wing media.  Many in these groups survived the name calling and went on to become very successful Americans despite discrimination.

And, while slaves working in the cotton and tobacco fields in the South during summer heat must of have been miserable, working in the sweat shops, factories and steel mills in the first two centuries of our history, as my Italian grandfather did his whole life, along with many others, in the Northeast and Midwest, wasn't much better.  And further, slavery as bad as it was, does not compare at all with the experience of the Holocaust. 

In fact, it could be argued that those that actually suffered slavery, as bad as is was, unknowingly did so against their will, in order for their ancestors to live in a free country with opportunities, rather than in Africa in countries that are still today poor and miserable.  Does anyone really believe that most Black Americans today would be better off in Africa.   This is the same sacrifice in many ways, our immigrant ancestors suffered so that we could have a better life.   

The fact that these immigrant laborers, many of whom built the trans continental railroad, were free men, did not prevent them from living in abject poverty facing daily discrimination because in essence, they were paid slave wages.  It did not matter if they were White, Asian, Hispanic or Native American, they were free to be poor.  Most important, many of their children and grandchildren rose above this poverty to become business owners, lawyers, doctors, politicians and various other professions by getting a good education and working hard, not by expecting a hand out.  They experienced the American Dream.  As such, the chip on Michelle Obama's shoulder that is often visible, has no historical basis, since she herself has benefited from privilege and favoritism  Frankly, it is pretty ugly and it makes her unlikeable. 

My mother's father, my grandfather probably never earned much more than $50 a week working as a chipper, bent over to do his work, in a steel mill for years.  That job was no better than picking cotton in 100 degree heat and humidity; that's for sure.  My mother and her parents, my grandparents lived in a tenement by today's standards with two bedrooms, a bathroom in the basement and five children, including my mom.  Yet, when my grandfather was forced to retire at 65 years old, he longed for his old job in the steel mill because there was honor in work and Welfare, which they never took, was considered shameful.   Go figure. 

And, I might say, though I was very young, I don't ever recall my grandparents on either side complaining about their plight.  Coming to America with nothing and working very hard just to survive. In fact, my Morabito grandfather, who achieved the American dream of owning a business and rental properties by working very hard, even though he had just a 4th grade education and never spoke English, not only never complained about the long days he worked all year; but often spoke of Bel America; beautiful America.  There is no doubt that my grandparents and parents were role models for me because I saw in them the virtues of hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity.   They were also very proud to be Americans, contrary to Michelle Obama.   

Mrs. Obama does not get any of this; the things that have made America great.  And, for that reason, she is not very likable.  Ann Romney on the other hand, mother of five sons, with multiple sclerosis and who suffered breast cancer  has a vibrant spirit.   While Mrs. Obama is smart and attractive, Mrs. Romney is those things too; but Ann Romney has a sparkle in her smile and she clearly loves and is proud of America.  

Ann Romney is a charmer who will prove to be Mitt Romney's secret weapon; just wait and see.  Ann Romney will make a great First Lady we can all be proud of because she understands American history.  Mrs. Obama apparently believes that our history began with her husband's election.  What a bunch of baloney. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

GSA Administrator Taking The Fifth

Jeffrey Neely, the Government Services Administrator that apparently was responsible for spending $820,000 on a lavish Las Vegas Conference for 300 GSA employees, is planning to take the Fifth rather than testify before Congress.  Neely has been subpoenaed so he must appear; but he does not have to incriminate himself.  However, if this character had nothing to hide, why is he going to take the Fifth.   Usually, when someone takes the Fifth, it is because they know they are going to be charged with a crime.  Let's see what happens. 

The government is full of crooks, including many serving in Congress; yet few if any ever go to jail.  Most are never fired for their transgressions; just reassigned to another department.  And, even though many government employees receive compensation and benefits that is 50% higher than is common in the private sector, there is no accountability, or real performance evaluation.  Once you get a government job, it is probably for life no matter what your performance. 

There are currently 2.65 million federal civilian employees and that number continues to grow under Socialist President Obama, who is adding tens of thousands of bureaucrats to intrude into all facets of life with more regulations and government control.  Like in George Orwell's 1984, BIG BROTHER is watching everything we do.  Computers allow for even more BIG BROTHER involvement in our daily activities.  BIG BROTHER Obama is a threat to our personal liberties, like never before, as the President signs Executive Orders almost daily to create even more regulations that will not be enacted by Congress.  

In the meantime, we have the recent GSA Scandal.   It was President Harry Truman who kept the slogan on his desk, "The Buck Stops Here".   Obama does not believe in the concept of personal responsibility for him, or his PEEP's.   Whenever anything goes wrong under Obama's watch, Obama blames Bush, acts of God, other countries; anyone but himself.  

The GSA Scandal happened on Obama's watch.  In the short term heads need to role.  Obama should fire any GSA employee involved in this fiasco.   And, then in 2012, we should FIRE Obama since he has failed so miserably on all counts.   We need to make Obama a one term President to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  Obama has to go and the sooner the better.  This Blogger is counting the days to election day next November.  It just can't come soon enough.

Socialist Attack On Mommies

Socialist Strategist and Lesbian CNN Contributor Hilary Rosen attacked Ann Romney, as out of touch because she was not a working woman.  Instead, Governor Romney's wife Ann, stayed home to birth and take care five sons.   In addition, Mrs. Romney is both a political and corporate wife.  While Hilary Rosen has adopted children that are probably cared for by others, it is pretty obvious that this Obamanista has no clue related to the hard work and requirements of being a great a mom.   

Oh by the way, did I mention that Ann Romney also has multiple sclerosis and has dealt with breast cancer, while raising five sons and actively supporting her husband's work and various charities.  I thought Socialist left wing women supported choices for women.  I guess one of the choices of being a stay at home wife and mother must not be a legitimate choice in Socialist eyes because they see big government as the preferable family caretaker. 

Ms. Rosen's comments have created a firestorm.   Apparently, Socialists believe that only working women who support abortion have value in society.   This Blogger begs to differ.   My wife worked for ten years before we had our children.  Once we had our children, she determined that rather than place our children in full time child care, she wanted to stay home and care for them.   This allowed me to pursue a career that involved global travel.  And, while I was always there for our sons during weekends and mandatory vacation time and in some instances during the week, I was able to do my job because of my wife's daily involvement with our sons.  

And, as this Blogger rose in the ranks and our kids grew older, my wife became Mrs. Corporate wife as we hosted many corporate functions.  Finally, as our kids grew older still, my wife became very active in charities to do good for others.   While my wife has never been paid for her work, to say that she does not understand the real world is ridiculous.   She has worked in the real world doing meaningful work for the entire 37 years of our marriage. 

Socialists have a real problem with values voters including both men and women.   We support old fashioned family values and oppose abortion used as birth control.   Hilary Rosen's comments about stay at home moms lays bare the Socialist ideology.   We have a whole generation of children being raised by single moms in poverty with government support.   We have dyfunctional families galore in the United States.   We need more stay at home moms; not less.  We need more two parent in tact families composed of a loving mom and dad.  Socialists see big government as a replacement for the traditional family.   How is that working for our country?  Not well, that's for sure. 

These Socialists are out of touch with the real world.  President Obama, and most of the people around him, have never held a job in the real world.  Obama is an egghead, who practices theory not real world thinking.   We have to sweep these Socialists at all levels of government out of office in 2012 and 2014 to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  In the mean time, Socialists should stop their attacks on mommies.   Mommies are the bedrock of our society and the foundation of our nation.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Obama's War On The Rich

Socialist President Obama has decided that he must divide our nation to win reelection by playing the Class Warfare card.   Obama does not care if he is called a Socialist.  It is all about getting his PEEP's out to vote; those on the dole, those that pay no income taxes at all, radical environmentalists, union members, trial lawyers and crony capitalists all feeding at the trough.  As such, Obama plans to make an issue of Mitt Romney's wealth.   Isn't it awful that Romney was smart, got a good education, worked hard and became rich.   The fact that Romney gives 10% of his earnings each year to charity will actually be called a tax deduction by Socialist President Obama avoid income tax, wait and see. 
So Obama is targeting the "rich" in a desperate attempt to win reelection.   Problem is that many of these people are small businesses that file as individual earners, rather than as corporate tax payers.   So what Obama really wants to do is raise taxes on small business.  The reality is that though Obama talks about a millionaire's tax, the money generated from Obama's plan would not even cover one day of government borrowing. The only way to get any real money out of us is to bring Obama's tax increases down to Singles earning $200,000 and married couples earning $250,000 a year; Obama's real target.

This Blogger started working when I was 12 years old. I never got a job from anyone who was poor. Thankfully, there were rich people around that made investments that allowed me to find work to put myself through school. Today, I own a global business that allows me to hire numerous employees and pay them good wages and benefits.   This is possible because over the years I have signed my name risking capital to grow my business.   Some years have been good and some have been bad.   That is the whole basis of free market capitalism. 

Socialist President Obama just does not get any of this because he has never worked in the real work where jobs are created.   Obama is an egg head Socialist professor surrounded by like types that believe government is the means of wealth creation.   That is just not true.  If anything, government is a wealth destroyer and job killer.   We see it everyday as Obamanistas have added 11,000 new regulations since taking office.  Regulations translate into higher cost for business, which means fewer jobs.   This is just common sense. 

So as Obama practices his Class Warfare rhetoric on the campaign trail trying to paint Mitt Romney as an evil, out of touch rich guy, just remember that Romney, as a business owner, has made payroll.  Romney knows what it is to create jobs.   Rather than talking about economic growth and job creation, which is all Obama can do, Romney has actually worked in the real world creating jobs.   It is what it is. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ronald Reagan Turning Over In His Grave

Socialist President Obama is using Ronald Reagan's name to push for his tax increase.   Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave at the very thought that a Socialist would invoke his name to enact a tax increase.   Ronald Reagan cut taxes dramatically so that the top personal income tax rate under Reagan was just 28%.  Today the top personal income tax rate is 35% and Obama wants to push it to 39.5%; but that is not all.  

There is a 3.5% tax increase in  ObamaCare that is applicable to the "rich"; those earning more than $250,000 a year.   None of these personal federal income tax rates include state income taxes that average around 5%.   Nor do these personal income tax rates include Social Security, Medicare, property and sales tax, user fees, business taxes, licenses etc. etc. etc.   It is very easy to get up to 60% or more of personal income paid to local, state and federal government.  How much of our Blood is enough?   For Socialists like President Obama, there is no limit to the amount government can confiscate from hard working people. 

Obama loves to march out a few rich Obama lovers begging to have their taxes raised, like Warren Buffet, who does everything he can to use the tax code to avoid paying taxes.  Buffet is a hypocrite.   Any rich person that wants to pay more in taxes is free to do so.   There is a line on the IRS form that allows for a voluntary contribution.   Those that want to pay some, or all of their income to the government, should just shut up and do so; but they are in no way speaking for the rest of us.

The rest of us know that we pay more than our "fair share", while 50% of Americans, Obama's PEEP's, pay no federal income taxes at all.  How fair is that?  Let's face it.  50% of us are hard working taxpayers and then there are Obama's PEEP's, who are tax takers.   We are the Makers in Society and they are the Takers.  Obama represents the Takers in our Society, those on the dole, those that pay no income taxes at all, illegal aliens, public employee and other union members, radical environmentalists, trail lawyers and crony capitalists all feeding at the trough at our expense.  Obama is not the President of the entire United States, just of his PEEP's, since he is perhaps the most divisive President in American history. 

We are sick of it.  Enough is enough.  Those that can work, should work or receive nothing in government benefits.   Public Employee union members that receive compensation and benefits that are 50% higher than is common in the private sector need to be paid prevailing wages and benefits; not less; but certainly not any more at our expense.   Radical environmentalists are wrecking our economy.

We need a common sense Environmental Solutions Agency, not the Obama's gestapo Environmental Protection Agency full of job killers.    Trial lawyers are like blood suckers living off the misery of others.  There needs to be limits on judgements that are killing American businesses and an end to frivolous lawsuits that only make trial attorneys rich.  And, crony Capitalists need to stand on their own two feet, or go out of business. 

Obama wants to raise our taxes to pay off his PEEP's in an attempt to win reelection.   It is as simple as that.  But it won't work because higher taxes and more regulations actually retard economic growth and result in less government revenues, not more.   Always remember, Socialists, like President Obama will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office.  

However, President Obama using Ronald Reagan's name in vain is blasphemy and a crime punishable by defeat in 2012.   Obama has just gone too far. We have to make Obama, the Liar and Chief, a one term President to take back our nation and prevent the bankruptcy of the United States. 

We are going to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 for the  Gipper.  We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  In the mean time, when you Obama use Ronald Reagan's name in vain, get fighting mad and go out and raise money for Conservative Candidates to sweep these Socialists out of office to save our country.    Do it for the Gipper.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obama & 43 Past Presidents

The 43 Presidents of the United States that preceded Socialist President Obama added about $10 Trillion to our National Debt.  A big number to be sure and still reckless and unforgivable; but nothing compared to Obama's first term in office.  By the time Obama completes his first term in office, he alone will add another $6 Trillion to our National Debt.  By comparison, George W Bush's highest debt year in 8 years in office was about $400 Billion, while Obama is running an annual debt of $1 Trillion, or more, with no end in sight. 

In fact, if Obama's annual budgets were ever enacted into law by Congress, which has not happened in the last three years, even with higher taxes proposed by the President, it is likely that the National Debt would grow by another $10 Trillion in the next ten years assuming the markets would allow it.  The United States would face economic collapse long before, which would lead to civil strife on our streets and an uncertain future for our nation. 

Obama promised us that he would not sign a health care bill if it added to the National Debt, so Socialists in Congress played every trick in the book to make it look like ObamaCare actually reduced deficit spending.  It was the biggest lie to come out of Washington DC since Bill Clinton said, " I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky".   The funding for ObamaCare was all smoke and mirrors.

A new 52 page study by Charles Blahous, a respected economists, who is a public trustee overseeing Medicare and Social Security finances has concluded that ObamaCare will result in $340 Billion in deficit spending in the next ten years.  If anything, we should assume three times that number; or more like a Trillion dollars if history is our teacher.
Socialist President Obama and his pals in Congress are literally bankrupting our country.  

The question is why?  Obama came into office proclaiming that his goal was to "transform" our nation; but into what.  The United States is already the greatest country ever conceived in human history.  Free market capitalism in America has produced more wealth, for more people, than any other system in the world.  The United States is still the beacon of hope for millions around the world that will risk their lives to enter our country illegally. 

Yet, Obama wants to "transform" our country.  Obama is a radical in every way, who was influenced in his life and education by Socialists, Communists and a minister in Chicago for 20 years that advocated Black Liberation Theology and racism.  Obama supports "social justice", the language of Socialists and Communists to mean redistribution of income.   And, even though the top 10 of income earners in the United States pay 70% of all income taxes and 50%, Obama's PEEP's, pay no income taxes at all, Obama proclaims that the "rich" singles earning $200,000 and married couples earning $250,000 a year do not pay their "fair" share. 

What the hell is Obama talking about, other than the confiscation of individual wealth.   We already have the most "progressive" tax code in the world.   Yet Obama uses the rhetoric of class warfare in an attempt to divide our country to win reelection.   Remember, Socialists and Communist will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office.   Throughout history, these evil characters have even resorted to murder to continue feeding at the trough. 

Obama and his Socialist pals in government are a clear and present danger to our nation and our people.   We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by sweeping these characters out of office to prevent the intentional bankruptcy of the United States and the probable loss of our national sovereignty, which may be Obama's real goal.   We can't let that happen.  We have to put on our hip boots to drain the swamp in Washington DC.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We can't take 4 more years of this Socialist President.  Obama, the Liar and Chief, Mr. Pinocchio, has to go.

What's Wrong With Italy

This Blogger is signing on this week from Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.   Italy has it all, history, mountains, lakes, the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, wonderful food and people.   The Italian economy is one of the largest in the world; bigger than Great Britain's.   Yet, Italy is in trouble.

The Italians got rid of their Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini, Il Duce, at the end of World War II.  Mussolini was actually captured by the Italians, executed and then hung upside down, with slit wrists so he could bleed to death to make sure he was dead.   The Italians even poured salt in his wounds as an insult to make certain he suffered a painful death for all the pain he caused the Italian people.   Just proves, it is not a good idea to make an Italian mad. 

But, what came next was not so good either.   Since World War II, Italy has had a series of dysfunctional governments, one after another.   The multiparty parliamentary system in Italy has failed the Italian people.   While Italy has progressed since World War II, from a poor country to a modern industrial state, along with it has come corruption, high taxes and stifling regulations.   The Italians got rid of a Fascist dictator only to be plagued by Socialists and Communists that have demanded La Dolce Vita, the sweet life for the Italian people. 

The end result are work rules that make it difficult to fire an employee, like in most parts of Europe and low productivity.   But most important, like other Western Democracies, Italian politicians figured out that providing La Dolce Vita required borrowing Billions of Euros each year because a slow growth economy does not produce the tax revenues needed (even with high taxes) to pay for the Welfare State and all the "free" benefits provided the Italian people.   Surprise, Surprise.

So today, the Italian National Debt is fast approaching 150% of their Gross Domestic Product.   Putting the brakes on to spending causes riots in Italy's streets because the Italian people do not want to give up La Dolce Vita.   Things are not yet as bad as in Greece, but Italy is not far behind the same day of reckoning.   While Greece's financial collapse can be contained to some degree, Italy is a much bigger economy.  If Italy defaults on its National Debt, which could happen, it will be impossible to contain the impact.   Banks all over the world will face huge losses and they will come knocking on their government's doors, one way or another, for a bail out.  That means American taxpayers will be on the hook. 

Italy is another prime example of Socialist and Communist handiwork.   We see it in all Western Democracies.   The Welfare state promised by these characters is unsustainable.  They promise more and more to stay in office and always assume that just one more tax will do the trick.   The problem is that higher taxes retard economic growth generating even less revenues.   So then Socialists blame the "rich" for all the nation's problems and impose more regulations that are job killers to solve the problem.   It is a vicious circle. 

Sound familiar.   Socialist President Obama is playing this dangerous game as he sings his Class Warfare song.   Republicans in Congress are attempting to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  The Ryan Budget, enacted by the House of Representatives, is a reasonable approach designed to put the brakes on deficit spending slowly over the next ten to twenty years.  Instead of acting responsibly, Obama and his Socialists pals in Congress demagogue the issues, telling the American people that the Republican Plan will end life as we know it.  

Since Socialists will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office, once more they are attempting to scare their PEEP's; those on the dole, those that pay no income taxes at all, union workers, radical environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony capitalists to get them to the polls.   Hopefully, the American people are smarter and can see through all the lies and propaganda; but we can't count on it. 

What is happening in Italy is another reason we must take back our country in the United States.   We must make Obama a one term President and sweep these reckless Socialists, at all levels of government out of office in 2012 and 2014 to prevent the bankrupcty of our nation.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  Italy will soon lose its national sovereignty as a result of its Debt Crisis.   We can't let that happen to the United States.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Obama Blames Bush AGAIN

Socialist President Obama is blaming President Bush again.   This time, Obama's claims that President George W Bush is responsible for the General Services Administration debacle.   The GSA spent $820,000 on a lavish conference in Las Vegas in 2010 for just 300 employees.   Obama was sworn in as President in January, 2009.   That means that Obama was President in 2010, when this conference took place.   How on earth can Obama blame Bush for something that happened under Obama's watch. 

This is nothing new.  In my life time, I do not recall any other President that continued to blame his predecessor for everything negative that happened during his own administration.  Bush could have blamed Clinton for handing him the Dot Com Bust, as well as, a Recession that occurred because Clinton and his Socialist pals in Congress raised taxes before Bush took office.   Bush could have blamed Clinton for 9/11 for failing to properly deal with Terrorist Threats.   Bush could have blamed Clinton for the financial collapse, since it was during Clinton's Presidency that Socialists enacted laws requiring that mortgages be given to people who could not afford them.  

None of this happened because President George W Bush understood that when he raised his right hand to become the President of the United States, what happened during his years in office, both good and bad were his responsibility.   Socialist President Obama is like a spoiled kid trying to blame his older brother for all his foibles.  Enough is Enough.  It is time for Obama to man up.

Although, this really should be no surprise.  Socialists will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office.  Obama lies every time he opens his mouth.  The President is really the Liar in Chief.  Blaming Bush again is really starting to get old.  Obama's failed economic policies are the reason we still have 25 million people either unemployed, underemployed working part time, or who have just given up looking for work altogether.   The financial collapse happened under Bush; but the prolonged Recession is all Obama's.  Obama's Socialist Schemes have made the Recession longer and much worse than would have otherwise occurred.   Obama has added $5 Trillion dollars to our National Debt, more than any other President in American history.  These facts are indisputable. 

We have to make Obama a one term President to get our country back on track and prevent the bankruptcy of our country.  We have to sweep Socialists at all levels of government, including Obama, out of office in 2012 and 2014.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   In the mean time, the next time you hear Obama blame President Bush for anything just know you are hearing one more big lie from Mr. Pinocchio. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Obama's General Services Administation Scandal

At about the same time Socialist President Obama was reeling against companies that hold conferences in Las Vegas,  that cost the state of Nevada several $100 million dollars in business, the General Services Administration was holding a conference in Las Vegas for 300 government employees at a cost of $820,000.  The GSA is supposed to be a government watch dog agency; but instead, these government employees were both living the high life and encouraged to make videos, competing for prizes, making fun of the American taxpayer. 

Obamanistas knew about this scandal for 11 months and did little to publicize it.   Now of course, since this has become public, a few people have been fired; but it is too little too late.   This behavior is symthomatic of the problem with big government.  These public employee union members are paid 50% more in total compensation and benefits than is typical in the private sector and produce 50% less. 

Everyone knows that it generally  takes two government employees to do the work of one private sector employee.  As a company owner, if I want to make the point that we need more productivity I indicate the point by saying "this is not government work".   There is also a saying that something is good enough for government work, meaning a very low expectation of quality or detail orientation. 

Yet, Socialist President Obama wants to raise our taxes to hire more government employees.  Go figure.   The government does not tax too little.  The government spends to much.  Giving Obama even more more of our money just means more corruption, Solyndra's and government employees at our expense.  It is the last thing we need to do to restore economic growth and job creation again in America. 

The scandal at the General Services Administration is just one more reason we must take back our country.   When we do so, 500,000 federal civilian employee jobs, out of the current 2.65 million must be eliminated by normal attrition.   We must shrink the size of government to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  Obama will never do it.   We have to do it for him by making Obama a one term President.  

We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  Finally, who is going to go to jail at the GSA for wasting tax payer money.  Oh I forgot, this is government work.  None of the crooks in Washington ever go to jail for stealing our money. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Members of Congress - Millionaires

Members of Congress earn $174,000 a year; yet most of them are millionaires.  How can that be.  Some married money, some inherited money; some earned it prior to running for office, but most earned their millions the old fashioned way by feeding at the trough while "serving their country".  In fact, the average Senator is worth $13.2 million.  The average Congressman is worth a paltry $5.9 million.  Median household income in the US is just $49,445. 

So while Members of Congress and particularly Socialists purport to represent the common man,  the reality is that there is nothing common about our illustrious Representatives.   Further, until a recent law was enacted, Members of Congress could benefit from insider trading that put Martha Stewart and many others in jail.    Our Founding Fathers intended that we have government of the people, by the people and for the people, run by citizen politicians that would serve a few terms and go home to live in the real world.   What we have instead are politicians in office for life, feeding at the trough, using the "system" to get rich. 

Corruption in Washington DC is rampant.   Members of Congress play games with campaign money that somehow finds its way into their bank accounts.  In addition, over the years, Members of Congress have enacted legislation that benefited them personally.   Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader, is the poster boy of corruption.  Dirty Harry has been involved in shady real estate deals in Nevada.   Ole Harry not only voted for a bridge to no where, he made sure that the government funded a bridge, or highway to his personal real estate holdings, which immediately enhanced the value of his property.   Go figure.

But it gets worse, Dirty Harry who lives at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC on his $174,000 salary is lobbied by none other than his own family members, earning millions of dollars a year because they have access to Harry Reid, the majority leader of the US Senate.   Did you know that Harry Reid is the author of a book about his life.   None of us would have known either, except that Harry sent it out to Republicans that had donated to his Republican opponent's campaign in 2010, personally inscribed by Harry Reid with a silly No Hard Feelings sentiment.   This Blogger suspects that these books were purchased by Harry's campaign with a good part of the money going to good Ole Harry.  Why else would this have occurred.  It was a legal way to transfer money from the campaign to Dirty Harry's bank account. 

None of this is unusual.  Members of Congress have figured out how to play the game and scam the system to become millionaires.   Why else would they cling to office for 20, 30 or even 40 years.   We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014.   To do so, we must enact a Congressional Term Limit Constitutional Amendment.   We have to return to citizen politicians to bring integrity back into government.   What we have today are a bunch of crooks, living off the fat of the land, at our expense.  It has got to stop. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Obama Accuses Republicans Of Social Darwinism

Socialist President Obama has accused Republicans of advocating Social Darwinism.   Obama better be careful because he is demonstrating that he is really an intellectual and a member of the elite, rather than a man of the people.  Obama's comment was very arugula.  Many of Obama's PEEP's are poorly educated and have no idea that Charles Darwin was responsible for the Theory of Evolution. 

In case any of Obama's uneducated PEEP's read my Blog, which is doubtful, what the President is trying to say is that the Republicans advocate survival of the fittest.  To put it more bluntly, Obama is saying that if Republican Congressman Paul Ryan's budget, cutting $5 Trillion out of a probable $60 Trillion in federal government spending in the next ten years occurs, life as we know it on earth will end.   Of course, this is all Obama baloney.  Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office, so this story is all part of the Obama Class Warfare Play Book.  

To go further, Obama claims that this $5 Trillion in cut will result in granny being thrown over a cliff, children will starve, the handicapped will die, students will be denied college, our air and water will be filthy, parks will close etc. etc. etc.   What Obama is trying to say is that unless he is allowed to add $10 Trillion to the $16 Trillion National Debt in the next ten years, assuming markets would ever allow it, that our social safety net will disappear.  President Pinocchio's nose continues to grow as every day we hear new lies.

There Obama goes again telling those lies.   Here are the facts.   Even if $5 Trillion is cut from federal spending in the next ten years, $3 Trillion will be added to the National Debt, as spending for all functions of government will continue to go up, just not as fast.   A lot of these cuts could happen by just implementing a hiring freeze to eliminate 500,000 federal civilian employees, out of the current 2.65 million by normal attrition, not lay off's, to shrink the size of the federal government from the current 25% of GDP to something under 20%, a more traditional level. 

Obama has no record of success to run for reelection, so the only way to get his PEEP's to the polls is to scare them to death by telling them that they will not be able to continue feeding at the trough if Republicans are elected.   This Blogger wishes it was true because we have far to many people, that could work, dependent on the government; but it is not true.   In fact, the Ryan Budget would save Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and all other elements of the Social Safety Net.   Socialists that have not even enacted a federal budget in three years have no plan to save these programs that are all headed toward insolvency. 

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014.   We are watching a desperate Obama on the campaign trail.  This Socialist President will do, or say anything to stay in office.  Obama and his Socialist pals in government are a clear and present danger to our people and our nation.   Ironically, Obama accuses Republicans of being "radical" when in fact Republicans are mainstream America.  Obama is definitely a Socialist and he may even be a Communist. 

Obama is the most radical, left wing President in American history.   And, there is no longer a Democrat Party in America.  That political party has been replaced by the Socialist Party of America.  Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton could not be elected today as a Democrat because while they were liberals, they were not Socialists and actively fought Communism. 

We have to make Obama a one term President in 2012 and also sweep his Socialist pals, at all levels of government, out of office to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.   This will be the dirtiest campaign in American history because Socialists don't play clean.   We will need to refute all of Obama's lies and propaganda.   The good news is that National Freedom Forum and many other Conservative Blogs are on watch.   We will respond daily to Obama's lies.  

We have our hip boots on and we are working to drain the swamp in Washington DC.   It is dirty, stinky work; but the stakes are high.  We are working to save our country.  We can do it.   We will do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  The battle is joined and it will be fierce; but the American people are up to the fight. 

Obama - Attack On Separation of Powers

Socialist President Obama was supposedly a Constitutional Law Professor; yet he does not seem to understand the separation of powers that was intended in our Constitution by our Founders as a check and balance on each branch of government.   Mr. President, we have three branches of government; the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch.   These are co-equal branches of government, though it is true that over the years every President has used Executive Orders to by pass the other two branches of government.

Obama has attacked the Supreme Court's right to strike down ObamaCare just because this law was enacted by Congress, when the Socialist were in control, without one single Republican vote.   Obama has basically said that it does not matter if ObamaCare is unconstitutional and that the Justices of the Supreme Court must approve the Mandate and all facets of ObamaCare because it is the law.   What is this President talking about?  This clearly shows Obama and Socialist disdain for the Constitution, which they regard as a outdated and a hindrance to their Socialist Schemes.   Obama is dangerous to our freedom and our nation; which becomes clearer by the day. 

Obama went on to say that if the majority on the Supreme Court rules against ObamaCare that they will be guilty of judicial activism.   Not so Mr. President.   Judicial Activism occurs when Socialist Justices make laws from the bench, not strike them down.   The Legislative Branch is supposed to enact laws.   The Supreme Court is supposed to decide if those laws are Constitutional.   That is how is supposed to work contrary to Obama's attack on the Court.

We have had 100 years of Socialist Creep in the US, very often because Socialist judges have enacted laws from the bench, rather than just determine the Constitutionality of various laws.   Obviously, the majority on the Supreme Court have every right to rule on ObamaCare.  Hopefully, at least 5 Justices will vote to strike down ObamaCare.  If not, we will have to elect a sufficient number of Conservatives to repeal ObamaCare in 2012. 

We all knew that Socialist President Obama never learned the lessons of history or economics.   Now it appears that the President does not understand Constitutional Law either.  We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 and we must start with repealing ObamaCare.   President Obama is a liar plain and simple.   We see it everyday on the campaign trail.  It really should be no surprise because Socialists will lie, cheat or steal to stay in power.   It is what it is.