Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon

Mitt Romney's secret weapon in this election campaign is his wife Ann Romney.  Mrs. Romney is likable and a great campaigner, as opposed to Michelle Obama who is not very likable.   When Michelle Obama made the statement that she was first proud of America when her husband was elected as President, it was the end of her honeymoon with the American people.   What was she talking about. 

Our country was built by our Founding Fathers and countless generations of Americans from all ethic and racial backgrounds to be the greatest nation in human history.  This all happened long before Barack Obama assumed the Presidency.   And while Obama's election as the first Black President is historical, it is otherwise of little significance, except for the fact that Obama is a Socialist.  

For Mrs. Obama to say that it was her husband's election that allowed her for the first time to be proud of America is an insult to the millions of Americans that have died to preserve our freedom and their families that have endured the pain of personal loss.  We have so much to be proud of that has absolutely nothing to do with Obama's election that Mrs. Obama's statement is ridiculous and insulting to all Americans. 

Mrs. Obama's statement stems from some Black Americans that believe that slavery was somehow more terrible than the discrimination various immigrant ethnic groups experienced in America.   Derogatory names like WOPS, Dego's, Chinks, Kikes, Spics, Gooks, Japs, Micks, Krauts, etc. were all used to describe various ethnic, or religious groups and these names were just as hurtful and bad as the "N" word; though never portrayed as such by the lame stream left wing media.  Many in these groups survived the name calling and went on to become very successful Americans despite discrimination.

And, while slaves working in the cotton and tobacco fields in the South during summer heat must of have been miserable, working in the sweat shops, factories and steel mills in the first two centuries of our history, as my Italian grandfather did his whole life, along with many others, in the Northeast and Midwest, wasn't much better.  And further, slavery as bad as it was, does not compare at all with the experience of the Holocaust. 

In fact, it could be argued that those that actually suffered slavery, as bad as is was, unknowingly did so against their will, in order for their ancestors to live in a free country with opportunities, rather than in Africa in countries that are still today poor and miserable.  Does anyone really believe that most Black Americans today would be better off in Africa.   This is the same sacrifice in many ways, our immigrant ancestors suffered so that we could have a better life.   

The fact that these immigrant laborers, many of whom built the trans continental railroad, were free men, did not prevent them from living in abject poverty facing daily discrimination because in essence, they were paid slave wages.  It did not matter if they were White, Asian, Hispanic or Native American, they were free to be poor.  Most important, many of their children and grandchildren rose above this poverty to become business owners, lawyers, doctors, politicians and various other professions by getting a good education and working hard, not by expecting a hand out.  They experienced the American Dream.  As such, the chip on Michelle Obama's shoulder that is often visible, has no historical basis, since she herself has benefited from privilege and favoritism  Frankly, it is pretty ugly and it makes her unlikeable. 

My mother's father, my grandfather probably never earned much more than $50 a week working as a chipper, bent over to do his work, in a steel mill for years.  That job was no better than picking cotton in 100 degree heat and humidity; that's for sure.  My mother and her parents, my grandparents lived in a tenement by today's standards with two bedrooms, a bathroom in the basement and five children, including my mom.  Yet, when my grandfather was forced to retire at 65 years old, he longed for his old job in the steel mill because there was honor in work and Welfare, which they never took, was considered shameful.   Go figure. 

And, I might say, though I was very young, I don't ever recall my grandparents on either side complaining about their plight.  Coming to America with nothing and working very hard just to survive. In fact, my Morabito grandfather, who achieved the American dream of owning a business and rental properties by working very hard, even though he had just a 4th grade education and never spoke English, not only never complained about the long days he worked all year; but often spoke of Bel America; beautiful America.  There is no doubt that my grandparents and parents were role models for me because I saw in them the virtues of hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity.   They were also very proud to be Americans, contrary to Michelle Obama.   

Mrs. Obama does not get any of this; the things that have made America great.  And, for that reason, she is not very likable.  Ann Romney on the other hand, mother of five sons, with multiple sclerosis and who suffered breast cancer  has a vibrant spirit.   While Mrs. Obama is smart and attractive, Mrs. Romney is those things too; but Ann Romney has a sparkle in her smile and she clearly loves and is proud of America.  

Ann Romney is a charmer who will prove to be Mitt Romney's secret weapon; just wait and see.  Ann Romney will make a great First Lady we can all be proud of because she understands American history.  Mrs. Obama apparently believes that our history began with her husband's election.  What a bunch of baloney. 

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